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Period Pains

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader gets a visit from mother nature and Peter is there to save the day. 

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Language (as always), period pain (?).

A/N: I apologize for my lack of posts. School has been weighing me down for the past few weeks. I’ll try and upload something new this week if I have time. Please let me know what you guys think! I decided to try someone other than Bucky, lol. Feedback really helps me understand what you guys like. 

You know the day right before you get your period or a few days before and you totally veg out with unnecessary junk? That’s what you were currently doing. Sitting on the couch with a mini Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, oreo’s, candy, you name it. You tried working on some school work that was supposed to be due tomorrow, but for the life of you, you couldn’t keep a damn focus on anything. 

Plopping down in your bed full of fluffy, warm blankets, you doze off into a food coma. However, the next morning, you would regret it all.


Your period. 

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It’s been a while but it feels good to be writing again. Also, this was suppoesed to be uploaded forever ago but life happens.

Request-  Draco thigh riding smut?

Enjoy! -Madi 

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       The air around the both of you was sparking and nothing else mattered except the marvelous boy in front of you. Draco’s kisses were hot and gentle as he contiued to press his lips to your throat. You were supposed to be studying together but you could never even begin to think about concentrating when his luscious pink lips continued to move. His lips were enough to make you drop your books immediately. They were distracting, mesmerizing. In all honesty, they werent the only things mesmerizing about your boy.


         After what seems like hours of an endless makeout session, you could feel Draco’s hand begin to sneak up your shirt. His hands traced every curve of your body, stopping to linger in certain places. A quiet moan escaped your lips and the vibrations he felt from it made him even more excited.His hands went up and groped your chest, just hard enough to elicit more moans from you.


      Draco is your everything and in the moment, you wnat nothing but him. Hell, you needed nothing but him. He was touching you everywhere but the single place that you actually needed it. You wanted his touvh. No, you needed his touch. You were going crazy and he knew it. 

“Draco, please…” You whined. The only thing you got in response was a sirk and he continued teasing you mercilessly. This continued for practically an eternity before Draco stopped his actions entirely.

“I want to try something new..” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You stopped also, waiting for his next move.


     Gently, Draco lifted you up and placed you on one of his thighs. You could feel every muscle tighten as you sat upon him and it made even more pleasure run through you,

“Move.” It came out as a demad from him but you didn,t mind.  In fact, you began slowly moving against him. Your hot sex rubbing against him through all the layers of clothing the both of you have on. Pleasure ran through your veins, making you feel as if you were on fire. Everything was hot and you threw your head back and moaned as the pleasure continued to build.


    Dracos hand flew over your mouth, hushing you. 

“Don’t want anyone hearing us, love.” He whispered to you, nibbling your earlobe before pulling away to watch you contiue to work yourself against him. You could feel his eyes on you and it only made you become even more aroused. You could feel yourself begin to shake, your body almost giving out on you completely causing Draco to hold you up with his trong arms. You were so close, so close. 


     Suddenly, everything hit you. It felt as if the world stopped and you could feel every single nerve in your body light up. Moans and whimpers spilled out of your mouth but were quickly shushed by Draco’s soft lips. Draco bounced you on his thigh lightly to ease your through your thigh and you soon cllapsed into his chest, exhausted yet content. 


     You could feel Draco’s soft kisses on top of your head as you layed against him. Soft whispers of ‘I love you’ were whispered beneath the two of you. The soft beat of his heart calming you and slowly lulling you to sleep. 


      Draco could feel your breathing slow and he could immediately tell taht you had fallen asleep. As if you weighed nothing, Draco picked you up and held you tightly as he carried you to his dorm from the common room.

“You know, one day we will finally get out of this school and we will be able to live together and do whatever we want. It will be you and me against the wold, I can promise you that. Maybe I will even be lucky enough to call you my wife one day.” he knew you wouldnt hear any of this but it still felt nice to tell you. He loved you, he truly did.And he also knew that you loved him too.

So Far Away // Min Yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst // Fluff

Summary: Yoongi comes home to find you listening to his mixtape, crying at the heart wrenching lyrics detailed in his song.

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of depression.

You knew that Yoongi would probably be at the studio when his mixtape was released – it was his second home after all. Usually, you found yourself pining for him to come home more often than not but tonight, things were different. You’d been waiting so long to finally hear his solo work after so many months of secrecy, privacy and being unable to crawl into bed beside him that you were glad to have this moment to yourself to listen to it when there was no one around – especially him. You knew that it would be personal snippets of his life that he hadn’t really revealed to anyone in great detail. Yoongi was a private person, not even sharing the extent of his past with you as he often said it would just be a downer on the relationship – even though you so desperately wished he would think otherwise.

Then, right on queue – you saw each song one by one getting uploaded to BTS’s soundcloud. You felt excited and anxious to go through each one and delve into your boyfriend’s talented lyrical abilities, digging deeper into each sentence and deciphering what it really meant as Yoongi always spoke with two meanings. However, as you inched yourself closer to the computer screen in your shared apartment, one song in particular caught your eye. “So Far Away…” you whispered to yourself, plugging your headphones into the computer before curling your knees up to your chest, ready and waiting to hear the sound of your boyfriend’s intense rap that always managed to leave you speechless when he spoke from the heart.

Yoongi arrived home, shutting the door quietly behind him – thinking that you were probably out like a light and tucked up in bed as he hung his coat up and made his way into the kitchen to get a drink. As he poured himself a glass of water from the jug on the table, he seen a plate sitting out for him, wrapped in cling film as he smiled sheepishly to himself – knowing that you had left it out especially for him as you always did. “What would I do without her?” he asked himself as he tore off the film to reveal your delicious beef stew that he could never get enough of. Seeing as it was now stone cold, he walked with it over to the microwave, opening the small swinging door and setting it inside before shutting the door again and wondering to himself how long he should heat it up for.

It was then, he heard barely audible sniffs and whimpers coming from the bedroom as he pricked up his ears, letting his mouth hang open just a little before stepping back and looking off in the direction of the bedroom door which was slightly ajar.

“(Y/N)?” He called out softly in his deep voice, waiting to hear the sound of your cheery reply but being confused when all he heard was another muffled sniffle. “What is she doing?” he thought as he began walking quickly but quietly towards the door, peaking behind it to see you perched on the computer chair – in complete floods of tears as you listened to something through your headphones. He slid through the small crack, being careful not to let too much light flood into the room and startle you as he inched his way on his toes towards you, peering over your shoulder at what you were listening to.

His eyes widened when he seen that you had listened through his entire mixtape as tears continued to fall from your eyes on one particular song. Biting his lip, he bravely placed his hands on your shoulders, causing you to jump slightly before removing your headphones immediately – spinning round in the chair to be met by his worried face.

“Yoongi!” you whispered loudly, crashing into his body as draping your arms around him as he promptly sat down on the bed and pulled you into his embrace and on to his lap, always loving the most affectionate sides of you as he let his fingertips course through your hair while you continued to sob gently into his shirt.

“Baby, why you crying…hm?” he spoke gently in your ear – his voice a constant reminder of the lyrics you just heard him say in his song.

“I listened to your mixtape and I just” you stopped, looking into his eyes as he smiled at you genuinely, taking your cheek in the palm of his hand and caressing it delicately.

“You just?” he continued to smile at you “You like it?”

“I love it but…there’s one verse in particular I can’t get out of my head” you said, as you had memorized the painful words off by heart. Yoongi tilted his head at you, waiting patiently for you to continue.

“I’m living because I can’t die…I’m in so much pain and loneliness…I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing…” you stopped, feeling your heart twist and turn in the most excruciating way possible as you just watched Yoongi nod at you, blinking slowly as his hands found their way on top of your hips, swallowing harshly before opening his mouth to speak.

“A time ago, I felt like this. Like I was useless and I’d nothing to live for. Getting out of bed in the morning was physically and emotionally impossible and I felt like I had no one to turn to…no one who truly cared about me” he looked deep into your eyes as he spoke, wiping away your tears as they continued to fall from your red and puffy eyes.

“But you know what?” he asked, his voice raising itself a few tones – drawing your attention in even closer and you pressed your forehead against his, feeling his steady heartbeat and the warmth of his body on yours.

