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3000 Follower Forever! (^▽^)

I’ve reached 3000 followers! A huge thank you to all of my followers every last one of them, and all of my lovely mutuals, I’m doing another follower forever because I think that it’s a nice way of showing my appreciation to the blogs that I have followed and made my tumblr experience so much more better <3 so here’s another follower forever of all of the blogs that are all really cool and are worth checking out:

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Thank you again to everyone who has followed me so far <3

Follow Forever!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I legit love all of you. You guys are so amazing. I can’t believe you guys have actually stuck with me and my weird response times. I haven’t been that active lately because my therapy has been really intense (but now it’s the weekend I’ll have some free time :D) 

But guys, seriously. I have made so many new friends here, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Each of you are so kind, and you’re all AMAZING  writers! I’m honestly so lucky to have you guys. Oh no, I’m rambling. I’m gonna cut myself off here and get to the tagging so I don’t bore you guy. <3<3

This is super long so I’m gonna have to put this under a read more! 

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Chocol'ha Coco donuts made with a homemade ganache and sprinkled with @baresnacks organic coffee bean coconut chips.

Those of you who’ve been following this page for a bit understand that I’m a certified chocoholic. But it’s not just the sweet stuff I crave. My chocolate intake of choice is a 100% drinkable ka’kau mix of just hot water and pure ka’kau powder. The spiritual and physical effects of ka’kau are magnificent. It has a strong effect on the anahata or heart chakra because ka’kau is a heart-opener making the LOVE or SOURCE within us effortlessly rise to the surface. When I allow SOURCE to flow through me like this it radiates from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Me thinks so. Yes, chocolate if consumed properly can help us connect with SOURCE. So, eat more chocolate.


So as promised I’ve made a new simblr. The only reason I’ve done this is because this blog is a sideblog and I wanted a blog that was just for sims only. I don’t really use my main tumblr anymore.

I’d really like it if you all followed me there, I’ll be posting some TS4 stuff. My new URL is @resurrectonomitron.

I’ve also moved my BACC to a sideblog and I’d love if you followed that too. The URL is @crystalpeaks.

This blog is NOT closing just yet, I’m going to complete my LEPacy. I’ve just needed to take a little break as I had to wipe my laptop again.

@nicholaplaysthesims is now @resurrectonomitron

ok i was tagged ages ago by @ladytharen sorry i take a bazillion yrs to get around to doing these things, but i love being tagged in shit so thank you seriously!!! 

Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! the facts can be absolutely anything! whatever springs to mind! let’s get started! 

1. DUDE. I sail as well!!! Only I started because my parents made me lol 

2. I used to do competitive cheerleading and once severely sprained my ankle after falling from a stunt sequence lol (i was on crutches for a week) 

3. I want children someday 

4. I work as an early childhood teacher! 


6. Apparently my house used to be haunted?????? 

7. I have a photo of me in Nashville with an Elvis statue, about 10 other people who I have no idea who I am, and no memory of the photo having ever been taken lmao 


9. Out of all the countries I’ve been to, USA is probs my favourite (which is weird because yall are NUTS, but I love ya anyway??????) 

10. My eyesight is terrible, I am sooooo blind without my glasses 

11. I started writing fanfic over 10 years ago fuckfkjfjksjkfsjkskj im sorry harry potter fandom 

I’m always anxious tagging people especially since I have no idea whos done this and who hasn’t, sooooo ima just tag @how-i-met-your-mulder @shey-falls @sunflowerseedsandscience @rogue-stars @i-am-having-an-emotion @otterandterrier @leralynne @jeeno2 

if you’ve already done it/dont want to, no pressure!! take this as an opportunity to marvel at the interesting facts of my life instead lol x 

I smoke weed
because I want to
and I fuck boys
because I want to
and I drink red wine
alone in my bedroom
because I want to.
I don’t wear a bra
because I don’t want to
and I don’t work too hard
and I don’t follow your rules
because they are not written for me,
they are written for everybody.
And I am not everybody.
I’m just a girl
who wants to get high
and naked
and write poetry
about all the men she’s made love to.
And I will not
respect you
without a reason,
without you having
my respect.
So step back and observe me,
do not get too close,
and know that
I don’t bend to anybody
except those who make me melt,
or otherwise,

Am I the only one who find this panel frustrating?

