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If you think I won’t scroll through 3000 notes just to look at the tags you put on my posts, you really underestimate your importance and how a cute tag can make my day 100 times better

You might think you don’t matter in this world, but because of you someone has a favourite mug to drink their tea out of each morning that you bought them. Someone hears a song on the radio and it reminds them of you. Someone has read a book you recommended to them and gotten lost in it’s pages. Someone’s remembered a joke you told them and smiled to themselves on the bus. Someone’s tried on a top and felt beautiful because you complimented them on it. Someone has a memory that makes them grin that involves you. Someone now likes themselves that little bit more because you made a passing comment that made them feel good. Never think you don’t have an impact, your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you’ve left behind 

5 kind things you could do today:
  • listen. listening is probably one of the most basic skills that we have acquired ever since. unfortunately, as we grow older, we tend to overlook the importance of listening and instead, most of us choose to talk, talk, and talk. thus this time, i challenge you to listen to someone. just listen. give them time to explain their side. listen to someone talk about their passion, their life, their love because remember: it is through listening that you will learn so much from people.
  • appreciate. this is one of the easiest thing to do because you literally don’t have to spend a lot of your time, energy, or money. the only thing you have to do is to compliment someone. tell someone you like their outfit, their makeup, their eyes. tell someone they chose the perfect color to match their hair. compliment someone because they deserve it and compliments are meant to be shared anyway. you will never know how important these comments are to certain people.
  • give out. it does not have to be something that costs you so much money or effort! it could be anything! a little note to cheer someone up! a short text message to make someone feel loved, an anonymous letter to someone who might need it. or you might even want to give out some wild flowers to someone who would like it. at the end of the day, it’s the thought that you made someone feel like they matter that counts! and that’s more than enough!
  • thank. if someone was extra nice to you today, thank them! thank your friends for sticking up with your crap. thank the adults who helped you grow. thank the little people- the security guard, the cafeteria lady, the bartender, the barista, the faculty of your school or your office. thank the people who deserve to be thanked. thank everyone who shaped you to become the person that you are right now.
  • offer. offering help to someone is literally one of the most precious, genuine, and heartwarming thing that you could ever do! you will never know how much they would need it since there are some who are not very vocal about their burdens! sometimes, all they need is a little nudge and a helping hand to speak up! bonus part: the person you help could also possibly help you in the future (not that you’re doing this for someone to owe you something).

In ‘I Need U’ Jin in is in a deeply dream where he can see all members. All of them represents his alter egos or emotions. All of them are happy and having good times but nothing last forever.

In ‘RUN’ we can see how Jin is acting weird, he’s starting notice that nothing is real.

In ‘AWAKE’ (the short film) he awakes, while he’s walking in the place where he is we can see some stuff that appears in the other short films. He made that stuff to feel them in real life, to not to feel alone. It was not enough so, he dreams again to see them.

In ‘BS&T’ the scene when V cover the eyes of Jin is because he knew that Jin was going to leave them but he doesn’t want that to happen so basically he killed him. He made Jin to sleep forever to be with them.

In 'Spring Days’ all looks a little sad and lonely. They were on streets but why no one appears except for them? Because they are not real. Also they visited places that appears in another MVs to say goodbye to that moments that Jin made.
And there we are, the train scene. They were heading to heaven, also Jimin hangs tennis in a tree(just a pair). When someone does that it means that someone has passed away, Jin died and the others too because they were in the imagination of Jin. Also the solo of Jin (AWAKE) makes references to the sky, you need to pay attention at the lyrics by now.

The meaning of 'You Never Walk Alone’ (and from the other eras too) is that even if someone leaves you is not forever, they will be always with you walking and supporting you by your side. Enjoy the little moments in your life with that persons before they leave.

Sokovian cuddles

Anon request:

Hi there! I’m in love with your blog, and I know that there are a lot of specifically Pietro blogs, but I love your style, so I was wondering if you could do something of Pietro? Maybe it’s movie night and the reader never told anybody she liked to cuddle but Pietro kinda offers and he can’t stop staring at her and saying cute things then they fall asleep together all tangled. Idk I just need FLUFF!

A/N: I’ve changed the ‘never told anybody she liked to cuddle’ to ‘haven’t been cuddled for ages’ - I hope you still like it?

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none, this is pure sweet fluff.

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Another movie night, another rom-com on the agenda. How delightful, You thought to yourself. Everyone around you is either loved up or is having a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement. Meanwhile you’re stuck in the Avengers Tower, the rarest creature of them all - a singleton.

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How to research your racially/ethnically diverse characters

chiminey-cricket asked:

Do any of you have any tips for doing independent research for PoC characters?

This question is super broad, but I’m going to see if I can give it a crack!

First of all, consume media by the group in question. If you want to write a story with a Chinese-American protagonist, read some blogs by Chinese-Americans, read books by Chinese-Americans – both fiction and nonfiction – lurk on places like thisisnotchina so you can get a feel for what pisses Chinese and Chinese diaspora people off about their portrayal in the media, google for stereotypes about Chinese people and try to make sure you’re not doing those (even positive ones), go more general (East-Asian all-of-the-above in general since in many cases the harmful tropes overlap), go more specific (if your protagonist is female, look specifically for blog posts featuring the opiniosn of Chinese-American and other Asian/Asian diapora women; same if your protagonist is attracted to the same sex, is transgender, or deals with any other form of oppression besides anti-Chinese racism.) All of the above applies to Latinxs, Native Americans/Canadian First Nations, African/African diaspora people, Jews, Muslims, etc. Find out what we’re saying about ourselves.

Lots of things are available just from Google. “I have a Black character and I want to know what kind of hairstyles are available for her!” We have a Black hair tag, but apart from that, googling “Black hairstyles” will probably bring up some articles that can at least give you a good starting point to learn some vocabulary to add to your next Google search, like “natural” and “twists” and “dreadlocks.”

Next, you can talk to people in the group, but before you do this, be sure to have some specific questions in mind. “How do I write a Jewish character?” is not a specific question. “Do I have to make my Jewish character follow kosher laws if I’ve made her religious in other ways, or can she go to shul but not keep kosher?” or “What’s a term of endearment a parent might use for a child in Yiddish?” is much more specific. Remember, if you’re talking to someone they’re answering you back with their free time, so expecting them to do most of the work of figuring out what’s most important for you to know is a little entitled.

Besides, a more specific question will give you a more helpful answer. If someone asks me “how do I write a Jewish character” one of the first things out of my mouth will be a list of personality stereotypes to avoid, which isn’t going to be very helpful if what you really need for your fic was whether or not you have to write your character as following strict kosher laws.

If you’re sending a question in to a writing blog or one of those race blogs like thisisnot[whoever], please read through their tags and FAQ to see if they’ve already answered it. Longtime followers of a blog would get very bored if all the blog’s content was nothing but “We answered that here last week at this helpful link!” Those who participate in answering these blogs are usually unpaid volunteers who provide a resource that’s already there to help people; help repay them for what they do by looking through the material on your own first.