“That’s the past. And it reminds me now that I have someone who cares about me – someone who makes it worth my while to wake up and keep breathing every day – someone who makes me want to live because she taught me that life is worth living with her. Do you know who that person is?” he raised your chin with his soft fingertips as he brushed his nose against yours, pulling a cute face that he knew could always make you smile no matter what.

“No, who is it?” you asked, partially knowing the answer but needing the closure of it coming from his mouth.

“There are three things in my life that I couldn’t live without. The first is music, the second is a warm bed to sleep in” he paused, his eyes burning with love and endearment at how affected you were by his past but still loving him nonetheless.

“The third is you, (Y/N). You’re one of three things that I live for. You helped make all the bad things go away…

…and you still do, every day.”

A Little Show*



You’ve been really busy with your work for the past couple of weeks which meant you hadn’t paid much attention to your boyfriend. 

Joe walked from room to room around your shared flat making sure not to bother you except when he was able to steal a quick kiss before he disappeared into his office to do his own work, but other than that, he left you alone. 

You loved how understanding Joe was, but you couldn’t help feeling a little guilty about how little of time you had spent with Joe in the past few weeks. To be completely honest, you didn’t even know what he’s been doing. The two of you would only talk at night after you pulled together enough strength to walk your tired body up the stairs and into bed, but even then, Joe only asked how you were doing. 

He spent a lot of time in his office so you thought that he was filming, editing and uploading loads of videos. 

You were sat at the kitchen table, your laptop propped up and paper scattered everywhere. You decided to take a break from work and see what you boyfriend had been up to this week. You pulled up his vlogging channel and frowned when the last video uploaded was from last week, same with his gaming channel. 

Closing your laptop, you stood up and made your way over to the office. You pushed open the door, not bothering to knock as you though he would be engulfed in a game.

“Hey love” Joe said spinning around after seeing you in the reflection of his monitors. 

“Hey, what are you doing?” You asked noticing that his monitors all were off but his laptop was up, the YouTube home page on display.

“Just catching up at some videos. Hows your work coming along?” He said opening his arms, signally for you to walk over to him. 

“Stressful. I decided to take a break and watch one of your videos but you haven’t uploaded yet this week.” You frowned up at him after you sat down on his lap. 

“Yeah I know, I’ve been getting loads of tweets about it. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t film gaming videos because Oli isn’t around and I’m still waiting for new episodes of The Walking Dead to come out and I can’t vlog because your busy and I don’t want to bother you.” Joe leaned his head down on your shoulder. “I just really bored and don’t know what to do.”

“Well you know,” you said lifting his head off your shoulder, “I do need a break so we could do something for a while.”

“Something like what?” 

“I have an idea” You said moving yourself over to his laptop and pulling up his Bedtime playlist on Spotify. You hit play, the eerie noises from the beginning of High For This by The Weeknd playing through the speakers. You turned around and kissed Joe quickly before getting up off his lap and turning him around in the chair so he was now facing you. 

“What are you doing?” Joe questioned as he watched you swayed to the music, your finger tips lifting up the hem of your shirt slightly. 

You ignored his question while lifting your shirt higher and higher before pulling it off of your head and tossing it to the floor beside you. 

“Have you never had a lap dance before Sugg?” You said walking over to him and placing another kiss on his lips. 

You pulled away, watching Joe chase your lips as you turned around moving your body to the music. You felt Joe’s cold finger tips wrap themselves around your waist as your continued to dance for him. You pulled your hair out of the pony tail you had thrown it up into earlier and you let your locks cascade down to your shoulders. You sat yourself down on Joe, wiggling your bum over his crotch already feeling something that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. 

You ground yourself on him for a little while long before getting off of him and walking back to the middle of the room. You turned back around, your hands moving down your body slowly until the reached the button of your jeans. You unbuttoned and unzipped them to the beat of the song before turning back around and sticking your bum out as you removed your jeans just as slow. 

You heard Joe let out a small moan as you came back up, flipping your hair back behind you. You slowly walked back over to Joe, your hands hovering over his crotch slightly before moving to pull his shirt up and over his head. His hands were back on your waist before traveling down to squeeze your bum. You straddled Joe’s lap, your clothed core hover just above the tent in his jeans. You started rocking your hips back and forth to the beat of the next song that had come on but it was quickly forgotten when Joe reached his hand behind your back to unclasped your bra. You let your head fall back while you still continued to grind your core against him as his hands and mouth found your breast.

You let out a small moan as you felt yourself become wetter as Joe’s mouth moved up to your collar bones and up to your neck. 

“Baby, you’re gonna make me cum” Joe moaned against your skin.

Shivers were sent over your body as the slight growl in his voice filled your ears. Normally would you stop teasing him at this point but today you didn’t feel like stopping. You wanted this break that you decided to take from your work to last a while longer plus the thought of him punishing you for making him cum in his pants turned you on. 

You continued to grind down on his crotch while Joe sucked on your neck, being sure to leave a make that will be hell to try and cover up tomorrow. You let out a moan as you felt yourself getting closer and closer to your high. 

“Fuck Y/N” Joe growled lowly as he pulled away from your neck, leaning his head against the back of his chair, his eyes screwing shut. 

He was on the brink, you could tell, so you picked up the pace of the movements of your hips while apply more pressure which only made you moan out. Joe’s hand moved around your hips again and held you down, apply even more pressure as moans were leaving his mouth. 

“You close babe?” You smiled before letting out a moan yourself. 

All Joe could do was nod his head before the grip on your hips tightened and you felt his twitch from underneath you. 

“Y/N” Joe moaned out as his orgasm shook through his body which only caused yours to the same, a loud moan leaving your own lips.

You stopped the motion of your hips and let your head fall to the crook of Joe neck as you two came down from your highs. 

“Do you have to go back to your work?” Joe asked rubbing your back. 

“I guess I could take a little longer of a break” you said moving to look at him. 

“Good because you just made me cum in my pants” Joe said as you got off of his lap watching as he stood up and removed his jeans. 

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about that?” You teased before turning to run out of the room when Joe lunged for you .

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K so you're taking short writing requests, right? I have one: The squad finds out Lance can really sing/dance by watching a personal video they accidently found in his room. They blackmail him by threatening to show Allura the video which he's embarrassed by and is forced to sing/dance a song for them. You can decide whether to put Shiro in it or not I really don't mind either way

“Guys, how did you even find this?” Lance asks, throwing his arms up in the air and then pointing at the video of him playing on Pidge’s laptop. “I didn’t even know where that went until today.”

“I went snooping around in your room ‘cause I wanted to hang out.” Pidge replies, still focused on the younger Lance on the screen. “You didn’t tell me you were a youtube sensation.” She giggles. 

“I helped record some of his videos, after we became roommates.” Hunk supplies, “But this is an older one, maybe two years ago?”

The younger Lance in the video was playing a guitar through the crappy camera, his voice coming through Pidge’s laptop all grainy and ugly. Lance had better videos, but those were back home and on another USB. Peering over Pidge’s shoulder, where Keith and Shiro were also situated. The song he was singing was some type of Spanglish version and he could so clearly hear the running of cars and noises behind his bedroom door. 

Lance could not believe that Pidge found this USB. “I want this back you little shit.” He mock growls, reaching to steal the USB right out of her laptop. She pulls it away before he could grab it though. 

“Nope!” She grins. “Payback for not being there when you promised me that we were going to hang out.”

“I was busy cleaning Blue!” He whines, but he knows Pidge isn’t really angry. She just wants him to suffer for a little while longer. “Don’t be such a rude child, Pidge.”

“You’re pretty good at singing, Lance.” Shiro muses. The embarrassed flush on the back of his neck turns darker and rises to his ears. “You should sing for us.”

Keith, knowingly, nudges Lance with a small smirk. “I-I don’t really sing in front of people anymore.” Lance stammers. “It’s too embarrassing now, and I don’t have my guitar.” 

“Give us two hours and Hunk and I can make you one.” Pidge says, giving a thumbs up to the bigger engineer. “Better than your old one, anyways.”

“Lucy and I had a great relationship and you can’t replace it with some shoddy space guitar!” Lance exclaims, putting a hand to his chest in offense. “You can try, but it won’t be better, not by a longshot.” He misses the fond look that Shiro sends his way while Lance talks about his guitar, but Keith doesn’t and his smirk widens. 

