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“Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the movies. But I can’t make a movie myself because I don’t work in film. So I had to get creative. I ordered a black-and-white Italian film from a vintage film dealer. It seemed vaguely romantic. I spent four months editing it on my computer. I changed all the subtitles. I cut out the harem scene. I completely changed the plot so that it resembled our lives. I wrote some dialogue about picture frames because Zoe’s family owns a frame shop. And I love trains. So I made the main character a train enthusiast. When I finished the editing, I rented out a small theater with sixty seats. I invited all of Zoe’s friends and family. I made sure everyone sat in the front and didn’t turn around. The weather was beautiful that day. Zoe didn’t want to go to a movie. We got in a big fight about it, but I finally convinced her. I was so nervous that I laughed during the whole film. I’d seen all the jokes 1000 times but I laughed at them anyway. Then during the final scene, the main characters started speaking to the audience, and one of them asked: ‘Does anyone here want to get married?’ So I stood up. The lights came on. All her friends and family turned around. And I gave a speech that I prepared. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask the actual question. But Zoe bailed me out and said ‘yes’ anyway.”


Hyung line to accompany the maknae line!!! Maknae Line here!!!

Necromancer Yoongi, Enchanter Jin, Banshee Hobi and reaper Namjoon, I wrote little captions~~

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Jace smiling/laughing because of Maia in 2x13 + Maia smiling because of Jace:


New Overwatch Character!! ALERT, ALERT!

Naw, just kidding. It’s just Scrapper! I’m in too deep so now I’m spending more time writing and drawing than I am playing… OOPS!! I suppose this isn’t a bad thing, and the product of it sure is pretty! I’m really in love with her and she is in desperate need of some friends and good influences.

So, I know this is a popular sentiment, but I am really invested in the redemption of Lucretia. She tried to take away their pain, which, while noble, turned out the way every story about blunting pain through blocking it turns out.

She fucked up everything real bad and did an awful cruel thing to everyone, and I am not saying they have to forgive her or trust her ever again. At least never the way it was before.

But I also relate to that moment, when you fuck up real bad, and you know it, and it makes you commit to the fuckup even harder.

You tell yourself, “For it to cost this much, for it to hurt this much, it must be because it’s worth it. I have caused all this pain, but surely the ends will even out.”

And as time goes on, as you dig deeper and deeper in the hole the harder you cling, and you keep making decisions that hurt people, you keep lying, because “it’s gonna be worth it, it has to be, it has to be, this is the only way”

And even when it crashes down in front of you, and as you know the game is up, you have to try, you have to believe you didn’t destroy every bond you ever made, hurt every person you ever loved, you can’t believe you did all that and were wrong.

So like, for all that I was right there with Taako on the countdown, I need Lucretia to be saved, because most villains don’t think they are villains, most of them just wanted to save the world their way. I suffer no delusions on how awful the consequences are. I just can’t help but want to save them all

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Nessian - A Court of Mist and Fury

“Come play with me, Nesta, and I’ll teach you far more interesting ways to bring a male to his knees.”

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Battle of the Costumes - Jonsa vs Jon3rys

When a couple looks good together many things work combined to make that happen. The lightning, the angles and mainly their costumes. Now I’d like to point it out how the show makes easy choices to make Sansa and Jon look great together and Jon and Daenerys look not so pleasant to our eyes.

This is another costume analysis I’ve decided to share because I like to write them and It seems you like to read them. I guess (?)
So here we go.

The first thing I want to state is that D&D want us to look at Jon and Sansa and see Ned and Catelyn. It’s not a coincidence that Jon and Sansa scenes parallels Ned and Cat so much. It’s so intentional that even the costumes are created to resemble them.

At season 6 April Ferry was the costume designer during Michele Clapton’s absence from the show, and I believe the only instructions D&D gave to her was to make Jon and Sansa parallel Ned and Cat through costumes because that’s exactly what she did.

As soon as Jon decides to leave the Night’s Watch his clothing went straight for Ned’s.
He wears a grey gambeson, black pants and and the very same brown leather armour Ned used to. His hair is very similar too. We look at his new hairstyle and see a young Ned.

For Sansa, since she’s escaping Winterfell with Theon at the beginning of the season, she still wears the dress from season 5, with the collar and style Catelyn used to wear. Sansa style is pretty much liker her mother since season 3. After the Red Wedding, Sansa wear patterns and accessories very similar to her mother’s too but since her reunion with Jon things are a whole new level.

I love how the show played with the concept of the “Jon’s sister in gray arriving at the Wall” Melisandre sees in her flames in ADWD. Although the show never really told us about this, they clearly remembered it and made it happen. The lightning  of this scene helps a lot, as they reunite and we see them together for the very first time, the color of her dress and his leather armour mix and they blend beautifully when they embrace.

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“So I had the idea of the corset. She looks like a warrior. I mean, Bellatrix does mean warrior. And she’s also a bit of a fatale. She’s the right hand of Voldemort..

Helena Bonham Carter on her character Bellatrix Lestrange.


The best lyric I think I’ve ever written, and I think the fan favorite, is from a song called ‘Colors’.

It’s about a person who gets affected by their partner in a relationship and then their partner leaves them because of the person they’ve become. When, you know, the other person made them that way.

It’s a really personal lyric.


A day out shopping w/ Oh Sehun.

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Phichit Chulanont ♥ Hamster Prince

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CATCO MAGAZINE #222: 10 different versions!!

I made the covers trying to collect with humor things happened during the episode, trying to make people smile and with no intention of offending anyone. Everything commented is about characters or scenes, not the actors, who are ALL wonderful. I really don’t try to offend anyone, but each person can interpret the headlines as they want. They are made with love for the fans, and also for the actors, although sometimes I’m not sure if they will like them (if they have the doubt of what is my intention). Anyway, I hope you can appreciate and find something you like in them :)


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