How to tell if a source from outside the group is biased and bigoted: obviously, you’re not going to want to listen to Stormfront about Jews, or the KKK about, well, anything. If you’re not on a source created by the group in question, look for dry and academic language as opposed to emotional, informal, or inflammatory words – although dispassionate and technical language is no guarantee it won’t be racist, colonialist, or inaccurate. If you read enough books and blogs from the inside, though, you’ll probably see some of the myths from those other sources debunked before you even encounter them.

Lastly, don’t assume that all people who are Asian, African-American Christians, religious Jews, or Muslims are from cultures more oppressive, more conservative, more patriarchal, more homophobic, more sexist, or more controlling than the one in which you were raised. If your plot calls for homophobic parents or a repressive culture, that shouldn’t be the reason you make your character one of the groups listed. There is plenty of oppressive, anti-woman, and anti-queer thought in white American Christian/Christian-cultured society and personally, I believe such criticisms of the marginalized diaspora peoples I listed above belong in the voices of the cultures themselves.

–mod Shira

I’d not leave looking for dry and clinical information as the ONLY means to distinguish that a work is biased.

While yes it is pragmatic to say “look for academically toned wording,” … in addition to that, these folks really need to look into who the author is. Definitely look into the author. And the year the thing was published (because man if it’s from like the 60s or earlier, 9 times out of 10, throw that shit out).

Because people can disguise hatred and racism in careful diction so that it looks reasonable and polite. A shining example is physiognomy studies from Nazis and anti-Semite eugenecists. And the sad thing is, you really can’t trust people to read it and make the judgement call that this hate-in-disguise they’re reading is hate.  

Somehow, when someone says, “The people of the Levant express features such as […] which, at the risk of sounding untoward, suggest a very rodent-like persuasion,” people are like, “Oh, well, that was worded fancily and there was no angry or profane language, I suppose they’re right,” not stopping to think even for a moment that they just accepted that this book just said to them that Jews look like rats. I saw it happen in my Nazi Germany class when we were given reading material. It was fucking nuts.

So definitely, definitely look every outsider author in the mouth and cross-check any and everything that person says. 

–mod Elaney

Shira again: Elaney is right that you will want to be critical of outside sources, especially older ones. Also, be suspicious of blanket statements about a group such as “X group are” instead of discussing forces in X culture. For example. Because there’s going to be diversity within any group and it’s likely what’s being said isn’t inherently biologically linked to being in X group.

–mod Shira

PSA for anybody who has ever felt insecure about how they write their character. Remember why you began writing them in the first place. Remember how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy writing them. There will be other people roleplaying the same character as you, it is inevitable, but there is only one of YOU and only one who plays the character the way YOU play them. You bring something special to that character. Something that nobody can mimic or do the same as because nobody is just like you. You need to accept that, and accept that there will be others, but just like you they will be playing the character their own way as well. Nobody is better. Nobody is the same. Nobody deserves to play a character more than another person does. This is no popularity contest and you should never feel as though you aren’t worthy of playing a character just because you or someone else has made you feel that way. Instead of comparing yourself to others who play the same character as you; try to embrace the differences and admire them. Cheer up and keep on keeping on. You love your character, you love roleplaying as that character, and in the end that is all that matters.

College Tips

From someone who was in your position last year.

For academics

  • Morning classes? Maybe. Take it from someone who had to wake up for a 7:45AM class for two out of the three terms of my first year; they were the worst parts of my day and incredibly stressful because I would end up sleeping through them when I was particularly sleep-deprived. However, they were nice in that they kind of made me a little more self-disciplined; I had to finish my work by midnight cause I would be dead the next morning if I wasn’t. If you’re a night owl, try to schedule classes post 9AM; your life will just be a lot less miserable. 
  • Make sure you have a break for lunch. I usually try to have an hour of downtime between classes early afternoon, so that I can fit in the gym and lunch. My reasoning is that you’re probably not going to be very productive during that hour unless you have immediate work due the next period, so just use it to take care of yourself. Eat, exercise, and take a moment to breathe between lectures.
  • Don’t do all the readings. This sounds bad, but I have taken (so many) reading intensive courses where I would have 200 pages due the next day. This is impossible to do if I want to be a healthy human being. A lot of the times, professors will have a main idea they want you to take away from a reading and will just add a lot of supplemental material. If your reading material is particularly dry, it’s going to be the worst and most time-consuming struggle to get through because your eyes will glaze over and you’ll find yourself rereading the same sentence over and over to fully comprehend what it means. Instead of doing that, first grasp what the main idea is by reading the headers, find the key details associated with the idea that links it to other main topics of the course, and store a few examples of what’s been mentioned. All of this can be done by a mixture of skimming and looking at chapter summaries and specifically reading a few paragraphs.
  • Use SparkNotes. Use CliffNotes. Watch the movie version, the miniseries, whatever it is. Use Khan Academy, Crash Course, WHATEVER. You might be thinking, “This is college! There’s no way for easy cop-outs!” And yes, you’re partially right. If you’re in a literature course, you should absolutely read the material you’re given; however, sometimes, it’s not possible or even necessary to read everything. I had a class that consisted of three papers, to be written on three different novels - two of the papers were assigned to specific books, but the last one was a free-for-all. There were eight novels total that we had to get through. It just wasn’t smart to sit there and read all eight novels with equal intensity. Yes, read all eight if you can, but if you need to supplement your reading with SparkNotes or the movie version or whatever, do it. 
  • Participate in discussion. How much you talk matters in college. If you’re a shy wallflower, talk to your professor about your inability to speak up in class, because if you sit there and let other students reign over the discussion, that’s your participation grade going down the drain. I learned this the hard way in my first two classes - my final grades were significantly lower because I just couldn’t speak up in class. Professors are usually nice and can understand when you’re introverted, but becoming part of the discussion isn’t just good for your grade; you’ll be able to contribute your perspective to a dialogue about a subject that you’re most likely interested it. Isn’t that what college is all about?
  • Preview + review. In specific regard to classes, use the readings + assignments to predict what the professor will lecture on for the next class. Obviously, just doing the work will help you preview; however, keeping conscious note of what you’re doing will help you identify questions and topics of interest that you can talk about during the actual class. This all ties into the previous three points of reading smart and participating. After the lecture, try to resist the temptation to just relax your brain completely and do something else. Stay in the “lecture” mode for a few more minutes and go over what you just did in class. This will cement the information and help you SO MUCH when it comes time to cram for midterms and finals. 
  • You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but GO TO OFFICE HOURS. Professors love it when you come talk to them; they get to know your name and put a face to your tests and assignments and also talk your ear off about the subject they love. Of course, don’t just force yourself to go there and stand awkwardly in the doorway without a question just because you heard you need to. Times you should go: first week of class, when you can drop by and casually say, “I just wanted to introduce myself!” Most likely, the professor will want to chat with your about what your expectations are for the course and what you want to do with your life. And then you should go whenever you have an issue with your homework. Go before midterms and finals with all of the questions that pile up while you cram. Score brownie points and get better help on something you might be confused about. Win-win. 
  • There’s probably going to be an interlude of time between classes and your extracurricular meetings + dinner. USE THAT TIME TO FINISH WORK. A lot of stuff happens in the evenings that make you tired and ready to curl up in bed after you come back to your dorm/home. If you buckle down and concentrate during those few hours before meetings and dinner, you will feel sooooo much better for the rest of your day. 
  • Go to class. This should be self-explanatory. But seriously, go. Do you find the class useless? Still go. The professor will remember you, even if it’s a 150-person class.
  • Take good notes during class. Also self-explanatory. If you find that your notes don’t feel sufficient because your professor is the type of person to go all over the place in their lecture and you zone out, compare notes with someone in the class. Compare notes with multiple people in the class. Record the lecture if you have to (but ask the professor beforehand! Because intellectual property rights exist and that’s actually really important!!!!). Make study groups where you compare notes and listen to recorded lectures together. Do what you have to to make sure you got the most out of the actual class sessions - and then supplement it with your readings and outside research. I know a lot of people say that writing things down with a pen and paper help retain information more than typing things down - but honestly, this is just a personal preference. If you prefer typing things down, go ahead. If you prefer handwriting, go ahead. However, if you do decide to use a computer, please make sure you aren’t surfing the web when you should be paying attention. I know I’m guilty. 
  • Sit in the T-Zone. This zone is basically the first row and the aisle seats. The professor looks at this area the most during lectures, and this is where he’ll see you the most. Even if you don’t like sitting in the first row, grab an aisle seat so the professor can see that you’re actually engaged in the class. Also, you’ll fall asleep less if the professor sees you. 

