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We love you, Vine

Oh Vine. The joy you brought to the world was infectious and real, spreading far beyond your reassuringly green walls. You made Tumblr a better place, too—the current outpouring of love and lament is a testament to that.  

Some popular Vine blogs, and some Vine blogs we just plain love:

And if you missed our 2015 year-end roundup of the most popular Vines on Tumblr, here you go. Bless them all.

random things my fragile bi heart gets really emotional about: axton the commando, and the treatment of his sexuality in the game. just hear me out for a second.

like, for all intents and purposes axton is pretty much the most stereotypical video game character ever— a ruggedly handsome, confident-bordering-on-cocky, square-jawed white guy with a crew cut, a couple carefully placed facial scars, and a military career that’s probably just a bit too illustrious for his age.

but then he’s also canonically bisexual!! and not even on purpose originally, but because of a glitch that made him flirt with everyone instead of just the attractive female character the line was intended for.

and when fans saw this and were like, ‘oh this must mean axton’s supposed to be bi! awesome,’ the writers, instead of 1. freaking out and trying to quash those headcanons or 2. turning the situation into a gross queerbaiting mess (which seem to be the two things that happen most often), were like ‘oh, yeah, looks like axton is bi. let’s add some dialogue to the dlc that confirms this and make it irrefutably canon.’

and that was that. like, there was no uncharacteristically dramatic and emotional coming-out scene. no awkward forced romantic subplot with a male character to ‘prove’ he’s really bi. just a couple stupid and perfectly in-character lines about having dated lots of ‘people’ instead of specifically women and that quip about ‘guns and women… and sometimes dudes.’

and i just want to throw those moments in the face of every writer who’s ever claimed that it would be too hard to make a character bi, or that they can’t do it because it wasn’t the original intent of the character. all it took was two lines of dialogue for the bl2 team to confirm what players had already picked up on. it’s literally that easy and i’m just really tired of excuses for why characters ~can’t~ be bi!!!

Helping a Friend

Hey guys! Sorry for all of the random posts here recently, but I wanted to ask something of you.

This community is getting rather big, and while its awesome to see the channel grow, I also want to make sure I’m helping out my friends along the way too.

Recently, one of my greatest and closest friends started a channel of his own. He works super hard to make well made videos and I honestly love them. As of late, he hasn’t had the time to make the videos he’s wanted to make because of finals. He’s flying home today and I think it would be super cool if we could get a bunch of people to flood to his channel while he’s flying!

If you could, go to his channel, click subscribe and check out his videos. They are honestly awesome, and super well thought out. He does some great work over there.

On here, I have over 5,000 followers. I think we could honestly get him to 500 subscribers today. So lets make it happen! Let’s bring this community together to help one of my best friends. He more than deserves it. 

So go subscribe, and reblog this to get more people over there! Also leave him some nice comments! :D

Andrew’s channel:

I recently watched this amazing video all about Chara and how they’re actually not the villain at all, and it really resonated with me. Anyway, the it’s an awesome exploration of Undertale and made me appreciate the game even more, so I wanted to draw the original Dreemurr family all together n happy without the usual “Evil Red-Eyed Chara” that I see in other family portraits.

So I've kept quiet with my stuff for a while now

 cause I just like being lowkey about my goals and plans but I had to finally share this. So 2 weeks ago I made a video blending together my Love of Nerdy Stuff and my knowledge of Exercise Science and it went viral and today it just hit 1 million views which is the first time ever for a video on my channel

 also Last week I had just hit 16,000 subs on YouTube but because of that video people have been binge watching my stuff and I’ve gone from 16k to currently 47,000 and it keeps going up.

 Its really a humbling experience and cool to see so I just wanted to share that 

Hello everyone ! 

I present to you this video i made for all the amazings artist in the zootopia community. They give us day after day their best , and they keep this community alive. 

To all the artists who will watch this video, no matter if you had a text dedicated to you or not. Remember that what you do is making a lot of people happy. Never let negative comments stop you from being awesome. You are the hearth of this fandom and we love you so much<3

>>>>>>> VIDEO LINK <<<<<<<

Because a lot of artists in the video are not on tumblr i cant tag everyone, but if you know them or chat to them, send this video to them ! :D

thank you to everyone who help me in this project : @mattnyc816 @nekomimiranger @ihavewaytoomanyproblems @cloudyloudy @alexboehm55144 @thatzootopianfox @chernwei5784 @nzdud3 @mtristepin @ryutolbx

(note: sadly the video cannot be watched on phone or mobile device because of Copyright musics being used )

BNHA Season 2 Character PVs, OP and ED info

If you haven’t seen them yet, TOHO released 2 videos featuring:

  • Izuku, Katsuki, Ochako and Tenya
  • Some clips of Season 2
  • By the way did I mention that Hayashi Yuuki is the music composer again for Season 2? Yeah!!

OP will be from Yonezu Kenshi. Here’s one of his songs this season if you’re unfamiliar with him. He also made Matryoshka (a Vocaloid song) if you know that.

ED will be from Little Glee Monster. They’re fairly new in the music industry and previously made one of the ending songs for Pokemon XY. Here’s one of their popular songs. I personally like them because they’re really good, I hope they become more popular with their song for BNHA!


