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They say stars should not be seen alone, that two people should stand together and look at them because you alone would surely miss the good ones. Yet, more than ever before, Oikawa wanted the stars to be seen alone—the stars that Sugawara was made of.

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…so a bit of editing happened bc I should be doing a million other things but I’m listening to B1A4′s ‘Together/With You’ and I wanted to make a video but I don’t have time to actually edit a full video so this is what I settled on…

All images are taken from Haikyuu!!

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Okay but what could have possibly happened to make Hal Jordan decide that Batman's Chinese. How would it even come up in conversation that he thought that. So many questions

  • knows martial arts
  • can’t see his eyes
  • does a lot of mind-over-matter stuff attributable to ancient chinese secrets
  • hal jordan is the whitest man alive

but honestly i mostly made that joke because of how hard it made me laugh to imagine hal trying to say that actually everyone else is the racists for assuming batman was white

So I’ve been reading time travel fics recently, and I completely fell in love with the idea of young!Victor being thrown into the future and meeting older!Yuuri, but it also made me think.

But what if young!Victor (I’ll call him Vitya from now on) is thrown into a world where Yuuri and Victor have kids already?

For some reason, Vitya wakes up in a big bed in a room he’s never seen before, and he’s really confused but also half convinced he’s still dreaming.

But he can hear the quiet drone of a television from the other room, and he can smell bacon, so he follows his nose.

He knows he’s not in St. Petersburg anymore because the scenery outside looks completely different from what he’s used to, and also, he seems to be in a Japanese styled inn. Perhaps he’s here for a competition? Or maybe Yakov decided to give him a long deserved vacation? He’s always wanted to visit Japan.

As he’s walking down the hall, a door up ahead opens, and a sleepy twenty-year-old walks out, blond hair dishevelled and eyes still droopy with sleep.

The second he sees Vitya, he starts screaming bloody murder.

Vitya jumps back, startled, and the blond guy is still screaming and gesturing wildly and looking as if he’s seen a ghost.

Two seconds later, there’s a loud thump from one of the other rooms, and the sound of a baby crying from somewhere else in the inn.

An angry blond slams open a door and comes out into the hallway.

“The fuck are you screaming for this early in the morning, Kenjirou!?” he asks in English.

The screaming one, Kenjirou, keeps screaming and points at Vitya.

The new blond turns and sees Vitya, and promptly starts screaming as well.

Vitya almost feels amused.

Then, finally, an adult comes running in. He looks to be maybe in his late twenties, with messy black hair and big brown eyes hidden behind a pair of blue-rimmed glasses. He has a baby on one hip and an exasperated expression, as if the screaming is something he’s used to.

The two screaming ones immediately shut up when they see him.

What the hell is going on with you two?” he asks. “I’d only just gotten Katyusha back to sleep and you’ve already woken her!”

The two screaming ones, now quiet, don’t say anything and instead point imperiously at Vitya.

The man turns to look at Vitya, and there’s a moment of shock as his eyes land on the sixteen-year-old, before he groans and breathes out through his nose, raising a hand to rub his temples.

“Victor warned me about this. I thought he was just joking.”

Vitya perks up at hearing his name.

“Kenjirou, take him to the living room - we’ll sort this out there. Yura, go wake up Beka and the others.”

Ten minutes later, Vitya is sitting on a cushion in the living room, in front of a low table surrounded by five other young people. One of the previously screaming ones, Kenjirou, is sitting next to him and is still gaping.

The other previously screaming one, Yura, is sitting across the table from him, now holding the baby (Katyusha) and rocking her slowly back and forth so she doesn’t start crying again.

The three guys that Vitya hadn’t yet met had also started screaming when they’d seen him.

They’re all quiet now.

The group sits in awkward silence for several minutes until the man from before (Katyusha’s father, probably?) calls for Beka to help him bring breakfast to the table. Vitya watches a black-haired guy (probably the next oldest after the guy who seems to be in charge) get up and walk into the kitchen.

Soon, everyone is seated and has food in front of them, and Katyusha is back in her father’s lap and everyone is watching him expectantly.

Vitya listens on in interest as the man (who introduces himself as Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov) explains that he, Vitya, has somehow been transported to the future.

A future where he’s married and has a daughter.

He and his supposed future husband, Yuuri, are figure skating coaches, and Yura and the others are their skaters. They have three others, but since it’s currently the off-season, they’re off visiting family.

