made the trip go by a little faster

motorcycle ~ jonah marais

a/n: so i got the inspiration for this imagine from today when i was driving down the highway and i saw this couple on a motorcycle and the dude driving tried to take off his jacket but the girl made him keep it on because it’s dangerous to ride a motorcycle without some form of long sleeve so she forced him to wear it and idk i just thought it was so cute because it showed that she really cared and she like helped him put it back on and then he looked back at her and they kissed and stuff and were both all smiley and my heart melted so yeah that’s basically what this is kinda gonna be about

warning: acts of mental/verbal abuse and mentions of physical abuse:///

“what are you doing?” you asked travis as he was trying to take off his jacket at the red light you two were currently stopped at. 

“taking my jacket off, what the fuck else does it looked like!?” he yelled back at you, taking you by surprise since he had raised his voice so much at your simple question that was asked out of complete and utter concern. 

“you can’t,” you argued with your boyfriend on nine months, trying to push it back onto his shoulders, only for him to snap at you even more. 

“no!” he yelled over the loud noises of the cars passing by. you didn’t know why he felt the need to yell since you could have heard him perfectly at a normal speaking voice but you were definitely not about to ask. 

“please, will you keep it on?” you begged but only earned a scoff from him in return as he took his jacket off and stood up a bit so that he could sit on it. “it will protect you! if we were to crash and you weren’t wearing it,” you continued to argue, but little did you know that a huge bomb was about to go off that would change your life forever. 

“for fuck’s sake!” he yelled, quickly driving straight through the red light and into the gas station parking lot that was just ahead. the sudden movement of the vehicle without warning caused a moment of pure panic for you since you did not expect it, so you were not holding onto anything. you quickly lunged forward and wrapped your arms around travis’ torso to prevent you from falling off.

“i’m not going to crash,” he sassed once he parked the bike and jumped off, leaving you sitting on the motorcycle, still very confused. he pulled his helmet off of his head (which he had never buckled in the first place which only added to your fear of him getting hurt) and held it against his side with his forearm. 

“get off,” he said, as if it was the most casual thing in the world. 

“why?” you asked, confused as to what was making him force you to get off. you were in a bit of a rush in the first place to get to his parent’s house, so you didn’t quite understand why he pulled over so suddenly. 

“oh my god,” he huffed, running a hand through his dirty blonde hair that was longer than most guys’. “is it that hard to understand? get off of the damn bike!” he screamed at you, causing you to jump off of the vehicle immediately, only for him to hop right back on. 

“what are you doing?” you asked as he started up the motorcycle again as soon as you were off. 

“leaving your ugly bitch ass,” he chuckled before pulling out of the parking lot, leaving you on the curb of a nearly abandoned gas station with a dead cell phone and no sense of direction. (ONE DIRECTION HAHA) 

tears welled up in your eyes as the situation began to set in. the man who you loved had just left you in a place where you aren’t familiar with absolutely nothing. 

although you would never admit it to anybody but yourself, heck, you wouldn’t even admit it to yourself before this instance, but travis was incredibly abusive. never physically, well, except for that one time that you tried to block out of your memory. other than that, he was just mentally and verbally abusive. you felt bad for using the word ‘just’ knowing that it was still a big deal, but you had never realized how much it affected you until now. 

you sat on the curb by where he dropped you off, just thinking. as much as you wanted to cry, just to let it all out, the tears wouldn’t come for some reason. you felt them prick at the corners of your eyes but they were never fully there. kind of like your love for travis. 

after about fifteen minutes of sitting on the curb, feeling completely raw and empty inside. after that amount of time, you stood up and decided to at least try to find your way back home by walking in the direction that you came from. however, just when you started to do that, you remembered that you lived with travis. you couldn’t go back there, hell no. although you ended up walking that way instead, not wanting to accidentally run into travis if he had happened to stop up the road a bit. 

“oh god, i’m so sorry,” you heard a mumbled voice say just after your left shoulder had collided with something else, which happened to be the right shoulder of a boy who looked about your age. you weren’t going to lie to yourself, he was gorgeous. just the look of him made your heart beat just a little bit faster. 

“i-uh-” you stuttered, trying to find words of the english language to spit out. “you’re fine. it was probably my fault anyways,” you blushed after tripping over your own words. the tall boy bent over to pick his longboard up off of the ground so that you two could engage in conversation. 