Jellal: I stopped following Zeref because I found the light *thinks of Erza and how he made the same damn metaphor in chapter 416 (which makes jerza twice as romantic)*

August: That’s not a good reason. The only answer I would’ve accepted is love.

Jellal: Bitch that’s what I meant, I was trying to be poetic.

August: Fuck you


anonymous asked:

Dramione post hogwarts please! I love your writing by the way!

  • within a month after the war draco turns himself in, and convinces his father to do so also
  • their sole condition is that narcissa doesn’t step foot in azkaban
  • draco gets two years
  • lucius gets life
  • within a year after the war hermione has, on top of her work at the ministry, started a small advocacy group 
  • (as well as split with ron because, in the end, they just want two fundamentally different things out of life)
  • in the following year her group triples in size and workload and, although she loves it, it’s getting to be quite stressful
  • which is not made any easier by malfoy turning up at her ministry office just as she’s locking up
  • “malfoy? what - i thought -” she is beyond confused
  • “i was. i’ve served my time and now i’m out and would i like to help.”
  • “help? with what?” she’s aggravated and tired and the books in her hands are getting heavy
  • “you know,” he says, gesturing vaguely at the air around her. she looks at her office door then back to him
  • “you want a job at the ministry?” she asks, as if its the most ridiculous thing she’s heard all year. 
  • and he laughs the same way. “merlin, no. are you daft? no, no. at your little -” he says, gesturing again, “group…thing.”
  • hermione’s mouth drops open a little and she huffs. “little group thing? yeah, call me daft and then insult my work, that’ll get you what you want.” she tucks her chin and pushes passed him, fuming at his gall. 
  • draco sighs, “the creevey foundation” he calls, giving up his aloof facade and she stops, but doesn’t turn around. “you’re over eighteen hundred galleons short in the werewolf rights fundraiser, you’re no where close to getting that muggle building for your proposed orphanage, you need actual offices if you’re going to grow any more at all, and do you even have any idea what really goes on in getting a bill passed? because if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes then you can kiss your house elf reformation good bye.” 
  • hermione grips at her books and grinds her teeth. so what if he did his research? she’s done just fine on her own for two hers, and she hadn’t even spoken with harry about the lycanthropy fundraiser yet. okay, sure she couldn’t continue to work out of her ministry office (or her home) for much longer, not if she kept amassing employees and volunteers like she had been, but she could figure something out, couldn’t she?
  • “face it granger, you need me”
  • she whips around, ready to throw a scolding at him, but nearly stumbles when he’s right there, looking down at her with a defeated look in his face. 
  • “and i… kind of need this” he finally admits. “please.”
  • she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “fine” she says through her teeth. “my office, seven am sharp. if you are even one -”
  • “granger i’m never late.” 
  • “one second late, you can find somewhere else absolve your  conscience.” she turns on her heels and hurries away, hoping to god she isn’t making a mistake. 

Hidden Self Spread by intuitive-witch

**I created this spread as part of @thespiritedtarotchallenge and, for the purposes of the contest, I follow from my main blog @mainly-intuitive.

This week’s prompt is moonshine. I would have loved to have made a little moonshine cocktail while I worked on this spread, but, tragically, I do not like moonshine. I say tragically because I’m from the deep South and it’s practically a way of life here. Whenever I think about this alcohol, the first thing that comes to mind is the clandestine production in sheds and basements of moonshine during prohibition. So, I decided to create a spread about the secret and hidden parts of ourselves. You can use this spread to get a better understanding and acceptance of your hidden self. 

1. Your Dark Side - These are your qualities that you may perceive as bad or undesirable. You may even feel ashamed of these parts of yourself, so you attempt to hide them from others. The first step to self-improvement and self-acceptance is to acknowledge the parts that you may want to work on.

