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Lucy(ille) : Chapter 2

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I ended up becoming way more exhausted than i anticipated, so i’d rather post a good chunk of a chapter now than try to finish it tonight and have it be shit because i’m literally half asleep. thank you for your patience, you all loved the first chapter and i don’t want to let you down! Tomorrow I’ll post two chapters to make up for the shortness of this one :)

warnings: language, negan being negan, sexual tension (smut scene coming tomorrow prepare your bodies) (also i didn’t proof read so if parts don’t make sense I was probably sleep typing)

“Look man, I’m just saying. With an ass like that, wouldn’t you just wanna g–shit.” Simon shot up from his post, snatching the binoculars from the savior next to him to see what was approaching the Sanctuary. “Damn it this isn’t right, they shouldn’t be coming back this soon. Fuck!” He started down the tower and jumped to the ground just as the trucks sped up to the front gates. The saviors poured out of the trucks first, Arat quickly stomping behind.

“What the hell happened? No Alexandria run is ever this short, and that was shorter than fat Joey’s dick. You must not have even made it,” Simon pressed, running up to Arat who was obviously more pissed than the rest of them. “Ask the dead girl he’s got a hard on for in the truck.” Simon became even more confused. “What the fuck do you mean?” She stepped up to him looking him dead in the eyes while shoving Lucy’s bag into his hands. “Go fucking see for yourself,” she whispered slowly before storming off. He glanced at the items in the bag and started for Negan’s truck. “Sir, everyone in Alexandria must be dead for you to have come back this fast–”

“Is that her bag?” Negan dropped out of the truck holding the life size rag doll that was Lucy’s body. Simon was now in a state of confusion that left him speechless, muttering um’s and what’s before Negan’s voice whipped him back to reality. “I believe I asked you a fucking question. You are holding a fucking bag, are you not? Is that from Arat?” Simon answered this time with no hesitation, “Well yeah, who is th-”

“Follow me, bring the bag. If I ask you a question and you give me that dumb-fucking-founded deer in the shit lights look again, I will fucking beat your fucking shit face until it comes off. M o v e.” Before Simon could react, Negan whipped around strutting confidently to what seemed to be the direction of the doctor. After a moment of doubt, Simon ran after him


The room smelled like oranges and whiskey. The sheets surrounding her felt velvety to the touch, encasing her body in a sensual warmth. She slowly opened her eyes as she came back to her senses. She went to sit up and was forced down by a pain in her chest. Looking down, she saw a bruised, oozing gash across her chest, the stitches barely keeping it together. Immediately the very little energy she had was was used for panicking. The absence of light in the room told her it was night time making it hard for her to make out what was around her. She stretched out her arms in every direction trying to feel out anything she could identify. She leaned to the right and felt a table, some bandages, and a full glass. Barely knocking it over, she grasped it and began chugging. Lemonade. She couldn’t remember the last time she had tasted her favorite drink.

“Thirsty, huh?” A deep voice make her seize and her hand gave up on the glass, the shattered glass echoing throughout the room. She remained silent as the voice continued. “Well not anymore.” She then heard footsteps crunch over the glass approaching the bed. “Let’s see what kind of a mess you made.” All at once the room lit up from a lamp on the table, seeming to light everything but the man who loomed before her in black. Their eyes met and her breathing became short. Staring, he continued. “There. isn’t that better. I’ll get someone to clean this shit up.” As he stepped closer her eyes darted from the bat in his hand to his eyes again. She was terrified. There was a darkness surrounding him that she couldn’t understand, yet a charm in his eyes that wrapped itself around her like a silky thread. “Oh, my fucking bad. You and Lucille have some history , something involving you jumping in front of a truck. My truck. But in all that fucking excitement I managed to not introduce myself.” He set Lucille on the floor before stating, “Hi. I’m Negan. Lacey, right?” He played up not knowing her name to make her talk. “Lucy.” she cracked. His body pulsed at the sound of her name. Lucy.
She saw his eyes trail across her body, each glance creating another goose bump on her skin. She knew nothing about Negan. Nothing about Lucille, and he seemed to have a following. His slicked hair merged into the checkerboard beard upon his face, drawing focus to his eyes and his smile. His contagious smile. She found a comfort in his aggressiveness, knowing there was a calmer side waiting to emerge.

