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Hello sweethearts! Fran and I have decided to do a tumblr awards together again. Since we both love fashion a lot, we decided to do fashion week inspired awards! 


  • Must be following @clvser and @arunnai
  • Reblog this post (likes only for bookmarking)
  • Don’t promote or delete this text


  • Miu Miu - best icon
  • Kenzo - best url
  • Valentino - best posts
  • Viktor&Rolf - best theme
  • Christian Dior - best colour scheme
  • Balmain - best overall
  • Chloé - sweetest personality
  • Louis Vuitton - new discovery
  • Saint Laurent - best mobile lay out
  • Chanel - best under 1K (submit proof here)
  • Givenchy - Fran’s favourite
  • Elie Saab - Heidi’s favourite


  • New friends!
  • Winners will be promoted to 32k+ dashboards
  • Winners will be displayed on a page with all the shows
  • You can ask for a promo (of your choice) once a week to both of us


  • Reblog this post more than once
  • Talk to us, we love talking to every single one of you!


  • Banner made by me (I take requests!)
  • Choosing when we’re happy with the notes
  • Any questions message me here or Fran here

Happy reblogging!

Lots of love, Heidi and Fran

anonymous asked:

Hi.... I was wondering what imagines you're working on??? Not trying to rush any, just curious :)

been getting a lot of these type questions

actually, I usually work on them in order of when they were asked

but I have made a draft for every single request I have answered- that hasn’t been written

that way I don’t miss any

I have twenty two story drafts

working on an Ethan coffee date currently 。◕‿◕。

I don’t think I’m ever going to understand this scenario:

Someone randomly comes out of the blue and makes an art request at you, without even asking if you have requests available first. You tell them you don’t do requests or you have commissions available.

I’m not rude with them, just being honest and firm if I have to, but I have asked them why they just randomly made requests like that. Their reasoning? Without fail, every single time: some variation of “Because your drawings are amazing and I really like your art.“

Isn’t that a reason that you’d pay an artist to do work for you? I don’t understand where this idea comes from that the more you like an artist’s work, especially when you’ve only just met them, the more obligated you are to get it for free.

At this point I’m more curious if there’s some kind of explanation for why this fault of logic is so common. 

Backgrounds List

Here is an alphabetical list of all Pokemon, with links to any backgrounds I have completed for each Pokemon. Now you can check this handy list, instead of asking me whether I have done backgrounds (for it takes me as long to go through my tag as it does you)!

I’ll try to keep this list updated, but no promises. I have no plans to do every single Pokemon, and any requests should be made at THIS LINK.

If you like my work, and want access to special backgrounds, support me on Patreon!

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          Is it sick to make
You beg the way I do
                                 Is it sick of me
To want you crawling on your knees

i made a request to wrathea to make a single ghoul eye mod for my zerker and she did such a good job and was so patient with me when i was trying to make it work. It sits right behind eye-patches just the way I’ve always wanted it and now my little yandere zerk feels complete!