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GUYS, I JUST REALIZED ANOTHER THING. Ok, so not only did Tamlin probably get Ianthe pregnant, BUT I also think something else just got confirmed for us.

Calanmai already happened, but Rhys didn’t participate as a High Lord. So that debate we’ve had about whether all the High Lords perform the Rite on the same night/Calanmai? This means they don’t. (Rhys’s mating with Feyre was independent from the ceremony taking place).

Which MEANS that the Night Court probably still has a Rite of its own that we haven’t seen. Ya know, just sayin’.

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Conjure the Compass

Here lies my own incantation for hollowing the Compass, a mix and match of various incantations ranging from the rite chant in the fictitious show Salem, to Gemma Gary’s books. Remember, experiment, find what appeals to you, and ultimately, what works with those sorcerers powers you are calling to. Sometimes, they will be delighted by your own creation. Other times, they will guide you themselves to create.

I Conjure Thee O’ Compass Round!
Ye Be Cast, Ye Be Bound!

One Two Three Four,
Raise the Devil to the Door
By Snake, by hare, by crow and toad,
Dance we shall, the field of the Goat
Cast and Hollow’d tis this Ring
A call to forces we will bring

By Serpents Tongue and Lightning Strike
Be All Hindrance put to flight
By Serpent-Seed and Horse’s Hoof
Make him walk from floor to roof
One Two Three Four
Compass is cast, come our lord!

The witch’s mill to turn, to spin!
The circle is made, the rite begin!

Eventually, I will give the entire rite I use, but mind you it is such a mix-match of pieces I found speak to me on a the deepest of levels, in a new combination.

The Perfect Valentine.

A man with a cane and a limp navigated the aisles of their local pharmacy. Nearby, his small son chattered on. The man browsed the shelves looking for a Valentine’s gift for his wife. The sheer volume of cards, candies and everything heart-themed overwhelmed his senses. They always exchanged cards, but he wanted whatever he gave her to be special. Something that really let her know what she meant to him. To them. He was diving deeper into his thoughts when the boy grabbed his attention.

“Daddy, I want to get her Leonardo.”

“Hmm? You want to get mommy the ninja turtle for Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah,” he nodded his head firmly.

The man took a breath and looked to the ceiling for a moment, smiling. “You know what, buddy? From you, that makes sense.”

He reached out to tousle his son’s hair gently and to steer him up the aisle further.

As they reached the end of the holiday selections, the boy whispered, “I like Leonardo.”

The man chuckled. “I know you do, pal.”


 "Good,“ Amarantha purred from her throne. "Again.”
There was another ash dagger waiting, and another Fae kneeling. Female. I knew the words she’d say. The prayer she’d recite. I knew I’d slaughter her, as I’d slaughtered the youth before me. To free them all, to free Tamlin, I would do it. I was the butcher of innocents, and the savior of a land.
 "Whenever you’re ready, lovely Feyre,“ Amarantha drawled, her deep red hair as bright as the blood on my hands. On the marble.
Murderer. Butcher. Monster. Liar. Deceiver. I didn’t know who I meant. The lines between me and the queen had long since blurred. (…) My hands didn’t tremble as I angled the dagger. As I gripped the fine-boned shoulder, and gazed into that hated face—my face.


This corset OOTD that I put together yesterday evening is definitely one of my new favorites.

And I always love wearing my own corsets, too. This is my super short waist cincher, made to cinch just the soft bits (no hip or rib compression), and I love how it just gives that little nip to the midsection! Plus, it keeps the silhouette quite curvaceous from the side view, too.

Heather top by Michi @michiny
Faux leather skirt by Gracia, picked up through Pinup Girl Clothing
Rodent bone pendant made by Last Rites @mirandarightsofficial
Corset/cincher by SLD Corsetry

so much snow !!! i woke up at 7:00 am in a great mood :0)

while i was brushing my teeth n stuff i put my work clothes on the heater >:o))) i was so happy trudging thru all the snow !!! work was so slow bc evry1 is staying in , so i got out like an hour early .. i bought myself a nut + honey latte to walk home with :0)))  im feeling better 2day , its gona be hard for a while but ik im super strong n tht i made the rite decision 2 just let go n stop trying . its only hard b/c its the rite thing to do !!!