made out of a tshirt

Dean is head over heels for his daughter. He follows the toddler around all day, having tea parties and letting her dress him up in tiaras and makeup. Claire has him wrapped around her tiny pinky. Cas often gets frustrated with him, when he comes home from a long day at the office to find their living room overrun by Hot Wheels and plastic high heels, but he can never stay mad for long because Claire will announce a fashion show and she’ll come strutting down the hallway in Dean’s steel-toe boots, a Cinderella dress, and a tool belt. Dean will follow wearing his flip flops, an AC/DC tshirt and a cape made out of a pink bedsheet.

Castiel’s heart aches for how much Dean loves their daughter, but it never hurts more than when Claire would rather have her papa than her daddy. He’s caught Dean in tears over Claire telling him that she likes it better when Cas reads Harry Potter, because he does a better Dumbledore. He sees the pain in Dean’s eyes when he has to tell Claire that she’s not allowed to watch TV until she cleans up her Thomas tracks, causing her to run for Castiel and screaming that she hates Daddy.

But Claire always reverts back to loving them both to the sun and back for infinity times after a few minutes, and a day never goes by where the men don’t wake up with their daughter snuggled between them in bed.


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