2. Your Hidden Dreams - This card shows the seemingly far-fetched fantasies you may have. It could be that dream job, dream relationship, dream whatever that you may be embarrassed to tell others about or think you’ll never be able to achieve. I do want to add that while this is a fairly common reaction, you shouldn’t have to feel silly for your dreams and desires :)

3. Your Deepest Secrets - This represents the experiences, memories, actions, feelings, etc that you don’t tell anyone, or very few people, about. This card can also explore why you feel the need to keep those things secret.

4. Your Greatest Fears - What things make your skin crawl? What outcome or event do you dread more than anything? This card may help you understand the things you fear, and why you fear them.

Now that you’ve put a name to all of these parts of yourself, what you do with the information is up to you. Is it time to make a change, take a chance, and/or let someone in? It’s all up to you. I hope you enjoy this spread, kind reader! 

Helping a Friend

Hey guys! Sorry for all of the random posts here recently, but I wanted to ask something of you.

This community is getting rather big, and while its awesome to see the channel grow, I also want to make sure I’m helping out my friends along the way too.

Recently, one of my greatest and closest friends started a channel of his own. He works super hard to make well made videos and I honestly love them. As of late, he hasn’t had the time to make the videos he’s wanted to make because of finals. He’s flying home today and I think it would be super cool if we could get a bunch of people to flood to his channel while he’s flying!

If you could, go to his channel, click subscribe and check out his videos. They are honestly awesome, and super well thought out. He does some great work over there.

On here, I have over 5,000 followers. I think we could honestly get him to 500 subscribers today. So lets make it happen! Let’s bring this community together to help one of my best friends. He more than deserves it. 

So go subscribe, and reblog this to get more people over there! Also leave him some nice comments! :D

Andrew’s channel:

I’m? So angry on @steveaoki and his teams’ account. Like. They have been working their butts off for this single. Steve has been mentioning it as much as he can, and his team has been using it as much as possible. So the fact that The Late Late Show is trying to use Louis’ name to promote the single (meanwhile his fans have done more than his team has for this single) is so gross. 

I want a hashtag with Louis and Steve TOGETHER, if not one for Steve alone if you’re going to make the host make one without Steve. The false idea that Louis’ fanbase is just here to blindly promote whatever he does needs to be squashed. We have continued to support this song and promotion cycle because Steve and his team have made us feel like we are being recognized and loved for the effort we put forward. 

The fact that The Late Late Show has been naive enough to think that it has been a blind following is insulting to us as fans and Steve and his team as people. I’m so angry right now.

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my dear followers! You guys are amazing and I love you all. <3 

Quick shout out to my girl @noenoemi for helping me find the cards. They do not belong to me and were found through Google.

Jonathan wasn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day; though it had more to do with the fact that he rarely had anyone to celebrate with, than the idea of it being a made up holiday for stores to sell overpriced candy and cards to the unsuspecting public.

He dreaded the day, because it just reminded him how horribly lonely he was, and how his romantic life was virtually nil. It also emphasized how deeply in love he was with his best friend, with no hope for the future due to the fact that said best friend was straight, and completely unavailable.

Which is why, when he opened his locker on the tenth of February, he was extremely surprised to find a small red envelope sitting among his books.

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Here’s a phone wallpaper of The Defender of Justice 707! I drew this in hurry because I’ll have a math test and supposed to be studying but lol, I just want to procrastinate on studying I want to thank you for the 100 followers! I’ll do the other RFA members as well after exams, but for now I don’t think i can sneak sometime to draw again because if my parents know that I’m drawing instead of studying they’ll kill me /asian kids screaming/

