made out of a tshirt

Dean is head over heels for his daughter. He follows the toddler around all day, having tea parties and letting her dress him up in tiaras and makeup. Claire has him wrapped around her tiny pinky. Cas often gets frustrated with him, when he comes home from a long day at the office to find their living room overrun by Hot Wheels and plastic high heels, but he can never stay mad for long because Claire will announce a fashion show and she’ll come strutting down the hallway in Dean’s steel-toe boots, a Cinderella dress, and a tool belt. Dean will follow wearing his flip flops, an AC/DC tshirt and a cape made out of a pink bedsheet.

Castiel’s heart aches for how much Dean loves their daughter, but it never hurts more than when Claire would rather have her papa than her daddy. He’s caught Dean in tears over Claire telling him that she likes it better when Cas reads Harry Potter, because he does a better Dumbledore. He sees the pain in Dean’s eyes when he has to tell Claire that she’s not allowed to watch TV until she cleans up her Thomas tracks, causing her to run for Castiel and screaming that she hates Daddy.

But Claire always reverts back to loving them both to the sun and back for infinity times after a few minutes, and a day never goes by where the men don’t wake up with their daughter snuggled between them in bed.

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Can I request a scenario where it's Noct's birthday and he wants to spend some time with his s/o even though he's feeling a little under-the-weather? Thank you!

“Don’t ever take Prompto on for a dare” (Noctis x Reader)

“Honestly, what made you think being out in the rain with a plain tshirt and shorts was a good idea?” Y/N shook their head, making sure to keep an eye on the pot on the stovetop and one eye on the currently shivering and sneezing Prince of Insomnia. More like Prince of Sniffles.

“Prom dared me. How was I supposed to know that he was going to get away from this cold-free.” Noctis grumbled from under an enormous pile of blankets. It would be the ideal nap situation…if he wasn’t coughing his lungs out every two seconds. Y/N sighed and turned the heat down and went to kneel next to him at the sound of beeping. Carefully digging for their boyfriend under the heavy cloth, they finally pulled out the beeping thermometer.

“Tell me the truth Doc, will I get to see my next birthday?” Noctis joked, trying to breathe through a stuffy nose.

“Seeing as its today, I’m sure you’ll make it.” Y/N carefully removed the now-warm cold compress from his forehead and switched it with another one.

“…I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For not thinking about this through. It looked like fun and Prom was having a ball and we don’t get a lot of times anymore where we can just…let go, y'know?” Their face softened and they kissed Noct’s cheek.

“I’m not mad. If anything, I’m glad.”


“This means I get to spend your birthday with just you, since the guys are off on a hunt today. They wanted to get you something nice.” Y/N chuckled, getting up again to check on the stove.

“Okay, this is just about ready. Don’t you dare try to eat it while its still hot.” They remarked, filling a bowl with hot soup and bringing it to him. Carefully they helped Noctis sit up and began to slowly spoon-feed him.

Once the bowl was finished, Y/N stood up to return the dish to the kitchen. When they came back, Noctis’s eyes widened slighgtly at the sight. In their hands was a Carbuncle plushie with a balloon tied to its neck. The balloon had the obligatory ‘get well soon’ message on it, but under it in marker were the words ‘Happy Birthday’ and a bunch of heart shaped stickers.

“It was supposed to be balloon-free but I think my improv was pretty good.” Y/N sat beside Noctis and held the plush out for him. Instead Noctis opted to wrap his arms around his S/O and pull them into the space between his feverish body and the couch.

“This hasn’t been the healthiest birthday I’ve had, but it’s been the best yet.” He muttered, closing his eyes. Y/N smiled and snuggled into their lover.

“Let’s celebrate every birthday from now on together like this.” They mumbled, eyes closing as Noct wrapped them in his blanket.

“Mm.” They shared a chaste kiss and then both fell into a comfortable sleep…

…Until Y/N had to escape the confines of Infrit’s Embrace (the blanket pile).

- Mod Tissa


Just some quick cryptid!Rick warm up doodles from this morning.