For extracurriculars

  • Don’t do everything. It’ll feel like everyone is doing everything and you should be doing more, but that’s really not the case. It’s a given that this isn’t high school, so no one expects you to have five clubs and two sports on your application - and also, this doesn’t actually help you on your resume unless you come away from the activity with a skill that makes you more valuable as an employee/human being. Stick to things that you actually really like and feel that you can grow in - and then really stick to it, so you can say you actually did things instead of being a half-hearted member. 
  • Try to assess what you can take away from an activity if you do end up joining. Have specific ideas about your role in the club/extracurricular and what you’re contributing and taking away, mainly because you’ll be expected to talk about this in the future if you have it in your resume. 
  • Get started on applications early. Surprise surprise, applications do not end with college apps - that’s only the beginning. You have to apply to literally everything in college, from clubs to internships to study abroad programs. What I like to do with a lot of my applications is have specific answers ready; a lot of applications will ask similarly generic questions about your abilities and goals. Considering you’re in college, I’m also going to take for granted that a lot of the activities you’re applying for have a similar theme, so that should make the job easier. Save your answers so you can use them the next time you have to fill out an application; all you have to do then is restructure them a little so that they fit with the specific question being asked. 
  • Before submitting an application, go and talk to a person face to face about it. You’re naturally going to have questions about a program if you’ve decided to apply to it. Instead of just stewing over them alone and then submitting an application, go see the person in charge. This helps SO MUCH in the long run, because they’ll have a face in their mind when they finally read your application. Most likely, the meeting you have with them will include not just your questions, but also facts about yourself that they’ll ask naturally. This helps. This helps you get in, this helps them stay impressed. 
  • Make a resume. Do you have a LinkedIn? Go make one - and go make an actual resume. Resumes are kind of a pain in the ass, but they’re completely necessary and will be useful for you if you want to keep track of all the stuff you do over the years. There are so many resources for you to make resumes on the internet AND most likely at your school. Find the Career Services at your school; they can offer comments on your resume and will provide actual, personal help. 
  • KEEP UP WITH EMAILS. This is so important because adults get SO annoyed with non-responsive college students. Emails are weird because they’re simultaneously really easy to do (just type out a few short polite sentences!) and also really hard because of the implications behind them. However, adults send a million a day, so your email probably doesn’t have the same gravity to the head honcho/mentor/adult you are emailing as it does for you. Don’t stress too much about it, and just send. Nothing gets down if you don’t email first, and nothing gets done if you don’t respond. Adults are especially impressed if you’re a fast responder - again, this helps with brownie points. 
  • Get friendly with the adults. Please, for the love of God, interact with adults who are mentoring your club, your boss at work, or wherever else they might be. They are not there to judge you, you are still in an institution of learning where your capability is still seen as relatively low and nothing more is expected of you. That means adults aren’t going to expect you to be amazing and talented, which means you can literally just show up and open your mouth, and that’ll be enough to impress them. So DO THAT. Talk to adults, smile and say hello when you see them, get them interested in you and who you are. These people have these jobs for a reason - don’t just be another anonymous face that passes by. It helps so much when adults have a good impression of you.

I cannot depart their canon selves from their abridged selves anymore

(another one of those draw the squad like based off of the below)

what to do if you are feeling gross

so sometimes I’m just sitting around being lazy, watching tv or getting distracted by internet things, or I’ve eaten too much or I’ve just had a super long day. and sometimes I’m even aware of how much of a blob I am being, I’m sure this happens to other people, too. anyways I wanted to share this little list to motivate me/others to stop being a blob:

1. very very first thing. shut off your internet. put all the tv and stuff out of reach. this is really important, but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

2. uncover your windows, let natural light filter in. if you can/want to open them, that’s also fantastic. it really helps lighten your mood, always makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world.

3. put on some music. it’s ok to use your phone/computer for this, but remember to just keep it away from arm’s reach. also, you can use whatever music you’d like, but I suggest something soft, like Frank Sinatra or Beegie Adair or Jack Johnson.

4. take a walk. look at the colors and plants people surround themselves with. pick out houses/buildings you like. look at the sky, listen to what’s going on around you. I don’t generally listen to music for this because I like to feel grounded when I walk, but if you’re more of a song person that’s okay, too. it’s really easy to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had some fresh air.

5. take a bath. if it’s hot out, turn on a fan and cool down the room so you’re all cosy in the water, put in some bubbles and scents. grab a book or magazine. exfoliate, do your nails, put on a face mask. throw yourself a little spa day. when you get out, put on lotion, put on new underwear and soft, comfy clothing.

6. make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, or maybe pour yourself some lemonade or just cold water is fine too.

7. go sit in a common area of your house, like a living room or dining table. if you’re not home alone and don’t want to be bothered, gently voice it to the people around you or go sit somewhere else where you feel comfortable and relaxed. just get out of the same walls, find a change of scenery. you could even leave and go to a café or a park if you’d like.

8. do some writing/doodling. whenever this happens, I always like to use a spare piece of printer paper or something not connected to a notebook so I’m less attached to it and less likely to care about the way it looks. let the pen do its own thing, don’t worry about messing up. if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, step away and do something else.

