made this especially for chris :3

Yuri!!! On ice headcanons

1- Viktor uses the “don’t you know who I am” excuse to get out of bad situations
2- Viktor hides all of the alcohol in the house before competitions so Yuuri can’t get too crazy (though he’s not opposed to it)
3- Hiroko (Yuuri’s mum) showers any of the skaters (especially Viktor) with gifts when they go to Japan to visit because they made her son happy
4- Yuuri likes calling Viktor “Vitya” because it makes him blush and look really cute
5- Yurio talks to his cat as practice for talking to Otabek because he’s too embarrassed to talk about his feelings with anyone else
6- Yuuri and Yuuko used to have sleepovers all the time when they were younger
7- Mari used to steal Yuuri’s Viktor posters just to annoy him
8- Chris and Phichit had a bet as to who would make the first move out of Yuuri and Viktor (note: Chris won and Phichit had to pay him 20 moneys)
9- Viktor and Georgi were really good friends (there is only a day between them v- Dec 25 & g- Dec 26)
10- Chris and Viktor probably had sex with eachother as an experiment but had 0 romantic feelings for eachother when they were younger
11- Yurio is pansexual (this one is my opinion and I have no idea how it came into my head but I just think it’s cute)
12- If anyone except Yuuri touched Viktor’s hair he would have to refrain himself from slapping them across the face (or would actually slap them if they were friends)
13- Yurio stops in the street to pet stray cats
14- When fans stop Viktor for photos but say they don’t want Yuuri in the photo, Viktor refuses to take the photo
15- Jj stalks Yurio on social media and cries every time he sees him with Otabek because he wants to be his only friend
16- Mickey hates Mila because she is dating his sister and for no other reason
17- Seung-Gil goes to gay bars a lot
18- Emil gets mistaken for being older a lot so never gets asked for ID when he tries to go anywhere even if he isn’t old enough while Mickey does even though he is older
19- Phichit tried to attach a camera to Makkachin’s collar so he could see what Viktor and Yuuri were up to 24/7
20- Makkachin wishes he had earmuffs so he could block out the noise Viktor and Yuuri make at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Noise (Part 8)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader / Sebastian Stan x Reader) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: slight angst 
Word count: 1643
A/N: Sorry for the late update! Hopefully something saucy will happen soon 😉

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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weird question, but can you describe all the times eva was gay? yes, i've seen all 4 seasons, but i'd like to undergo all the times eva made my feel butterflies in my stomach one more time (ik ik this is a weird explanation, but you get the gist)

  • ok there was the time someone sent jonas a boob pic and she was staring at it being like “wow they’re really big! they’re really nice!”
  • she was like obsessed with isak being gay and dating pchris and she was like WOW theyre definitely being GAY together
  • when she came to the party with noora and grabbed her and was like don’t leave me or penetrator chris will talk to me!!
  • each of the 3 times she made out with vilde
  • literally every time she looked at noora but especially in season 1
  • in the season 1 trailer when she was talking about how much her friends all love each other and how they make out
  • when she was in the kitchen dancing to britney spears with noora and grabbed her suspenders not to be weird but they basically touched boobs
  • same scene when she’s dancing with sana that was just gay
  • when she was all drunk and noora came to the party and she was all over her and hugging her
  • when noora was singing baby to her and she was… so in love
  • when she looked up noora on facebook and was looking through all her pictures (been there eva)
  • when she saw noora in class and made a beeline to her and then when noora chose to sat with her she was like delighted
  • when she and vilde picked flowers and laid in the grass together and posted about in on instagram
  • whenever she wore a flannel tbh
  • when she told ingrid how much she missed her that was gay
  • when william showed up and she made that face what non-straight girl would be excited to see limpdick that was gay
  • when she was comforting vilde and playing with her hair
  • honestly every time she ever interacted with a girl
Sebastian Stan x Hemsworth!sis Request

Hello dear!! Could you please write an imagine where the reader is married to Sebastian Stan and she’s a Hemsworth, and she gets her first Oscar so they’re all super proud of her?? I loooove your blog!! <3

You clicked your nails together as the car got ready to stop on the red carpet. “Hon,” Sebastian grabbed your hands so you stopped your nail clicking, “if you keep messing with your nails you’ll get highlighted on E! For having the worst nails of the night,” he chuckled.

