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GUYS, I JUST REALIZED ANOTHER THING. Ok, so not only did Tamlin probably get Ianthe pregnant, BUT I also think something else just got confirmed for us.

Calanmai already happened, but Rhys didn’t participate as a High Lord. So that debate we’ve had about whether all the High Lords perform the Rite on the same night/Calanmai? This means they don’t. (Rhys’s mating with Feyre was independent from the ceremony taking place).

Which MEANS that the Night Court probably still has a Rite of its own that we haven’t seen. Ya know, just sayin’.

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Reverential Working for the Indwelling Powers of a Place: For the Securing of Their Favor, Acceptance, Communion, and Aid in Sorcery; or Else for the Winning of the Necessary Warning That They May Be Hostile or Unwilling to Tolerate Human Presence.

Sincerely offered by the hand of
Malmath DeSavyok
Serpens Est Dux Meus

For the Covenant, and for all else of Reverential Heart.

I. The operant must have a stretch of isolated or semi-isolated land upon which to work. One need not own the land in any ordinary legal sense, but one must spend much of one’s time there. It is best if the operant sleeps there, and dreams there, most of the days of the year. If the operator intends to assay the Sator Table rite in a strange place, a place she is visiting, it would be best if she could sleep on that land for at least three nights before, but again, this won’t be strictly necessary, as all reverential offerings given with an attitude of proper respect should be received by the powers indwelling a place.

II. This ritual working is intended to demonstrate respect on the part of the operant to the range of non-human Persons that indwell any given or discreet region of land. This region will not be a large one; it will extend to small woods or forests, small or large properties that have well-defined boundaries, or areas of land that have become separated from surrounding areas by other boundaries, structures, rivers, streams, barriers, or such factors that have forced the area to become thought of and perceived as a distinctive area.

III. The purpose of this rite is to show respect, and win favor from the indwelling and chthonic powers of a place. That is the primary purpose; the secondary purpose is to increase understanding of the nature of those entities via their communications with the operant in dreams, or in visionary states. The tertiary purpose is, for those who will dwell upon that region of land for a lengthy period of time, to secure the acceptance of the chthonic powers for the operant’s other works of sorcery that will be done on the land, and to secure their active aid with those works, or at least their lack of interference.

IV. The operant will select a place upon the land which is as far out of the sight of human eyes as possible, and which bears as little malformation or deformation of the land by the workings of man as possible. The place should ideally have a sense of peace about it, a stillness or a quiet that is obvious. A natural beauty or features of natural beauty are likewise to be preferred. At that place, on bare earth, a small offering pit is to be dug, with non-metal digging tools if possible, though this is not an absolute. Three well-smoothed or peeled branches, or just very straight branches, each at least 2 feet long, should be placed around the pit in a triangular shape, with the pit being close to the bottom-most of the three branches, the branch which is the base of the triangle. Refer to the diagram that accompanies this working. With flour, white sand, or corn-meal, a mawkin-form is drawn above the pit (as in the figure) and three Saturnian sigils are drawn around the three sides of the triangle, again as depicted.

V. The operant should not create the Sator Table while bearing a heavy heart due to recent negative interactions with other persons. They should not assay the operation, nor create the Table until they have washed their hands, face, neck, and chest with a water made of Birch bark and leaves that have been steeped in boiling water for nine minutes, or utilized some other form of ritual purification that will suffice to satisfy this requirement.

VI. The rite can be prepared at any time, though a properly liminal time will increase its effectiveness, and make communing with the indwelling powers easier; dawn and twilight are the preferred times. Lamps of Art, or a nearby small fire, can be built and used if extra light is desired. Any light so used must be of a natural source, never a mechanical one. The hour between midnight and one o'clock AM is also a potent time for the performance.

