made this for my sideblog

No but like. I dare you to find me such a genuinely good natured, kind character that isn’t a child, a comic relief, or portrayed as naive by their writers
Wander is the kind of refreshing protagonist we needed and i just. Love him a lot.


i made myself a new taz sideblog and needed some art for my theme LMAO HERE WE GO i lov these 2 dingdongs so much
i literally dont know which one is which in this image, theyre both hot and i dont care (#FUCKIN IDEAL TBH)

im glad lydia and edward have names and big sunglasses now

i wanted this to have kind of a zepar and furfur vibe HAHAHADJGJGJ


The King’s Men (2014)

B o y   T o y   by tayeah

Matsuoka Rin x Nitori Aiichirou | Explicit | 20+ chapters | Canon compliant

“At times like this he could dive into pleasure head first and let himself imagine that things were always like this. That this was not a twisted, unusual roommate relationship. That there were no separate beds and wrong kind of feelings. That there were no other people, no Haru, no nosy swim club members, not anyone else but himself and Rin and the purple marks of ownership on his hips.”

new supercat fan!!

after seeing things about supergirl for months, i finally binge-watched season one. i am obsessed with supercat and cat grant owns my soul.

i made this sideblog for all things cat grant/supercat (my main is @cosmos-niehaus).

i’d really appreciate any fic recs, blogs to follow, etc!!!! i’m also putting together a supercat playlist and would appreciate any songs you have for them 😘