“I can’t help it. I’m nervous. This is my first Oscar nomination.”

“I know, and I’m so proud of you,” he squeezed your hand. “I’d kiss you but I don’t want to ruin your makeup. Listen to me, tonight is going to be great! Whether you win or not you are nominated for an Oscar, something only the best of the best get nominated for so, win or lose, you are amazing and I love you.”

“Thanks, Seb. You’re amazing and I love you too,” you gently kissed his lips just as the car came to a halt. Your signal to get ready to hit the red carpet. The driver opened the door and Sebastian stepped out, holding a hand out and helping you from the SUV. You walked with Sebastian and paused for solo and couple pictures, and a couple of interviews. You even ran into your brother, Chris, and your sister-in-law and posed for a group shot with them. Finally, you, your husband, and your family, made your way inside and to your shared table.

You didn’t even notice you were clicking your nails again until Sebastian laughed to himself and, again, held your hand in his. The lights dimmed and the show started. La La Land won for Best Picture. Ryan Gosling won for Actor in a Leading Role. And now your category was up, Actress in a Leading Role.

“With so many amazing woman in one category I’m sure finding a winner was hard for everybody. Let’s hear who our nominees are. Isabelle Huppert…Ruth Negga…Natalie Portman…Emma Stone…Meryl Streep…and Y/N Hemsworth-Stan.” The envelope was produced. “Let’s see who the winner is. The winner for Actress in a Leading Role is……Y/N Hemsworth-Stan.”

You gasped at your table and didn’t stand up until Sebastian stood up and reached for your hand, bringing you up with him. He wrapped you in a hug and you smiled and fought back tears, still in disbelief. Elsa and Chris hugged you and, after the love was shared, you made your way up to the stage in front of all your peers and coworkers.

You were handed your Oscar as you reached the podium. “I…I…I…”you stuttered. “Apparently I’m speechless,” you made the audience laughed. “I can’t believe I’m here right now receiving this award. I’d like to thank the people that went to see the movie and the amazing writer and director. I’d like to thank my parents and my brothers who pushed me to follow my dream of being an actress and I’d especially like to thank the love of my life; my amazing husband Sebastian Stan. Thanks for supporting me and putting up with me making you rehearse lines with me until 3 in the morning. I love you so much,” you said right to him.

The music queued you and you made your way off the stage and back to your seat. Your family yelled and cheered as you got back to your seat. “Congrats, little sis,” Chris and Elsa congratulated you.

“Thanks guys,” you walked over to your husband who kissed you long and hard.

“I am so proud of you. You deserve it, Babe.”

You leaned comfortably into him as the worries were all gone, “Thanks Stan.”

Idk if i can bring myself to re-watch Season 4.

Ugh. Kate.

Ugh, Danny suddenly disappearing without explanation.

Ugh. Derek’s relationship with Brayden, however the hell you spell that ridiculous name.

Ugh. Peter being suddenly willing to work with Kate because Power is so important to him.

Ugh. That stupid fucking battle at the end.

Ugh Peter being put in Eichlen House and everyone being okay with that.

What a stupid season. How did Teen Wolf even get more episodes after this?


The only thing worth watching in Season four is the forehead touch scene between Chris Argent and Peter Hale and the Baby Derek and Stiles scenes. I just hate Season Four so much. Especially for how fucked up Peter’s Character became. Utter switch from Season 3 when he was trying to help. His actions made no sense. She killed his family. Peter’s not stupid. Why, Jeff? Why?

Fuck Season Four.

anonymous asked:

Your ability to write the skam kids in the hp universe is so great! I read again the noorhelm one, as always they're 100% in character, and no matter how many times I read it, it's always amazing. Also Eva! Lovely Eva and divination + Chris listening while she explains cards. That's exactly like I imagine them. Do you think you'll write more? Skam ended and I'm starving for more of these troubled children

Ahhhhhh thank you so, so much!!!! This message 1000% made my morning, I’m SO happy that you like them. (Especially the noorhelm one – that’s definitely one of my favorite fics I’ve written for them, and it means a ton to hear that you think they seem in character <3) 

And I’m definitely planning to write more noorhelm and chriseva! I’m right there with you, I know the show only just ended, but I already miss them so insanely much 

Was it a kiss? Yes, of course!