So I’m starting my last year of high school in a week and well this is a summary of how I did last year:

  • Instead of buying supplies I started school with a single pen. I finished school with a single pen.
  • I also only got one notebook
  • I DID A PROJECT ON HAMLET AT LIKE 7AM WHILE TEXTING A DRUNK @alwowrez​ (sorry just exposed you) 
  • I cried before like half of the exams I did because of pure fear of failing, not the exam but failing iN LIFE (???)
  • BONUS: My friends took pictures of me sleeping or spaced out in class throghout the year and then made me a friggin tshirt with them (bad quality picture)

It was a very interesting year. HEY MOM I THINK I’M DROPPING OUT I CAN’T DO THIS 


UNKNOWN METROPOLIZ goodies has come out~~!!

i cant believe they actually made a tshirt based on members opinion on what animal resembles who ~~~ kyaaa~~!! and it is design by NIGO-san~~

if anyone need the vid :

ken chan get the last troll

and you see both Elly and Gunchan goodies~? i love the quotes!!

p/s : does anyone know how and where to buy it from overseas ~?

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YES DRABBLES. "I'm not crying, you're crying" for jungkookie with a smol, frustrated s/o, super fluffffff; i've read too much angst today, help me😢

Tonight was the night, it was movie night. You had been waiting a while for when jungkook had a day off from his schedule, and tonight was that night.

He’d chosen marley & me, you hadn’t seen it before, nor had he. He wrapped the two of you in a soft cushiony comforter and surrounded you both in pillows. He made you out in his pikachu onsie, he in his typical joggers and white tshirt, his simplicity was admirable.

“You look so cute as pikachu, my pikachu” he kissed the end of your nose before pulling you so that your back was laid onto his front.

“Are you comfy?” He nudged you and you hummed a simple “yes” and he pressed play on the remote.

About two hours later, the film had finally finished. Your eyes were leaking water like a dodgy faucet and you wiped them clean but the tears wouldn’t stop. You didn’t realise that marley&me would be such a heart breaking film.

You heard sniffling behind you. Hung kook was wiping furiously at his eyes, soon having to wipe his face on the comforter.

“Kookie? Are you crying?” You twisted your body to see him but he’d buried his head into you.

“I’m not crying, you’re crying” you could his playfully coarse voice.

“Oh my god, you’re crying! Are you okay???” You fussed at him, squeezing his cheeks and kissing his nose.

“ I said I wasn’t crying” he pouted with red eyes.

I had the cutest dream about Harry last night and literally woke myself up at 5:30 a.m. to smile about it

1989 Raleigh Reflections

Dear Taylor,

First of all, I want to say that my thoughts here are in no way for sympathy or special attention, but, just to relate my experiences. I realize that I am one among thousands and millions of Taylor fans on social media. :)

Last Tuesday night I took my sister and 16 yr old twin nieces to see you in Raleigh. It was my first show of the new tour and their first Taylor show ever. I drove 12 hours to get to my NC hometown where they live and we drove 90 miles from there to Raleigh. It was worth every minute of the driving and I would do it again, in a heartbeat. We could not even come close to containing our excitement.

I had bought headbands and we had fun picking out outfits and doing our hair with the headbands we each picked out. This was their very first trip to see a big arena concert and I always wanted it to be you, Taylor. They all adore you and your music and it had long been a bucket list item of mine to take them to see you. It came true.

We left in plenty of time to arrive early and have time for visiting the booths including Keds and Taylor Nation. Sadly, when we arrived, we were told that even though the show started at 730, doors to the arena (for both booths and seats) would not open until 6. It was 93 degrees and awful humidity with not a breeze stirring. We finally got in, hit the bathroom, got water, and ran to Taylor Nation booth. The line was already almost all the way around the arena. We were so sad bc there was no way we could make it through the line in time for showtime. 😭 I had even gotten a tweet from Taylor Nation saying they had their hug arms ready for my hug. 😘 One of my nieces has mild cerebral palsy and she could not stand in that long of a line even if we could have made it through before showtime. Anyway, we sucked it up and found our way to the merch stands and got tshirts! The girls were beaming with joy at finally being able to pick out a Taylor tshirt. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 It was so cute.