9. make some lists. this is one of my favourite pastimes. list nice things that you’ve seen recently that you think you’ll forget later on. list little details of your dreams, list things you want to do in your favourite season, list recipes you’d like to try. the possibilities are endless.

10. cook/bake something. important reminders—if you don’t find this relaxing, don’t do it!! find another hobby that you love where you can enjoy doing something productive. also, even if you’re making something fantastic, be sure not to snack too much or overeat (I’m very prone to this). you could also make something for a friend or a neighbour!! people always enjoy a heartfelt craft made by someone who cares.

11. catch up with an old friend or family member. ask them out for coffee or something, it’s always nice to talk. trust me, they will very much appreciate you reaching out.

12. write a letter to someone. you do not have to send it.

13. go to a park and look at the flowers or sit in the grass. grab a sketchbook, some sudoku, a book, a puzzle, your thoughts, or anything else you could tinker with while enjoying the fresh air. something to make your brain work a little.

there’s more, of course, but this is all I can really come up with at the moment—I hope it works! now get off that web and have a good time!!

HR Wells was the true hero

I’m really sad about H.R. dying and I know he may not have been everyone’s favourites but he was mine. So many people overlook H.R. because he isn’t academically smart, he doesn’t have powers, he isn’t some amazing scientist or a great fighter. But H.R. is a person. H.R. is someone that woke up every morning with a smile on his face, with kind words to share and happiness to spread. Do you know how rare it is in a person to just want to do good and to make people happy? Especially when most of the characters treated him so badly almost all of the time. They were constantly dismissing him and yet he still remained positive, he still remained loyal and kind. That isn’t an easy thing to do.

H.R. was not, is not useless. He was a very vital part of the team because he was loyal, he was kind and supportive. When dealing with traumas like Team Flash did having someone that is always on your side no matter what - that is the type of person you need. H.R. always tried to help in what ever way he could and yes he made mistakes but so have most, if not all of the other characters - that’s what being human is, making mistakes and learning from them.

H.R. inspired creativity in Tracy. He encouraged them all to be better. It was the little things he did to try and boost moral, to try and bring the team closer, to always show he cared. That shouldn’t be overlooked because he wasn’t as smart or physical as the others. Remember how he decorated the whole of Star Labs for Valentine’s Day and how he made each of them personalised cards. Or how he learnt everyone’s coffee orders. How he was the first to comfort Jesse when her dad was missing and how he helped train Wally when no one thought he could do it. H.R. messed up with words a lot of the time and yes he had a ‘foot in mouth’ thing often but when it mattered, when they truly needed him he knew what to say to help. Words and having someone that believes in you is not useless, having someone care enough to do these little things is not useless.

Being creative doesn’t make him weak, not knowing how to fight doesn’t make him a coward. He gave his life to save Iris and he didn’t tell anyone about it because he knew they would try to stop him. He saved her because he wanted to prove his worth to the team and prove that he isn’t a coward. What he did was brave and fearless. H.R. was not a coward, H.R. saved someone else’s life and even as he was dying he still chose to use his last words to show someone else how much he appreciated them. If it wasn’t for H.R. then Iris would be dead. So whilst I know we’re all sad for Iris I want to take the time to appreciate H.R. and the sacrifice he made, the character he was and the hero he became.

I love my caffeine puppy, I love his hats and his drumsticks. I love his care and compassion for others. I love his optimism and his humour. I love his caffeine addiction and how through everything he has become more than just “the other wells”. I will always love H.R for being a character type that I can relate to. H.R. deserves love and appreciation. Team Flash barely mourned him but I will. H.R Wells you will be missed, I hope you’re drinking coffee and playing the drums wherever you are.

how good is ya memory? check mercury/moon sign. tag urself

ARIES: 8/10; remembers things in an exciting way. And they also happen to be one of the best story tellers. the type that rould rather quit the bullshit and just get straight to the point. makes sense with their words and is always coming up with new ideas.

TAURUS: 9/10; may not seem like they pay attention when someone is telling them stuff but they actually remeber every single detail a person says to them. it is easy for them to get stuck on memories from the past

GEMINI: 10/10; gets fixated about thinking on one thing for a minute, gets distracted by some other random thing and starts thinking about somethihng else . knows a lil about everything. is probably super unorganized. However if they’re attracted to someone or something they remember every single detail about them. Probably good at remembering birthdays.

CANCER: 6/10; they put their heart firsts and their minds second. they often remember how someone or something made them feel rather than how it may have actually happened. Once they remember an experience it leaves a long lasting impression that sticks with them forever. also they always have the tea.

LEO: 5/10; doesn’t really remember things exactly how it happened, they may perceive situations more dramatic or extreme than it actually was. they’re pretty funny when they reenact what happened though.

VIRGO: 10/10; the type to read random wikepedia articles for fun and remember every. single. word. also they don’t need to study or read instructions. lol they too smart for that shit.

LIBRA: 7/10; the person who remembers things exactly how they went down and is also the best type of person to have as a mediator as they don’t carry grudges or take sides and will give you they’re honest opinion about the situation.

SCORPIO: 10/10; may seem quiet or whatever but they are actually observing your every move and assesing what type of person you are from afar. the type to notice and remember every single detail about a person like taurus.

SAGITTARIUS: 5/10; remembers the bigger picture and doesn’t really focus too much on the details. is always honest with how they feel and you can trust that they will always tell you the truth. thinks outside the box. probably gets bored easily. They remember what they want, kind of have selective memory, it’s weird.

CAPRICORN: 9.5/10 the type to remember things exactly how they went down and the best type of person to have as an honest witness. may seem quiet sometimes but actually has a lot on their mind. like cancer, they remembera how people/things made them feel, never forgets how or what someone did to fuck them over

AQUARIUS: 7/10; may remember things from a very different perspective than others. picks up on the stuff no one would have noticed if they hadn’t pointed it out. not the type to dwell on the past and tries to move forward.

PISCES: 4/10; they know nothing. jk but a little spaced out sometimes and they may be prone to losing focus when someone is talking to them and is probably in their own worlds. can have trouble putting their thoughts into words. good at empathizing when listening to other people talk.

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hi i have one (1) request prekerb sheith seven minutes in heaven this trope is my guilty pleasure pls and thanks xxx

HEY…. ofc, I willl write anything for you. You can literally msg me telling me to write a slow burn enemies with benefits to lovers AU where they are competitive snail racers and I will be like yes of course right away. anyways here you go and good luck on finals xoxox


“ID please,” Matt sticks his hand out, and Keith snorts as he shoves past him and into the house. “Hey! I’m serious.”

He’s not, because he’s the reason Keith’s shown up to this godforsaken house party in the first place. Father and Mother Holt have gone on vacation this weekend, and the house is close enough to the Galaxy Garrison that Matt’s trying his hardest to up his cool points by inviting the entire student population over. Matt told Keith attendance was mandatory, otherwise he would pick on Keith for the next ten general physics tutorials.