I know there’s been some debate on whether or not it was really a kiss, since no one actually explicitly saw their lips touch. 

But I’m strongly against the whole, “they did not kiss” argument, and here’s why!

When Yuuri was breaking down, Victor was wondering how he could calm Yuuri down. He asked casually, ‘should I just kiss you or something?’

This is significant for a few reasons.

1) Victor considered kissing as a way to help Yuuri calm down.

2) It was explicitly stated and a clever use of foreshadowing.

3) I’m not sure on the direct translation, but by using the word ‘just’ was fascinating in itself, and here’s why:

Victor says “Should I just kiss you?” casually, because kissing clearly wouldn’t do enough to calm Yuuri down. Kissing him to shut him up would not be the way to effectively calm Yuuri down or make him feel better. It was just another way for Victor to get the truth out of Yuuri, which he blurted out immediately after.

That is yet another indicator that their love is deeper than simple romance, that it is more than that. A kiss is what a simple lover might do, and they might not go the next step to really care and comfort their partner. Victor cares about Yuuri too much- he’s not going to hush Yuuri. He wants to hear Yuuri’s heart.

Now, on to the moment.

First of all, the two rush to each other- Victor running to the proper location, Yuuri looking around for him frantically, then quite literally scrambling to Victor as soon as he spots Victor again.

We then hear the music halt to silence to emulate a sense of breathlessness. This is clearly to help the viewer feel that heart-stopping, breath-taking moment directly before a kiss like this one. It goes silent, reflecting the way Yuuri’s mind must blank for those split few seconds. This was very intentional and 100% meant for the moment of a kiss.

So first, we get this incredible visual of their lips, hardly inches apart, parted and shiny. Yuuri is especially flushed (from the skating, of course), and his eyes are wide with shock. Victor looks incredibly seductive in this shot.

There’s a frame of Yuuri’s complete shock as Victor closes in.

And then, Victor closes his eyes.

There’s no doubt that the camera is angled this way to show that they are indeed kissing.

Then, we get this frame.

The positioning of their heads is a bit questionable. it seems unlikely that Victor’s lips could actually be on Yuuri’s- from this angle, it looks like his lips are against Yuuri’s cheek that we cannot see. Not to mention, Victor’s arm is blocking the actual connection.

This could have just been an animation fault, but despite that momentary shock, the reactions seal the deal for me.

Minako looks totally shocked and excited to see this, reflecting her persona of constantly sexualizing Chris and even Victor. And now, to see them kissing- of course she would look as flushed and excited as this.

But most of all, the reactions of the family. (My favorite reaction is Yuuri’s mom, who just looks pleasantly surprised). They’re all shocked, and hilariously, Yuuri’s sister looks a bit disgusted- if you have a sibling, of course you’ll be grossed out at seeing them kiss someone else; people with siblings understand that overreacting to the smallest things is totally necessary ;) but really, it’s for humor.

 The reactions are certainly convincing, but what did it for me is what Victor said.

So, people may say that since they landed with Victor’s head tucked by his ear, it’s proof that Victor did not kiss him.

But honestly, that makes no sense. No, they did not share a long, drawn-out kiss (which I believe will happen at the Grand Prix). But they definitely had a peck on the lips at the very least.

Why would Victor say that this was the only thing he could think of to surprise Yuuri more than Yuuri’s surprised him?

If it was just a hug, that would not make any sense. They have hugged before, many, many times, and even in front of the media, in front of others. No one would be so shocked to see that, and if that scene was meant to be a hug, there’s no way the scene would have went silent, that the angles shown would be shown, and the foreshadowing would have even happened.

One could argue that this was just fanservice, but we’ve already proven that Yuri on Ice is not one of those shows. It is not one to make a real relationship into just fujoshi bait. The fanservice is Chris- he is definitely sexualized, I’d argue, but to be fair, he is the one sexualizing himself and controlling his sexuality, so even that argument can be made. But regardless, Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is anything but shallow fanservice.