His eyes trailed across her body, each glance ressurecting another memory in his head. He knew nothing about this Lucy. Not this one, at least, but he found himself wanting to. Her brown locks laid effortlessly around her face, drawing focus to her eyes. He found a comfort in her calmness, craving the agressive side he knew she had inside of her. The more he stared, the more he wanted her.

OK SO THERES CHAPTER 2 (chapter 3 here) chapter 4 here 




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EXO’s Reaction to Spotting His Lover in the Crowd at One of His Concerts *As Requested*

Junmyeon // Suho

Junmyeon would be really excited upon spotting you in the crowd. He’d try waving at you when he had first noticed you and he would make sure to make all of his performances extra sexy and entertaining tonight. He probably wouldn’t mention your name, too afraid that him doing so might cause some unwanted attention, but if it was discussed beforehand he totally would if you wanted him to. “Y/N! I’m so happy you made it! How was the show?” He’d say with a big smile before pulling you into a hug.

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Kyungsoo // D.O

Kyungsoo would be exhausted before starting the concert, and during the parts of the concert that he didn’t see you he’d look pretty bummed. The moment he saw you though, his whole face would light up. He would be a lot more into his performances too. He would have a complete mood change from before and after noticing you were there. He would be overjoyed when the concert was over so that he could greet you. “How was it? Did you enjoy it?” He’d ask, with that huge smile still plastered on his face. 

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Baekhyun would be pretty excited about the concert from the beginning, expecting you’d be there and the moment he saw you he’d almost flip. He’d go over to one of the other members and point you out to him, jumping up and down like a little kid. “Look! There’s Y/N! So cute, right?” He’d say, not caring who heard. His performances would be so much more energetic than usual, and he would look your way whenever your couple song came on, the song he would always sing to you. 

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Jongdae // Chen

Jongdae would be really hype seeing you in the crowd, his whole night would be made when seeing that you actually really made it there. It would be something that he had wanted you to come to, as he would every one of their concerts. He would almost always look your way everytime he sang, just to see how you would react to him on stage having a good time. He would be so much more hyper on stage than usual, just being really happy that you were there to see him perform, the place he was the most happy other than being in your arms of course.

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Chanyeol would be very happy, probably visibly one of the happiest members when he had spotted you in the crowd. His heart would be racing and he would smile really big, not being able to stop himself. He would be another member that would be also really hyped up for the rest of the night upon seeing you there. He would try to act extra sexy on stage for you, well, more than usual. He’d be really excited to see you afterwards too, pulling you into a big hug before picking you up and spinning you around. “Jagi! How was it?” He’d ask, before placing you back down.

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Yixing // Lay

Yixing would have the other members help him look for you, wanting to find you as soon as possible. He would smile the moment he spotted you, and he absolutely couldn’t wait to see you after the concert. He would have special dates planned for the two of you afterward. He would take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant if you wanted, and he would just shop with you around the city. “I really hope you liked the concert, I dedicated all of it to you~” He’d say, before romantically kissing you.

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Jongin // Kai

Jongin would smile really big at you when spotting you in the crowd, and he’d probably blow you a kiss making tons of girls in your general direction scream. He’d laugh upon seeing the expression on your face after you had witnessed that. He would make sure his sexy performances were even sexier, if that’s even possible. He would want tonight to be one of his best performances, all for you. After he concert he’d find you and pull you into a big hug. “I hope I performed good for you.” He’d say, with a slight smirk across his lips.