“Thanks for the invite,” Keith says, looking around. He knows a lot of the crowd here, but there are only two people he really talks to outside of the Garrison, and one of them is trying to herd him down the hall. Keith can’t catch a sight of the other one, no matter how much he tries to subtly scan the crowd for someone tall and familiar.

“Looking for someone?” Matt says a little too loudly, and claps Keith’s back a little too hard.

“I’m hungry,” Keith says and Matt laughs like Keith’s made a joke. Matt laughs at a lot of things though, most of the time when he shouldn’t, so Keith lets it slide.

Keith eventually makes it to the kitchen and loses Matt along the way. In the process, a girl who he lent a pencil to at the beginning of the year presses a bottle of Corona into his hands. He also manages unearth a box of pizza pockets from the freezer. Three minutes later, Keith has all he needs to survive the party for the mandatory twenty minutes before he sneaks out and heads back home.

He’s in the middle of shoving the third out of four pizza pockets into his mouth, when someone reaches for the last one.

“Hey,” he barks, grabbing the thief’s wrist. “Mine.”

“My bad,” The someone twists his hand out of Keith’s grasp, giving Keith an all too familiar crooked grin and a wink.

Keith is completely used to his brain electrocuting itself every time he has to look at one Takashi Shirogane for more than ten seconds at a time, but that’s at the Garrison when they’re in uniform, or at the gym where Shiro likes to put Keith in his place regularly, or in the library, where Shiro sacrifices his free time to make sure Keith’s acing his classes or—

Essentially, Keith is used to his brain fritzing out in Shiro’s presence, except for when he’s faced with something even slightly new. He’s seen Shiro in this same white t-shirt before, but it hung loose on him last time, and Shiro normally tucks his dog tags in, doesn’t leave them hanging out and oh god Keith’s only been here for a total of eight minutes.

“Oh, it’s you,” Keith says as his brain keeps expositing. “Nah, you can have some.”

“I’m honoured,” Shiro says, picking up the pizza pocket and taking a bite. “Hey, give me a sip.”

Keith passes his bottle to Shiro, who takes a big gulp of his beer before dumping it down the sink.

“Dude,” Keith whines as Shiro places the empty bottle neatly beside the sink. Keith figures it’s less because Keith’s not twenty one yet, and more because earlier on in the day Keith snarked Shiro in the hearing vicinity of Iverson.

“Not for another two and a half years,” Shiro scolds and Keith flips him off. Shiro pinches the tip of Keith’s middle finger and starts bending it back. “Understood, cadet?”

“You’re so fucking lame,” Keith bites through both the pain and the need to tell Shiro to never refer to him as anything else ever again.

Shiro lets Keith go with a laugh, and Keith shoves him back for good measure. Shiro pretends it hurts a lot more than it actually does, and Keith stalks away in a fake angry huff. He looks over to glare at Shiro, but someone else has already commandeered his attention. Keith deflates a little further when he realizes he’s left his half eaten pizza pocket on the counter, but decides to leave it.

Keith doesn’t go home immediately. He really wishes he had though.

After he left the kitchen, Keith had run into a group of people from one of his physical conditioning classes with whom he got along with fairly well with. His first mistake was that he hung out with them for forty minutes, having a fairly decent time till the conversation had died down and they all drifted away to different parts of the house. Keith had decided to locate Matt and tell him that he was going home, and that Matt couldn’t ask Keith to do anything for a week. That was his second mistake.

If Keith’s being honest with himself, he actually wanted to find Shiro first so he could hang out with him, but Shiro was lost in the crowd and Keith’s not the biggest fan of looking desperate.

Keith had shifted through groups of people, knocked on a couple of doors, and had been ready to just dip without a word when he heard a familiar braying laugh from downstairs. It was followed by an even more familiar chuckle, and Keith’s third mistake of the night was to let his feet automatically take him to the source of the sound.

Now, Keith’s watching as one drunk person stumbles out of the cold storage room and another person stumbles in.

“I don’t get it,” he says, and Shiro opens his mouth to explain the rules for the fourth time. “Shut up, no, I get it. I don’t get why it’s fun though.”

“What’s not fun about making out with people?” Matt pipes up from the other side of Keith. Keith and Shiro are squished onto a love seat, with Matt sprawled half on the arm and half on the top of the seat.

“Being the person waiting outside,” Keith supplies. There’s a circle of people around a twister board, chattering while the two people in the cold storage kiss or talk or whatever people do when they’re trapped in a closet for seven minutes. “I didn’t know people still played this.”

“It would have been Twister,” Matt replies, flicking the back of Keith’s head. “But Katie used the mat as a tarp for a project and set it on fire.”

“Fantastic,” Keith says dryly, as a smirking girl steps out of the closet. “I’m going to leave now.”

“Me too,” Shiro says, and Keith immediately thinks to ask Shiro if he wants to go back to the Garrison together.

“Nah,” Matt says, planting a hand on each of their shoulders and pulling them back down. He slides off a little from where he’s sprawled, and is wedged horizontally in between the two of them and the cushions. “Yo! Spin!”

Keith winces at how loud Matt calls it out, but stays put as the black hand spins. They’ve been playing one in, one out, so whoever lands this turn has to replace the person who landed it the one before the last turn. Matt claims it’s so that everyone can get a variety of experiences, and because everyone in this room is a dumbass, they have accepted it as the rules of the game.

He waits for the tk tk tk to stop so he can get up and walk Shiro back then go back to his room and contemplate his stupid crush and jerk—

“Nice,” Matt says and Keith thinks he feels Shiro go a little rigid beside him.

“That’s not pointing at me,” Keith says but Matt’s already shoving him off the sofa.

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The Broken Hearted Wife

Originally posted by suirisblack

Ivar x Reader

The day you’d been forced to marry Ivar you’d been heart broken. You adored your best friend, both you and Ivar knew that, it was a source of many jealous attempts to get rid of your friend to no avail. He had insisted on attending your friend’s wedding, practically dragging you there, demanding to be at the front of the crowd all the way through the day.

You stood at the water’s edge, watching your friend say goodbye to his wife, knowing Aslaug and Ivar was watching you somewhere out of your gaze. Just as you went to hurry to your friend and say goodbye Ivar seated himself next to you, glaring at the man.

“Such as shame.” Ivar sighed, glancing up at you.

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PLUSH SHOP FILL TONIGHT (Saturday, 12/2/17)

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-If you make separate purchases going to the same shipping address, please message me afterwards if you’d like me to combine shipping.

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-If you are sending your purchase to someone other than yourself, I highly recommend reading this etsy article before tonight so you can prepare!

-All questions should be directed at my twitter account, since I don’t always see them on tumblr!

-Please read this whole post before sending any questions


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Beca sets up a mistletoe and that’s her way of telling Chloe her feelings, and Chloe says that her wish finally came true

Ooh I totally had an imagined mid-credits PP3 scene that went something like this so here we gooooo:

Beca trundled up to the door of an apartment, a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a gift bag in the other. She rang the doorbell and waited patiently, shuffling her weight from one foot to another.

