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Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Acts of Service

Newt never said outright that he expected you to help him take care of his creatures. In fact, he had pretty much been quite used to handling the task on his own without any prompting of another unless need be. But you, being his significant other, simply assumed that that’s what he wanted. It just made sense.

You had assisted him plenty of times before you decided to initiate a romance. Why should dating change any of this?

If given some thought, you’d assume that it would be due to the fact that as friends, you had the decision of leaving for your own living space at really any given time. But once two people decide to commit themselves to each other, your life potentially becomes theirs and vice-versa. This meant taking on the other half’s circumstances as well, be it adjusting to their work hours, helping them deal with less than pleasant relatives, or helping them get through the monthly rent.

With Newt, it just so happened that his circumstances included caring for a suitcase packed with stigmatized beasts and assuring their health and security.

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Thinking of you vol. 2 (Charles Xavier x reader)

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Uwah, finally got to do it! Sorry people for such a delay but life doesn’t seem to give up on making me upset and busy all the time. I got pretty carried away with this one so I hope you won’t get bored somewhere in the middle ;) Happy reading, lovelies! I really do hope you will all enjoy some Charles’ love ^^

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Warning: nfsw, language, smuuuut

Rating: M

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