The inn they’re currently in is owned by Yuuri and Victor, and serves as a boarding house for their skaters.

Victor accepts the explanation pretty easily.

(The other skaters…not so much. There is more screaming.)

More than the time travelling, the thing Vitya finds most unbelievable is that he ends up marrying someone as ordinary and unspectacular as Yuuri.

He doesn’t voice these thoughts, of course. 

(He’s not suicidal after all, and it’s obvious how much the skaters adore their coach.)

But over the course of the three days he’s stuck in the future, Vitya comes to realize how utterly wrong his initial impression was.

And by the time he returns home, he is horrendously jealous of his older self, and impatiently looking forward to the day he gets to meet his Yuuri.

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So I am ridiculously predictable and the first thing I thought upon reading all of this would be "what kind of horrible version of mutilation would've happened to whirl in this continuity" and now I'm just imagining this horrible spine covered angry mess and I'm sad. Also if you ever put out script parts is there a possibly of people doing some voice work for matrix? It has so much fun stuff I just thought I'd ask!

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody until they made me!”

A quick sketch because I’m not sure on Whirl’s design, but I have some basic ideas. You’re definitely not wrong, though, poor bird babe ;-;

Empurata in TF:M can be a pretty extensive process, beyond just physical modification. Generally, empuratees also have certain sensory capabilities removed as well as their ability to broadcast an emotional field- this kind of modification requiring that the spark be modified or placed under an additional layer of shielding.

Many respond, over time, with beginning to behave like drones. Personalities fading away without the capability for expression, being treated like nonsapient beings in most social and public contexts, it wears them down and was seen as the penultimate form of punishment for good reason.

Others found new ways to express themselves, a deliberate choice on the part of empurata’s supporters- if empuratees were seen as violent or emotionally disturbed it was only going to help the public image after all- simply say that the mechanism was unstable even prior to the process and let social structures do the rest of the work.

The Wreckers is where you go when nobody can be responsible for your actions anymore. Whirl slots in nicely.


I probably should write up some script parts, considering I have a lot of dialogue in my head! I think it’d be fun to add audio components and maybe tinker around with getting some good robot voices going, plus Cybertronians sound very weird in my head and I think that’d be fun.

Cooking marathon progress

Banana nut bread in oven, another item made but I can’t say what it is because it’s a gift for a tumblroo, pasta dough resting, sauce made and meatballs I made the other day have been added. I’m very tempted to make this ginger chicken soup with tumeric that I bought ingredients for today, but I also think it will be good to make that fresh tomorrow.

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Rosy now that we have the script of 1x08, Bob confesion and Richard's words we can say literally that Clarke broke Bellamy's heart 3 times, when she send him to MW, when she stays in Polis and In Hakeldama when is mutual.

Well you know, nonny, I’ve been saying that for a while already. I really think that the removal of those few lines removes none of the emotional weight of the scene, it just removes the canon statement of it. And saying it out loud would have meant that they had to do something about it. Because they left it unsaid, they could put it on hold, and deal with other things. 

The script is just confirmation of what we have already been reading in the show. Yes, Clarke broke his heart. But they were never together as a romantic pairing, and he never made claims on her (oh, see that offer to run away was the beginning of a claim. He didn’t do it, so no matter the growing feelings on both sides, they were not together,) so even if his heart broke, he knew she wasn’t his.

By the time they actually state their feelings for each other (it’s gotta be next season) those feelings are going to be so much more intense, and their relationship has been tested by the harshest circumstances, and has come out even stronger. They will no longer be testing each other out like they were in Day Trip. They KNOW each other. 

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i am so overwhelmed! and you know what makes me so emotional? it's the fact that louis was made to look like nothing's going on for him. he didn't get on the news because he was signed up with a record deal, we just got useless stunts. nor was he visibly associated with powerful people in the music industry but he continued to work despite of it all and now we have all these. good things really happen to people who deserve it. i am honored to be his fan.


thoughts on recent developments

so, if anyone reads my tags at all, you’ll notice that i haven’t been a huge fan of the “mendel eats dirt” meme. personally, i didn’t find it terribly funny, but i just left it alone, because who am i to shit on other people’s fun, right?