VII. When the operant is ready, standing before the table, she must utilize an opening or “breaching” charm to formally ask the Master Spirit who conducts souls from our world to the Unseen, and who facilitates spiritual communication between this word and the Other, to support this work in that manner. Those who have the Elphillock Charm will use it now; those who do not will either create their own spoken charm to this end, or use this one:

“These words are the wind of my body
Turned to sound by my soul’s will.
They will make open the invisible way
Between Seen and Unseen.
It is the Gudeman (Good Man),
The Green Warden of the Given-Ground,
That I celebrate with words.
It is His attention I seek,
His presence I desire.
For His Deathless Spirit is merged
With this Good Earth;
This I celebrate.
Master of the Daimons,
Of the Earth and of the Underworld,
Ancient Serpent supreme in wisdom,
Forever friend of Man,
Helper of all in the Inhabited World,
I beg for your kindness and aid.
Vouchsafe me the boon I require:
Make open the Way between this place
And the Unseen.
Support my Good Working here:
For true respect for the spirits of this place
Underlies my ambition.
Protect me and all the powers of this place,
And let no unwisdom of mine
Ever hinder me nor offend the powers here.
Kindly Folk in the Unseen, Good Neighbors All.
Harm me not, nor wish me ill.
By the beneficent and powerful name
Let this be so!”

VIII. At this point the operant must quiet their mind and body, and strongly enter into the sensation of their body, and feel how that all-around bodily sensation merges with the sensation of the land below them and all around. When enough time has passed for this subtle re-focusing, and without losing that subtle sense, the offerings brought for the offering pit are to be poured or placed inside it. Whole cream, melted or solid butter, tobacco, honey, or fresh-shed blood from your left hand— any of these things singularly, or any combination of them, should be the primary offerings, before any others that might be respectfully given. As the offerings are given, the operant should declare this or something similar to it:

“For the spirits that indwell this place, I give this X. It is for their increase, given to them with respect and reverence.”

The sincerity that stands behind these words must be real.

IX. Now the operant must return to that bodily sensation, and to the peace within, and speak from the heart directly to the powers that indwell that land aloud: the complete certainty that the powers can hear all words said- and the complete certainty that they can detect any dishonesty, and can easily see the sincerity of the heart that speaks the words- must be foremost on the operant’s mind. What the operant says will be governed by the wisdom and discretion of the operant, but the message spoken here must be spoken over the triangle, and “into” or near the offering pit. The message must always be respectful, and always contain a strong indication that the operant understands that the indwelling powers of that land are both venerable elders, and that they exceed the power and understanding of the operant. This position of humbleness or humility is not an empty platitude; these powers, whether they be autochthonic spirits, or the merged spirits of formerly living beings that became interred in the land in times before, have attained a status of great power and inconceivable wisdom from the perspective of modern persons who live daily in our disconnected world. This assumption must be foremost in the operant’s mind.

The operant must display a desire to not only show resect for the Powers there, but request, if they will honor the operant so, to appear to her in dreams, to reveal things about themselves to her, and help her to learn of their nature and learn of their desires, if they have any. The operant must display honest curiosity about the Persons that indwell that land. It is for the growth of her own wisdom that she should learn anything at all from them, even if they appear in some terrifying form to warn her away or reject her and other human presences sternly, as they sometimes can.

This should suffice for the initial performance of the rite. If contact in dreams or visions is made, the rite should be considersd especially successful, though any sincere giving of offerings to the Powers in any place is already a success. If contact is made through dreams, and the dreams are of a friendly or positive nature, further performances of this rite can be done to ask for other boons, such as the permission of the Powers to perform acts of sorcery in their presence, on that land. Permission might be asked the first time the rite is done, if not enough time exists to perform the rite again later, but that is less than ideal. However, one must never let the perfect become the enemy of the good. All acts of sincere reverence are good things.

If a positive relationship is created between the operant and the host of spirits or dominant spirit in a place, acts of sorcerous art dealing just with them can be done in the future; the local Powers or Power can be a potent divination-ally for certain acts of divination regarding the local area or its history, or a potent ally for many kinds of workings. But for any successful working done with the aid of the local Power or Powers, many grateful offerings have to be returned. If one were to fail in that duty, the relationship formed can be degraded. It is important to consider the local Power or Powers to be (in essence) like the “God” of the area, to possess that kind of power within the area.

X. This rite has no technical “finishing flourish.” When the operant has spoken all that needs to be spoken, she absents herself from the Sator Table, leaving slowly and feeling thankful. If the Sator Table rite was done at night or twilight, the offering pit must be closed by returning the earth that was dug out of it to it. If it was done at dawn or during the day, it can be left “open” until night comes, when it must be closed. If a “solid” offering was given to the pit- like butter- it should never be re-opened, for that will expose the butter’s remains. If only liquid offerings were given, within a day another pit can be dug in the same place, for a second performance of the rite. If the rite is successful to a goodly extent, try to utilize the general area where the first Sator Table was made for all future performances of the rite.

