made these with kenny in mind

a k2 comic i made (that i didnt finish bc college and shop ;;) where kyle caught up in an accident and got selective amnesia and cant remember kenny (bc you know when kenny as mysterion said kyle is the smartest kid in their class)

now i need a fic of this im crying ;;;;~:;;; i need more k2 angst

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What if Jack and Kent bought Kitt together!!! Soft boifriend kitten times


Kent’s eyes were wide, a little watery as he clutched the fuzzy bundle to his chest.  “Jack.  Look at her.  Look.  At.  Her.”

“I am looking at her,” Jack said, his tone wary.  “That is not a cat.  That’s…I don’t even know what.  Possibly a goblin.”

Kent stroked her fur, the rumbling of her purrs against his chest.  “She can hear you, Zimms.  And she’s perfect, okay?  She just needs some TLC.”

Jack lifted an eyebrow at Kent, but the look on his face made it fairly clear there would be no changing his mind.  “I don’t think this is what Jeff had in mind when he said to visit the shelter.”

Kent sighed.  “Look, Zimms.  If we don’t love her, who will?”  There was a tone in his voice Jack recognised, and it made his heart ache a little.  

He stepped closer to Kent, ignoring the slight growl of the goblin cat, and put his arm round Kent’s waist.  He nosed against his temple, and sighed as he looked down at the little monster in his boyfriend’s arms.  “Okay, let’s take her home.”

“Yeah?” Kent asked with a grin.

Jack laughed.  “Yeah.”


Jack pressed his fingers to his mouth, trying desperately not to laugh at the cat, who looked about three sizes smaller since the shave.  The groomer told them the only way to manage the mats was to shave them off, so it left the fluffy thing with fuzzy paws, a floofy tail, and a puffy mane.

“Jesus,” Kent said, shaking his head as she curled up at the base of the new cat tree they’d just bought.  “It grows back, right?”

Jack snorted as he tucked Kent into his side.  “Yeah, Kenny.  It grows back.”  He bit his cheek to keep from laughing as the cat turned her face, glowering at the pair of them.  “Face only a mother could love, eh?”

Kent wrinkled his nose.  “Just for that, I’m fucking naming her after me.”

Jack stared.  “What, Kenny?”

“Kit.  Purrson.”

“Oh my god,” Jack muttered, but it was endearing.  The way Kent loved, unrestrained and fierce, was a lot sometimes.  But Jack understood him better than anyone, better than he understood himself.  And he knew why Kent had become attached to the creature grooming what little hair she had left on her paw.

“I love it,” Jack said after a minute.

Kent looked at him, a little surprised, and let out a small gasp when Kit suddenly rose, padded over, and hopped onto his lap.  His eyes went a little watery as he buried his fingers in the fur of her mane, and he leant against Jack with a happy sigh.  “I fucking love her.”

Jack grinned and leant his head on Kent’s shoulder.  “I know.”

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Got any k2 fanfic recs?

i have a really old fic rec i made back in the day (keep in mind this list is super old lol) and unfortunately i haven’t read as many k2 fics recently as i would have liked to, but here are some really good ones:

• Mysterion Trilogy - indirectkissesiniceland

     Four years of college didn’t get Kyle any closer to figuring out what he wants to do with his life, but his friend Jimmy pulls through for him with an opening in the newspaper office where he works. Newbies have never been known to get glamorous work, of course, and Kyle’s first assignment proves it: a filler piece on a costumed vigilante calling himself “Mysterion.” When a dangerous situation brings him face-to-face with the hero himself, however, Kyle—and the growing number of readers his articles on the friendly neighborhood superhero bring in—seeks the answer to a question that burns within him: Who is Mysterion?

Gold Digger indirectkissesiniceland

     When Kenny flunks out of Home Ec, his female classmates tease him about not having what it takes to “find a nice, rich man to marry.” Well, he’s going to show them. Everybody knows their future valedictorian comes from one of South Park’s wealthiest families and will make his own fortune as a successful lawyer one day. Seducing him will prove that Kenny isn’t a Home Ec failure. He’ll be a trophy husband if it kills him (and it probably will, at least once).

Required Reading - indirectkissesiniceland    

     Kenny is not particularly excited about going to the library until he lays eyes on the cute redhead at the librarian’s desk. Stan begs him not to tell said librarian that he’d like to check *him* out. Kenny doesn’t listen. 

Lionheart - indirectkissesiniceland 

     The war between Humans and Elves is over, but not without its bloodshed. Boyhood lost too soon, the Elven prince assumes the throne in the wake of his departed parents; the Wizard, former royal vizier to the Humans’ kingdom, rules in the stead of the young heir. But the Princess is coming of age, and the Wizard’s rule is coming to an end. In theory, that is.

i also have a ton of fics favorited on my account that aren’t on my other k2 fic rec. i haven’t read them recently enough to remember if they’re good or not, but if u want i can compile a list of those~

“The Gambler” by Johnny Cash (Kenny Rogers cover)

About 20 years ago, on a train bound for nowhere,
I met up with The Gambler, We were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a starin’ through the window at the darkness.
Til’ boredom overtook us and he commenced to speak.

