made this for my best friend ever

I had to share this, my friend Dragonberry/Deebs sends the best gift packages. She even customized this one to look like it was a secret case made by Redeye (who apparently had a thing for the vault dweller in his skin suit and got a signed autograph) after he fleed from a certain albino deathclaw girl and made a survival cache if he should ever need it again (and she drew adorable lil deathclaws on things).

Awesome stuff about the last 24 hours:

1. the survey has gotten 364 notes? This is like *double* the most notes anything I’ve posted before has ever gotten.

2. …and 252 responses!! Holy crap!

3. This has, unexpectedly, reflected back on me? I’ve gained 40 new followers??

4. I’ve made a couple new friends, which is always very nice!

5. But the best part? Yesterday, while the potato toddled around and played on the floor I was, intermittently throughout the day, able to do a lot of work at my computer. This is fantastic news. If I can work on the computer when I’m not at work, I can get a *lot* more writing done. Honestly I am beyond stoked at this possibility. It’s heavily interrupted by baby needing things, yes, but it’s less interrupted then when I write at work…

Also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but my work schedule has also changed in a way that will give me more writing time. The person who usually worked Sundays no called no showed last weekend and will no longer be working Sunday…or at all…they got fired…and so despite the reasons I didn’t want to work Sunday’s, with ramblingandpie’s current health challenges, I jumped on the Sunday’s. (I gain hours by doing this). So that’ll help too.

(for all my new followers…the potato is my 11 month old son. @ramblingandpie is my wife.)

meme catching-up!!

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favourite place: Kelet Café, Budapest; Tata
favourite color: beige, strawberry pink
pets: say hello to my cat, Lili. this is our best pic so far. which says a lot XDDD

last song I listened to: Strangers When We Meet-David Bowie
fav tv show: rn its Black Mirror, all time faves are Hannibal, Breaking Bad
first fandom: Death Note. although I wasn’t aware of the concept of fandom back then. hell I didn’t even speak English.
hobbies: walking (????I know right), cycling, baking, drawing, reading, visiting places
books that I’m currently reading: still that Dostoyevsky book :’’D
favorite book: Silence-Endo Shusaku,Flowers for Algernon-Daniel Keyes,Atonement-Ian McEwan,Les Miserables-Victor Hugo
best thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: my ex best friend’s mom makes the best cakes. this strawberry quark cake she made for my brothers’s bday. since quark only exists in Central/Eastern-Europe I’m not sure how to describe the taste but it’s amazing 

@corpsequeeninthenorth @unamatta @mrs-storm-andrews @misa04 @chansondesalleurs if you want to:)

lizfallsover  asked:

not to h8 or anything, but do ever feel slightly annoyed whenever people don't really appreciate seventeen as a whole, and just ver*non??? it makes me sad because i was showing my friend a picture of seventeen and i asked her which one she likes the best and she pointed at ver*non and said that he was hot so i was like ok, but are there any others you like??? and she was like nah and that made me slightly upset but idk why ://////

sorry for rambling btw

hdgfpaehp i mean u can’t force attraction or anything but i totally get what u mean. i remember when svt first debuted (and i was still a bts/exo blog) all i saw was gifs and pictures of vernon, and like nobody else. i mean, i don’t wanna get into too many nasty details (such as my sneaking suspicion that vernon was so popular in the beginning bc of his…uh….”non-asian” features & the general fetishization of pretty mixed kids), but if you care abt a group as much as we care abt svt we’re def going to feel hurt if someone doesn’t show the same amount of interest & love that we have for all the members. and if ur friend isn’t really a kpop fan then she’s prob just gonna focus on the one “hot” member no matter what :/

Not-A-Bucket-Of-Feces YouTuber Apprenticepost

I’ve been planning on making this post ever since I made my critique on that one YouTuber Masterpost, but I wanted to get opinions from people I consider my best friends (being @gilshaelos @borderlinepeacock @sataniquespider @waloogy @hoenn-raichu @ash-estus-flask, and @zazsaysstuff) on who their favorite YouTubers were, so most of the credit of the people on this post goes to them.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a guarantee of future or godlike morality. These are just people that we consider to not be the likes of the people I regularly rant about on this blog. Now without further ado, here’s a bunch of YouTubers who probably won’t kick you in your private parts and shave your dog.

- The McElroy Brothers (& also Nick Robinson is there sometimes): They make a variety of comedic podcast and video content so you’ll have to Google them for all their series, but my favorites are Monster Factory, Car Boys, Touch The Skyrim and Cool Games Inc.