let me preface this by saying that i am not trying to tell anyone to stop making jokes or memes. i’m not telling you what to think is funny. these are thoughts that i have been having for a few days now, but recent events have made me decide to put in my two cents on the matter. 

 tumblr is a truly wild place. you can find others that share the same interests as you, no matter how bizarre or niche they may be. that being said, tumblr is also a strange place. people come up with their own jokes, headcanons, and ideas that can seem a little crazy to people unfamiliar with tumblr culture. i’ve been in this website for nearly five years- i can guarantee you i’ve seen some odd shit. the fact of the matter is this: not everyone understands tumblr jokes. not everyone gets how tumblr memes come to be, and not everyone finds them funny. if i were to share some of the things i’ve found funny on this website with my real life friends, i’d get some pretty strange looks. tumblr humor is often only understood by people familiar with this website in the first place. 

 "but why, sydney, is this important now?“ you may ask. "surely everyone already know this!” ah, but this is where you may be mistaken. 

 today, while scrolling my twitter feed, i came across a tweet that genuinely shocked me. never had i thought that i would see sweet, 12-year old anthony rosenthal tweeting about this dirt joke that has taken the fandom by storm. how did he even know about it? to my knowledge, neither he nor the rest of the falsettos cast have a presence on tumblr! now, i’ve posted about when things in this fandom have gotten a bit out of hand before- what i saw today blew all those other times out of the fucking water. 

 what’s my point, you may ask? yes, anthony rosenthal is a kid. yes, he probably find random shit like this hilarious. yes, he is an accessible broadway star who is more likely to actually see and reply to your post than many others. but here’s the catch: he’s not a tumblr user. he may be a kid, but we have no way of knowing whether or not he uses this god forsaken website, and therefore, we had no idea if he would think the joke was funny or not. and judging by his response to the multitudes of tweets regarding this meme, he didn’t. stating that he was “clearly missing something” didn’t really seem like he was shitting his pants from laughing so hard at the mental image of not only a character that no doubt means a lot to him, but also a coworker who he probably misses quite a bit, eating dirt. eating. dirt. why on earth would he think that that was funny? he has no reason to think it is! he has no context of the joke and hasn’t been around for all the other weird shit the falsettos fandom has produced these past few months- did people really expect him to agree that it’s hilarious? 

i’m gonna reiterate something that was brought up a few weeks ago with the arrival of the bootleg: ACTORS ARE PEOPLE TOO. the cast of falsettos did not ask to be invited into our weird jokes. they don’t have any clue that any of this has been going on. and i guarantee you they are feeling the loss of this show harder than any of us are- can you imagine performing such an intense musical over a hundred times? they are adjusting, like us all, to the fact that this show is no longer an active presence in their lives. however, i don’t think they’re doing it by discussing whether or not mendel eats dirt. 

 this has gotten waaaayyyy too long, and most of you probably disagree with me anyways, but let me just say this: actors are real people, with real lives, thoughts, everything. they are not untouchable entities for us to place on a pedestal and yell shit at: they can be made uncomfortable. they can get weirded out. judging from some things i’ve seen across the run of the show, they likely already have. but here’s the point: keep your odd, niche jokes amongst yourselves. post about them in tumblr, start a group chat with your friends about them, fucking eat dirt if you feel so inclined- just don’t bring actors into this. let them grieve the loss of the show without having to wonder if mendel eats dirt or whatever the next weird thing is gonna be. don’t use the excuse of “we miss the show and are trying to keep it alive!”- i guarantee you these people are missing it more than you. 

 this is long, overdramatic (for effect), and wordy, but this has been stewing for a while and i needed to say something about it. i’m not gonna answer any asks about this, i won’t respond to any replies or messages about it either- i’ve said what i want to say and i’m leaving it at that. for now, i’m gonna avoid the falsettos tag indefinitely, hopefully until this all blows over. i would still love to talk about the show, the actors, the cube, your headcanons, anything you want- but i wanted to make sure my stance on this was known. if you don’t agree with me, unfollow me. i’m done talking about this.

More concise thoughts rather than my Radiant Hero dilemma/fixation.

I am really, genuinely excited for Fire Emblem Echoes, because, whew. Actually old school Fire Emblem that gets a graphical revamp and it has a nice art style to boot? Thank God.