This is real, and they are not screwing around. 

To me, this was painfully obvious since as early as episode 2, but especially by episode 3.

We’ve just barely made it past halfway through this season (and with this show’s success, I would pray there will be a season 2, a movie, both, just something). We’ve been proven every week that Yuri on Ice can continue to shock us, to take it a step further, and to show Victor’s and Yuuri’s relationship developing even more.

So what else will they do for the next 5 episodes? Oh, I am so excited to see, and I have no doubt it will continue to make history, as it has proven now for 7 consecutive weeks!

20 reasons why I love Superman

In order to celebrate Superman Day today, June 12th, I decided to share with all of you a list of 20 reasons why I love Superman.

But before I start I must say that the order displayed here does not mean any type of preference. I love everything about Supes. Therefore, these 20 reasons are parts of a whole.

So let’s go…

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like the stars in the sky we shine

pairing: Chris Beck/Beth Johansson, Chris Beck/Beth Johansson/Mark Watney (and any variation thereof) 
fandom: The Martian
note: I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to write this pairing for a while, and after seeing the movie I decided to finally do it. I know this might not be a popular pairing, but you know what? Fuck it, I wanted to write it so I did. I’ll probably still write more beckwatney than anything in the future, but I’ll probably write some more for these 3 too, and I hope you guys enjoy x

on AO3

Chris was in love with Beth.

He knew that, she knew that, pretty much anyone who interacted with both of them at the same time knew that. It was one of those open secret kinda deals – everyone knew, but no one said anything. Mostly because everyone knew they were too professional to do anything about it (because Beth obviously loved Chris back).

So everyone was half right. Chris and Beth were in love. But they weren’t too professional to do anything about it.

They were just exceptionally good at hiding their relationship.

Chris, unfortunately, hid another secret. One that he thought no one knew, not even Beth.

“You’re in love with Mark?” Beth stared at him with wide, slightly hurt eyes.

Scratch that – no one but Beth knew.

“Beth-” Chris started, but Beth held up a hand.

“Don’t lie to me Chris,” she warned.

Chris swallowed and shook his head. “I, I won’t,” his voice shook, “just, just let me explain?”

He had no clue how she found out, but it was honestly a worst case scenario.

“Yes,” he whispered, “I’m in love with Mark,” and that was never something that he had honestly ever said out loud before. Chris had accepted he was bisexual years ago, but he’d never felt for another man like he did for Mark. Hell, the only other person he’d ever loved as much as he loved Mark was Beth, and it terrified him.

Beth inhaled, eyes suspiciously wet, but she stayed silent and let Chris continue.

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So I met Chris Colfer yesterday!!!

Here is the full story!

I spent about two weeks time in total over the drawing I made of Red (my fav babe) from TLOS3. I have been giving Chris fan art for, now, the past 3 signings I have gone to. Each time I still get very nervous to give him something that really means a lot to me. I have such self-confidence issues especially with drawings and art. So the whole day I was worried about how he would react and such.

Anyway, I took a bus up from Virginia to PA to stay with my friend Heather for a few days until the signing. (I go home today unfortunately D: ) I had sent the drawing via mail (since it was too big to bring on the bus) about two weeks before hand. Anyway the day of the signing we picked up Heather’s other friend Melissa who is a big sweetie, and I drove them to the store since I was more familiar with the area. We get there in the afternoon, get our books and the waiting begins.

Myself and Melissa are sitting in chair outside while Heather is in her car and it started to DOWN POUR on us. Literally cats and dogs are falling from the sky! I was thinking it would have been hilariously ironic if one of us got struck by lightning! (*insert drum ba boom tsh noise here*)

So after about 20 minutes of raining the store let us inside as thunderstorms were rolling in to wait downstairs in the signing area. So Heather, Mel and I are all downstairs for a few hours, chatting up these very kind people in line and so forth and meeting up with friends from past signing.