After a few moments some chatter was heard and the door was opened by Aubrey. A bright smile appeared on her face, and Beca noticed that Fat Amy and Flo were also stood with the blonde.

“Beca you made it!” Aubrey said joyfully, pulling Beca into a hug. Beca had to admit, the woman looked good. Flo quickly snuck round to their sides, also giving Beca a hug before Fat Amy pushed them aside and gave Beca the tightest hug of the three, “Missed you Shawshank!” Amy said with a beaming smile.

Following the success of their USO tour, Beca had been offered a recording contract with a record label. The Bellas had all agreed that Beca should sign the contract and at least turn her dream into a reality. So Beca had.

As a result, she had had to move to LA, and away from the apartment she’d been renting with Fat Amy in NYC. Six months later and here she was, arriving at the apartment of one of the Bellas: Stacie Conrad. Her first record would be dropping in the New Year. Only two weeks to go..

Beca shrugged her leather jacket off her body and handed it to Aubrey, who hung it up on one of the coat hooks behind the apartment door. The women then made their way into the lounge.

A loud hubble of noise picked up at their arrival, with Jessica, Ashley, Lily, Cynthia-Rose, Stacie and Emily all saying loud greetings the second they entered the room. They all wore Christmas jumpers, such was the time of year. Beca grinned as she accepted hugs from each and every one of them, hugging Stacie last.

Stacie had been sat in an armchair, and in her arms was a small baby. Her small baby. The next generation of Bellas had begun, or so the group joked.

Beca held up the bottle of champagne she had in her hand, smiling politely, “I’ll put this in the fridge” she said, then made her way out of the kitchen almost completely undetected.

She stopped in her tracks the second she entered the kitchen, because there, stood by the fridge, was Chloe. The redhead appeared to be busy pulling out some drinks, presumably having offered to make some.

Beca cleared her throat, a soft smile on her face as she watched Chloe look over her shoulder at her. The redhead appeared to relax a little at the sight of her, something that was a relief to Beca who had been nervous and excited about seeing this particular Bella the most.

What the Bellas didnt know was that both Beca & Chloe texted each other a lot outside of the Bellas group Whatsapp. Like, alot-alot!

What had started off with Chloe texting Beca wishing her a good day and Beca reply with a wish of also having a good day had turned into throws of long texts that were far chattier than their one-line texts had ever been back in college and the couple of years following. Since the USO tour had ended Beca & Chloe now sent each other far longer texts, Beca having told Chloe that she would have more time to answer a text when she was free than potentially not answer a call or FaceTime call when she wasn’t free.

“Hi” Beca said quietly with a soft smile and Chloe turned to lean her back against the kitchen worktop, a soft smile also on her face.

“Hi” Chloe replied, her voice equally quiet.

Beca slowly wandered over to the fridge to Chloe’s left, and pulled the door open, trying to ignore the way her body was quaking slightly in excitement to be in the same room as her best friend again. The woman she had been falling for over the past few months.

“Did you end up getting that burrito for lunch?” Chloe asked, remembering Beca’s message to her a couple of hours ago, and Beca chuckled as she placed the Champagne in the fridge.

“Nah, the queue was too long and I just wanted to get over here as soon as possible..” Beca said, clearing her throat again as she closed the fridge door then lent against it, facing Chloe.

The two women smiled gently at each other.

So here was the thing. As the weeks and lengthy texts had gone on, text messages had become merged with FaceTime calls. Generally on a Thursday evening. And the two best friends would sit on their respective beds, chatting and laughing, growing closer with every new topic that they spoke honestly about.

Last Thursday they had somehow got onto the topic of dating. Chloe had admitted she’d not been on a date since their USO tour when she’d gone on a couple of dates with Chicago. Beca had admitted she’d not been on a date in about a year. Chloe had then gone on to ask Beca what she’d be looking for in someone she wanted to date. And Beca had shrugged, trying desperately hard not to simply say “You”.

But after a couple of minutes of describing how she’d want to date someone she knew and who knew her, someone who was positive but not too high-maintenance, someone who made her happy and who made her laugh, someone who could handle her dark days as well as they handled her light days..well Chloe suddenly told Beca that she’d essentially described her.

And Beca had cleared her throat nervously, then smiled at Chloe a little embarrassed, saying “would that be such a bad thing?”

And Chloe had smiled softly, saying quietly, “definitely not”

That, however, had been the only time the two had dared speak about whatever underlying sexual tension was going on between them. They hadn’t spoken on FaceTime about it any more. And they hadn’t texted about it once.

So there they stood, at the back of Stacie’s small kitchen, side by side, smiling at one another. Happy to finally be in one another’s company in person.

Suddenly they jumped apart, Beca reaching up to open a random cupboard while Chloe turned back to the drinks she was preparing. Aubrey had strode into the kitchen, raising her eyebrows at the two of her friends who weren’t looking at her. She had, of course, heard from Chloe about how much the two women had been talking. How close Beca & Chloe had become again in recent months..

“Need some help with those drinks Chloe?” Aubrey asked with a smile and Chloe cleared her throat, her voice sounding a little higher than usual as she responded with an, “Oh, yeah, take these ones please?” while handing a couple of cups to the blonde.

Aubrey gave her a wink and a knowing smile before turning on the spot and walking back through to the lounge, to the rest of The Bellas. Chloe bit her bottom lip, looking over at Beca who was still peering into the random cupboard, seemingly deep in thought.

“Wh-hat are you looking for?” Chloe asked with a sweet giggle. Beca looked awkward and shrugged casually, closing the cupboard door and shoving her hands in her pants pocket.

“Uuuuummm…” Beca said scrunching her face up slightly trying to think of something, but she revealed an embarrassed grin, “..nope, I can’t even make something up!”

Chloe picked up two full cups and nudged Beca with her elbow, “Come on weirdo..” and the two best friends slowly made their way from the kitchen through to the lounge to join their friends.

A couple of hours and several beers later and it hadn’t gone unnoticed by the other Bellas that Beca and Chloe seemed a little cosier than normal, the two women sat side-by-side on the large armchair in the corner of the room.

It had been Chloe who had initiated the contact, leaning forward and across Beca to reach for Cynthia-Rose’s phone. When it had been handed to her she hadn’t moved back, instead choosing to lean her arms on Beca’s thighs while she read the message CR was sharing with the Bellas. Beca, meanwhile, leant forward to peer over Chloe’s arm at the message, her hand placed somewhat confidently on the small of Chloe’s back to help steady her balance.

The Bellas had all noticed how Chloe remained leaning on Beca’s thighs even when she’d handed the phone back. Beca had leant back in the armchair but hadn’t seemed uncomfortable with the contact.