Some collages I made from the screenshots I got from this video.
This community is insanely talented, I am so blown away! You guys are so creative! That kinda makes me feel kinda sucky and out of place though just because I’m not talented or creative, and I wish I was able to make something as awesome as you guys! But I’m just proud to even be apart of an extremely talented, creative, and kind community like this 💚❤ Keep up the amazing work you beautiful, talented people, you! 😘
( @therealjacksepticeye )


Today I made this cool snail stencil print based on the great video tutorial by Nuclear Snail! The edges are not perfect because I’ve basically no patience and I’m lazy but the whole shirt is so damn awesome now! I’m in love. 

The stencil tutorial by Nuclear Snail Studios is here: 

OK so I was doing some moderation on the Gay Fates YouTube channel for Maddie to clear out homophobia and stuff, and I saw that @kynimdraws had commented on one of the videos and had played Gay Fates in general and I am honestly just so struck because I’m such a big fan of hers and wow she played and enjoyed a hack that my girlfriend made. Maddie, you are awesome and I’m so proud of you.
And now I’m hoping she’s still watching the project and has seen my supports.


My friend made this video about clones to ‘The last goodbye’ from Billy Boyd and IT’S AWESOME I’M CRYING

I wanted to share it with you because she thinks it isn’t good. And I want to prove her wrong

anonymous asked:

I'm really happy it was an ISG because I love those videos and it has been MONTHS since the last one but I understand anyway why people can be... Dissapointed? I mean I think we had too much 'idealizations'for what it was going to be And now I'm excited for the next video 😊😊😊

i’m so happy you’re happy that it was isg and that it made you feel excited and that you love those videos!!!!!! yay!!!!! and yay for your understanding of other people’s disappointments too. that’s awesome! go you!! have a wonderful day xxx

FUCKING awful people on the comments section of FB on an article about symmetra being autistic. Theyre like ‘why does it matter? It’s a made up character ffs’
Literally the headline of the article is “proof how awesome people with autism can be!” And then there’s a bad ass pic of sym. LIKE BINCH… DID U EVEN READ IT… IT MATTERS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WITH AUTISM BECAUSE SYMMETRA IS BAD ASS , AUTISTIC AND BEAUTIFUL AND THERES NOT THAT MANY(IF ANY????) CANON VIDEO GAME PEEPS WITH AUTISM YALL!!


Screenshots from Irish Whiskey Challenge Paddy’s Day Quiz! :D

Another fun video from Seán today! :D Seriously I thought that both videos he uploaded today were awesome and so much fun to watch. They made me laugh and put a big dumb smile on my face and all the positive energy from both these videos put me in such a fantastic mood today as well. They made a good day I was having to even better day and that’s always incredibly nice to have. ^_^ I sincerely super appreciate having a day like this today because I haven’t had this good of a day in such a long time. 

So first we learned some Irish slang from Seán today and now to end the day we watch him take several shots of Jameson Whiskey whenever he answers a question on this Paddy’s Day quiz wrong. 


xD In all seriousness though, I want to put an emphasis on what Seán said at the end of this video. Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day and this weekend but please drink responsibly and for the love of god don’t drink and drive. He didn’t say the drinking and driving part in the video but I’m adding it because I feel like it’s a super important reminder. Sometimes certain situations can be super dangerous when people are extremely drunk and some people can handle alcohol and some people can’t at all. So again if you’re drinking at all today and this weekend have fun but please drink responsibly and be safe this weekend too. :)

For the longest time, I have needed (yes, needed) a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shoes! Because I am broke as fuck and cheap as hell, I decided to paint my own. ‘Cause you know if I bought a pair already made, they would be really expensive. Since my drawing skills are limited, I used one of my favorite TMNT artists drawings as reference


This was going to be a video but this took too damn long and in the beginning, i had no idea what I was going to do -.-’ BUT they TURNED OUT WICKED AWESOME!!!

Okay, but if you haven’t been to Okieriete Onaodowan’s website, you’re really missing out. It’s and it is great. They’re not a lot of content, but what’s there is great. There are videos of him singing and playing piano, a photo gallery, his resume, and performances of his own original poetry. And it’s just got cool facts about him. He had police training. He’s skilled with a bo staff. He can juggle.

And the songs he sings are awesome. He sings “If I Didn’t Believe in You” from The Last Five Years, “White Blank Page” by Mumford and Sons, and “Belief” by Gavin DeGraw (the last one made me cry because he loves that song so much and you can tell when he sings it). His voice is so beautiful and calming. I don’t know, man. It’s just so great and it’s worth it if you have some time to kill. Oak is just so great and kind and good.

asolitaryrose  asked:

hi there! so i recently fell into a supercorp pit of feelings and devoured your fic 'Whispers' in one night because of its brilliance. i just love the way you've written the plot and how everything came together at the end and the SUSPENS WAS KILLING ME but boy. it was so good. thank you so much for writing this fic it had everything i'm looking for in a supercorp fic ♥ also you're into video games sooo double reason to follow you :)

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback! This made my day :)

bellamys-griffin  asked:

i literally just fangirled so hard because the maker of "captain swan + bellarke || some things are worth it" aka the most iconic video on youtube followed me ♡♡♡

And I literally just let out this breathy little squeal when I saw this, like YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY YOU’VE MADE ME!!! When I checked out your blog the first thing I saw was two of my favorite quotes ever and I don’t think I could’ve hit the follow button faster! Awesome taste in ships btw ;)