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Sehun would have a lot of fun torturing you with his sexy dancing. He would also try to kill you with his rap, but sadly for him he would stumble on one of the words, making the crowd go wild thinking it was just so adorable. You probably would think it was adorable too, when he would just want to be sexy to you. He would blush when he did, knowing that he just embarrassed himself big time in front of you. After the concert, when receiving a hug from you and a comment about how cute he was tonight he’d just sarcastically laugh before hugging you back.

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Minseok // Xiumin

Minseok would be really pumped for this concert, knowing that you were going to show up. He would definitely make plans to take his shirt off at some point during the concert. He would definitely look your way to see how you would have reacted to him stripping a little on stage. After the concert he wouldn’t hesitate to mention what you thought about him taking off his shirt. “So, how was the view from where you were sitting?” He’d tease, laughing a bit afterward.

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Luhan would be another really ecstatic member upon seeing you. He would probably goof off a bit during the show, just to shake things up a bit and make you laugh. He’d just be really excited to talk to you after the show. He’d try his hardest to show off for you. He’d run up to you and hug you whenever he had seen you backstage. “How was it, honey? I hope I met your standards.” He’d joke around laughing a bit before kissing you in front of whoever was around, not really caring who saw.

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Yifan // Kris

Yifan would be almost overjoyed finally seeing that you made it to one of his concerts. He’d probably spot you out and start doing a bunch of adorable hand gestures towards you just so that you knew he noticed you. He would be really proud of himself seeing you there, and after the concert performances he would show you off to everyone. “Isn’t my sweetheart adorable?” He’d coo, with his arm wrapped firmly around your waist making sure everyone around you two knew that you were his and he was yours.

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Zitao // Tao

Zitao would probably clap with joy upon seeing you there at one of his concert events. “There’s my babe!” He’d probably shout, and on stage too, feeling that his fans deserved to know. He’d be hella hyper on stage too, trying to show off for you in any way possible. Though they wouldn’t know who you were or anything personal, he would just bring you up on stage and hold you close, letting everyone know that this was who he was rumored to be seeing.

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Shenko Week: We are Family

I’ve never written anything so fast I’m my life. I didn’t know this was happening this week. Have some more Shenko pregnancy fluff!

Kaidan was exhausted, it’d been a long day of work, he just hoped that Shepard was already home and sleeping. He flattered himself a patient man but having to put up with one petty argument after another made him want to go all, well, Shepard on someone. He opened the door and the warm wonderful smell of the apartment hit him. He wondered if any of the others were home tonight.

Home, hah, yah I guess the apartment was home, at least a little bit, for everyone. After regaining their Homeworlds after the war the entire crew was still sent back to the citadel time and again as ambassadors, consultants and general civil servants, everyone had a key so you never knew what you might walk in on some day.

Kaidan dragged himself over to the couch, taking a second to look longingly at the piano before collapsing. It was late, if anyone was home they wouldn’t thank him for trying to rehearse ‘we didn’t start the fire’ at midnight.

Kaidan stared into the fireplace, Shepard must be home already, she always turned it on so he could see when he staggered in late and all of the other lights were off. Suddenly the overhead light flicked on, it shocked Kaidan’s eyes and he clapped a hand over his face, peeking out.

When he saw her his heart did a little skip in his chest. She was in a hoodie, one that she bought purposely too large that she wrote over her oldest N7 training top that she knew she should retire and still hadn’t. She looked gorgeous, the top was ragged and faded and just a tad too small so her midriff was a little exposed. Kaidan closed his eyes and thanked every force in the galaxy that he was able to come home to her night after night.

“Kaidan?” She asked spotting him as she came down the stairs.

“Hey Shepard.”

Kaidan scooted over to let her sit side-long with him on the couch. She squeezed in next to him, he gave her a kiss on the head.

“How are you? Is anyone else here tonight?”