© 2015 Robin Artisson

Conjure the Compass

Here lies my own incantation for hollowing the Compass, a mix and match of various incantations ranging from the rite chant in the fictitious show Salem, to Gemma Gary’s books. Remember, experiment, find what appeals to you, and ultimately, what works with those sorcerers powers you are calling to. Sometimes, they will be delighted by your own creation. Other times, they will guide you themselves to create.

I Conjure Thee O’ Compass Round!
Ye Be Cast, Ye Be Bound!

One Two Three Four,
Raise the Devil to the Door
By Snake, by hare, by crow and toad,
Dance we shall, the field of the Goat
Cast and Hollow’d tis this Ring
A call to forces we will bring

By Serpents Tongue and Lightning Strike
Be All Hindrance put to flight
By Serpent-Seed and Horse’s Hoof
Make him walk from floor to roof
One Two Three Four
Compass is cast, come our lord!

The witch’s mill to turn, to spin!
The circle is made, the rite begin!

Eventually, I will give the entire rite I use, but mind you it is such a mix-match of pieces I found speak to me on a the deepest of levels, in a new combination.


 "Good,“ Amarantha purred from her throne. "Again.”
There was another ash dagger waiting, and another Fae kneeling. Female. I knew the words she’d say. The prayer she’d recite. I knew I’d slaughter her, as I’d slaughtered the youth before me. To free them all, to free Tamlin, I would do it. I was the butcher of innocents, and the savior of a land.
 "Whenever you’re ready, lovely Feyre,“ Amarantha drawled, her deep red hair as bright as the blood on my hands. On the marble.
Murderer. Butcher. Monster. Liar. Deceiver. I didn’t know who I meant. The lines between me and the queen had long since blurred. (…) My hands didn’t tremble as I angled the dagger. As I gripped the fine-boned shoulder, and gazed into that hated face—my face.


King Arthur Pendragon


Fresco, “Tomb of priests”, Tarquinia, Italy.

The fresco shows a masked man called “phersu”.
“Phersu” in Etruscan meant “mask”.
The “phersu” was a man with a mask and had a dog.
The “phersu” incited the dog against a hooded man; the hooded man had to defend himself from the dog, but could not see.
Was a cruel game Etruscan that was made during the funeral rites.

VI century BC.


This corset OOTD that I put together yesterday evening is definitely one of my new favorites.

And I always love wearing my own corsets, too. This is my super short waist cincher, made to cinch just the soft bits (no hip or rib compression), and I love how it just gives that little nip to the midsection! Plus, it keeps the silhouette quite curvaceous from the side view, too.

Heather top by Michi @michiny
Faux leather skirt by Gracia, picked up through Pinup Girl Clothing
Rodent bone pendant made by Last Rites @mirandarightsofficial
Corset/cincher by SLD Corsetry

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Sole Survivor decides it's time to bury Nate/Nora. Would the companions try to give them a respectable funeral? I picture Danse or Maxon doing a full military type funeral, whilst Deacon would try to bring humor to it. *Romance if possible*

Hello again my beautiful follower! Thanks for all the great prompts :D I’m actually taking a death/dying class right now so all these funeral customs are pretty fresh right now. The companions react to seeing Sole’s spouse is also pretty interesting (Deacon, Curie, Strong, Dogmeat don’t say anything though). Let’s do this. <3

Cait: She says nothing as she helps Sole dig the grave. Even as tears are streaming down their face, Cait understands and doesn’t crowd them but rather makes herself available in case they want to talk. Then as the settlers are helping lower their spouse into the ground, she slides an arm over their shoulders and squeezes. As they cry, she strokes their hair and sits with them for hours as they stare at the knot Sole just tied on their old life.

Codsworth: “Oh Mum/Sir I’m so terribly sorry, I know this must be hard for you.” However the situation quickly reversed as Codsworth cried waterfalls of motor oil while Sole was burying their spouse in the ground, already having made peace with it.

Curie: When Sole approached her about it, she nodded and pretended like she knew what they were talking about. Immediately afterwards, she begun thorough research into what pre-war funerals were like. She stayed up hours into the night scavenging to find every detail so that she could help Sole give the best funeral ever. The next step was collection. She made sure she found the most furtive collection of flowers only equivalent to Sole’s beautiful heart.