“i’m jonah,” he smiled, sticking his hand out for you to shake. 

“y/n,” you told him, returning the smile.

the two of you ended up walking in the direction jonah was originally coming from, which was probably incredibly inconvenient for him but he didn’t seem to mind. the two of you clicked instantly, talking about absolute nonsense. you tried your best to avoid the topic of relationships just because you wouldn’t know what to say. however, you did really want to know if he was taken. i mean, how couldn’t he be? look at him!

“so, um,” he started, clearly about to change the subject. “can i have your number?” he asked. “that is, if you aren’t already taken,” he smiled. 


also sorry if i don’t post much the next few days, i’m with my grandparents for my grandpa’s birthday so i hope ya’ll understand

The Little Warrior

Summary: Dad!Crowley & Daughter!Reader - Crowley takes his five-year-old daughter trick or treating for Halloween.

Word Count: 2111

Triggers: None, just father/daughter fluff

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Note: Another one shot with the father/daughter duo! All these fluffy stories can be read separately from each other or together. Just fluff, no strict story-line here guys! This one is for my one story a day Halloween Bonanza.

Other stories with the duo:

Fatherhood, Disney Movie Madness, Tea Party PlaytimeGood Night Princess and Walkies With ‘Ette

Crowley had never really like Halloween. Sure, in some ways it was the easiest day, after Valentine, to get a few extra souls on the books. A bunch of drunk frat boys on a dare or some soccer moms on wine trying to get a few thrills with this old “spell” they found, made for easy targets when everyone was looking for a way to scare themselves and their friends. But honestly, to the King of Hell, Halloween was overrated. Though he had to admit that he did enjoy what their depiction of witches used to portray his mother dearest as, used to being the main point of that of course, since everything had turned a bit “sexier” over the last few decades.

No, the demon wasn’t too fond of the season. The humidity messed with his perfectly pressed suits and the demon population had a habit of taking advantage of the gore and horror thinking Crowley couldn’t tell disobedient demons from drunken humans. He also never particularly liked pumpkin spice. Still, over the last few years the King of Hell had gained a different perspective on the season, all thanks to hell’s very own little princess.

When Juliette first had brought back the tiny baby girl five years prior after harvesting the soul of her deadbeat mother, Crowley had not even pictured himself ever being a father again. So of course that meant that he never thought he’d be ordering his tailor to make the little girl a special knight costume based on her colourful drawing… Nor a matching dragon costume for poor Juliette who was more lapdog than hell-hound to the little girl. But that was exactly what he had done just a week prior.

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In A Heartbeat

So I am sure a lot of you have seen this video or have at the very least heard about it. When I first saw it I fell in love. It was just so adorable and it conveyed so much emotion without words. I still cry watching it. Because I loved it so much I felt inspired to write a short little fic. Its completely inspired by this and if anything its plot is literally this with very few changes. My fangirl ass just really wanted to see my OTP in this setting. I added something in the end to show basically what I would have wanted to happen but for the most part its still very much the same story soooo I guess here it is…

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animentrohetaliate  asked:

Sorry if I'm bothering you... I was wondering if you could do a Desus prompt post (or during) the war where Jesus steals something from Daryl and Daryl chases him like in 6.10 while the Hilltop people just watch. (And maybe a kiss in there somewhere?)

no bother at all :) x

“PAUL!” Daryl shouted. “GIVE IT BACK!”

Paul didn’t respond, choosing not to waste his breath as he ran from Daryl around Hilltop, who was chasing him.  Paul noted that he doubted he had ever seen Daryl run that fast, and he was definitely going to tease him about it later.

Well, that’s how this whole thing started, with some teasing. Paul had found an almost selfie–a very Daryl taken picture with the polaroid that Paul had found on the road (it had shocked him that it had worked anyhow). The picture was tilted; it was Paul laying on Daryl’s chest asleep, his hair pulled back into a very loose ponytail, and in the picture it showed some of Daryl’s chin, and bottom lip quirked into a smile. 

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Fire and Smoke (Talk Me Down)

James is determined to stay away from short, freckled redheads. Lily, having had enough drama for a lifetime, is equally resolved to avoid dark-haired troublemakers. But he rarely does what he ought, and she is too stubborn for her own good. It should be an interesting year.

The ‘read more’ links will send you to the full story.