“Sing for us, or I’m showing this video to Allura.” Pidge says, closing the video and opening up a cringier version. A young, fifteen year old Lance singing along to some old Beatles tune. Admittedly, his voice wasn’t too bad, but the fact that he recorded himself and uploaded them was a little too shameful for him to remember. Especially with that hair and acne, yikes. “You guys are on good terms now, but she’ll definitely take it and use this against you, you know.”

Lance grumbles, knowing the way the Princess would tease him over and over again. “Fine, whatever, if you can build a better guitar than Lucy, then maybe I’ll sing a song or two for you.” He looks at the group, who smile at him gratefully and the looks on their faces overwhelm his embarrassment. 

“Could I request a song, then?” Keith asks, and, to be completely honest, Lance had never believed that Keith actually listened to music that wasn’t the X-Files theme. Lance casts a wary look on his face but nods anyways. 

“I wanna request a song too!” Pidge exclaims, and soon the four remaining paladins of Voltron are clamouring over each other with song requests and asking permission to. Lance grumbles, knowing how happy they are and letting them enjoy their time. 

“One song request, each.” Lance says, but he knows that he’s also just as excited and giddy as them, finally able to hold a guitar in his hand and to sing in front of the others. At the knowledge, the rest of his team pauses to think about their requests. “You guys can decide on your top three, because I don’t know if I’ll know a lot of your songs, but by the end of the two hours you can tell me and I’ll play them.” 

He doesn’t miss the way everyone looks when he says that, because the atmosphere is lighter and the entire group looks so happy and relaxed that Lance wishes that he could always sing them songs to calm them down. 

He doesn’t miss the way the group separates, with Shiro putting a warm hand on his shoulder and thanks him for the effort. He misses the way Shiro’s grateful smile turns down and the older man leans forward, because Pidge is pulling Lance along to talk about his music taste so he can provide the best possible concert that the Alteans have ever seen.

Unsurprisingly, they actually do build a slightly better guitar than Lucy, and somehow everyone in gathered in the common room with Lance sitting in a high chair with the space guitar in his arms. The weight of it is slightly heavier, and the neck of the guitar is made of malleable but thick metal with another metal body with a thinner substand that resonated better, somehow, than wood. 

He plays around with chords, starting off with simple ones before muscle memory kicks in and he starts to play more complicated chords. Fingers moving across the fret board and loving the feeling of home in his hands. 

He looks up nervously at the group, who’s already focused on him with intent. “Shiro?” He turns to the leader. “What’s your request?” He asks shyly. Allura asks Hunk what he’s talking about, and the man explains quietly as Shiro smiles at him. 

“Any Elvis song.” Shiro says, and Lance nervously plucks the strings and thinks for a moment before grinning widely. 

He plays the opening notes for a moment, letting the tune ring out before clearing his throat to sing. His ears flushed red while he got ready to sing. 

Wise men say, 

Only fools fall in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

Keith rolls his eyes, Allura coos, Hunk and Pidge both snicker at the expected song. Lance doesn’t stare at either of them, because Shiro’s grin is blinding and Lance focuses on him to get rid of his nerves. 

His voice is rough but smooth, notes sailing along the room while they close their eyes at the calming song. Lance prides himself on being better at singing after his growth spurt. 

Like a river flows,

Surely to the sea,

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

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another jason/billy fic please! im love them so much 😭😭😭

You got it! This ones kinda short and is just a drabble but I hope you enjoy it! 

All mistake are my own.

Billy’s head hurts almost all the time. It has ever since he was little. Ever since he started thinking and couldn’t stop. He’s always thinking, there’s always something going on in his head. Sometimes it’s math problems, other times it’s details blueprints for the next section of mountain he’s going to study. Most recently it’s next fighting techniques that he thinks could best be performed from inside his power rangers suit. The suits are awesome, but not suited for just any type of fighting.

He’s taken to pulling up videos on YouTube. Boxers training for matches. UFC fighters going at it in the ring. Sometimes he even watches the high school fights that kids upload. Those are really strange, the shaky camera always miss the good parts.

Anyways, Billy’s head hurts because he’s always thinking. And he always thinking because he’s restless. He has to be doing something all the time unless he’s asleep. But Billy thinks that even then, he’s doing something.

The others don’t know about the headaches. Billy doesn’t see a point in telling them. When it gets too bad he just takes a few deep breaths like his mom taught him. Sometimes if he rubs his forehead enough that helps too. Deep breaths and forehead massages, they tend to do the trick. He does a lot of both after training in the cave.

One day, Jason asks him about it. He asks Billy if he’s okay. It catches the other boy off guard. He doesn’t realize he’s been vigorously rubbing at his forehead for nearly twenty minutes.

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” He asks, his brow furrowed deeply.

Jason shrugged and tilted his head. “You looked like you were thinking really hard about something.”

Billy’s face clears and smiles. “I’m always thinking bout things, Jason.”

The other boy chuckled and nods. “Yeah I know.”

They end up at Jason’s house. Billy’s mom had to take his sisters to some school thing and didn’t want Billy at home by himself. Any other time, Billy would have argued that he’s almost seventeen and is more than capable of staying home alone. But then Jason invited him over and Billy found that he didn’t want to stay home, time spent with Jason was Billy’s favorite thing.

Jason’s house is a lot different than Billy’s. For starters his mom lets them eat dinner in Jason’s room. Their plates in their laps as they shoot zombies on the tv screen.

Billy gets so into it that his food gets cold before he can even really focus to eat.

“I can warm it up for you,” Jason says, already taking Billy’s plate and getting to his feet. “And I think my mom made cake so we can grab some of that too.”

“Cake?” Billy scrambles to his feet and trails after Jason. “What kind of cake? I haven’t cake in a while, my mom can never find time to make it. I told her I could make one myself even though the last cake I made exploded in the oven. Did you know that they can do that Jason? Cause I sure didn’t.”

Billy rambles the whole to the kitchen. Fingers twisting in the hem of his shirt and feet shuffling quickly. He knows Jason is listening from the smile on his face. Jason always smiles when Billy talks.

“Maybe next time you and I can make a cake?” He suggests, placing the food in the microwave and pressing in two minutes.

Billy pauses, catching himself in mid sentence. He blinks a few times, extra blinks when he becomes vaguely aware of his head hurting.

“That would be awesome.” Billy nods, rubbing at one eye. “I’ve never tried cooking with anyone else.” He watches as Jason gets a knife from one of the kitchen drawers and spins the cake pan to a better angle so he can cut it.

“I’m gonna warn you now.” He laughed, pulling the knife through the cake in a scary straight line. “I’m a terrible cook, can barely make noodles.”

“Noodles are easy!” Billy laughs, fingers pressing in the middle of his brow. He’s already thinking of a plan to get Jason over to his house to make noodles. “Just water and seasoning.”

Jason sticks his tongue out at him. “Don’t laugh, we can’t all be great at everything like you.”

The microwave behind Billy beeps loudly, making him jump a bit. He spins to open it, quickly pulling the hot plate out and smelling it.

“I blow up cakes Jason.” Billy said grabbing his fork, his utensil clatters on the plate as he drops it in favor of pushing at his brow again. “Hardly great.”

When he turns back to face Jason, the other boy is standing not even a foot away. He’s got two pieces of chocolate cake in his hands but he’s watching Billy closely. Intently.

“Does….does your head hurt?”

Billy looks at him for a moment, the question making all thoughts in his mind squeal to a stop. His mom stopped asking him about his head hurting years ago. Cause his head hurts almost every day. So to be asked about it now, by his friend. His best friend; for a moment Billy doesn’t know what to say.

“Of course it hurts.” He finally says after a minutes of silence. “It always hurts.”

That obviously isn’t the right thing to say because Jason looks like Billy’s just told him the world is ending. He slides the cake onto the counter next to Billy and steps closer. There’s only inches between them.

“What do you mean your head always hurts?” Jason asks, eyes trailing from the top of his head to the sides to his eyes and then back again.