Danse: The BoS was all about giving people respectable burials and so Danse was very prepared to help Sole out. He switched his orange uniform with the black one while the processions were taking place to symbolize mourning, and he scavenged the wasteland for the least ratty American flag he could find. Since Nate/Nora was someone important to Sole then they deserved the best damn funeral that he could offer. When Sole wanted to send them off to sea, he made sure one hand was over his heart and the other was saluting the entire time until the boat drifted out of sight.

Deacon: He knew when it was time to be funny and when it was time to be serious. In all of his rage, he never even got to bury Barbara, further adding onto the guilt of his past. Maybe this was in part a second chance for him and so he made sure to do it properly this time. He was the first to smile at them afterwards to let them know that it was okay. There wasn’t a single person in the whole world that could cheer up Sole as fast as Deacon could. He took pride in that.

Dogmeat: *whine*

Hancock: “We’ll give your hubby/wifey the true sendoff they deserve.” He was devoutly determined to turn the funeral into a spectacle for the Commonwealth to behold. If the person he loved had loved this person too then dammit he was going to respect that! With the help of everyone in Goodneighbor, the people scrounged together every explosive, firearm, flag, and noisemaker they could find. For a full month, they practiced a funeral procession down the streets and when it came time, everyone in the Commonwealth knew what was going on.

MacCready: He empathized 100% with Sole’s plan, having done it himself. It really hit him when Sole was putting their spouse onto the casket they made. He remembered how empty he felt hen he carried his lifeless Lucy out of that metro station. The look on Sole’s face… what that how he had looked like? Was that the face he had shown to Duncan? Even as tears threatened to flow, he knew this was the time he needed to be strong. This time for Sole. He hugged them with all of his might and hoped his heart would reach them.

Nick Valentine: “Of course. Anything you need kid; I’ll make it happen.” He gently placed a kiss on their forehead as Sole divulged their plan for a respectable burial. Throughout the whole time, Nick was gentle and carefully watching them. As strong as they were, this was something that was going to be important to them. Sole insisted on taking the lead so he stayed back, but not too far back. He was there in case they fell or in case they needed a shoulder to cry on but he let them stand up on their own.

Piper: “Just tell me what you need and I will get it done Blue.” With the help of all the other Diamond City residents, the All Faith’s Chapel was used for the actual funeral as Pastor Clements was trained in a multitude of different funeral rites. Piper made sure she advertised the event in order to bring as many people together as she could in the Commonwealth. Sole had touched so many people throughout their journeys that hundreds of people flooded into the city on the third day, all dressed in white out of respect. Piper made sure to accompany them each other traditional day they returned to the chapel for memorial services.

Preston: He helped take the lead. Sole had been avoiding the subject for a long time. They eventually divulged that they were upset that 60 years had passed since the time of death of Nate/Nora. Preston assured them that it wasn’t their fault and gently helped convince them that later was better than never, to which they agreed. He was very calm and kind as they helped wash the body three times, and washed the largest pieced of white linen he could find in order to shroud the body. Preston made sure that everybody in the community participated in helping recite the funeral prayers. He was beside Sole every step of the way, holding the hand of the one he loves.

Strong: A fragment of a memory flashed in his mind: a vigil, a eulogy, a mass, a brother. What was this? Why was human few-nee-roll making images appear??

X6-88: “I am unfamiliar with pre-war funeral customs.” In the Institute it was customary to incinerate the dead. There were no tombstones or plaques. Even if it seemed impractical to him, it was important to Sole which was all he needed to know to stand by and support them with whatever they needed. He was the one that carried them out of the cryo chamber. He was the one that covered their face with a black cloth. He was the one that dug the hole and he was the one that put them in the ground. It was painful for Sole but he did everything to mitigate that.


Maxson: When the request comes up he nods but doesn’t say anything which makes Sole doubt if they even heard them or not. Much to their surprise, a few days later, the entire BoS squad had come out for the funeral Maxson had put on. As per tradition, it was customary in the past to give a 21 gun salute to those that had served the country (whether it had been on the battlefield or in the courtroom).

Glory: “It’ll be okay, you’re doing the right thing.” She grabbed their hands and held them to her heart to let them know she was there for them. She made sure everyone in the Railroad participated in the ceremony (even the asshole Carrington who tried to escape). Once Sole explained the process of washing, dressing, and purifying the body, Glory made sure they had everything they needed within the next day. The Railroad held the utmost respect for Sole’s religion during the entire procession and Glory made sure that her beloved knew that they were the family that was there for her.