“Nah, they’re all where they belong tonight, I contacted Wrex and Liara when I got home, both said it’d be a while before they’re back and you know Tali has a house to build, and Garrus is finally taking some time to be with his family. Everyone else have different things to attend to.”

Shepard didn’t need to say it, Kaidan knew there were still tons of funerals and search parties that everyone else had to arrange. Kaidan sighed, brought down again by the thought.

“How was your day?” She asked laying back and smiling at him.

“Fine. You’d think that there’d be more official business for me to take care of than just mediating between Krogan and Salarian ambassadors all day.”

“They know you’re the calming presence and humans are fairly impartial. What with the genophage coming out before we even had indoor plumbing.”

Kaidan snickered and kissed her cheek.

“I guess so.”

“Besides mediating is a good gift to have.”

“Hah, me? What about you? You ended several long standing wars just by yelling. You can get a lot more done with yelling. Who needs me standing there saying 'I understand’ quietly over and over?”

“That’s a kind of patience that I don’t have.” Shepard pointed out snuggling close to him. “And it’s exactly what I’m relying on when the baby comes.”

“Oh is that why you get all of the-”

Kaidan’s brain froze as it processed her last sentence. Baby. Baby? Did he hear that right? He looked down at her, eyes wide, shocked, mouth hanging open.

“What?!” His voice was a quiet but urgent choke. “You…you’re- you’re- you’re pregnant?” The Last word brought the volume up dramatically. Shepard smiled at him watching his face transform. He very suddenly forgot all about his long day. He jumped off the couch, cupping her face in his hands.

“A-are you sure? How? I thought…I thought because of everything, and you and…me after the war the healing and….”

She smiled up at him.

“Did you really think there was anything in this galaxy that we couldn’t make happen? Yee of little faith.” Her grin widened.

Kaidan made an astounded sound that might’ve been a laugh.

“H-how long?” He asked barely able to contain the emotion in his voice. He knelt down next to her, his eyes filing with tears. “And it’s….it’s mine too?”

Shepard rolled her eyes.

“No this is the moment that I’ve chosen to tell you that James and I are having an affair….of course it’s yours!” Shepard teased. Her smile disappeared as he sunk to his knees next to her. He looked at her deceptively normal midriff.
“And about a 2 months”

He placed his hand on her stomach and stifled a sob.


“Kaidan? What’s wrong?”

He leaned closer and kissed her stomach.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He laughed, blinking a tear out of his eye. “Shepard…..I’m-I’m going to be a father?”

Shepard smiled again.

“Yes. Yes you are.”

“And you’re going to be a mom.” He looked up at her smiling. “Well be a family.”

“We’re already a family.” She pulled him into a kiss. It started gently but became more passionate as second raced by, finally Kaidan broke it.

“I’m going to be a father!” He said a little louder. A smile spread across his face. “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!”

He grabbed Shepard and lifted her off of the couch, twirling her around. Shepard giggled.

“Trying to spread the news to the whole citadel are we?”

“No! The whole galaxy!” Kaidan cheered as Shepard laughed. He finally put her back down, Kissing her.

“A family.” he said again, awestruck.

“A family.” Shepard smiled.


Gintama anime ep 316/manga chaps 550 - 551

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

I thought perhaps it was the lateness of the hour and the weariness of my eyes last night that caused the tears to run down my face right from the first moment of the episode: I lost it as soon as I heard dear sweet Yamazaki’s voice dictating his final report as the member of the Protectors of Edo, the Shinsengumi. Switching up Swimy’s ending song to the opening sequence instead just made me cry harder. When I watched the episode again tonight, though evening had only just fallen, and the same thing happened to me, Niagara Falls all the way, I was relieved to know that my tears hadn’t been due to exhaustion, that in fact the sadness I had felt and was experiencing again, was indeed completely genuine.