“My mom says it’s cause I think too much.” Billy shrugs. “I’m always thinking bout things Jason. Like right now I’m trying to decide if I should ask you over to my house this weekend or next. Cause didn’t Kimberly say she wanted to have a pizza night this weekend? Or did I dream that? I dream about you guys a lot. Sometimes we’re fighting and other times we’re just hanging out. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is when am I gonna get you over to my house to learn to make noodles?”

Billy takes a breath, the question hanging in the air. He looks up at Jason, finding the other boy still looking at him in concern.

“Jason?” Billy frowns. “Do you not want to come make noodles?”

Jason opens his mouth to answer but ends up huffing out a small laugh and smiling. He moves away from Billy, to the other side of the kitchen. When he opens the cupboard above his head, Billy gets a glance at what look like pill bottles. Jason plucks one from inside easily and shuts the door again.

He uncaps the bottle and shakes out two small pale red pills.

“Take these once you’re done eating.” Jason holds them out to Billy. “They’re just Advil but they should help with your head.”

Billy’s had Advil before, they only work for a little while. But he takes them from Jason anyways and sets them carefully on the edge of his plate. Jason smiles at him as they head back into his room and settle on the floor again.

“So,” Billy starts, this time picking up his fork instead of the game controller.

Jason unpauses the game and shoots a zombie in the head right off the back. He glanced at Billy out of the corner of his eye and smirks. “What time are we making noodles next Saturday?”


Relationship Status - Betty Cooper Imagines (Riverdale)

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Warnings: fem x fem(ff), bullying (ish, it’s more of a comment).

Request: Anon: Can I request a Betty cooper x fem! reader with #18 and #31, please? :)
18. “I think you’re worth much more than that.”
31. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.“

A/N: I’m sorry this is the only update today. I should hopefully have a regular upload by next week. Also, this is my first ff imagine so I apologise for any unintentional errors in character and portrayal I have made (or any mistakes for that matter). I also didn’t know what direction you wanted this to go Anon so I hope this is what you wanted. Enjoy!! xx

Summary: the reader and Betty have been crushing on each other for a while. One day their repressed feelings become too much for either one of them.

She looks so cute. The crease between her brows when she’s thinking, biting her lip in concentration, god those lips. You couldn’t help but get distracted by you lab partner as she writes down the observations of your latest experiment. Little did you know that when you were conducting the experiment, the beautiful blonde had been admiring you in the same way.

“Hey (Y/N) what were the measurements again?” God her voice! Everything about her is perfect. You give her the measurements and you can’t help but blush when her hands brushes yours. You didn’t get it. Three months ago a touch like that wouldn’t faze you, now it sends your mind into a daze focusing onto one person, Betty. Now it was no secret of your sexual fluidity. You were like the female Kevin only you didn’t get as much as he did. Not even close. So when Reggie started obnoxiously making his way over to you after class you knew you were in for it.

“Oh look, it’s Miss perfect’s worthless admirer. Too bad she’s got better taste than to be with someone like you,” refusing to stoop so low as to insult him back, you grab your stuff and leave. No matter how much he picked on you and how much you pretended not to care, it still hurt and his comments have never left you. The name ‘worthless admirer’ kept replaying through your head and what hurt the most about his remark was the fact that he was right. The realisation of the full extent of your relationship with Betty made you burst into tears. And it wasn’t the ‘you’re gonna cry for 5 minutes and be fine’ cry it was the full on mascara staining your cheeks and pillowcase cry.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Betty’s soft, concern laced voice scares you from your pity party.

“Betty, I’m so sorry. I forgot you were coming over today. Do you want anything to eat or drink?” You ask getting up from your bed.

“No (N/N), I don’t need anything other than the reason for your tears.” Not wanting to confess your feelings to her as a result of Reggie, you lie.

“Reggie called me worthless today and for some strange reason it hurt me a lot more than I realised. I’m probably just being over emotional,” you smile at her. It wasn’t a complete lie but it wasn’t exactly the truth.

“What did he say?” She asks with the concerning her voice thickening as she speaks. She approaches the bed and holds you in her arms, stroking your hair rhythmically.

“He…said I was worthless and that you were going to ditch me for Veronica because she was worth more than I ever could be.” Again, not a complete lie but not the entire truth either.

“Aww (Y/N), you know I think you’re worth much more than that. New friendships I make can’t compare to ours,”

“I know, BFFs forever and always,” you recite the vow you both made when you were younger, sadness lacing the mantra.

“(Y/N)…I don’t really know how to say this but…I think I’m in love with you.” Your eyes widen and you look up at her.

“Betty, do you realise what you just said?”

“Yep, and it’s all true,” and she leans down slowly to kiss you. Waiting half way she waits to see if you’ll return her feelings. You meet her halfway and her soft, pink lips gives you the softest, sweetest kiss you’ve ever had. Kissing her was just as you had imagined it to be. You both pull away and she rests her forehead on yours.

“How about we skip studying today and just watch Netflix and cuddle?” Betty suggests. You smile and give her a quick peck on the lips.

“I’ll be right back with the popcorn.” Two minutes later you return to your room to find Betty under your sheets motioning for you to join her. You climb under the sheets, careful not to spill the popcorn, and cuddle up to her as she puts on a romcom. Halfway through the movie she looks down at you and smiles.


“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

“Yea, I’d never thought I’d say this but cheers to Reggie’s self righteous attitude for bringing up together.” You comment causing you both to crack up.

“Promise me you won’t ever say that again,” Betty 'asks’ you. You giggle before responding.

“Trust me, I won’t.”

A/N: I hope you all like it!!

Y/N = your name, N/N = nickname

The Coat- Leonard Snart

Hey! So this is the first one-shot I ever upload and I’m quite insecure about it. I hope you like it. Love, Chrissy

 Title: The Coat 

Character: Leonard Snart 

Fandom: Legends Of Tomorrow 

Word count: 1038 

Notes/Warnings: mention of fight and injuries, cursing? (not more than there is in the actual show though) 

 Summary: You just got back from an attempt to get Savage and Leonard surprises you with a gift. 

  You open the door the your room, take your heels off and lie forcefully on the bed with a thud, grabbing your cell and earphones from the counter next to the bed. You have just got back on the Waverider after another failed attempt to capture and kill Vandal Savage and save the future of the human race. You’re exhausted and have a couple of deep scratches from the fight. 

  Tiredly, you get up, grab the first-aid kit you took from the infirmary and head to the bathroom to clean your wounds. Your mind wanders to your sister Caitlin and your life back in 2016. It had been two years since the particle accelerator accident which gave yur school friend Barry, professor Stein and a lot of others their metahuman powers. You had been out of town that day, having gone to Starling City to search for a new apartment there, since you were to start working as a programmer in Palmer Tech, though your sister filled you in on what had happened. You had insisted on declining Felicity Smoak’s offer and staying to help Caitlin and Cisco through Ronnie’s loss, but they literally swore to never speak to you again if you did, so you finally decided to go. Well, needless to say those were two of the best years of your life. Your thoughts were interrupted by someone ganking one of your earbuds out of your ear. Alert, you grab their arm and turn around, ready to throw punches. You’re met with a pair of blue eyes.

 «Easy there, ninja!» Snart says. You immediately let go of his arm and get the other earpiece out. 

«You scared the living hell out of me, Frosty!» you exclaim and a smirk appears on your lips. «It is impolite to enter someone’s room without their permission mister Snart, even for a wanted thief» This made his lips form into a mischievous smirk. 

«Well, I knocked, you didn’t answer.» he answered, as if trying to defend himself. You had grown rather familiar with the infamous criminal since you began the mission a little while ago. He actually turned out not to be as bad as you had thought he was, having had a little influence from what your sister had told you about his doings back in Central City. While you were talking, you accidentally pressed on a wound more than you should have and immediately winced in pain. Leonard noticed. 

«Need a little help with that?» he offered. 

«Is the great Captain Cold really getting out of his cold ways to help someone? » you ask with a humourous tone, your lips formed into a smile as you hand him the first-aid kit. Snart’s smirk makes its way back on his face.He instructs you to stand still and then answers your question, a sentence you had never thought you’d hear come out from that pretty mouth of his. 

«I prefer not to show it too much, but I think I have actually come to care for you all». He observes that your smirk has grown into a wide smile. «Now if you wven think about telling anyone I said this I’m gonna freeze you to death!» he tried to threaten you, but the playful smile on his face told you he was joking. After he was done cleaning and patching your injuries up, you both left the bathroom and sat on your bed not looking at each other. Thankfully, before the silence became awkward, you notice a big red shopping bag sitting on your office which you’re pretty sure wasn’t there when you came to your room earlier. 

