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“Too bad for you, but I restored the heart back to Te Fiti!”
I was looking through some photos from the Moana Meet-and-Greet and found this gem which was ABSOLUTELY unintentional, but honestly it made me laugh

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can we get some more long haired jin? better yet, long haired bts?

Hobi: …So uh Jiminie… 

Jimin: Yeah I know

@shinyzango and her Bendy, having a >:3 contest.

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"Hi! Nice to see another Ampharos around. My name's Fugue, what's yours?" Fugue asks, grinning. He's holding a deck of cards and wondering if this other Ampharos wants to play with him! @sometimesampharos



                     i  set  her  free.  I’M  SORRY  i  couldn’t  do  the  same  for  all  of  you.

                                 now  go.  our  time  is  almost  passed.


The ‘unofficial’ one vs. The ‘official’ first date