made this a while ago but never uploaded it


A little video I made a little while ago.
The main reason why my followers and subscribers blew up drastically.
I’m not complaining😉
I never uploaded it to Tumblr.
So here it is with some changes I made do to popular demand!
#stevenuniverse #garnet #Amethyst #pearl #animation #artwork

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In honor of Monty’s passing, I’ve decided to upload these RWBY backgrounds I made a while ago. 

Thank you, Monty, for everything you gave us in your short time here. You are an inspiration to us all and will continue to be an inspiration for years to come. You will always be missed and never be forgotten. 

Rest in peace, Monty Oum. 


So I know I’ve been practically dead on here for a long time, but I’ve had all sorts of stuff that has burned me out from art for a while. I wanna come back and start uploading stuff again, so here are some potential Pokémon wallpaper type things I made a few months ago but never uploaded anywhere, made in a sort of minimalist or simplified style that uses a maximum of 4 colors, plus 1 background color.

There’s also this Poké-League thing that’s starting soon on Tumblr that I plan on trying to participate in, so more Pokémon stuff in the future from me is very likely…


Sketchbook Archive: Blue Book #2

So, basically I finished this sketchbook. I uploaded these photos a little while ago but was waiting for the right time to post the draft but hey, eh, you know me. Never the right time and always the right time. I am just in love with this particular size and spiral and paper and brand. I have bought a third one and for blessed sake, I am going to stop after this one. I have always made my own books, but sometimes buying them works out better for me considering they aren’t as precious. Honestly, I would rather spend $7 on a book that works than 7 hours on a book that is so great I can’t even think about putting a mark in it!

Each one sort of had it’s own theme after a while. I still use the first one for “starter” prompts, photocopies, zine stuff, and even flipbooks. I will continue this little phase, because my whole life is made of phases and I gotta just ride the art wave. Groove on, right? Started in the beginning of the year, and finished up the pages with some Spring things- I am moving on to summer. I have only done about 2 pages in the new one, but I will post soon! 

Do you wanna forge the x-blade?
Were not whole just
two parts
Lets go start the keyblade war
Open the door
to reveal kingdom hearts
We used to be one person.
And now we’re not
I wish to be one with you
Do you wanna forge the x-blade?
I know you want to forge the x-blade.

Leave me alone, Vani.

Ill be back.

Do you wanna forge the x-blade?
Would you rather be forced
I think that some fighting is overdue
I’ve started taking it out on the dumb unversed
It gets a little lonely
All these abandoned keys
Just watching the hours tick by
(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)

Please, I know you hate me
All your friends are so useless
They say that they have friendship, its just a weakness
Every one of them’s a nuisance
We only have each other
It’s just you and me
Your all going to lose
Do you wanna forge the x-blade?

made this a long while ago but never uploaded it so here it is

Think I got myself in trouble
So I fill the bath with bubbles
Then I’ll put the towels all away
Should’ve never said the word “love”
Threw a toaster in the bathtub
I’m sick of all the games I have to play

I made this a while ago but never uploaded it, so here ya go! It’s avaliable in both my redbubble store and society6 store! :)