«Did you put that bag there?» He turned to face you with a puzzled look, clearly too deep in thought to have heard what you asked, but when he follows your gaze to the bag his eyes lit up. 

«Oh, yes. It’s something for you.» You looked at him with astonishment. What had happened to Leonard Snart and who was this guy? As you reached the study and started to open the bag, he continued, «I’m getting quite tired of you stealing my parka all the time and running around with it so I got you your own». You pulled out a coat very similar to Snart’s, only this one was your favourite colour, a dark red. Your mouth twitched up again. 

«Well, that was unexpected. Seems like time does work miracles!» 

 «You know, for a nerd, you have a nice sense of humour.» 

«Both a gift and a compliment. Wow, you really have made progress!» you exclaimed giggling. 

Three seconds later he had stood up, crossed the distance between you, grabbed you by your waist and put his lips on yours. They were soft, in contrast to the roughness of his movements of his face on yours. He bit your lower lip, causing you to open your mouth more in a soft moan granting him entrance. Your tongues move in sync for what seems like a long time. By the time he pulled back, you were both breathless. Some seconds passed without neither of you saying something. You just stood there, trying to catch your breaths. 

When you finally managed to breathe properly, you looked at him waiting for him to talk about what had just happened. He just smirked and, walking out of the room, he said «If I had told you to shut up you wouldn’t have, so I did something that would actually shut you up, as well as being enjoyable for both of us! Goodnight» You were left there speechless thinking about the past few minutes. Falling for Leonard Snart. Well, this was definitely not gonna end well. 

«Wait!» you shouted at the corridor hoping he would hear. 

«Hm?» Leonard turned around to look at you. 

«You didn’t steal this, did you?» you asked, pointing at his gift. He just smirked, turned around and continued walking until he was out of your sight.

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27 Dresses (Part 11)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Language!!

Word Count – 3,259

Notes –   This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…it’s not going to be pretty! I hope you guys are prepared for this!! Only one more part to go…I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the cliffhanger, this one sucks! This one is also pretty long, but I have a lot to cram into this fic before the deadline next week!!   As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!”

*Special tag:  @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


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He didn’t say a word, but you could feel him become distant behind you.  The weight of his arm was gone in a flash as he rolled over on his back.  You twisted around to look at him, but he’d covered his face with his arm, making his expression unreadable.

You got up and threw on the first clothes that you found, all the while James lay in your bed, not moving and not talking.  You couldn’t figure out what you had said to cause him to become so distant all of a sudden, and you didn’t have time to worry about it.

“You know where the coffee is,” you told him as you started out the door.  “Help yourself and stay as long as you like, just lock the door behind you.”

You waited for a second, hoping he would say something. With your heart weighing heavy in your chest and tears threatening to spill, you quietly walked out and headed down to the street.

Bucky waited until he heard the door shut before he removed the arm covering his face.  Turning his head to where you were laying just moments before, his eyes went back to the picture he’d just noticed on your nightstand.  A picture of you and Steve.


You replayed the whole morning over and over again in your mind as the cab drove to Anika’s bakery.  For the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why he’d gone so cold.  You know you’d mentioned Steve’s name, but he had to know that after last night, you were moving on from Steve.  He had to know that you had chosen him.  You let out an exasperated sigh as you leaned your head back against the headrest.  Things could have been so different if you hadn’t had to run out on him like that.  Just another example of how you always sacrificed your own happiness to please others.

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Ideas - Niall/Pyrocynical x Reader

A/N: I wrote this a little while ago, I’m pretty sure it was the first Pyro related thing I ever wrote that wasn’t a joke :3 Also I had no idea what to call it so sorry about the title. I hope you enjoy it! ~ Admin Sunny

After a short visit to a friend, you came home to find Niall sitting at the computer watching some kind of terrible rap between two man-children. He look very immersed in the video, elbows on the computer desk and cheeks in his palms. You tiptoed quickly and sat down next to him. He either didn’t notice you, or was ignoring you. You decided to find out by poking him in his shoulder, causing him to fall off the chair in surprise.

“Oh god, (Y/N). I think you just scarred the last remaining bit of my soul out my body.” He remarked.

You giggled and helped him up, feeling his warm, soft hand touch your cold, stiff one. Niall frowned.

“You’re really cold (Y/N). Sit down and watch some cancer with me.” He smiled.

You sat side-on in his lap, pressing your freezing body against his rather heated one. You cuddled into his side and turned your head around to continue watching whatever he was.

“Now you see this video is great, it has gigantic man-children in it having a rap battle about horror movies or something, I don’t know. Not to mention the fact the one of them has a minecraft sword in his hand, but that’s about it. I can’t really say a lot about the video because honestly their rapping is just really mediocre.” Niall explained.
“You forgot to mention the fact that there’s a my little pony doll collection in the background of the bedroom they’re filming in. And that guy’s man-bun is so tight you can see the shape of the skull through his skin.” You added.
Niall laughed. “You’re really good (Y/N), I’ve got to write that down.”

You smiled and continued to watch and absorb his heat. The two of you watched a few other videos, and you continued with adding from what Niall had said. Once he’d picked out his video and you’d helped him figure out most of what he was going to say, you left him be to record while you went and go a snack.

“Hey (Y/N)?” Niall called out.
“Hm?” You replied.
“Er, could you come here for a minuet?” He asked.
“Of course I can.” You said.

Once you were in the room with him he looked and you and his eyes instantly lit up, yours automatically doing the same in return.

“What’s up?” You asked.
“Did you uh, did you want to be in this video? I can’t just take all the credit for those things you said, I want everyone to know they came from you.” Niall answered shyly, rubbing the back of his neck slightly.

You didn’t want to say no to him, but you were worried about his fans. You didn’t feel ready to let them know who you were, even though there was a bit of speculation after one of Roman’s fuck ups in one of the CS:GO montages, that he stupidly included in. You were extremely shy about it all.

“I don’t know.” You said quietly.
“Look, I know you’re worried about what they’ll think but you shouldn’t. You’re fucking funny (Y/N), and if they take time to listen to you, they’ll love you. Any ‘fan’ that doesn’t respect you is no fan of mine,” Niall pulled you in for a hug. “I understand if you don’t want to be in it, but I’d enjoy recording it a lot more if you were.”

You felt really touched by his words, and therefor agreed. He seamed really, really happy about it and hugged you again.

“Thank you so much (Y/N), this will be brilliant.”
You grinned and sat next to him, re going over what you had suggested so you could now say it for yourself.

Once Niall had finished editing the video, you finally got to see what he’s done with it. He refused to let you see it until it was fully uploaded, so you tried your best to wait patiently for what seamed like for ever. You scooted over next to him, only to have him pick you up out of the chair and sit your looking straightforward on his lap.

'Cringey Man-Child Rap Battle (feat. My Girlfriend)’

He let you do the honours of pressing the play button. You happily watched while his arms were wrapped around your waist and his head rested on your shoulder. He kissed your cheek and buried his head into the back of your shoulder as the video started, a bit worried about what you’d think of it.

“Today I’d like to introduce all to the writer of about 95% of my dialog in my videos, that would be my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

You grinned after watching through the whole video and turned around to give Niall a deep kiss. He smiled, a little surprised by the gesture.

“Thanks for upping my confidence a bit,” You smiled. “Never thought I’d do that in a million years.”
Niall delicately placed his hand on your cheek and kissed you once more. “It’s alright.”

You had a pretty good night after that, listening to Niall already pitch in future video ideas staring you. You rolled your eyes.

“Calm down, I just made my debut..” You laughed.
“I can’t help it, Jesus. Filming and editing hasn’t been that fun in ages.” Niall looked down, and then looked back up at you. “I love doing things with you, just anything. Because I love you.”
“I love you too.” You placed a kiss on his forehead and laid his head down in your lap for a calm night of movie watching.

Dylan Sprayberry |"He is so whipped for this girl!!"

Dylan Sprayberry |“He is so whipped for this girl!!”

