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Came for I Am Bread. Subbed for Boat Dog. Stayed because the channel and community legitimately made any day better.

10/10 for awesome channel and a giant community of awesome people. Strongly recommended as a daily reminder that good things happen, good people exist, and that sometimes good things come in the form of daily videos of a man yelling at a computer.

Congratulations on 17 million!

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You having Joan and Talyn in some of your videos as nonbinary peeps and saying stuff like "guys gals and nonbinary pals" and just generally being so accepting made me brave enough to tell like 6 people I know I'm nonbinary and they ALL took it really well and I'm so happy so thank you!!!

Well that is awesome to hear!!! Definitely one cool thing i wanna make sure my platform can do is normalize all of that so it doesn’t feel like a big deal, because gender identity shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s just who we are! I am SO glad the people in your life are taking it well!! You deserve that recognition and positive support!!


One thing about the company Roosterteeth that makes me super happy is the diverstiy in body image throughout their casts and crew. And nobody is shamed or looked down on for not being society’s idea of normal.

You’ve got people like Blaine, Aaron, James, Bruce, and Alan who are all in really good condition, physically fit, and workout often. And then you have the guys and gals who have recently started to improve themselves like Michael, Ryan, Meg, Josh, and Zach. And nobody told them to do it, they did it for themselves. Burnie talked a lot about his process to lose weight,and did a damn good job of it. Look at him five or six years ago as opposed to now. Goddamn. Hell, three of the five I’ve mentioned made a show about it, and happily encourage others advice and support if the community wants to work alongside them.

Not all of Roosterteeth is fit though. Obviously, not everyone wants to be super toned, drink protein and watch their carb intake. (Not that any of that is bad, I do it myself.) There’s a huge array of body types at RT. Many of them are happy with who they are, comfortable in their own bodies, and are proud of themselves. Sure, Jack gets lots of shit for his weight, but he takes it stride, and laughs and jokes about it himself. That man is the living embodiment of sunshine, large or not. Don’t forget Lindsay, who takes more than her fair share of insults about her weight and looks. But she’s one of the nicest and happiest people I’ve ever seen in camera. And as I mentioned before, Zach Anner, a disabled man has incredible self worth. Incredible. He takes his disability in stride. And still seeks to improve himself.

Nobody at RT is the same. Every single person is unique. Several of the people at RT have awesome hair colors, tattoos (looking at you Geoff), or differing seuxalities than their peers. And they’ve never shown anything but support for their fanbase regarding those things.

Got tattoos? Great. No tattoos? Awesome. Red hair? Green hair? Pink Hair? No hair? Perfect, get to work. Like girls? Boys? Both? None? Cool, come watch this new video we put out. Thin? Not thin? Muscular? Come help set up this new stunt that Blaine’s gonna get naked in.

Nobody is made fun of because of their weight, ability to workout, or lack thereof, hair color, or sexuality. At the company or in in the community. Are there people in the community that are assholes? Absolutely. But these people I watch nearly every day of my life have taught me a lesson. You can look however you want. Be whomever you want. And be happy with yourself.

And I have to thank the Roosterteeth company for teaching me not to hate the fact that I’m not perfect. That with a little bit of work, I can be who I want to be, or just even just be me.


Reposting these because I finally found out who the cosplayer and maker of the Mimikyu is!

So, on my way out of Momocon, I saw this adorable moving Mimikyu and wonderful Team Skull cosplayer! I had to get a pic and tiny video!

It’s sooo super cute and well made! And the cosplayer looks awesome as well!!!

The Team Skull cosplayer is @that-hologram-girl! The Mimikyu was made by @bippityboppityprops!

The Mimikyu was commissioned from bippityboppityprops by that-hologram-girl! 

I’m super sorry I didn’t credit either of you in the original post. I didn’t know any other way of finding out who you two were. You both did amazing work!

If everyone could please reblog and like this version with credit given to the cosplayer and creator of the Mimkyu, that would be great!

“Is leave possible?”