No more bullshit Self Inserts (I love Robin, but you know. Canon Robin’s personality > People’s crappy made My Unit character.) We know the plot is going to actually be consistent and we’re going to have a continent name again. We’re going to have world building and lore again! We’re going to have the whole of what helped make Fire Emblem, FIRE EMBLEM, and not just stuff for a hollow profit, questionable artist designer (who still, two years later, hasn’t made over 75% of the official arts of the characters) and over all bad choice for the decided upon plot writer of said game.

Bring on the Echoes of Valentia! Bring it!

Say what you want about Kenric’s death, Dex explaining that he made the circlet because he didn’t want the triplets to have to go through what he went through and Sophie responding with the PG-rated equivalent of “I don’t give a shit, I’m still fucking mad at you” was the most heartbreaking moment of the whole book.

But honestly, how many of us have written fics where Sherlock & Molly have sex, and afterwards she regrets it because she thinks it was an experiment for him? I’m willing to bet that this isn’t a Sherlolly-specific trope, because it’s just. So. Sherlock. (I, personally, wrote it as happening with somebody other than Molly.)

And look at how angry Molly was when she said, “I’m not an experiment, Sherlock.” What on earth could have made her so mad at him? Last time we saw her, she was worried. Not angry.

Guys, they totally banged.

(And she’s pregnant, fight me.)

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I enjoyed TFP well enough as an episode. As a finale I thought it was awful. The ending montage felt like a tacked on afterthought and from a continuity perspective was shockingly bad compared to previous episodes even from this season. There's a reason so many people thought it was fake. And yet if it wasn't a finale, I wouldn't be as upset as I am, and would have enjoyed it more. How can I be of such two minds about this?

Story-telling: it can be so brutal. :-(

I knew, given what they needed to accomplish with Mary, they that definitely weren’t going to have time to deal with everything fully in this season, so I think I was prepared for a lack of continuity (I thought HLV’s was worse, of course, because, well, HLV and I don’t get along), and I have to admit I actually really enjoyed the montage at the end. It made me teary-eyed to think of them going forward, happy, solving crimes together, with their found family darting in and out of 221B. It might indeed have been a tacked-on afterthought, hastily added when they realized how difficult it’s become to plan filming for the show, but I am so very grateful not to have another cliffhanger. All I wanted from this season was for John and Sherlock to like each other again and go back to Baker Street, and I finally–FINALLY–got it. 

That said, I also don’t think it’s a finale. I think we’ll get a couple of one-off specials where they solve crimes together. I hope so, at least. But, if we never do get them, I was okay with where this ended. 

But I know a lot of people hated it, and I’m so sorry. It’s such a horrible feeling, to have a story let you down so badly. ::hugs::

Today was a pretty productive day. It was a good day. I made a start on drawing the Johto leaders. Johto is my favourite region so I’m super excited about this. Still haven’t a fucking clue what I’m doing for backgrounds in most of them, but I’ll figure it out eventually. I feel sorry for anyone I have on snapchat because I constantly bombard people when I draw. That’s pretty much the only time I use it tbh.

Neverland Gladers - Part One

Request: Could I request a crossover imagine where the reader is Newts little sister living in the Glade but then one day Pans shadow takes her to Neverland and so the gladers somehow get to Neverland to get back the reader and then she has to choose who she wants to stay with. Thanks in advance. And let’s just pretend Newt doesn’t have a limp for this sake. Xx ❣️

Warnings: none

Notes: Send to my ASK BOX what you think the Gladers should do!

You hammered in nails, helping build a new treehouse in the Glade. You worked next to Gally, you two bickering like usual. He sometimes made your life miserable, other times made it fun.

“You’re just upset because I’m a girl who can build and create better than you.” You huffed, wiping sweat from your forehead.

“Slim it, you’re just a silly girl who doesn’t fit in with us, and that’s it,” Gally retorted. He went back to focusing on his part, you eyeing him for a moment. But you only sighed and went back to work.

“What’s the matter, Y/N?” Newt, your older brother, asked. “You seem down.”

You looked at him as you chewed food. “Nothing… I’m not just a girl, right?”

“What? No. You’re more than that. You’re one of us. A Glader, a tough one, too.” He rubbed your back lightly before going back to eating.

You continued eating as well, mingling with a few of your friends. But in the back of your mind you kept feeling like just a girl; one that didn’t fit in, too. Gally always made you feel like this. More so just to get a rise out of you, but sometimes it really affected you. You didn’t know, but it did.