Chapter Twelve or Fire and Smoke

Lily Evans wasn’t nice, at least not where James Potter was concerned. With her, James never knew where he stood. She was kind, yes, and probably smarter than anyone else he knew, but she could also be vindictive, vicious and cold as ice. Lily Evans was a human paradox and so there really was no way James could know what the hell was going on inside his heart.

(Maybe he did, and just wasn’t ready to admit it to himself. Whatever.)

What James did know was that Lily’s laugh made everything seem quieter, calmer, slower, which in reality didn’t make any sense, because she was manic, erratic and potentially insane, he suspected. It was pretty perfect, to be honest. After all, what James needed was excitement and enthusiasm. Someone who’d make his heart beat a little faster, someone who’d light a fire in his chest. He always acted like an idiot around her, but how could he not? She always made him trip over himself, speak before he managed to figure out what he wanted to say..

Lily wasn’t nice. James thought nice was overrated anyway, and that was where things got tricky. Because it wasn’t like James didn’t like Susan. He actually really did, which was why he felt so awful about the whole situation.

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Captain Canary`s kid-name
  • Mick: They name the kid Mick. Or Mika for girl. Any problem? I'm their best friend, I was best man at the wedding and I'm gonna be a godfather to all of their children. Hey I practically forced them to date each other.
  • Ray: No way. It`s going to be my name. I was the one who sent both of them on the right path when they wanted to go back to their old activities.
  • Martin: How abstract this achievement is, Mr. Palmer. Unlike that I've figured out how to get Mr. Snart from the time stream.
  • Rip: Wait a minute. You all have met each other thanks to me. That means i should be a godfather at least one of their babies.
  • Barry: Hey you. I did the best job for your meeting, Hunter. I lead Snart from villain to hero. You just made it a bit faster with you little trip.
  • Amaya: Are you serious? Sara is my best friend, and Leonard killed me ones. They both owe me.
  • Quentin: Hey, shut up all of you. This is my grandchild. The boy is after me and the girl is after my wife. No matter how much i`m scared about the last name.
  • Jax: Ok, Snart. So who it`s going to be?
  • *10 seconds later*
  • Snart: Which one of you has L-started name?
  • *silence*
  • Snart: That`s what i thought.
  • Ray: i`m okey with Laymond!

The night of Magnolia was beautiful. Golden warm nights glowing from lampposts, houses, magic lacrima lighted up the town. With a clear starry sky above, Magnolia looked like as a pile of treasure surrounding in a mysterious space.

Steady footsteps crossing around the streets, a raventte with his hands in pockets, glancing the night town with clear eyes. The few hours of the crowded train travel made him feeling exhausted as too many passengers were hurrying for their journeys in Magnolia, Gray did not have a good time to rest during the trip.

After greetings to the guildmates and reported the mission to Mira, he just wanted to go home, stripped off his clothes and backpack then ran into the bed. He was tired, he needed a comfortable sleep. The little wish pushed him walking faster towards his apartment.

Gray did not expecting he had guests on this time. When he realized the window in his room has been opened, veins popping up on the handsome face and pupils narrowing, someone really wanted to get arrested and asses kicked so hard, huh?

The door knob turned as Gray stepping in, took a deep breath before walking in silently. Reaching outside his bedroom, clasping his hands together tightly, he stopped for a few seconds before bursting in.

The ice demon stunned at the sight in front of him as his icy eyes wide open, not sure that he could speak out any words at present. His heartbeat was slowing down, panting gently with his fist clenched.

That, freaking, little, shit!

The back of the guest was facing to him. Cool winds blowing in from the opened window, blowing up the sakura hair on the soft pillow. Natsu Dragneel, the Salamander, curled and sleeping in his bed!

He really had to remember locking all of the windows and front door before getting out afterwards. And, keep his clothes on, too. “Now I can know how Lucy feels.” He thought.

Dropping down the backpack and jacket on the small chair as Gray walking towards his bed slowly. The anger rising as Gray closed the distance a little further, how dare his bed was occupied! He raised his arm, ice fist was ready to swing hard on that ash-for brains.

But when his eyes landed on the soft sleeping form, the cuteness and innocent on Natsu’s face ceased the anger as he retreated the fist eventually. The bed was warm, radiation of heat from the fire dragon warmed up the little space, attracting the ice mage to climb in and sleep together.