When I saw that @crankgameplays was playing Oxenfree, I knew that I had to draw something for it! I love the art style of the game (even though I’m not on that level of boss) Even though I watched Jack play it a while ago, I’m going to watch Ethan’s because every playthrough is going to be different based on the choices made.

I also wiggled in my version of Dark!Ethan seen through the portal because I could lol

I hope you guys like it and I hope you, Ethan, have fun playing Oxenfree because it is a beautiful game with an awesome plot!

Pls don’t repost or take away the caption or I will curse you :D

Today is 3th of June, official bi pride day! So here’s Isabela, my (b)irate queen!

She is very awesome because she can teach you SO much about sexuality - how not to be afraid of it, how to use it for your own well being and how not to put up with other peoples shit.

But she is also very special to my heart, because she made me realize I myself was bisexual. I mean, there was cute girls around me before, and there was some nice video-game characters that made me think “ooh, she is nice, I should create another character just to marry her!” and those characters weren’t always male. But it was Bela who made me all “ooh, she’s nice, I should MARRY HER IMMEDIATELY CAN I PLEASE”

She’s my point of no return and I love her for it ♥♥

Here it is guys, I don’t know if anyone else has made this but I just thought I make this because this was the best part in Lost Light comic 5 and I just love how Rung owns the Functionist Council so much! This would be a sin if I didn’t make this! (Sound is needed in order to for you to hear the awesomeness of this!)

Please enjoy!

Youtubers AU

In wich:
- Lance and Allura are relatives/cousins and they live in an apartment together.
- Allura has a beauty/gurú channel called “AlteanPrincess”
- Lance at first doesn’t have a channel but appears in Allura’s frecuently, at first because Allura doesn’t want to do the ask/challenges alone, but eventually the fans requests and wants to see Lance all the time so Lance made his own channel
- Lance’s channel is about fotography, he loves to take pictures/videos and edit them. And the fans loves to listen him
- Hunk and Pidge have a channel together called “Homemade experiments” (inspired in a spanish channel) and they basically made challenges about testing food, making food, testing chemical reactions and crazy stuff, mostly for Pidge’s part.
- Pidge, Hunk and Matt lives together. Matt doesn’t have a YT channel but is allways the one who tastes the challenge food (most than once he finish throwing up) #saveMatt2k17
- Lance and Hunk are BFF and Lance loves to take pictures of his beautiful bro
- Lance is bisexual and proud, his channel’s name is “McBi” “Bitheway” “Bilance” ( idk still working on it)
- Shiro and Keith are brothers (broganes is my reason to breath, fight me)
- They have a YT channel together about them doing extreme sports ( ‘cause reasons, they’re hardcore). Their channel’s name could be “Broganes”
- Pidge and Keith and Matt and Shiro were neighbours when they were little
- They all meet first time in a YT convention and ‘cause they have friends in common they spend all the convention together
- Lance is fan of Keith and is a stress mess all the convention week
- When Shiro mets Allura he forgot how to talk like a normal person. Allura finds it adorable. Matt, Keith and Pidge made fun of him because of that
- In attempt to put together Shiro and Allura, Keith tries to get close to Lance, and Lance is happy to plays cupid, and stay close to his idol/crush.
- Fuck- Lance has a crush on Keith? Shut
- Keith is oblivious
- Lance helps Keith and Shiro in a video. The finnish product is awesome and Keith is so interest in Lance’s work that “accidentally” becomes a huge fan of him.
- Lance doesn’t make challenges but when Pidge challenge him to upload a video dancing “chiwawa- barbie’s version” from just dance he made it with the same clothes even. High score, 5 stars
- Keith saw the video and becomes gay for Lance like hella

I’m blank for now, still planning in drawing some of the stuff but I want to have it writing to not forget it.