As the time ticked on, Chloe had leant back in the seat again, her hand now just casually resting on Beca’s thigh. Again the Bellas had noticed it but not said anything. And again, Beca hadn’t seemed uncomfortable with the contact.

Before long Beca had subtly taken Chloe’s hand and the two sat squished up on the armchair, still snuggled into one another. They still laughed and chatted with the Bellas. The Bellas still laughed and chatted with them. But something felt…different…

“Hey Stacie, can I use your bathroom?” Chloe asked sweetly, letting go of Beca’s hand and squirming her way off the armchair, smoothing down her Christmas jumper.

“Yeah, sure, it’s down the hallway on the left.” Stacie said, a grin on her face as her eyes darted from Beca & Chloe’s hands as they parted, up to Chloe’s face.

The second the redhead left the room, The Bellas turned to immediately look at Beca, broad grins and raised eyebrows adorning their faces. Beca hesitated as she took a swig of beer from her bottle, “What…?”

“What the hell is going on between you and Chloe??” Cynthia-Rose asked eagerly, and the Bellas nodded.

“Yeah like what’s with the hand holding? Are you guys, like, a couple now??” Stacie asked keenly.

Beca swallowed loudly, looking from one Bella to another, “No..” she said in a slightly uncertain voice. She had no idea what they were but they sure as hell weren’t a couple. And the idea made Beca’s stomach knot a bit because she was so nervous about discussing something like this with anyone but Chloe - the person who this topic actually involved.

“So…there’s nothing going on between you two..?” Fat Amy asked slowly, furrowing her brow. But instead of dismissing the question outright, as the Bellas expected, Beca shrugged and let out a short sigh.

“I-I…don’t…actually know..” she mumbled, looking down at her beer bottle, picking at the label nervously with her thumb.

Well this answer immediately got the Bellas gasping and squeeing and giving each other excitable grins. Only Aubrey remained calm, though a smile remained on her face, “Beca what are you going to do to find out?”

Beca looked up from the bottle quickly and swallowed, “Uh..well..I dunno-“

The Bellas all groaned and rolled their eyes.

“Becaaa!” Flo seemed to wail.

“Have you kissed??” Emily asked eagerly.

“No..” Beca said awkwardly and the Bellas groaned and rolled their eyes again.

“Becaaa!!” Flo wailed out again and Beca seemed perplexed by their response. She noticed Stacie whisper something to Aubrey who sat beside her, Aubrey holding her sleeping baby in her arms, and the blonde’s eyes opened wide as she turned back to Beca.

“Beca we have mistletoe out in the hallway!” She said quietly and Beca suddenly swallowed loudly, her face dropping. It was one thing to kiss Chloe. But for it to be planned by The Bellas?

“Yes! Beca now is as perfect time as any to kiss her!” Cynthia-Rose said in an encouraging voice.

“It IS Christmas after all!” Emily said eagerly and the Bellas nodded.

Before Beca knew what was happening she had wandered out of the lounge, the door having closed behind her, and she stood nervously out in the hallway, noting the mistletoe hung above her head.

Her heart jumped into her throat as she heard the door of the bathroom open, and Chloe stepped out into the dimly lit hallway. Beca saw the way Chloe smiled gently at her, the redhead slowly walking towards her.

“Couldn’t last two minutes without me Huh?” Chloe asked quietly. Sweetly. And Beca smiled, loving how close they were stood. If she wasn’t so nervous she would’ve reached out and wrapped her hands around Chloe’s waist by now.

Instead she glanced up at the ceiling above them. She heard a small gasp as Chloe also looked up, spying the mistletoe.

The two women looked back down at each other. Beca’s heart hammered away as she looked into Chloe’s eyes, loving the way the redhead snagged her bottom lip between her teeth, clearly trying to contain her excitement.

Beca leant her face slowly towards her best friend, hesitating, checking that this was also what Chloe would want. To her relief Chloe slowly moved her face towards her. They both slowly closed their eyes and shared their first kiss.

Beca’s heart soared as she heard Chloe take a deep intake of breath through her nose, and it gave the brunette courage to finally wrap one arm around Chloe’s waist, the other rising to cup Chloe’s cheek. Her fingers tangled slightly in the redhead’s locks.

As they parted slightly, they both let out a small giggle, grinning goofishly at the kiss they had finally shared after weeks of longing to be with one another.

When they returned to the lounge a few minutes later, they did so hand-in-hand, smiles still on their faces.

The Bellas all turned to them, delighted. But none of them brought it up in conversation, knowing how huge this was for the two women. So instead they celebrated Christmas all together, and Stacie and Aubrey’s new arrival.

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hi! I don't want to sound rude at all or anything, but what has Ian Somerhalder done that's brought on the negativity? again, not trying to seem like a dick, just looking to be informed. thanks! (:

I’m so sorry this took me 10 years to reply to I got it this morning but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to respond until now. Also, pls don’t feel bad for asking a question you’re totally fine! I’m on mobile at my aunts house so this isn’t as good as it would be if I could like sit down and type a response so I’m going to do the best that I can, here goes:

-When he started dating Nikki he was at a convention and he said he needed viagra to shoot DE scenes because apparently Nina is just so gross. Like come on dude, we all saw how obsessed he was with her, it was a little extensive at times (i.e. staring at her boobs during interviews). Yea, he sure as hell never needed viagra with her lmao bitter much, Ian?

-He also said that Elena’s contribution to the show was “banging the brothers and now they’re better people for it”. I mean the dude straight up slut shamed a female character for having sex with her boyfriends. (Meanwhile his character has literally fucked every female character that’s ever been on the show)

-also when a fan asked if we’d ever get to see a delena wedding he said “I’m already married.” Apparently he doesn’t understand the difference between real life and television.

-Yelling and berating a group of like 10 fans that were just asking for autographs, literally making a girl cry. He legit screamed at her for asking to take a photo, it’s on video and he gave this long ass speech to them like “THIS IS MY DAY” and then when everyone called him out on it after they saw the video online he made this Instagram post with a ten paragraph caption (full of grammatical errors bc he’s an idiot) about how great he is and how he did nothing wrong because he’s amazing to his fans. (Because screaming at them for wanting to take a photo with you because they look up to you is treating your fans so great)

-A few weeks later another video was released of him doing the same thing again

-he’s such a child he can’t even be in the same room as Nina. Example: the past teen choice awards he had a con going on so they rescheduled the entire convention so he’d be able to attend the tca’s, but then he blew it off. Nina was the only one that showed up and accepted the award that they had BOTH won all by herself. Dude can’t even face his ex girlfriend who is perhaps one of the most reserved and mature women I’ve ever seen and has a new boyfriend like come on you’ve both moved on and she left the show, you can’t even stand on a stage with her for 2 minutes to thank your fans for endlessly voting and giving you this award???