“I am too tired to kick your ass now. You’re so lucky, framebrain.” He tried to hypnotize himself but his body was settling behind Natsu in his small bed, who was still snoring peacefully.

The bare chest flushed the smaller fire mage’s back, cool skin turning warmer gradually. His hips shifted a little to approach Natsu’s hips, the raven pressed his face against Natsu’s muscular shoulder, throwing the left arm around the fiery body lightly.

Closing his eyes and nuzzling his shoulder a little, Gray moved his arm aimlessly until it touched something, he relaxed and chuckled.

He was going to interrogate the dragon tomorrow when they woke up. Gray told himself before he fall asleep gradually.


When a blast of cold wind blowing through the street outside, Natsu woke up slowly. The weather was far colder than the early of the day, enough to pull the dragon slayer out of the sleep. Olive pupils dilated after he caught the starry sky.

“It’s night already?!” The reality hitting him in, driving out the comfortable feel of the sleep in the soft bed. As he was thinking to bounce up and look outside the window, he felt a groan behind and a cooler body snuggling closer was enough to stop him.

He stole a glance aside then flopped back quickly. The host of the apartment, Gray Fullbuster, his long time childhood rival, clutching and sleeping behind him! “Damn it! How long did I sleep?” He thought hastily .

His eyes following a path from his legs first. Black pants covered that long leg, placed above Natsu’s knees. The raven’s hips touched his ass slightly, Natsu could not help to take a deep breath. Moving his head slightly, the good shape arm covered by the fabric of a shirt, curling on his arm and chest. He also could feel the tingling from the sword necklace and cool feel of the flawless skin on his back, he just hoped he could take off his own shirt to press against the skin behind him.

The fire dragon sure that he could not sleep anymore. Even the scale scarf enfolded around the neck, he could sense the snowy breath on the nape of his neck easily. He moved his gaze again, landed on his own left hand finally, which the palm on the sheets.

How did they end up like this? The sexy grin the ice mage made to mock him, being cradled in those strong arms to hear the angry with worried tone in Gray’s words, making the ice brain laughed heartily for a long time only for his stupid actions, found the answers in those icy blue eyes and Gray found his in feral green.

Maybe only the God knows, or both of them know. The expression of olive eyes smoothed, smiling on the back of his hand was covered by niveous one, which the fingers clasped on the gap between his fingers.

He moved his left hand closer, his tactile sensation can feel the strength of clasped fingers, that Gray cares for him a lot, and the love of the ice demon.

Still holding his hand and Gray’s hand, Natsu pulled in, to give a kiss on the wrist with a bracelet.


That fucking bastard!

Gray has used all of endurance to prevent moving a little bit, but he could not hold back the deep blush spreading through his pale cheeks. He felt his body was heating up, not just the warm back but with the fiery passion he could feel on those lips. Natsu had kissed on the bracelet, the first present he got after they asked the other out.

He closed his eyes for only a while until the kisses moving upwards, to the back of his hand, he did not have the heart to pull away, only clenched his right hand into a fist to hold back any voices. It did not take a long time for Gray to tense up fully, as the fiery lips latched on his ring finger.

It’s just like a silent purpose that they will get married in the future, and he could feel the love from the dragon slayer shot towards his heart.

Gray had one thing to make sure he will do later, make the fire dragon feeling embarrassed like this!

Voice of the heartbeat became faster and louder, Natsu could feel the body behind him tensed up, snowy breath ragged as he could sense the smell of the ice wizard changing, and something started to poke on his hips.

He smirked. Not releasing those fingers, Natsu did not waste the time to flip himself to look at his lover’s face.

“Yo, ice princess.”

Return Part 4

Part 3

Genre: Angst 
Words: 3,176
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: Details of injuries
Summary: The Winter Soldier makes an appearance during an innocent sparring.

There was a pressure on your eyes you couldn’t explain as the light finally shined down into your vision. Blurry ceiling tiles were the first things you saw as you attempted to clear your sight, but the pain in your body made you want to shut your eyes once more. You swallowed in an attempt to soothe your dry throat but the sting of it made you cough and your eyes water. Your neck and ribs even hurt at the action. You couldn’t win.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay.”

The sound of Tony’s voice echoed from across the room. You could see out of the corner of your eye his back to you, hurrying to finish drying his hands on a towel. Once he was done, he was over to you in an instant, interlacing your fingers with his.

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anonymous asked:

63 with Suga!

