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When I first decided to get into indie rping, I never expected to meet so many awesome new people, or at least not within the space of 2 or 3 months. I was so happy when I hit 200 and I can only hope I carry on meeting more of you.


vonglitz-writes in such a short time, our friendship has grown into something great. We have two perfect ships, and not only that, but you’re so helpful when it comes to themes and graphics. You helped me with Nate’s Bristol theme, and made the 8 graphics in my sidebar. You’re amazing and kind and perfect and ilysm.

twinrps I could go on about our friendship for a while but i’ll try to get it short for the sake of dash clogging. You’re one of the first people I met when rping over a year ago, and your friedship means more to me each day (even though it’s been a while since we’ve spoken now). We’ve had tons of amazing ships from JJate, Noli and Bani, to Olismine, Nalfie and Nouis. When it comes to ships, even platonic ones, we always have amazing chemistry and that’s part of why it’s such a pleasure and honour to write with you. Even when I was awful, you still put up with me and stuck by myside no mater how much of an asshole I was and i’m so, so, soooo thankful to have met you. I love you more than words can express. ❤

tatteredhearts-twistedminds Jace Face, Perfect Penguin, you have been a big influence in my life. You’ve taught me a lot (especially the meanings on gender/sexuality terms that confused me before). You’re always going to have a place in my heart, and continue to be the amazing and lovely person that you are. Don’t ever change because you are perfect.

jasperhelps My dear Jaspy and my ‘Dad’. You’ve made me laugh to the point of tears, and you’ve had my feels scattered like autumn leaves with swet Nemo and Nate. I miss rping with you, but i’m glad I still get to talk to you and just generall have you in my life but you are amazing in every way. PS: I hope you still have that box!

likeaphoenixrps I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation that didn’t leave me laughing my ass off at my ocmputer, like ever. Our friendship is basically built on insults and ;_; faces and it’s great, tbh. Both of our ships are basically tragic, Olibastian mainly but Blenry too. Sometimes I think you’re the Indian lesbian version of me and I love ranting about shit that pisses us off because no one understands it like you. Keep being tragic. 👌

evvyanderson At first, in twins, I found you really intimidating. I loved seeing Everett on the dash but OOC, I was scared to talk to you because I thought you were incredible. And then Neverett happened and we talked, and I discovered how much of a sweet and lovely person you really are. Neverett still breaks my heart pretty much whenever they interact but I wouldn’t have them any other way because both Neverett and you are amazing.

sebastiansmytherps Our friendship has had a lot of ups and downs in the time we’ve known each other. I’ve loved and lost you, but now you’re back in my life and you shouldn’t ever forget, i’ll always be here if you need me, any time; i’ll be here to remind you how amazing you are. Olibastian always prevails. 👐


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special mention for anderbootyrps even though I don’t rp with you bc I love you bby


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