If my grammar doesn't​ have any sense I apologise, english is not my first language.
I accept any suggestions or corrections 😊


So this fantastic video and character study that was posted on youtube yesterday ‘ The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander ‘ (x) made me think of this awesome moment. Because comments like “Newt is weak” or “Newt is no hero” are awful and wrong. Heroes comes in every shapes and sizes and while he might not be the typical hero and a trained fighter - he sure as hell can handle himself just well and use the help of his creatures to save himself and Tina!

My kind of hero!

random things my fragile bi heart gets really emotional about: axton the commando, and the treatment of his sexuality in the game. just hear me out for a second.

like, for all intents and purposes axton is pretty much the most stereotypical video game character ever— a ruggedly handsome, confident-bordering-on-cocky, square-jawed white guy with a crew cut, a couple carefully placed facial scars, and a military career that’s probably just a bit too illustrious for his age.

but then he’s also canonically bisexual!! and not even on purpose originally, but because of a glitch that made him flirt with everyone instead of just the attractive female character the line was intended for.

and when fans saw this and were like, ‘oh this must mean axton’s supposed to be bi! awesome,’ the writers, instead of 1. freaking out and trying to quash those headcanons or 2. turning the situation into a gross queerbaiting mess (which seem to be the two things that happen most often), were like ‘oh, yeah, looks like axton is bi. let’s add some dialogue to the dlc that confirms this and make it irrefutably canon.’

and that was that. like, there was no uncharacteristically dramatic and emotional coming-out scene. no awkward forced romantic subplot with a male character to ‘prove’ he’s really bi. just a couple stupid and perfectly in-character lines about having dated lots of ‘people’ instead of specifically women and that quip about ‘guns and women… and sometimes dudes.’

and i just want to throw those moments in the face of every writer who’s ever claimed that it would be too hard to make a character bi, or that they can’t do it because it wasn’t the original intent of the character. all it took was two lines of dialogue for the bl2 team to confirm what players had already picked up on. it’s literally that easy and i’m just really tired of excuses for why characters ~can’t~ be bi!!!

Remember I made a post telling you guys about a song I’d written with some little inspiration from @therealjacksepticeye​?

Well… IT’S HERE!!! :D

I’m not posting on YouTube until tomorrow (it’s motivational and I’ll be posting it as part of my Mindful Monday series), but because you guys are awesome, I’m gonna give it to you a day early! ^-^ the video quality will be better tomorrow as I had to make it smaller to post here :P

I hope the song lives up to expectation xD

Now let me show you the lyrics which have the subtle Jack references, in case you missed any of them :P

You can make it all the way - I think this one is obvious (ALL THE WAY!!!)

No matter what the voices might say - Anti?? :P

It is gonna be okay, maybe not now but another day - a play on Jack’s quote of everything is gonna be alright, maybe not now but eventually

I believe in you - Jack says this to us! Although, this is more than just a reference, I do mean it too ^-^

The victory is yours to claim - victory? As in victory town? *nudging you* ya get it? XD

The grass is really greener on the other side - Green? And which YouTuber has green hair? That’s right, Jackaboy! :D


Everyone’s seen the Her Jams video where she claims that BTS will be disqualified from the BBMAs due to armys voting on other artist’s posts. THIS IS NOT TRUE, THE PEOPLE FROM BBMAS HAVE NOT SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THAT.

They won’t do it for one simple reason; MONEY!

The BBMAs have been losing viewers and also losing revenue. The attention the award show is getting is due to BTS . This will cause an increase in demand for the show as well as a rise in the viewership. Due to the increased number of viewers the commercials played will pay the award show more money for playing the commercials and the big shots will get a lot of money.

Disqualifying BTS would mean losing revenue. From an ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL viewpoint, this is a stupid move. Billboard even made a video about armys being awesome and they post tons of BTS related things. They do it out of financial interest. They will not disqualify BTS because all they want is the extra revenue they’ll receive.

I didn’t want it to get to this point but HER JAMS needs to stop making clickbait-ass videos that stir up nothing but drama. Seriously, she’s like the Keemstar of this fandom.

Her Jams, do us all a favor and stop spreading fake news. Again, THEY WILL NOT BE DISQUALIFIED!