This episode means so much to me because it perfectly brought to life the moment that started my letter-writing campaign to you. As silly and most likely futile as my efforts might be, as soon as I started doing this I instantly realized how important it was to me to properly express my gratitude to you for all the joy you have brought and continue to bring to me on an almost weekly basis, whether it’s through the pages of your manga or by the way of the anime. I still regret not writing to you sooner; I should have started as soon as I fell in love with Gintoki right when he was introduced. But much like Gin-chan, I am a lazy person by nature, and therefore as much as I loved him and Gintama, and shipped Gintoki/Hijikata with the fervor of a thousand shippers, I did not do anything proactive about my love and appreciation, even as my affection grew in spades over the years. In fact, somewhere along the line, I actually started shamefully falling behind on both your manga and anime, since even as much as I loved Gintama, I began to take it for granted, figuring that it will always be there waiting for me. The fact that the anime always came back further lulled me into a false sense of security.

But then, towards the beginning of last year or maybe at the end of the year before, I got word that the anime was returning yet again and also, most importantly, that I have been missing out on a pretty epic arc that was taking place in the manga. It finally hit me then just how much I had been grossly neglecting Gintama and how I should really hit the books again to see what I’ve been missing. In doing so, I almost flipped out when the truth of just how much I missed really struck me since I dove in right when you were in the middle of the Shogun Assassination Arc.  It felt a bit like experiencing whiplash, as all of a sudden all these important events were happening. Little did I know that arc would just be the tip of a pretty epic iceberg.  I also quickly realized that I needed to do a lot of back-tracking since I missed just so damn much and had forgotten even more than that. As a result, even though I was probably less than 100 chapters behind at that point (I think I missed out on most of 2014 chapters), I actually started over from around chapter 200 and quickly caught up to chapter 520-something within just a short 2 and a half weeks span of time. If I did not have real life obligations I would have probably finished sooner. Revisiting the old chapters of Gintama felt like returning to a land of endless joy: a place I didn’t want to leave and couldn’t even remember why I would leave it in the first place.

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March 11th, 2017

So the show is done!

We had almost 100 people attend the poetry evening and artist reception. We sold some art, we got great reviews and almost all the zines the artists made were distributed. Anyone who would like a copy of my poetry / photography zine or riot grrrl zine let me know and I’ll print some more and mail you a copy, they free.

I’m super exhausted but I feel fucking baller! One of the artists bought me wine and another bought me flowers. I am so truly touched that my efforts have not gone unnoticed. The gallery has given me a grant so for the first time, out of all the shows I’ve done, I am walking away with money. This will obviously go towards the next event but fuck I am so grateful.

I made some new friends, I had some laughs, I made my momma proud, all is good.

This witch bitch will dream good tonight.

…and so with an amazing night in São Paulo, tonight was the end of our South American tour. This tour meant so much to me because Latin America has such a special place in my heart - getting to speak to u guys in my native tongue (and also getting to learn Portuguese for these shows everyday hehe) was so fun and made me feel at home. Every time I felt your guys’ love it gave me the energy to give you all I’ve got - it didn’t matter if at any point I was sick or exhausted - seeing your faces gave me all the energy I needed to keep going. I know so many of you have been saving up your money for such a long time - doing bake sales, working double shifts, running through the streets just to see us at the venue even if you didn’t have tickets. Coming from all different parts of South America to make it to these shows and bring us the sweetest most thoughtful gifts - drawings, music from your countries, paintings, Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean and Peruvian candy! I don’t take that lightly at all and I am so grateful for all of you guys here. I can’t tell you thank you enough times. You put so much thought into everything and I really appreciate you welcoming us into your cultures and teaching us about them. You are really a beautiful and unforgettable group of people. (by camila_cabello)

So… London tonight was awesome at the Royal Festival Hall

I am indeed now home and having a beer with my dog after an exhausting 12 hours of anxiety which was sandwiched by performing and not feeling anxious at all. I feel totally at home doing what i do, it’s incredibly therapeutic.

Thank you so much to those that made it… Totally crazy.

All my love,