Anonymous said: If you’re still writing them, 25 with yoongi milady

Anonymous said: [ 100 ] - ‘You’re so annoying, oh my god.’ / Yoongi please :)) 

63.  What would you do if you were locked in an elevator with me?

25. I just had a couple drinks.

100.  You’re so annoying, oh my god

I decided to combine some prompts :D

“What would you do if you were locked in an elevator with me?”

Yoongi’s lethargic voice startled you, mostly because you thought he was asleep, considering you had almost sat down on him by accident earlier because he was taking up half of the couch as he lied there with his eyes closed.

“How on earth did you think of that question?”

If he hadn’t said anything, you wouldn’t have known that he was awake, because he looked like he was in a deep slumber, with only his chest rising and sinking steadily and his lips moving when he talked.

“I don’t know, I just did.”

You locked your phone you had been using, before you turned towards him to watch him slowly get up from his position, making more space for you to sit more comfortably on the couch.

“You’re drunk, Yoongi.”

“No I’m not, I just had a couple of drinks.”

You looked him up and down, until your eyes skipped to the empty soju bottles on the table, accompanied by more empty beer bottles on the floor. 

This little party had gone slightly out of hand, especially after Jungkook and Taehyung had made a quick trip to the convenience store to get more alcohol and ice cream, both of which were consumed faster than you had expected, ending up in seven drunk boys and you, also drunk. Your head felt heavy and you felt a bit dizzy, although it wasn’t as bad as you knew your hangover was going to be.

“So? Answer me.”

When you squinted at him, he reciprocated your expression, only making you cross your arms in front of you in turn.

“Fine. I would scream. And shout. Probably die, too.”

He huffed, clearly not satisfied with your answer as he adjusted himself so he was facing you.

“Is that all? That sounds just lovely.”

“I might have to chew off my own ears as well.”
“You’re so annoying, oh my god.”

A chuckle bubbled up inside of you because you found your own answer so hilarious and you couldn’t hold it back, so you just started giggling.

By now he looked like he was so done with the world that it made you laugh so hard- it might have been the alcohol in your blood adding to the hilarity of the situation- that you almost doubled over giggling, while he just kept looking at you.

“Why do you hate me?”

Those words coming out of his mouth surprised you so much that you stopped laughing and just looked at him instead. It wasn’t like you two had been the best of friends, but you would never go as far as saying that you hate him. Never.

He looked more hurt and disappointed than you had realized at first, which only made you feel bad that you had seemingly hurt his feelings.

“I don’t hate you. You’re just too dumb to realize that I like you.”

A stunned silence filled the room. The only noises audible were from Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook playing a ridiculous game of “guess the body part” and, spoiler alert- most of the time it was ass.

Hoseok was passed out cold on the floor, Namjoon was cradling a beer bottle like he was holding a child with his eyes fixed on his phone and Seokjin was busy eating everything he could find. You could only hope that he would find the toilet bowl fast enough for when he was going to throw all of that food up again because cleaning up vomit was the last thing you wanted to do right now.

“I didn’t know you liked me” he mumbled, his eyes fixed on you, his mind racing as he tried to get his thoughts in the right order, which wasn’t exactly easy, seeing as he had downed a whole bottle of soju by himself earlier.

“It’s not my fault you’re so blind-”

Your words were muffled by his lips crashing onto yours, the sudden intensity taking you by surprise, making you yelp into his mouth, before you leaned closer to him, melting into the kiss as his hands settled on your waist, serving as an anchor to keep you grounded.

A faint mix of alcohol and the mint gum he had been chewing reached your taste buds, which only intensified when he added his tongue into your mouth, pulling you closer to his body.

Your mind was spinning, not just because of the alcohol, but because you had only ever dreamed of this, especially since Yoongi had always been rather cold and uninterested towards you.

If only you had known that he felt the same way.

“Get a room” Namjoon yelled, his eyes fixed on you and Yoongi making out on the couch and you hadn’t noticed that you were practically lying on top of him until Namjoon’s voice had reached your ear.

“And someone get those kids to bed, they keep touching each others asses. It’s disturbing.”

get puck’d ; ashton au pt 1

Ice hockey was his passion.

He loved the feeling of the intense burn in his calves, the weight of the stick in his hands, the sensation of the ice gliding beneath him. He had been on skates ever since he could remember – from the moment he could walk, he could skate.

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