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for some of you it’s already 2017, but i’m still in 2016 (help) so i wanted to thank every single one of you for being by my side during this weird year, i wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for all of you. with this lame edit and a few words, i want to thank you for being who you are and make me smile. this follow forever will for my favorites blogs and mutuals, but i love every single one of you. this year i suffer and had fun with one direction and i found out skam and yoi, which made this year so much easier to get through and we made it. this year brought me bad things too but i could make it another year, so somehow this year was good. happy new year and i wish all of you only the best because that’s what you deserve.every single one of you are so special and i’m glad that i found my place here. i hope that 2017 will bring us peace, love and everything that we want. i love you and thank you for being here. and thank you for the 11K followers, it’s insane but thank you for the love and support. i’m just a normal blog but it means a lot to me.

bolded: ultimate favorite/ friends and people that i met that made my year so much better

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Few months ago I was sitting in my room drinking tea and lazily scrolling my feed and S U D D E N L Y

found myself composing a challenge based on TES Lore

Firstly the Elder Scrolls Illustration Challenge was made just for me and my followers on but then I came up with the idea to translate it to English (mostly because some people on tumblr got interested in it). I apologize for any mistakes I could make (I’m from Russia so my English is quite imperfect).

So here is the list. You’re free to use it. You can use the tag #elderscrolls_illustration_challenge to share your work with the participants (I also would love to reblog some of your artworks as the creator of the challenge, if you don’t mind).

You can use any technique, draw in any style you like. The only thing I (and I guess the participants too) disapprove is plagiarism of any sort. I also recommend you not to use any screenshots for the backgrounds – that’s a little bit unfair, even though it’s still a challenge, not a contest.

You also could notice that some paragraphs have two, three or even four themes: that means that you can choose one. Or you can draw them all – it’s up to you. You can skip any theme you don’t like. In fact there are 31 themes, not 20, but the challenge is actually completed for you if you draw 20 chosen. But of course you can draw them all if you want. Originally we decided to draw one theme a week but It’s ok to spend more time (or less).

Wish you a good luck!

Hope to see your awesome art soon C:

4k, r u ok?

Do you ever look at your follower count and question it?
Because I do. I really do. All the time. Like what the hell are you doing here and why here?

I feel like I can relate to my followers so much because we make poor life decisions: I made this blog and shitposts/memes, and you guys chose to follow me. This blog isn’t even a year old yet and some of you refer to me as one of the dr fandom’s “senpai” and I’m just?? So flattered??? I’M BLUSHING

And let’s not forget the probably the best nickname I have ever received in my whole life, “fanfic mom” which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Seriously, this is just the sweetest and most pure thing and I LOVE ALL MY FANFIC READER CHILDREN OKAY. EVERYONE.

I honestly have the nicest followers? This is all so strange for me and I still find it so hard to believe most of the time?? Like I can count the anon hate I’ve received on just one hand and I don’t have enough hands to count the love I got on and off-anon!! It’s just all so surreal. How is everyone so nice to me? And how are a lot of you so supportive?? Just why???

But also, THANK YOU. I have never felt this appreciated online before and I’ve talked and bonded with a lot of you. I’ve even made a bunch of friends and I’d be happy to make some more by fangirling over dr and whatnot (hello there. yes, you. i’m talking about you. talk to me. i swear i’m not that intimidating.)

Here’s a shoutout to a bunch of wonderful people whom I deeply love and appreciate with all my heart.

Asahina - Gundam

@atalantaz @albinos-ruined-me @akaiyutsuki @atterozen @arakichan @all-my-lovely-fics @ander-smith @ana-with-the-owlz-2309 @a-lonely-ahoge @baka2niisan @blackfaeriepsycho @blondehairedpaladin @bloodinner @bigcheecho @browniebrittle @bpdnk @bubhh @chiaki73 @coding-fortunes @colorpaintart @crazynoodles69 @caramoccii @crestren @citrodrop @churchdotjpg @chabashira-tenko @danganrompas @dianavigo @danganspoiler @danganronpaibukifan @danganronpatrashcan @danganmikay @dangirlronpa @dangan-noya  @danganrompas @deliriousgummi @deadlyxlife @despairchisa @doodlede88 @draginraptor @dreamer-chara @dr3rewrite @evilstep @evafankawoshin @eriluvs @freezestime @galaxyodyssey