- Jerma985: A guy who makes a lot of funny stuff regarding video games, varying from short highlight videos to projects like The Rat Movie, Jerma Rumble, and even a live action version of the Jerma Rumble. His second channel.

Manlybadasshero: A guy with a really smooth voice that plays horror games, stuff made in RPG Maker, and those stupid anime titty games.

Northernlion: A sentient egg that uploads let’s plays and Isaac videos daily and also he tosses his runs.

Press Buttons ‘n Talk: Guys who press buttons. And talk.

KingK: Makes retrospectives and shit

RagnarRox: Makes analysis videos on games, horror things and films.

hbomberguy: He makes videos on something that you won’t be able to guess. Also kicking Sargon of Carl in the dick as I’m typing this.

Nitro Rad: My personal favorite out of this list, he reviews RPG Maker games, horror games, platformers and other rad things. Also runs the comedy sketch channel Garanikor.

danoct1: Makes videos emulating really old PC viruses.

Carlsagan42: He plays and speedruns Mario games.

Jim Sterling: A critic who runs the currently independent series The Jimquisition. Used to be a part of The Escapist but left due to transphobia and other things.

MagicScrumpy: A chill guy who makes videos on Melee.

JudyCube: A trans girl let’s player who makes funny stuff along with her best friend Ryan.


Remember when 1992 was the Year of the Woman? Yeah, that was a thing, although ever-intrepid Sen. Barbara Mikulski shrugged it off at the time, saying, “Calling 1992 the Year of the Woman makes it sound like the Year of the Caribou or the Year of the Asparagus. We’re not a fad, a fancy, or a year.”

With the women’s march prompting some to ask whether 2017 will be the “next year of the woman,” Monday’s the day to celebrate the best unofficial holiday made just for women: Galentine’s Day.

What’s Galentine’s Day, you ask? It’s only the greatest gift we’ve ever gotten from Leslie Knope, the unfailingly earnest bureaucrat at the helm of the NBC series Parks and Recreation, describing it thus during season two: “Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

Galentine’s Day: Celebrating Women, Waffles, And, OK, More Waffles

GIFs: NBC Via Giphy

To The Boy I Never Dated But Still Broke My Heart

Once upon a time you made me feel special. You gave me hope. For once I had self confidence. Just thinking someone as perfect as you would take time out of their day just to text me. I actually felt pretty for once. When you would tell me I looked cute or my outfit was cute I got butterflies. More than you could ever imagine. You, just being you, made me happy. I never thought of you just wanting me for my body, or anything like that. Mainly because of the way we talked. We talked like we were best friends that had known each forever. There was a few times where we had ran out of things to talk about but we always found something, even if it was the smallest thing. Like I said “once upon a time”. Well time always runs out eventually. When I noticed we were drifting I broke, I really did. I didn’t know I cared about you so much until you weren’t there as much. Whenever you started dating someone, I felt my heart break. I started crying, instead of making me happy you made me cry and break. I always act happy. I usually am. I just cared so much about you when you just kinda disappeared you took a piece of me with you.

I don’t have many words to say, because my mind still hasn’t fully caught up, but I’ll say this: Johanna Darling’s legacy will always outlive her. She may have left her corporal body, but she’ll always continue to leave an imprint in this life through all the people she has touched, help, taught, and supported. She was an outstanding mother, friend, and filled many other parts as she made herself available in multiple capacities at any given time. She’s given life, in many ways, and that can’t ever be taken from her. Thank you for your legacy Jay. I’ll do my best to remember, protect it, and carry it on. Rest In Peace.


“ My ultimate inspiration comes from my best friend, the dazzling woman from whom I reccieved my name and my life’s blood: Lorelai Gilmore. My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be… as she guided me through these incredible eighteen years I don’t know if she ever realized that person I most wanted to be was her. “

Does anyone ever think about how;
•Bodhi Rook & Luke Skywalker, the 2 soft boy pilots, would have been best of friends?
•Captain Cassian Andor & Princess Leia Organa, 2 duty bound rebels, practically born into Rebellion, would have respected & empathized with each other, understanding the hard choices that must be made for the greater good.
•Han Solo & Jyn Erso, 2 scoundrels who grew up w/ ragtag families, how they would have gotten along, both cynics who didn’t have any hope that the state of the Galaxy could be salvaged, inspired by their headstrong paramours to direct their spunk & fire towards the greater good?