We made our way to our seats and waited for the show to begin. We had seats of two and two about 6 rows apart in nosebleeds, but, we didn’t care. WE WERE THERE TOGETHER!!! The show came on and we all went into immediate TAYLOR SWIFT FANGIRL mode. I have never seen my nieces with that much joy on their faces. Mine was quite joyous, too, and so was my sister’s. :))

The girls were born at 20 weeks gestation and have had many developmental issues to deal with in their lives, both physical and cognitive. They have always had special education classes and have struggled with so many things that you and I take for granted. Through it all, they have persevered and conquered. I am so very proud of them both. I give you this background on them, so you will get what I mean when I say that your show was a true oasis for them and it gave them the chance to shine just like every other teenager there. They fit in and appeared no different than any other kid. They sang every word and danced their hearts out and had the most amazing night. We all did. Music is their thing. Like most of us in the universe, they find themselves in music…joy, healing, sameness, differences, beauty, peace. Seeing them at your concert was such a huge highlight of my life. As the last song ended and Shake It Off was finished, one of the girls turned to me and said, “This is the most fun I have ever had in my entire life”. Imagine what that comment does to an Aunt’s heart. I was beyond touched and filled with so much raw emotion. Anyway, I know this is long and wordy and I apologize. The show was incredible, Taylor. We had the time of our lives. We really did. I wanted us to make memories together to last a lifetime and I came away feeling confident that we accomplished that.

I have been a fan since the very first single from the first album and have seen every tour. This one will stand out as a beautiful first with the family. I’m so sorry we did not get to meet the people of Taylor Nation. We tried our hearts out.

I will be at both Nashville shows and also in Atlanta. Since this era seems to be the one in which so many dreams are coming true, I would like to take this chance to ask to meet you. I have never met you and would absolutely freak at the chance to tell you what you have meant in my life. Supporting you all these years has been a true pleasure and a highlight of my life. I do hope I get to tell you this in person and give you the biggest hug ever.

Thank you for being you and for working so hard to make fan dreams come true. Thank you for the incredible music. You are in a class all your own. No one out there treats fans like friends. Some say they do, but, none truly DO IT like you do, Taylor. I can never thank you enough for being a real part of our lives. I love you so much.


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oh my god I think the biggest missed opportunity is how much money you could have made with SPG. if you had just ran it for a few weeks you could have sold out hardcore and made BANK selling merch. tshirts, totes, socks, spg toilet paper...

Request: Sandra

Side-note: Clean

Sandra’s POV:

                “Harrryyyyy, I’m trying to sleep.” ‘But you’re pretty and my lips are lonely.’ I turned to face him. He pouted his lips and made puppy dog eyes. “You are such a child. You do get that it’s 2am and I have to get up for work in a few hours?” ‘I know but maybe you could call in sick and hang out with me. My lips can’t handle being away from you for so long.’ “Maybe you should have gotten home sooner.” ‘It wasn’t my fault. We were trying to finish the album…’ “Well I’m very proud of the work you have been putting into it. Come here.”

                Harry bit his lip and inched closer pulling my chest against his. ‘I wuv youuuu.’ He pecked my lips. “I love you too babe. I can’t call in sick today though because we have a big assignment to get done but how about the next day? Is that alright. From the moment I get home tomorrow I am all yours…on one condition.” ‘What is this condition?’ “I want a sneak peak of the album.” ‘Deal but there is one song you can’t hear yet.’ “Why?” ‘Because I’m still working on it and it’s not perfect yet and it has to be perfect for you.’ I sat up on my elbows. “Wait. Did you write a song for me?” ‘Maybe…’ “Harry! You did didn’t you…Harry.” Tears began to fill my eyes. ‘Baby, are you crying?’ “It’s just really sweet. You are so amazing.” ‘So are you, hence why I wrote a song for you.’ “Well if I was horrible I probably could have gotten a song too.” ‘Yeah but you wouldn’t have wanted a song written about you if you were mean.’ “Fair enough.”

                I cuddled up against Harry’s chest as we fell asleep in each other’s arms. A few hours later my alarm went off and I groaned and smacked my hand down on my alarm clock. I got ready and left Harry a kiss before going. He wriggled his nose from the kiss but stayed asleep.

                When I got home he was walking around in his boxer briefs. “I could get used to coming home to see this.” ‘I’m sure you could. I could get used to you in similar apparel.’ “Fine.” I walked into the bedroom and took my jeans and tshirt off and made my way back out into the living room and joined Harry on the couch. ‘You’re trying to torture me aren’t you?’ “And you’re not?” ‘Nope. This is just the way I look. I’m not trying to show off. I just so happen to look the way you find attractive.’ “That is the exact same as you. Dork.” ‘I am not. Mrs. Dork.’ “How am I a misses? We aren’t married.” ‘Well not yet.’ “Harry…” ‘I’m just saying. One day it will be you and I officially.’ “I look forward to it. I love you so much Harry.” ‘I love you too.’