Hajime - Ludenberg

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Monkuma - Questionmarkquestionmarkquestionmark

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Ryota - Zzzzz

@rantarou-kun @randomnessandfantasy @ramix-the-red @ramblingsof-acrazedauthor (can’t seem to tag you?)   @r4nd0m1z3r @saltiestonearound @rpbattleman@ranvionist @raelencia @saikorashii @saruxiii @scarecrowfm @smxsonic @super-high-school-level-fandom @shslgundhamtanaka  @shsl-gamer-rper (can’t seem to tag you?) @shslscans  @shishoart @solradia @sol–lux @subtle-sagacity @sumomosketches @taichinchin @tkmacintosh @teo-chanart-blog @thorupmoa @thatanonperson @thatoneguy157 @thecatgirlyang @thedang25 @thekawaiitan @theapocryphalone @theultimatefanatic @ultimate-reserve-hope @ultimate-introvert  @ultimatehopebagel @wayfindaway @xdevotedjinxedx @yuseirra @za-dusto @zenonaa

I’m pretty sure I missed out on more than a few but I don’t think I can fit EVERYONE here because honestly I love my followers so much and those that I follow, mutual or not! Have I ever told you that yet? It’s true. It’s absolutely true. You are all precious and YOU give me HOPE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this tumblr experience so much fun!

And with that, I’m also going on a following spree sometime this week and the next. I’ll do it as soon as I go back to my hometown for the holidays and get unlimited internet access. And also cats. I missed my cats so much.

Feel free to drop by an ask or chat. Talk to me if you want or need to. Especially if you need to. You are important to me. Take care ‘cause I care, okay?

Happy Havoc Blogging!

Picture from DR Comic Anthology Vol1 - A Chance Meeting

My Basty Bear

A/N: Hey guys! In celebration of my blog reaching to over 100 followers (author’s mind is blown), I decided to write out this one shot! I wanted to post another one I made of Sebastian Stan, but since this is a bit special, I made a different one. I hope you guys enjoy it! (I apologize for any grammar mistakes in my story) 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Language, angst, fluff
Word count: 6,300
Summary: Reader has a habit of coming home late because of her love for painting. Unfortunately, that also starts to raise Sebastian’s suspicions of her habits. 

★ ★ ★

The music blasts through my earphones as I move the messy sponge along the canvas in rough dabs. I dip the edge of the sponge into the black paint before blending the colours into the canvas. I hum to the music, bopping my head back and forth. I was lost in this canvas. Nothing else matters right now.

I stare at the piece for a while before deciding to fix another area that I don’t think looks convincing enough. My favourite song comes along and I can’t resist it. I set the palette and sponge down to dance in place. I move my body around to the beat as I sing along out loud.

This is the norm for me. Singing, dancing and painting all at the same time. I was alone in my studio after all. I’m doing a painting for Sebastian for our anniversary gift. I want it to be perfect.

I do a quick spin to the music. I catch a glimpse of the large clock on the wall. My eyes widen and I stop immediately. I stare at the clock carefully. 8:23. I look through the window and sure enough, it was dark outside. I let out a gasp before quickly clean myself up. I wash out the brushes, palettes and sponge and cover up the canvas.

I store it into the storage room before locking it up tight. I lock up my studio room and run down the hallway. I’m so late. Sebastian would be home any minute and I haven’t made dinner. Argh, this is why I shouldn’t paint without someone there with me to remind me of the time. I always just lose myself in paintings for hours on end.

When I arrived at our apartment, it was brightly lit. I smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Great… he’s home. My heart aches. I feel a little terrible for doing this, possibly, the hundredth time to him.

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hi i’m hallie (bootsftvans) and this is my first time doing this so sorry if it looks messy. i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone in this because you made my 2016 better. i love all of you and i hope 2017 will be way better.

@yikesnerd @larry2kforever lalia, you have been extremely nice to me and talked to me about dumb little things and i am thankful for that, i really hope we get to meet someday.

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