Finally, the time rolls around. Everyone stand up knowing Chris was bound to come in at any moment. My heart starts to pound in my chest with nerves as I hold this stupid drawing I slaved over. Then an eruption of cheers as Chris arrived. I went quiet in awe, trying to see him but I couldn’t (for I am super short) and figured I’d wait until the line went up. The line started to move so quick, too quick for my liking, I feel like I’m having heart palpitations I’m so nervous!

Melissa goes up first and then before I knew it, his assistant takes my look to pass to Chris and there he is, looking at me. He says hello and I greet him back but my voice is so high from nerves like ah! I gave him my drawing and his jaw DROPPED open. Here’s the dialoge:


“U-Um Hi Chris!”

“How are you?”

“G-Good. So I don’t know if you remember me but I always draw you something and I made another piece for you.”

I give him the drawing and his jaw drops -

“This is for me!?”

“Y-Yes, I hope you like it.”

“Oh wow! This is amazing! I can’t believe it  …”

I wrote my twiter name @LiamKorncake at the bottom and he sees it -

“Oh Liam! Is that your name?”

“Oh hi Liam! This is so amazing, thank you so much I love it!”

Then I started to cry a little bit, or try to not cry really because I’m so awestruck and I finally managed to say what I’ve wanted to say since the first book signing I went to so long ago.

“Chris, I just w-wanted to say” and I started really crying because I got really emotional and I’m so embarrassed I cried in front of him, “You have been such a positive influence in my life and, you have helped me through a lot of dark times. I always looked to you for inspiration to keep going and I just wanted to thank you so much. You’re my hero.”

He saw me crying and grabbed my hand and told me not to cry and he thanked me and just it meant so much to me. I was at emotional over load so I was done and stepped aside so Heather could see him and then we would leave o go upstairs and tell each other our experience and meet up with other friends.

Later outside, Heather told me that as soon as I walked away Heather told Chris I was her friend and how I had come up from VA and how much of an ‘artist’ and how amazing she thought I was and apparently both Chris and his assistant all agreed. I started to cry again because to hear that literally meant to much to me I can’t even describe it.

A few minutes later a mom and her two younger girls came out and approached me. They asked if I drew the 'Vote Red’ drawing and I said yes. They complimented it and I thanked them (all while I was still happy crying) and then they told me that Alla (did I spell her name right?) hung it up behind Chris and it hung there proudly behind him and my other friends in line came up and told me to and took pictures and like literally, my heart almost fell out of my butt. They even recorded my reaction to it while we were getting coffee!

It was just an amazing day. I have been going through a lot lately and struggling with so much and this was exactly what I needed. Chris is truly my hero for more than one reason and his books grant me an escape from even myself sometimes which I really need. So thank you Bookends, thank you to all my friends and thank you Christopher Paul Colfer!


i have the wonderful opportunity to attend SMALL PRESS EXPO 2014 for the very first time and work the PIGEON PRESS table (W 51-52) with nick maandag for alvin buenaventura. PIGEON PRESS is hosting the charles burns signing for the advance release of SUGAR SKULL, the third and final volume of the NIT NIT trilogy from PANTHEON BOOKS. PIGEON PRESS is offering many rare out of print books from charles burns along with a limited-edition signed and numbered gicleé printed bookplate of 200 made especially for SPX along with promotional NIT NIT masks.  PIGEON PRESS will also offer originals from charles burns, simon hanselmann, joseph remnant and nick maandag among other exclusive items. PIGEON PRESS is also reissuing nick maandag’s hilarious THE LIBERTARIAN, which debuts at SPX. see you there this saturday and sunday! photos by chris anthony diaz

***burns will be on 2 panels during the weekend***

saturday — alt-weekly comics roundtable — Noon - 1:00pm (white oak room)

sunday — charles burns spotlight/q + a — 2:00 - 3:00pm (white oak room)

the PIGEON PRESS artist signing times will be posted shortly

Thank God Grant Gustin was not made into a permanent character on Blee

His well deserved success is amazing and all the hate he got for playing the sweet devil angel Sebastian and for daring to be friends with Kevin and Chris while staying a humble sweet heart makes me so happy for Grant so much, Go on to bigger and better tings and your very bright future hun <3