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I’m absolutely in love with how Tsukiyama, from a person so overwhelming and a disastrous behaviour became someone lovable and gentle.
He went from sneaking to strangers’ houses to steal their eyes to genuinely believing that his body belongs to people who sacrificed everything for his sake. His reason to live is no longer his joy but the people who touched his heart in his life, both the dead ones and the living ones. He is so earnest and honest now. Once goat was formed he made himself clear to Kaneki about his opinion on violence against the enemies. In Tg he kept pretending to be this and that.
More than anything, he would lie to himself on who he really is, in his inner monologues he would constantly shrugge away his feelings for Kaneki and insisted that he saw him as nothing more than food. However now, he’s gotten much better at understanding himself and others which shows during the fall with Karren.
He is still having internal conflicts over his world views and self but he’s grown so much and I didn’t even realize how much. I’m so proud of him. I love how he still has this air to him that’s elegant, but also a lot more gentle. I love how he’s so flawed yet so beautiful. Bless him.


This month, specifically this DAY just went from 0 to 60 really fast.

Got confirmation of my pistol, I’ll have it in my grubby mitts by Friday.

Made a presentation to my boss about making scripts and other automation solutions for work.

That means I probably will never not have work; even on slow months, and have a huge bargaining chip on my resume when I punch out of this job.

I’m gonna get paid to learn how to code for AutoCAD and how to run Microstation.

I also got my friggin Substation Design Certificate!


So I have gained some new followers since I last posted pictures of my custom-made Homestuck plushes. tl;dr, my best friend Sirius is amazing at sewing. He made me some Homestuck stuff a few years back and I love it.

Here’s the first prototype for a scalemate. He’s very tiny, and not that high quality, but I love him anyways. His name is Navynose.

A side view of Navynose.

This is a Pyralspite plush. I don’t have a What Pumpkin Pyralspite to compare it to, but it’s apparently bigger and better-made.

His side profile is looking pretty good!

He’s massive compared to Navynose!

And finally here’s a Vodka Mutini pillow.

It came in handy when I was dorming in college and felt lonely. Presents made by good friends won’t cure homesickness but they sure will help alleviate it. Plus, I could use it to cover part of the wall my dorm bed was against so that I didn’t hit my head when tossing and turning in my sleep.

anyways I’m suddenly overcome with great affection for my best friend so I think I’m gonna talk to him over Discord or something

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Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡


TodoDeku Week 2017 - Day 1“First Impressions”

—  “I’m not here to play nice and make friends. But whatever. I’m going to beat you”.

— “… So I’ll take that declaration of war of yours and echo it”.


Starry Night Bed by teanmoon

Everyone in this community knows about @sssvitlans. She catalogs a massive amount of cc, tagging everything with care. The community relies on her blog to find and organize their own cc, myself included. As a small token of my appreciation for her care in documenting the efforts of this community, I made her a present! I hope @sssvitlans and everyone who downloads enjoys.

  • Toddler Bed Frame
  • Requires a separated toddler mattress (Find one option here)
  • Comes is 20 colors from @javabeandreams summer palette
  • Cloned from @allisas Space Blanket Toddler Bed (Thank you for your open TOU!)
  • Meshed from scratch, custom routing
  • Keep this mesh free!
  • Updated 7/6/2017 to fix and error in the Tuning



Obamas announce $2-million personal donation to support summer jobs in Chicago

  • On Wednesday, during a visit to Chicago, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama announced they are personally donating $2 million to support the development of summer jobs for young people this year.
  • “We don’t want to wait for a building,” Obama said in a video shared by ABC News. “One of the things that we will be starting this year is Michelle and I personally are going to donate $2 million to our summer jobs programs here in the community, so that right away, young people can get to work and we can start providing opportunities to all of them.”
  • The Obamas made the announcement while presenting a 3-D proposed plan for his presidential center that will be developed over the next four years in Chicago’s Jackson Park neighborhood. In his announcement, Obama noted that he hopes his center will combat Chicago’s public image as a violent city. Read more (5/3/17)

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