Count of words: 610




Plot:You are at a boat trip with the cast for the twins birthday and you fall asleep. Charlie takes a photo of you asleep on top of Dyl and posts that.

A/n : I hope you like this. I wrote it a couple days ago at like 1.00 am but I made it better now. ENJOY!!!

Lately you had been very busy. I mean sure you’re just 15 but you’re dating Dylan Sprayberry and yu are tired of people saying “You are dating him only for his money.” Well they also include body but you can’t do anythig for that. So you have a summer job. You were actually helping your older sister at the place she was working and her boss said he would pay you good money if you worked for him for the whole summer. So you agreed with the only term that you’d have 2 weeks off to spent with your boyfriend. He agreed.

So the past 2 months (mostly after you had finals, you had to study ya know;) had been very busy and tiring for you. Not only because of work but because you were staying up late to Skype Dylan.Yeah, well, you live in Greece* while he is not. You know, time difference is a problem though. But this week. This week would be different. You would be spending this week with Dylan and the cast in Amsterdam for wolfcon.

Today was the day the Carver twins had their birthday you guys were going on a boat trip for the day. Conversations were audible from every side around you. Holland talking with Charlie or Max with the rest of the boys and you. You were really quite today. Ian was even joking about how you were so , off, and how Dylan could turn you on. Everytime you were just rolling your eyes but it was kinda funny. He was also right. You were off lately. Usually you would talk and joke with everyone and everyone enjoyed it but today was different. Today you felt really exhausted cause eve though you were not working your sleep schedule was messed up. Though you still talked and joked , just not as much as you usually did.

You were currently sitting next to your boyfriend dearest hugging his right arm as with his left one he was holding a cigarette. Charlie had alredy taken some photos of you and him idividually , as on an effort to keep your self awake you were just walking around. Charlie never miss the chance to take a picture of you everytime the light was giving a “goddess” vibe to you or everytime he just thought the way the air was taking your hair back was making you look cute. To be honest , everyone there thought of you as their little sister ( for some even daughter) except Sprayberry of course.

“Someone must’ve been really tired. If you know what I mean,” Max joked wiggling his eyes while looking at you two. Dylan was confused at first.“Look at your shoulder ,” Max commanded Dylan as he did so. His lips curved upwards into a smile looking at the sight on his shoulder. “Her sleep schedule is f*cked up” he shot softly never taking his eyes of you and ignoring Max’s previous “dirty” joke.

Right then he decided to do something he knew you loved. He carefully pulled you onto his lap, placing your head on the crook of his neck while your legs were flying at the left side of his body. His right hand was protectively around you while his other hand was holding yet again a cigarette. Your riight hand was around his neck as your left hand was around his waist. That was the moment that Charlie really wanted to capture , but he didn’t didn’t want to ruin. Yet, he still took a couple of photos of you two like that uploading it on Instagram with the captionHe is so whipped for this girl!!”

Partner (end)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

genre: Fluff

wordcount: 2632

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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Hurricane (Baekhyun x You)

Baekhyun/you, rated M, nsfw

A highschool love/hate AU bc everyone love hate/love smut, right?

I led the revolution in my bedroom and I set all the zippers free.
We said, “No more war, no more clothes!
Give me peace.
Oh kiss me!

„Truth or Dare?“

„…Dare.“ The answer came reluctantly, as if the girl wasn’t sure which one of either would be worse. Judging by the look on her face, both.

The boy who had spoken was grinning mischievously, tapping his chin to make a show of thinking about something for the girl to do.

After a few moments his face lit up, a glint in his eyes that made the girl seemingly uneasy.

I dare you to kiss your crush.“

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It’s Just a Prank || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 869

Summary - The one where Joe gets back at Jack but it backfires.


As soon as Joe walked into the flat you shared with Jack, you wondered if you made the right choice in agreeing to prank your boyfriend like this.

Basically, Joe was fed up with pranks Jack would pull on him, and he wanted revenge. So, he decided to do his own spin on the prank Caspar had done to him years ago, Girlfriend Pranks My Roommate.

Joe was to come over as he had some filming to do with Jack. He would ask Jack to get something from another room, and Joe would pretend to make a move on you while he was gone. Jack would then come in as Joe was making moves on you and… well, neither of you were sure what would happen after that. You were beginning to wonder if you wanted to find out.

So, Joe was now in the flat. He was already looking at you flirtatiously to see if he could start winding Jack up, but Jack was hardly noticing. You even wore leggings and a tight (and quite revealing) crop top of yours, but Jack was fixing lights and getting everything set up. “Mate,” Joe said. “Can you go get me a glass of water?” After teasing Joe for being lazy, Jack agreed and left the room to get a glass of water.

Joe then went on with the plan. He placed one hand on your thigh and used the other to brush your hair to one side of your face, exposing your neck to him. “How mad do you reckon he’ll be?” Joe laughed in your ear.

“I’m a little worried to find out,” you said honestly.

“It’s alright,” Joe said. “If he starts to flip shit, we’ll tell him it’s a prank right away.” You nodded just as you heard Jack’s footsteps start to get closer to the door. So, Joe placed his lips to your neck and began kissing it, moving to your jawline only to go back to your neck. You were biting your lip and had your eyes closed, pretending that you were into it when really your stomach was doing cartwheels. You knew Jack would never ever hurt you, but what if he was so mad that he didn’t forgive you? No, it was just a prank. Surely it would all be okay.

Your thoughts were broken up by Jack shouting, “What the hell are you doing?” Joe pulled away from you immediately and stood up from the chair.

“Mate, it’s not what it looks like,” Joe said. You were frozen to your chair. Part of you was keeping up with the act, but a bigger part of you didn’t need to act anymore. Jack’s face was red and he had his fists clenched at his sides. He looked from Joe to you and then back to Joe again.

“It looks like you’re necking my girlfriend!” Jack shouted. “What, I mean, how long-” He was so angry he could hardly form a coherent sentence. Just when you thought he was about to break, he turned and punched the wall, causing you to let out a startled shout and for Joe to even break character for a minute. “You’re a massive fucking dickhead.”

“Jack,” you said. He looked at you, his eyes angry but softening gently when he looked at you. “Jack, sweetheart, it’s a prank,” you said. You walked over to him and placed your hands on his arms, urging him to relax. “It’s just a prank.” Jack looked at Joe who had his hands up in self defense.

“There are cameras there and there,” he said, pointing to the cameras hidden in the room. “It’s just a prank. I would never do that.”

“What the hell are you pranking me for?” Jack asked, sounding now like he was halfway between laughing and crying.

“Just wanted to get back at you,” Joe said with a stressed smile. “I don’t reckon I’ll be uploading this though. Thought you were gonna fucking murder me.”

“I considered it,” Jack said, letting out a sound that crossed somewhere between a laugh and a sigh. “Fuck, you guys that was so horrible.”

“Sorry,” you said, your voice small with a smile to match it. Jack looked down at you and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him.

“Don’t do that to me again,” he said, kissing the top of your head. “And you,” he was looking at Joe now, “don’t ever do that to me again.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t planning on it,” Joe laughed. “I think I learned my lesson.”

“Fuck,” Jack sighed again. “I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

“Well, we can see what you did do,” you laughed, looking over at the hole that was now in the wall.

“Yeah well,” he said with a shrug, “better the wall than Suggy’s face.”

“I agree!” Joe said immediately. “Although, have fun explaining to Josh and Conor that you punched another hole in the wall.”

As Joe went to go briefly use the loo before filming the video for Jack’s channel, Jack turned to look at you. “Prank or not,” he said, a mischievous smirk on his face, “you are in for quite the punishment later.”

I’m a Survivor (Part 1)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – The reader is more of a scholar/lab rat (highly intelligent, knows something about everything and maybe a bit of a know-it-all). She prefers the shelter Stark Tower offers her rather than joining in on the action whenever there’s a new mission. Fury knows she once got beaten up pretty bad, even ended up in the hospital, and gives her a pass each and every time (the others don’t mind but are a bit disappointed). She has been on guard ever since, ashamed of her scarred body and counting her blessings ‘cause she’s still alive. But when she finds herself all alone in the tower yet again, she decides that something needs to be done and asks Bucky for some lessons in self-defense.

