made this awhile back

I’ve been reminded of demisexual/demiromantic Keith and I say it’s also very fitting!

I think besides him not caring about gender. It also seems evident that he would like to have a close emotional bond before he gets into a relationship. And you can see that in a lot in the show

(Edit: I may or may not be projecting my pan demi heart on him-)

AMAZING comic version of the audio i made awhile back!

Drawn by @anorha-nono

Frisk Voice @sariaizza

i think it got better. Changed the music up to fit the tone and everything!

So I totally failed Inktober. Haven’t drawn since. Last night I needed to stress draw and it randomly ended up being Mob from Mob Psycho 100 so uh here he is (It’s all my roommates fault. We watched One Punch Man together awhile back so she made me watch this with her too and after I had to read it because addiction. It’s honestly even better than OPM I think).


maxi tank links fixed

sooo sorry for the lateness on this. anyways I haev this other dress I made for Kies awhile back conveniently titled “maxi tank dress” and completely forgot about it when I uploaded “tank maxi dress” lol… The one on the right has some slight issues but since I released it on accident, I will share it.


sorry for inconvenience! I will update my wix link soon


Somewhere along the way we grew up. And the idea of what was home changed. It wasn’t what our parents built for us. It was what we made for ourselves. Those small moments of who buys the milk and who gets the mail. Who makes you smile on a terrible day.

Where we were.

                            That was home.

                                                     That was f a m i l y .

Enjolras who grew up wealthy and hated it. If he wanted something, a servant paved the way for him regardless of the task. He couldn’t be rough and rowdy because it would disgrace his family name, he couldn’t voice his own opinions by the reputation his parents had built up. All the money they earned was squandered for no real reason, and the only people it benefited were the asses they kissed.

He read a lot as a child, growing up on tales of far off lands and heroes. When he became older, he branched out to other genres. He spent his day scouring the bookshelves in his estate, and even borrowing books from his servants. He started reading about history and politics, and formed even stronger opinions on his situation.

This extremely well brought up man was even more well read, and he was intelligent to an impressive degree. Instead of pursuing an education, he ran away.

Years later, France comes into contact with a pirate. An almost nautical Robin Hood who has wit and charm like no other, and who hates the bourgeoisie and elites with almost every fiber of his being.

The lower class celebrates his name while the upper classes want nothing more than to shut him up.

He has a band of misfits who travel with him, all dedicated to taking France back for the people.

The ship bears a vibrant red flag, a symbol of rebirth. Her captain is clad in red as well, a symbol of anger.

alright a bunch of people wanted it, so here’s the family tree i made awhile back

brooks orpik is everyone’s grandpa, beags & carly & alzy & nisky are brothers to nicky, holts & oshbabe are brothers to ovi (basically they’re all brothers). Mojo is nicky’s child but also brother to andre, orly and kuzy are ovi’s kids, and the rest of them belong to both nicky and ovi. also beagle is andre’s step-dad