Though later that night, as you finished all your duties, you went to bed. Everyone did. It was time to sleep, and you were glad. You worked up a sweat today, working harder than ever. You wanted to finish the treehouse, as you were growing bored of building it. 

That next morning you awoke in a completely different spot. The air felt different, too. It smelled different, the sounds were different, and everything was different. You sat up, finding yourself in a different bed, with different surroundings.

You whined, freaking out. Did the Creators send you here? You couldn’t stand the thought of being away from your brother, especially in a whole other area.

“Easy now, no need to start whining.” A voice said. You snapped your head around to see some boy in dark green clothes.

“Who are you? Where am I?” You demanded, standing up from your spot.

The boy cocked a brow, placing his hands on his hips. “I’m Peter Pan. And you’re Y/N the Glader.”

Your eyes went wide with shock. How did this strange boy know that information? This had to be something the Creators did, but you couldn’t be sure.

“My Shadow took you away from your little prison cell to bring you here. You’re lost. You’re my first Lost Girl.”

Your breathing hitched as tears formed in your eyes. What about Newt? Thomas? Minho? Even Gally? Those were your boys. Sure you felt like you didn’t belong, but you still adored each and everyone of those boys. You couldn’t bare the thought of being separated from them.

Peter rolled his eyes at you, watching the tears roll down your cheeks. “Please, none of that! No one is allowed to cry in Neverland.”

“But… but the boys! My boys–”

“Y/N! Where are you?” You heard Newt yell frantically. Your head snapped and Peter twitched.

“Y/N!” Gally and Frypan shouted.

How did they enter Neverland?

You sprinted off the bed you were on, running wherever you saw a possible exit. You screamed out for the boys, running out of the room you were in. You tried to find your way out. 

Peter sprang into action as well. This whole thing caused a commotion, and he didn’t want to deal with it today. He teleported himself out of the treehouse. You had just made it outside, where the other Gladers were searching. There was a whole lot of them, and Peter despised that. You ran right into him, too, running too fast to realize he popped up in front of you. 

You squealed as Peter held you tightly in his arms. He snarled at your boys, pulling out his dagger and holding it up to your neck.

“One move, and she’s dead,” Peter warned through sharp teeth. 

You only whined and shook, not knowing what to do. You looked at the Gladers, seeing your brother, Minho, Frypan, Gally, Thomas, and Alby were all there.

“What do you want with her?” Alby asked, standing tall.

Peter smirked at the lot. “I want her to stay with me.”

“The bloody hell she won’t!” Newt barked, machete in hand. He took a step forward on instinct and that made Peter press the knife into your neck. You let out a louder shriek. Newt stopped.

“I warned you!” Peter shouted at him, the knife still sharp against you.

“G-Go,” you mustered out. “I’ll be… okay.”

“No, we’re not leaving without you,” Thomas demanded.

Peter smirked. These boys clearly weren’t going without a fight to save you. Now he wanted to have some fun. But not after asking some questions.

“How’d you lot get here?” Peter asked. “I want to know now, or I slit her throat.”

Minho explained in the sassiest way possible how they got there. His Shadow had entered another realm, which was their realm. Once he left with you, and the boys heard your unconscious wailing, they went through the vortex that led to the current realm.

Peter found it interesting that they jumped through the vortex without hesitation. You must really mean a lot to them. They also showed very little to no fear.

“Seems these boys care quite a bit about you…” Peter hummed. His grip tightened. “But I like your bunch. You could fit as Lost Boys.”

Everyone exchanged strange glances. Lost Boys? They were so confused. What even was this place they were standing in?

“Lost Boys…?” Frypan questioned.

Peter sighed, explaining the whole thing. He explained what his Lost Boys were and what the did. He informed them all that they would have freedom on the island, and would have fun. Something the Gladers rarely experienced since they were always trying to simply survive.

“What do you say, lads? Stay here and I won’t harm your precious girl. Turn down my offer, and we’ll… play a game.”

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Do you think that Eleanor would ever find out about the storybook/necklace? And so give Jasper her Christmas's present?