This is a Kaisoo analysis, again! I just made one yesterday (you can check it out because that Kaisoo moment hit me all the soft spots), and doing another now. This is not healthy, at all… And I’m half conscious so perhaps this is not really coherent…

First off, I wanna say many thanks to Alvabear94 for her amazing JI and Kaisoo videos. If you haven’t followed her Instagram, please do or you’ll miss out on many awesome vids!

Now, I wanna make a (not so) brief analysis on the Shyness of JI and KS at the last part of this vid.

This is super duper obvious that JI was a lot bit flustered when they all did that kneeling move and he met KS’s gaze. He all but blinked and averted his eyes (JI practically turned his head from left to right, shying away from making eye-contact with KS) and then reverted his eyes back to KS’s back again. (Could you be more obvious, Nini??)

But, the thing I found extremely interesting here is that KS immediately turned his head away too (Very subtle, Mr. Do!). I was wondering Why? Why after all those years living and working and falling in love with each other, they were still acting like they just met and got to know each other and flushed while being caught stealing glances (like they were just new in this relationship lmao).

And the most interesting thing is that when the kneeling move ended, all the members got to stand up, KS for a moment turned around again and smiled (that’s too obvious that he was smiling with his cheekbone rising even when the angle blocked most of his face). Why did he suddenly smile? What did he smile at? Who did he smile to?

So my sorry head used all the rare neurons that it possesses to over analyze everything, again. I’m not able to read KS’ mind whatsoever, so my next hypothesized monologue is just plainly based on what I think KS’ facial expressions were showing.

At first when he knelt down and caught JI’s gaze, he abruptly turned away because “Holy fck, our eyes locked. I’m so embarrassed. What should I do? Turn away, turn the fck away now.”

And then he just nervously stared at JD’s neck and back (it even looked like he almost lost balance while finding a right spot on the ground to put his palm on to gain support. Holy shit, I’m like over observing and commenting on every trivial stuff lol). And he was looking like considering something in his pretty little head. Probably he was thinking “Maybe I should give JI a smile when we stand up. Maybe a smile can make things less awkward from that flustering eyes locked (and just because it’s JI, he deserves all my pretty heart heart-shaped smiles lol).”

So he did just so. Given by how high his cheekbone rose, I bet he was smiling his face into half. So bad JI didn’t get a chance to see it or else he would be in ninth cloud and we could have a lot of Kaisoo smiling at each other pics now .

But when he realized that JI wasn’t looking in his direction anymore, he turned his face to other side and his smile faded and he looked extremely disheartened. Poor thing I just wanna hug the hell out of him. And when he walked to another spot on the stage, he even looked like heaving a sigh of disappointment.

I just really love it when KS can keep his emotions at bay, but it’s just so endearing to watch his getting all flustered around JI even though most of the time it’s JI who has his heart on his sleeve.

So that’s it. That’s all. That’s just a lame analysis and I bet most of you watching the vid can already see it. But I just have a lot of free time now, which makes me wanna rambling a lot. (sorry not sorry)

Boyfriend Ethan (Headcanons)

Here’s my first set of Ethan (CrankGameplays) headcanons that I made to celebrate I’m Still Single Valentines’ Day! Hope you enjoy!

Ethan as your Boyfriend:

  • Ethan’s cuddly af, so the cuddling is more of an “all the time” thing tbh
  • Kisses on the top of your head and on your nose
  • Avoiding any and all chances of conflict because conflict is not his thing, especially with you
  • Loves it when you join him to hang out with Mark and Tyler because he gets really excited that his friends get along with the person he loves (+ he can show you off to his friends just because he’s happy to be with someone as awesome you)
  • Couple videos (Who’s more likely to, multiplayer games, challenges, Q&A’s- literally any videos that he can make with you)
  • You’re the only person he actively texts back
  • Really, really dorky/cheesy flirting and pick-up lines
  • Movie dates that consist of (peanut-free) snacks and cuddling on the couch (Feat. horror movies)
Watch on

ATTENTION TO ALL THE SHIPPERS: Please, don’t start shipping wars in comments because Budo is not with Ayano/Shin/whoever you ship him with. Thank you.

