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Do you have any favourite fics or writers you recommend?

i’ve read so many fics during my time on the hamilton side of tumblr, i could never fit them all into a list especially my favorites. but i can definitely recommend some writers. here are my top ten faves :))

1. @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou aka my bestie

her fics are just absolutely amazing and well written. she was one of the first accounts i followed and became friends with upon starting my own account and writing my fics. she was the account that inspired me to start writing headcanons because her’s are phenomenal and always so well written. her burr fics are exceptional as well. seriously everyone go check out my bestie i love her she deserves more love 

2. @secretschuylersister

she was actually the account that made me start writing my own fics! i began to read hamilton fics, mostly from her account, and i fell in love with the idea of writing them. she’s one of the main reasons as to why my account exists lmao. but overall, her fics are so amazing and creative, she’s an overall talented as hell writer.

3. @love-doesnt-discriminate

definitely another writer who inspired me to write fics of my own. i swear, i spent one night stalking her whole masterlist but we’re not going to discuss that. i know i sound so repetitive but trust me, her writings are so so good check her out!

4. @timeforhamilton

i originally read her alexander fic and i fell in love with her style of writing. she writes all types of hamilton fic so if you ever want an account with a wide variety of fics, go check her account out.

5. @hamilton4laurens

one of the sweetest people ever and deserves more love for her fics because they’re amazing. that’s it. that’s all you need to know.

6. @hamilbye 

she somehow puts up with me messaging her random shit and i just love love love her fics. my descriptions are starting to run brief but i promise i love each and every one of these user’s and their fics 

7. @gunsandfics

cutest bean ever, one of the nicest users ever, and has outstanding fics. do i need to say more?

8. @fragmentofmymind

another user that inspires me greatly! although she’s much older then me and obviously has more writing experience, i challenge myself to reach her level of writing. i love every single one of her fics. read them and trust me, you won’t regret it.

9. @hamilton-noodles 

really appreciates more love honestly. like read her masterlist and you’ll understand. also i got shipped with her and i flipped my shit okay bye

10. @elizabethschxyler

she writes amazing pippa and lin fics. she’s also a sweetie pie. that’s really all you need to know because i’m sure you’re convinced now. 

Lost... (Part 1) [Lafayette x Reader]

Characters: Lafayette x Reader (eventually- in the next part), Charles Lee

Length: 902+ words

TW: Depression / Cheating / Heart attack 

A/N: This’ll have 2 parts! I’m really excited for this one actually. I mixed two requests (I hope you guys don’t mind!) for this, and I was given this burst of inspiration when I was at a coffee house. I was supporting my bestie (bc she sings like a freaking GODDESS), and she sang one of our songs, and it struck me how much I needed to write about that song! I can’t reveal the song yet, bc it’s actually for the next part, but I’m reals excited for this! I legit hugged her after her performance, and left- going home to write this freaking fic. Anyways, enough of me rambling. Here’s Part 1! 

(Part 1)     (Part 2)

Gilbert made his way to the bar he’d grown accustomed to. It was karaoke night on Wednesday, and he never failed to come on that day, every week, just to see one performer. He made eye contact with you, and you smiled back with a little less enthusiasm he had associated with you. Most songs you performed were always upbeat, and never failed to make him smile, but there something different about the way you carried yourself that night. And Gilbert was the first to notice. He had met you a few months ago, in this very bar. He worked up the nerve to say hello, and compliment you on your singing, and the both of you got into talking. He wasn’t surprised that the both of you went to the same university, seeing as this was the closest bar to the school. You were a year younger than him, and in a different program than him. It was rare that the two of you saw each other on campus, so these weekly meetings were something the both of you looked forward to. Gilbert brought his friends to watch you, and you were more than familiar with the gang.   

With the first strum of your guitar, Gilbert knew there was something very wrong. 

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Swooshy swoosh and I have no idea which way the wind is actually suppose to be blowing in this drawing lol.

Another one of my more serious peices. It was only gonna stay a sketch, but a besty of mine kept twisting my arm to color it. I’m gangsta but she knows I’m secretly made of jello.

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yususke Murata

Drawing © anjelzjelly129

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omg, don't know if you are still doing five canon or whatever that prompt was, but Darcy as daredevil! But everybody else stays in their canon superhero role

Okay I’ve been talking about Daredevil a lot this week so whoops, double-headcanons again. >_> 

  • “Them Lewis girls got the devil in ‘em.” 
  • Nelson and Lewis, avocados at law. No I will never get over avocados at law, not ever. Although they wouldn’t have been dormmates, of course, they probably just got put on a long-term project together and–actually, no, that’s boring, fuck that. Someone fucked up some clerical work somewhere and “Lewis Darcy” got shunted onto a guy’s floor in one of the co-ed dorms and ended up with Foggy, who tripped over himself a couple times and then they made besties and decided to wait and see how long it took the school to notice they’d fucked up. Spoiler: the school never noticed and they were roommates 5ever. 
  • Also, Darcy totally tells Foggy she has superpowers. Darcy has a BFF, of course her BFF is going to know she has superpowers! Who else is going to cover for her when shit goes down and help her fuck with people for party tricks COME ON NOW.  
  • “How do you get your lipstick that perfect every time,” Marci marvels incredulously. How do you walk in those heels.” Darcy blows smug kisses in her general direction. 
  • Darcy saves Karen. Darcy accidentally keeps Karen. Darcy actually knows how to fucking text Karen without completely ignoring her every time shit goes down, and Foggy knows when to pretend he got a text. Darcy gets dragged out of a dumpster by Claire. Darcy gets taught exciting new places to stab a guy, which just shows that you never stop learning! Also, meeting new people is awesome. 
  • “No seriously, how do you get your lipstick that perfect.” 
  • Darcy is maybe Catholic but Darcy is not as religious or as moral as Matt Murdock, and murdering Wilson Fisk is actually sounding like a pretty valid way to handle this situation. Unfortunately, that’s going to require finding him first. Which is … not going well, still. 
  • The asset is going through Hell’s Kitchen on his way to Brooklyn because Bucky Barnes was from Brooklyn and he’s almost sure he’s Bucky Barnes, or Bucky Barnes was him? Or Bucky Barnes is a defunct cover identity, but he didn’t think he’d ever been used like that, he’s not that independently functional in the field–is he? The mission–the captain–said the asset was his friend. He doesn’t know what that means. He needs to know what that means. 
  • And then he hears the unmistakable sound of a fight down an alley, one of several larger people versus one smaller one, and that … that is something Bucky Barnes remembers. 
  • Darcy Lewis doesn’t watch the news, obviously, but she listens to it. This guy’s arm sounds weird as fuck and it’s a weird sound she’s heard, faint and barely-audible on the newscasts out of DC and the shaky cell phone videos they played for two weeks straight after SHIELD went down. He moves like he’s trying to fucking kill somebody, and she damn sure hears the bones break when he goes after the guys going after her. She kind of appreciates it, honestly, and she’s feeling a lot more “lapsed” than “Catholic” right now.