Yes! I think this will be how she finds out that Jasper was lying about not being happy etc, because why would he have made her such a heartfelt gift if he didn’t want anything other than sex? Once she finds it I think she’ll work to find out about the real reason he left her as she’ll realise there’s something else going on, and when she does will go to him to give him her present and say she doesn’t care what they write about them, she wants to be with Jasper ❤ I think Sarah Alice will probably let it slip about the necklace at some point and that’s how Eleanor will find out and maybe James will help her find the truth. Or maybe jasper will confide in James which would be so cute, I love their almost father son relationship and that James is such a big Jaspenor shipper 💕

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is potato chips really your favorite food? what kind?

WELL I guess I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite food out of all the food in the entire world (because have you had Vietnamese food? holy puppy running in shoe store) but they are definitely my favorite snack/junk food.

I made a list of my favorites! I’m always down for suggestions! I like chips with a lot of strong flavor.


• Doritos sweet spicy chili
• Koikeya Umeboshi chips (god tier holy shit; cant find outside Japan)
• 7-11 Black Pepper kettle chips (sadly discontinued earlier in 2016; best black pepper chips i’ve ever had, they were more black pepper than potato)
• Lays Wasabi & Ginger
• Lays Tikka Masala (limited edition 2016 Olympics flavor. Discontinued. RIP)

Runner ups:

• Kettle Chips Spicy Thai
• Sunchips Harvest Cheddar

Almost everything else falls under “I like these a lot and will gladly eat them!” The only chips I dislike are the sweet variety (Lay’s Cappuccino, Sweetos, etc, they just taste like oil and cinnamon sugar) and Ruffles All Dressed (oil and tangy sadness).

Writing more because I keep rereading the last chapter and finding more interesting stuff besides my beautiful Helbram right there and no what are you talking about he isn’t the only reason to why I keep rereading-

This panel. I didn’t really see a reason to why King would mention the difference between his and Gloxinia’s magical power right after entering the forest at first; it would have made sense if he said it during or right after the end of the battle, where it was more obvious how strong Gloxinia is compared to him. But no, he says it right after entering the Fairy King’s Forest of 3000 years ago.

So why does he say this? Well, as Gerharde stated in this panel:

The forest depends on the Fairy King. I’m still not completely sure to how it depends on him, but I have two theories:

  • The forest’s life itself depends on the Fairy King’s life, or;
  • The forest’s life depends on the Fairy King’s power.

This would mean that the forest is stronger or weaker based on how much power the Fairy King has, which would explain why the forest of 3000 years ago looks different from the one that Ban visited 20 years ago. And this would mean that the without a Fairy King, the forest could even die. This would explain why there was a seed of the Sacred Tree after the Red Demon destroyed the forest; as long as a Fairy King is alive, the forest can be replaced, even without the Spring of Youth, just like Gerharde said.

This could explain Gerharde’s distress in that panel, she either remembers what happened to the forest when Gloxinia ‘died’, or she only knows that something terrible would happen without a Fairy King. Who knows, maybe the barrier that protects the forest would disappear without a Fairy King, I think it’s very likely.

But if Gerharde doesn’t know what would happen, and the fairies knew Gloxinia died, how comes nothing happened back then?

Either Dahlia was already alive during the end of the war, and the Sacred Tree chose him as the new Fairy King, or, if Gloxinia didn’t really die during the war, and later when he was sealed with the Demon Clan or when he became a commandment, the Tree chose Dahlia as Fairy King, and so the fairies assumed Gloxinia was dead.

Tl;dr: the Fairy King’s Forest depends on the Fairy King. If the Fairy King dies, the Forest would probably die too.

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Louis and Harry don't apologize for us they love us.

Well, I started those posts with “I like to imagine” because, while I actually don’t enjoy imagining Harry or Louis having to apologize on behalf of their fans, I can accept that I don’t have any idea what goes through their head on a daily basis because I don’t think they read my blog, iron messages onto t-shirts for me, or send me SOS notes sewn inside stuffed animals.

The posts were obviously meant to be lighthearted, but I absolutely believe that Harry and Louis have both had to apologize for this sort of stuff multiple times. They are also both much better people than I, and my best guess is that they, and especially Louis, made a decision at some point to just assume that their loudest, proudest supporters are not the same people who are abusing their loved ones daily.

Because I do not believe that they love their harassers, my most fervent hope is that Louis never sees what Larries have said about his son and his parenting, you are actively attempting to harm his solo career by behaving this way, and I can’t believe that I, a certified Harrie, am now also becoming a Louie to make up for bad fans like you.