Warnings - Death, torture, and mentions of rape

Word Count – 1,340

Notes – The amazing Annelies @hellomissmabel​ gave me the idea for this fic (I used her suggestion for the summary).  I’m super excited to be working with her to create another Bucky x Reader series!  I’m taking this story down a darker path than I’ve done before, so I’m definitely interested in hearing what you guys think!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


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One Year Ago

“Director, Agent Davies and I are approaching the East Wing of the compound,” you whispered into the comm on your wrist as you and your partner cautiously approached the darkened corridor ahead of you.  “Have you and Agent Jefferson been able to run an infrared scan of the area?”

“Agent (Y/L/N),” Fury responded.  “We’re having some trouble getting the infrared to penetrate the walls of the building.  They seem to be reinforced with something that is blocking our scans.  You’re going to have to go in blind.”

“We’re already blind!” you hissed into the comm.  “They cut the power, and we have no infrared.  Do you really want me and Agent Davies to go in alone?”

“I’ve got a team heading your way,” Fury informed you.  “ETA, five minutes.”

“You’re the boss,” you snapped, moving your hand to better grasp your assault rifle as you motioned for your partner to lead the way.

You and Agent Davies quietly crept through the dark, straining to hear any sound that would indicate that you weren’t alone.  So far, you hadn’t heard or seen anything.  This seemed way too easy.

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The School Play (Daveed x Reader)

A/N: I have been facing writers block and a lack of motivation. This isn’t the best but I feel kinda okay about it so I hope you enjoy! Also im gonna try to upload weekly, so make sure to send me requests and again sorry if it sucks its 3 am lol

TW: bad words…idk if there’s anything else but if there is let me know!

W/C: 945

You had always been a pretty shy and reserved person. The only time that wasn’t entirely true was when you were around your best friend, Daveed Diggs. He always brought the most courageous side out of you. He had gotten you to do some crazy things in the past, but this had been the craziest thing by far. He made you audition for a play with him, and here was the craziest part: you two got important roles. Not only did you get big roles, but your characters had to kiss.

Now, this wouldn’t really be too big of a problem if it wasn’t for a few issues.

1.)  You had never had your first kiss.

2.)  You had always had this tiny inkling of a crush on Daveed because, I mean, look at him.

Daveed was absolutely gorgeous. His pearly white smile could light up all of New York City. His soft curls seemed to go on for miles. His laugh and voice sounded like music to your ears. He was everything you wanted in a boyfriend. It’s not that you thought you were ugly; you knew you were beautiful. The problem was that every girl in school had a crush on Daveed, and you had watched every single girl swoon over him while he just shrugged them off. You two had become very close, and you became his confidant when it came to relationships, not that he had been in many to begin with. He would go on a few dates, but he never really stayed with a girl for too long which you never understood…

The rehearsals for the play had been going on for weeks, but you hadn’t kissed Daveed yet as your director had told you to just skip it. It was now opening night, and you were in your costume waiting for the play to start, visibly freaking out. You loved acting and theater so being front of an audience wasn’t a problem for you. The problem was that you were about to have your first kiss in front of an audience with your best friend who you couldn’t let yourself have feelings for because he’d never feel the same way.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…” you mumbled under your breath, as you paced around backstage.

You suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder and turned to see Daveed, smiling at you.

“Are you ready?”

“Me? Ready? Of course not.” He laughed at your response and you fought the urge to kiss him right there on the spot.

“Daveed, there’s a problem.” You said, staring at the ground.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing as his eyes filled with concern.

“Okay, look. This is a little embarrassing but I haven’t exactly had my first kiss yet…” you responded, still facing the ground.


“Wow?” you asked, slightly offended.

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that in a bad way… it’s just that… I can’t believe you haven’t had your first kiss yet.”

“Well, you better believe it because it’s true and now I’m terrified because I don’t want my first kiss to be so public.”

Daveed thought for a second until his face lit up when he thought of something. He carefully looked around to make sure no one was around and then put your hands in his. You looked up at him, confused.

“Okay consider this: what if I kissed you right now? Your first kiss would be with someone you trust, and it wouldn’t be in front of a hundred people.” He said, searching your face for a reaction.

“I don’t know, Daveed… I don’t want to make you kiss me more than you have to…”

“God, (Y/N), you really are oblivious.” You whipped your head up to look at him.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve literally liked you since kindergarten. I’ve spent all of this time pining over you, and you have just refused to notice it. Why do you think I haven’t ever had more than 3 dates with a girl? Why do you think I asked you to audition for this play with me? (Y/N)… I have known from the moment I met you that first day in kindergarten that you’re special, which I’m now realizing sounds super lame and cliché but oh well. You’re beautiful and smart and funny and charming and talented and I know you might not feel the same way, but I just had to get this off my chest.”

You had to take a second to process what he said because he had raced through all of it.

“So you’re telling me… I could have had my first kiss forever ago?”  Daveed rolled his eyes at you and smiled.

“I confess my love for you, and you’re worried about that?”

He held your chin up with his hand and moved closer to you slowly until his lips ghosted over yours. He slowly started pressing his lips harder against yours and your lips moved in sync as if you had done this with him before. He pulled away, but kept his forehead against yours.

“How’d I do for my first time, D?” you said your eyes still closed as you breathed in his scent.

“You could use some work,” he said, causing your eyes to widen and you started to get angry. Before you could punch him, he continued, “I guess I’ll have to give you some private lessons.” He finished, smirking.

“Do I recall that you said you confessed your love?” you said with a shit-eating grin.

Suddenly, Daveed’s cheeks heated up, and he was lost for words.

“I love you, too, Diggs” you smiled, intertwining your fingers with his.

Dorwinion Dessert - Thranduil x Reader

This is a Thranduil x Reader one-shot inspired by a dirty Thranduil confession from the thranduilconfessions.tumblr blog. 


This is just for fun, pure and shameless smut, NSFW, PWP, Thrandy being really naughty and horny …. you know the King of Smirkwood. So here is your „Dorwinion Dessert“, served steamy and hot, bon appétit :)!

The following confession inspired me to write this fanfic:
„I want to be one of Thranduil’s servant girls, and one day, when he’s feeling exceptionally horny, he’ll take me to his wine cellar and fuck me senseless against the barrels, whispering „You’re mine now…“.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thranduil (unfortunately), nor any of the other characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.

You can find this now also on AO3. If you happen to stop by and leave me kudos that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all :)!

Second Servings of Dorwinion Dessert are now also ready, served and uploaded. It is the follow-up to this if you want to read more about dirty Thranduil ;).

                                        Dorwinion Dessert

It was well past midnight and your duty should have ended a long time ago when you found yourself still carrying trays and putting away goblets from the lavish feast Thranduil had held tonight. You were surprised his wine cellar still held so many more barrels after all that had been consumed by him and his distinguished guests. It was an incessant stream of servants making sure that there was a constant flow of delicious food and sweet Dorwinion wine so Thranduil’s banquet would live up to its usual style.
You were of course not allowed to participate in any of these festivities, after all you were just a servant, but although you sometimes envied these illustrious guests, you did not really wish to partake. You wouldn’t admit it to yourself but you had only eyes for the king. You had thrown Thranduil probably more covert looks than what was considered appropriate. But he never seemed to notice your presence anyway, so after a while you barely made an effort to disguise your lingering looks.

Finally the singing and chatting upstairs had died away and as everything fell silent you busied yourself with the last remnants of the banquet before retiring to your well earned sleep. As you cleared the tables you made sure to wipe carefully around the motionless bodies of the guards who have had seemingly as much to drink as all the guests of the banquet together when suddenly you heard determined footsteps approaching. You sighed and without looking up from your work you said: „Don’t tell me you are coming for more things to take upstairs. Hasn’t the king had enough?“

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My only Sunshine

Heeey, who would’ve thought that I would finally upload a new imagine c’: I was just listening to k-pop again today for the first time in forever and suddenly felt the urge to write.. so I thought why not finish an imagine I had started to write long ago? I hope this isn’t as bad as I’m thinking and that my writing is at least not getting bad c:

Hospitals have always been creepy to you. Having to sit in an almost empty room all day long because no one came to visit. Hearing a pair of feet walking down the long hallways at night, hearing children cry for their parents or patients moan in pain. It has always been hell for you having to go there.