Epic Rap Battles of Akademi (Fan Made) - Kizana vs. Megami (vs. Budo and Osoro) 

Happy April Fools Day and thank you for 400 followers on Tumblr & 400+ watchers on Deviantart!!

It’s the first time I ever did something big like this, but I wanted to thank all of you guys who love and support my art! Thank you so much!

Original battle is made by these awesome guys!…

All art in video (except Megami’s concept art and YS logo) is made by me

50 Thoughts While Watching BTS ‘Not Today’ MV
  1. Oh my gosh look at the mountains they are beyootiful and majestic and I wish I could ride horses on them!
  2. Run Runnn Runnnnn insert Korean lyrics here
  3. I feel like at some point every Kpop boy group performs in a warehouse type setting.
  4. Uh Oh I see some covered up heads and druid type clothes they better not hit me with that “CARELESS CARELESS SHOOT ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS!”
  5. Namjoon looks fioonnnnnneeeee
  6. Yes my prayers have been answered, Bad Boy BTS is back!
  7. Min Yoongi’s hair is so dark that it almost looks like a midnight blue shade and I am digging it for real
  8. I like this shoulder shake choreography they keep doing
  9. Why is sand falling from the ceiling? Looks like poor architecture to me
  11. His jacket is so nice too am I shallow?
  12. Peep that dance solo tho
  13. Jiminnnn with that pink hair just glowing like the sun
  14. Taehyung the whole world knows your beautiful that was established during your first ultra sound
  15. Oooh look Hoseok is in this video! *sips tea sarcastically and bitterly*
  16. Not going to lie this is like a half step up from the NCT fashion that we have all come to tolerate
  17. Jin is like not even in this MV, I know it’s a lot of dancing but they can at least give him a close up or something
  18. They’re giving me BigBang vibes and not because I’m comparing them in anyway but because they totally look like they’re just having fun and are confident in themselves and their music.
  19. Bandannas usually signify gang relations. if Joonie and Tae are in a gang I want in too! I ain’t scared of nothing boiiiii *flashes gang signs that look suspiciously like the alphabet in sign language*
  20. I love you Hobi but you’re wearing 17 different outfits at the same time.
  21. When you realize that this is the closest that Tae will ever to get to to being featured on the next cypher.
  22. Oooh more runninnnngggg how tiring…for them
  24. Shoutout to the editors for tinting everyone so dark and tanned like it’s amazing and refreshing.
  25. It honestly looks like a clothing commercial
  26. You can pause this video at almost any scene during this slow motion run and it looks awesome!
  27. A big clear platform! This is the kind of props i needed in my life!
  28. ughhh and the backdrop against the mountains! *sobs more*
  29. I personally love every moment that Tae is in the middle of a dance because his tongue comes out and he starts winking ughhhh the whole experience is always so r00d.
  30. Be honest we all want to give Suga a squeeze right now. He’s so fluffy!
  31. Man I wish I could see Jin…
  33. Legit, how do you get to be covered background dancer number #4?
  34. Jimin’s facial expression while dancing are so cockyyyy
  35. Dang they shooting out here bruh!
  36. Man downnnn!
  37. Save Jin!
  38. Why can’t I die beautifully and dramatically?
  39. Why are they not killing Jungkook?
  41. Kookie has something in his eye and I have no clue what it is gahhhhh
  42. Can we all just applaud the choreographer?
  43. This lowkey looks like a workout program all this jumping around
  44. Oohh and now it’s nighttimeee #BTSAFTERDARK
  45. My new sexual preference is shoulders…preferably theirs
  46. Are these Exo druids multiplying??
  47. Awhh they linked arms and shot us how cute
  48. fiyaaaaaaaaaa
  49. So what didn’t happen today?
  50. Cause look like bros died for like the 23rd time since debut