….because I think about this a lot

[generic white boy in a movie voice] Hi. I am Kylo Ren and I am not exactly your average Sith Lord. I am just trying to take over the Galaxy with my best friend Hux, but who isn’t these days. *Camera pans to Vader’s Helmet* That is the helmet of Darth Vader. My Grandfather. He was the best Sith Lords ever but he never notices me. Maybe it is because he is dead. Anyway he’ll never like a totally average Sith Lord like me. Sure I have a really cool Lightsaber that I made all by myself but I am just…Kylo Ren and this is my story *Imperial March starts to play*

I was recovered,
I thought
yet I am comforting myself
by relaying on something
silver, small and sharp
something reminding me of the bad days
of the days where I could barely move,
barely sleep
barely talk
of the days, I, myself,
was my own worst enemy
the days where my mom asked me where all the blood came from,
I wonder many times if she will ever find out the truth
I don’t think so
the sharp small and silver thing
was once my best friend
it made me tear myself apart,
now it’s a childhood memory
I would rather forget
yet sometimes I’m going back
because I never learned another way
to survive this consuming darkness.


  • The morning always comes.
  • This will be your home, for now.
  • Look at you, you sorry drunk.
  • Don’t you worry. This will help you forget.
  • I’ve never been use to anyone.
  • I only wanted to help…
  • Your blood is tainted.
  • You shall not abscond your crimes!
  • Is it the blood, or are you just raving mad?
  • This can’t be the real you. …Please, stop.
  • I have no time for your petty lies.
  • I will never leave your side.
  • Your presence somehow soothes.
  • I only wanted…to be your….friend
  • Would you ever think to love me?
  • You let the blood get the best of you.
  • Remember yourself. You are not a beast.
  • You are no more than a beast. I should’ve known.
  • Too proud to show your true face, eh?
  • I don’t seem apt for this life anymore.
  • Please, just stop. Stop, please!
  • Of course…I do love you.
  • We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood.
  • My eyes grow heavy…Let me rest a while. I’ll be fine, just wait.
  • Whatever can be gained from this place, it will do more harm than good.
  • We must find a way to surpass our own stupidity. 
  • Isn’t it time someone put you out of your misery?
  • I’d like to tender my thanks, but I haven’t much to offer.
  • Just think about what you’re doing. It’s utter madness.
  • What good is your immortality now!
  • You’ll be one of them, sooner or later.
  • May you find your worth in the waking world.
  • Have you got a screw loose? Or is it your…animal intuition?
  • You hunters have got more blood on your hands.
  • Hunters are killers, nothing less!
  • You call me a beast? A beast? What would you know? I didn’t ask for this!
  • Without fear in our hearts, we’re little different from the beasts themselves.
  • You can’t bottle everything up inside. You mustn’t be afraid to share.
  • Rancid beasts, every last one of us.
  • I should think you still have dreams?
  • But…do the gods love their creations?
  • May the good blood guide your way.
  • You know not the value you posses. 
  • The things you hunt, they’re not beasts. They’re people.
  • If you insist on hunting them, then I will hunt you first. You understand me?
  • What is the meaning of this? Why turn your blade on me?
  • Oh don’t you worry. Whatever happens, you may think it all a mere bad dream.

My progress at the moment! If you want to stay fit by gaining or loosing it now! Now would be the best because if you wait and wait days and weeks,youll feel like you dont want to do it anymore. Ever since i started doing exercises on areas that i wanted to work on,i felt great day after day and my stress level became lower because i never gave up! START NOW BECAUSE IF YOU WAIT…YOULL NEVER START! ( ig: rosegold_ny)

i just got my report card today

i got a 98.75 average. this is my highest ever.

at first, i was aiming for a 99 average, but then i decided to be realistic and shoot for a 98.6+ instead, and i made it. it was a nice surprise because i thought my average dropped, too.

my ex best friend got a 99, along with another super sweet girl who TOTALLY deserved it; im so proud of her.

but anyways, my ex best friend was so horrified that id do better than him because my average was so high. when he found out that i didn’t, he was so happy, and kept looking back at me to see my reaction. he even tried to peak over my shoulder to see what my grades in each class were because he was too cowardly to ask me himself (((:

but i wasn’t salty. it was amazing.

i wasn’t salty because i knew that i was still smarter than him. yes, he got a 99 average. but he was only smart in a sense that he could do well on standardized tests.


he needed the validation of doing better than me to make himself feel smart.

at that moment, i realized i was not salty. nor was i envious. but rather, i pitied him. i know im smart. i don’t need a 98 or 99 average to tell me that. i’m a genius and i love to learn. he relies on a number on a piece of paper to tell him how smart he is. i genuinely felt bad for him.

moral/takeaway: your grades do not define you.