-One time he liked a photo Nina posted on Twitter and then claimed he was “hacked.” (Even though he insists that they’re friends and there’s no bad blood but he can’t like a photo she posts on social media that’s just too far lol) and apparently when someone hacks your Twitter they just like someone’s photo and then do nothing else lmao even the cast of the show (Matt Davis) were making fun of him for it bc it was such a lie

-his foundation is bullshit. They’ve legit never done a single thing and most of the donations go to him personally so now he has a 3 million dollar home in Venice thanks to his fake love for animals. Also, the people that donated thousands of dollars with the promise of a phone call with him never got it. He’s been investigated by the IRS like ten times already.

-he legit gets in fights with 10 year old girls on social media just take a look at his insta it’s all there. Some 12 year old made a comment about Nikki once and he straight up responded and flipped out at her and everyone was like wow okay she’s a child probably on her moms phone and you’re a grown man like come on grow the fuck up. And he’s done this multiple times to multiple girls. What kind of 36 year old man feels so threatened by a little kid that he’s gotta put her in her place? Once again, GROW UP.

-he’s super inappropriate with underage girls at conventions and makes comments about their “boobies” (his word not mine)

-made a rape joke about a month back when someone asked why Bonnie would ever sleep with Damon so he said he’d “get her drunk” bc when you’re drunk you can’t consent

-only takes pictures or interacts with fans if he’s being paid at conventions otherwise he refuses and yells at them

-he also lied about his relationship with Nikki. Someone once said it was kinda fucked up that he would date his ex’s friend and he responded by saying that Nikki and Nina weren’t friends and only met twice, which is a straight up lie. The two ladies made a video together for this campaign about health insurance, they hung out tons of times (there’s photos), Nina was literally at Nikki’s first wedding a few years back and the couples used to go on double dates. It’s his life and he can do what he wants, but the man just constantly lies about everything it’s ridiculous. Like even if they were friends who cares why do you feel the need to lie about it just to explain yourself to some random commenter on the Internet???

-his ego is so big idk how he can even walk down the street without it weighing him down the dude is obsessed with himself. He has a contest going on right now where you can win a dinner with him and Nikki and literally JUST TO ENTER you have to pay 10,000 dollars lmao

-there’s so much stuff it’s impossible to list all of it but that gives you an idea. For more stuff just check my anti-Ian tag it’s got everything that’s ever been posted.

-overall he’s a disgusting self obsessed misogynistic piece of shit who thinks he’s gods gift to women when in fact he’s nothing but a creepy narcissistic ass hole

hear me out:  a pynch 10 things i hate about you au, because who doesnt want that (basically im just putting the thread about it i made on twitter here)

allow me to set the scene:

  • ronan lynch is the super mean, super scary kid at aglionby, and his little brother, matthew lynch, is a pure/sweet/innocent little flower child who just develops a crush on someone and wants to date them
  • but ever since the death of the lynch parents, ronan’s older brother, declan, has been suuuper strict and protective, especially of matthew. 
  • so he says that until ronan dates, matthew can’t date. its foolproof, ofc, because ronan is too Emo and Scary to ever like someone or want to date them, and everyones too scared of him to ask him out
  • declan thinks this is a solid plan until matthew goes to gansey for help
  • gansey, being the Dad he is, allies w/ matthew and they come up with a plan that will allow matthew to date: pay someone to date ronan
  • and who better to pay than adam parrish: the only guy at aglionby who doesnt piss his pants when ronan glares at him but actually glares back instead, who could really use the money, and who (gansey hopes) would be a positive influence on ronan
  • adam agrees to take the money and take ronan out (a bit reluctantly, yes, bc this angel would obviously feel bad about it but he also thinks ronan would do the same to him and ronan is too Scary to care anyway)
  • SO ronan agrees to go out with adam (i wonder why) and the more time they spend together/the more they get to know each other, the more adam realizes he was wrong about ronan and actually really Genuinely starts to like him
  • eventually adam goes to gansey and matthew and says he doesnt want to play their game anymore and they can keep their money
  • but ronan finds out that adam was paid to take him out—cue a dramatic storming off, ronan’s faith in adam being temporarily shattered, and adam doing a gesture (mayhaps dropping the “i love you” bomb during an argument) that convinces ronan he really truly does like him
  • and obviously the paintball date scene and the singing scene from the movie will be Mandatory in this au

So I’ve noticed something recently among tumblr users, especially who I assume are young. (I hope anyway.) And it’s basically boiled down to forgiveness and redemption are impossible.

Now before I get into it this isn’t directed at a single event, person, or action or anything like that, it’s just something I’ve seem multiple times over the past year on this hellsite. I haven’t been here very long in comparison to a lot of people. But I keep seeing these scenarios:

“___ did this once so they’re a hypocrite if they say ___ can’t do ___ because they did it too!”

“Just because ___ said sorry for ___ doesn’t mean they aren’t a complete piece of shit.”

“___ is horrible and you shouldn’t like them because they ___! Just because they’re trying to be a better person doesn’t mean they’re anything more than what they were!”

It’s… honestly kind of worrying. If you really think that no one’s apology or actions mean anything, how can anyone ever become a better person? Once you make a mistake you’re doomed to be terrible forever with no way to prove yourself otherwise or to right what you’ve wronged.

Obviously there are exceptions to this, especially when it comes into more personal territory like forgiving family or friends. I’m not saying that you should forgive everyone, but I do think that you should at least acknowledge when someone is trying to become a better person, or says they’re sorry for doing something wrong.

And acknowledging someone’s apology or attempts to become a better person is not the same as accepting it.

Acknowledging it is like looking at it and saying: “I see that you’re sorry and that you’re trying to be better, but I can’t trust you. I wish you the best on the path you’re taking now, and proud that you’re making efforts to change yourself, but I’m going to put distance between us.”

Accepting it is like: “I take your apology to heart, and I’m glad you said it. I’m willing to give you another chance at becoming a better person, and I’m going to be here with you along the way.”

I think why seeing this trend bothers me so much is because I was that asshole.

Now a lot of you don’t know what I was like when I was younger and I’m glad for that, but basically all you really need to know is that I come from 4chan. I was your typical troll. I made people’s daily lives worse for the fun of it. I liked doing it. There’s honestly no other way to put it. I was a jerk and I had fun being a jerk. I was racist and sexist and anti-Semitic. I was your typical 4chan piece of shit of the early 2000’s.

There are plenty of reasons why I did what I did. Coping with depression, trying to fit in, etc. But that doesn’t excuse from them, and there’s really no possible way for me to go back and apologize for every little remark I made, or every person’s day I ruined. The only way I can prove I’m better than that, that I can change, is through my actions, and to apologize whenever I happen to slip up from here on out.

But the fact that I was once a piece of shit human being, to some people, means I’m unforgivable and past redemption, and nothing I ever do will make up for what I’ve done in the past.

And when someone thinks that, or worse, verbally says it to someone who might not be as resolved to becoming a better person as I am, it can set that person right back to how they were, and you’ve lost what might have been a friend or ally, or someone who could do good in the world if someone had just given them a chance. And in doing so the only thing you have accomplished is helping the world burn.