He said: “Son, I’ve made a life out of readin’ people’s faces,
"And knowin’ what their cards were, by the way they held their eyes.
"And if you don’t mind my sayin’, I would say you’re out of aces,
"And for one taste of your whiskey, I will give you some advice.”

So I handed him my bottle, and he drank down my last swallow.
Then he bummed a cigarette, then he bummed a light.
The night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression.
He said: “If you’re gonna play the game, boy, you better learn to play it right.”

“‘Cos ev'ry gambler knows that the secret to survival,
"Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep.
"And every hand’s a winner, just like every hand’s a loser.
"And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

Saturday Night Game Tunes

Shade Comes From Mind Reading, Darling | Pearlet/Jalaska/Trixya/Biadore | Ramona


-holy fucking shit this took so long to write i started in like february lmao

-i made an author blog bc thts what the cool kids are doing so hmu on artificialramona

-someone called kenny pops up in this fic a bit, he’s jinkx’s best friend/tour manager/general tiny bean. he’s the one who keeps appearing on courtney and adore’s snapchat n arm wrestled violet

-god bless kiwi for beta-ing this fic n being me pearlet data base ilu bb

-this is dedicated to cheshire because i am a horrible person n they wanted to collab on my witchcraft idea but then i just wrote it on my own n i will literally die feeling bad about it

-i worked bloody hard on this i deserve a ridiculously long author’s note


“It was just a general psychic thing, nothing specific. I don’t understand why it’s only certain thoughts,” Jerick explains, “it’s like my narrator got sloppy with their plotline or something.”

warnings: drug/smoking mentions in the chapters “oops” and “shit gets weird.” i tried to do the most tasteful pearlet smut i could in the chapter “accidental voyeurism isn’t as funny as it sounds.” alcohol consumption in the chapters “american horror story: brian mccook” and “another layer on the crazy cake” and mentions throughout.

fic drinking game: take a shot every time jinkx is referred to as “the redhead.“ word count: 13.4k

•song inspo for the pairings•

Pearl and Violet // Me vs Maradonna vs Elvis by Brand New

Adore and Bianca // Somebody Else by The 1975

Trixie and Katya // Wicked Little Town and its reprise from Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Jinkx and Pearl friendship // Comfort by Basement

Jinkx and Alaska // The Only Exception by Paramore

“i hate the wittiness and ability to evoke distress in me ramona withholds and i am planning on sabotaging both in the future. i hate ramona. god, i hope ramona dies. i hope i die.” -kiwi


Right At The Very Beginning (A Very Good Place To Start).

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I seem to remember a red head was in your life at one point? Sawyer? Yes I do believe that was her name. Oh and one handsome devil whom name started with A. Am I ringing any bells or has that naga tail made your mind shrink and ego grow. -A

Uhmmm, I have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry!

OOC: You must be thinking of the Kenneth that exists in a different universe/timeline–the human one, Kenneth Brooks. Sawyer and that oh-so-mysterious character who begins with an “A” are still around, although Sawyer is no longer Kenny’s canon girlfriend; Hill and Kenny are actually together now. Please forgive this particular Kenny for not remembering any of that, since he never actually experienced it. XD

So Kenny Hamilton has been on my mind since this post last night.  Somehow who he is and what his connections were never made it on to my radar, but I knew I had seen him with Niall before. 

After some googling I found that Kenny and Scooter Braun have been working together since 2002 when Kenny was a Radio DJ and promoter in Atlanta and Scooter was also working as a promoter.  From there he worked with Scooter and Bieber as Justin’s security guard and road manager.  He is still really really tight with Scooter and Bieber but currently he is the Director of Influence Marketing at Beats Music and is a partner in the H.wood group.  The H.wood group of course own Bootsy Bellows and Kenny is in charge of the entertainment/music/celebrity side of the business.

Kenny has been publicly hanging out with Niall a lot lately, including last night when he went to the show.

At the 5th night of the London shows where he only tags Niall in his tweet and then has Niall in the background and makes sure to tag just him.

And this photo also from Night 5 of the London shows, where he once again refers to them all but only tags Niall.

And then there is this from last week.

Then I went back further and found that he was at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party, which makes sense since it was at Bootsy Bellow’s, but it immediately made my brain jump to Azoff because of course it did.

And a little further back and I found this, which is of course the party Harry was at on the Fourth of July, and was of course a Bootsy Bellows party.

What does any of this mean, does it mean anything at all? I have no clue.  But I am so intrigued by the connections that keep happening between Scooter and his people and One Direction.