So here you were once again, but this time not because of a broken hand or the flu, luckily. The last time you had the flu, you couldn’t walk on your own for two days because you feet couldn’t even carry your weight. This time you weren’t here because you were ill, no. This time it was your boyfriend, Andy.

Honestly, it was no surprise to you that he was now in a hospital. All of the touring from one country to another had to have its disadvantages at some point. It’s been a week since he’s been in the hospital because of pneumonia. He looked awful and his voice was deeper than it ever was. He almost sounded like an old man with a deep , scratchy voice.

With a quiet squeak, you opened the door to Andy’s room. He was already sitting on his bed, waiting for you with a big grin and after you quickly sneaked inside, he already crushed you in a big hug. “There you are, clumsy”, he chuckled, his deep voice only making you blush even though it sounded kind of weird. That’s the effect he had on you even after all those years. “Hello, handsome”, you giggled quietly, “How are you feeling?”

It was like those words caused him to slightly sway and take a few small steps backwards quickly. Your gaze softened and worry was written all over your face.

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Meet Uncle Andy (Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides)

Word Count: 1,409


How could you forget that today you’d promised your brother that you’d spend the day with your niece y/nieces/n. He had just dropped her off when you realised that you’d also promised your boyfriend Andy that the two of you would spend the day alone since he’d just come back from tour. Now you had an energetic two year old sitting in front of your TV watching cartoons as you tried to get in touch with Andy.

You then hear the front door unlock and you assume it’s Andy because he has a key for your place and vice versa.

‘God I’ve missed you y/n.’

He walks over to you and leans over the sofa to kiss you on the lips unaware of the two year old staring at him. You pull away and point next to you, only then do Andy’s eyes widen as your niece giggles at him.

‘Aunty y/n kiss kiss.’

Andy shoots you a confused look.

‘Err y/n why is there a child on your sofa?’

‘I forgot I promised my brother like a month ago that I would watch her for the day while he’s at work. I tried to ring you but you were already here.’

Andy nods while your niece crawls onto your lap and stares at Andy with her large blue eyes that were a similar colour to Andy’s. She nuzzles her face into your shoulder suddenly shy; you smirk and point at Andy.

‘y/niece/n this is uncle Andy, he’s my boyfriend and I love him very much. Say hello.’

She pokes her head out and waves at Andy who smiles and waves back before coming around the sofa to crouch down so he was at her height.

‘It’s very nice to meet you y/niece/n. Looks like we’re spending the day together.’

‘Andy you don’t have to spend the day, I mean if you have other things to do I’ll understand. She doesn’t really like new people.’

Andy shushes you causing y/niece/n to giggle and squirm out of your grasp; she makes a motion with her hands at Andy that she wants picking up. For a second he looks surprised before he relaxes and scoops her up into his arms.

‘I happen to get all the ladies falling at my feet y/niece/n. Now what do you want to do today?’

‘Park please uncle Andy.’

You couldn’t help but feel warm when she openly called Andy uncle Andy, normally she was shy around new people but she seemed interested in Andy as he was a big part of my life. You also loved how well Andy was around her, he was being gentle and keeping her occupied which was a hard thing to do. He would make a great dad one day.

‘The park it is my lady. Come woman to the park we go.’

You roll your eyes when Andy calls you woman, even though when he said it you couldn’t help but feel slightly turned on. Why did he have to have one of the god damm sexiest voices in the whole world, he knew it and relished using it against you.

‘Park y/n.’

You raise your hands in surrender and get up off the sofa. You tickle your niece before fetching her shoes and coat which Andy helps her with. This was a whole new side you were seeing of your boyfriend and you kind of liked it.


y/niece/n was the cutest child in existence, she had eyes as blue as me which was rare and her smile and giggle were contagious. She had warmed to me pretty quickly which y/n said was rare because she didn’t really like meeting new people, but when she called me uncle Andy I think my heart melted in my chest.

At the park y/niece/n ran off towards the swings with y/n chasing after her pretending to be a tickle monster. The two of us were at that stage in the relationship where we wanted to take things more seriously but we never had a real reason to, also we were both very good at turning on the other person and having hot random sex all over the place. Seeing y/n play with her niece and how protective she got was a side I’d never seen before. I knew she wanted children one day but was scared that she was too immature to be a good mum. But seeing her today showed me that she would be an amazing mum one day, maybe to our children.

‘Uncle Andy come push us.’

y/niece/n snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw that both y/n and y/niece/n were sat on one of the swings with y/n holding the squirming child securely on her lap.

‘Yeah uncle Andy come and push us.’

I shot y/n an ‘are you serious?’ look and she grinned back at me before nodding her head, it was made ten times cuter by the fact that y/niece/n started copying her. I extinguished the cigarette I’d been smoking and walked over to my two lovely ladies.

‘Is that all I’m here for, to be both of your slaves?’

‘Don’t pout Andy or your face might freeze that way. Then again only you can make a pout sexy.’

I shot y/n a cocky smile before standing behind the pair and started to push the swing. y/niece/n squealed and laughed as if she was having the time of her life. Oh to be young and carefree, those were the good old days when the smallest of things could make you smile.

‘Okay enough now it’s my turn to be pushed.’

y/n groaned before swapping places with me so that I held y/niece/n on my lap.

‘Damm your fat ass Andy I can’t push you.’

‘You know you love my ass babe.’

I lean my face back and y/n pecks me on the lips. If anyone was to walk past us we could possibly pass as a family.


After the park you all got ice cream and then Andy tried to get y/niece/n into batman, he was 50% there when she started nodding off on his lap. When you come back from the kitchen Andy puts a finger to his lip to silence you, only then you notice y/niece/n curled up against him sleeping peacefully. You couldn’t help but get your phone out and take a picture and upload it online, you had never seen a more adorable sight.

You were interrupted by a knock on the door, it was your brother and you ushered him in and pointed to the sofa. He looked between Andy, y/niece/n and you before speaking in a low voice.

‘I thought she didn’t like new people y/n.’

You shrug your shoulders.

‘She really loves her uncle Andy and I think he’s fallen in love with her.’

You brother nods and walks over to the sofa, Andy reluctantly hands the sleeping child back over but not before whispering goodbye and kissing her on the forehead. He’d only know her a day but he was attached, she did have a way of wrapping everyone around her little finger.

Once your brother and your niece left you slumped onto the sofa next to Andy and he opened his arms so you could snuggle against him. He lazily plays with your hair as you continue to watch Batman.

‘You were great with y/niece/n today babe. I think she really likes you.’

‘She’s a great kid and funny to.’

He bends down and kisses your head. You gaze up at him and he smiles down at you lovingly.

‘You will be a great mum one day y/n. You shouldn’t doubt yourself; I’ve never seen someone so natural around children before. Plus I think we’ll be great parents one day.’

Did Andy want to have kids with you? Well you both wanted to take your relationship further, but maybe a proposal and then marriage before you even thought about children.

‘You’ve got to put a ring on it first Biersack. I’m not going to pop children out left right and centre.’

You poke his chest playfully before yelping as he stands up and scoops you into his arms bridal style. A mischievous smile plays on his lips and you know exactly what to expect.

‘Let’s make a baby y/n.’

You can’t help but laugh and roll your eyes as he carries you to the bedroom; you’d never seen him this determined before.

Pretty Bird Pt. 15 (Yoongi)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: 4.721

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: I am really sorry I made you wait this long. Enjoy! Please come and tell me what you think about this chapter once you finish, becase I am kind of nervous about it! ;) Huge thanks to @morninglightdreams for her editing :)

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‘So…’ You started saying, eager to start moving. You were freezing. ‘We should get going.’

‘Yes, we should. ’He offered you his hand. You knew it was part of the farce, but still your heart missed a beat when you extended yours and felt his soft touch. ‘Are you ready?’

You sighed loudly, and he smiled sadly.

‘Don’t worry, I am not ready either.’

The paparazzi followed you from the beginning, walking slowly behind you at a distance no one would have ever considered ‘discreet’.

As you crossed the square before the mall, you could see their flashes, blinking shamelessly in the distance. As you had imagined, it made you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Your every move was being followed, every expression scrutinized. But that was the reason you were there after all. It wasn’t for your own leisure. It was not a date.

It was not real.

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