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you don't know maybe we'll see long-term lesbian couples on tv in the future. people are sick of lesbian shows with crazy, convoluted love polygons (the l word) and getting sick of ones in all-female environments (oitnb, wentworth). we're sick of queerbait couples in ensemble cast scifi or action shows getting killed off. we want stability, permanence.i see sitcoms, dramas with older lesbian protags, even a disney channel or nickelodeon show with 2 moms being made.

Of course I can’t read the future. I can tell you that it’s not likely. Shows with 2 lesbian leads are not terribly popular. And you’d have to have 2 leads to even believe they could last 5 years. Lesbians say they are sick of this and that, yet they don’t watch the fosters. We have some of them believing nonsense about no long term monogamous lesbian couples on tv, um, The Fosters. And queer baits? There are still more swan queen fanatics than fans of Stef and Lena. IF they were sick of it, they quit watching.

I’d love for that future that you paint. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sell.

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Teri seems very open and honest about sex. Then you have Stef who she plays so well being so shy about it. It’s great Stef doesn’t want to talk about it at all. It’s brilliantly done             

Teri’s an amazing actor. Look at how she has butch Stef down. I don’t think it’s all direction, though I’d love to know if she’s gotten tips from anyone. Teri is far from butch but she does the tiniest things to make Stef the character come alive.

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What are your thoughts on Sherri Polo fanfic?          

Don’t tweet it to sherri or teri! Um, you know, it’s harmless fun.

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do you think teri & sherri kiss on the lips when together? we saw them kiss at HRC & during one panel but when they’re just alone taking selfies they won’t share with us (lol) do you think they cuddle & hold each other & still kiss each other? sherri always says teri is her wife & of course we see how close their friendship truly is, but i wonder if they act the same in all aspects on & off camera. wish we could see everything! but i love they have selfies just for them, i love that even more             

Gonna pair these questions together. Yes they kiss on the lips all the time, we’ve seen it. Obviously, they are not making out. I also think we have good proof that they cuddle all the time. We have enough casual, unplanned proof that these things happen off camera. They have something special that they like to keep to just themselves, as Sherri herself has said.

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Oh poor Stef sex is bought up and all she wants to do is hide under the table and hope no one notices. Poor baby            

It’s funny, she can be all like here are condoms, use safe sex, but don’t give her the gory details! I always thought it’s hard for her to be vulnerable and all that sex talk makes her feel too open, it’s too personal. However, Stef 2.0 can talk about her feelings more openly so I’d like to see her be able to talk about this more.

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Stef being like this now makes me wonder what she was like when she first met Lena!  Could she say the word sex? Because she’s yet to even say orgasm             

I think the great thing about early Stef would be that she was completely a lit candle when it came to Lena. I think she was dying for sex so it wouldn’t have been a problem. I think she just didn’t talk about it.

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I love that Stef is still finding herself even in her forties if the story line is right (which in this show is hard to follow at the best of times) she was twenty nine when she meet Lena and has spend all her thirties with her. I love her character development. I would just like her to throw caution to the wind and start sexy time with her wife, who as well all know is hot as hell. What do you think?             

As a woman in her forties, I can tell you there’s so much to find out about yourself. I love her character development. She’s had the most growth, it’s so well plotted out. It’s taking seasons to see it. To see Stef in the last episode, so confident in herself, she’s never looked better. It’s time for that to translate into the bedroom. If I am right, the show has to go there. It is what they have been writing. This is the path.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Hopefully Lena isn’t gonna yell at Callie next week. I’m sure we won’t be happy that Callie changed her project. I hope to see her angry at Monty or whoever makes Callie take it down. 

Yeah, it might be the new acting VP. We’ll see. I am only into this as far as Lena really finding her voice and getting the job she deserves. She shouldn’t play second fiddle to any of these idiots.          

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Why are they always wear striped shirts on the show ? Mostly Jude

He’s a clown?

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Callie record could ruin her chances of getting into colleges. I hope see Callie angry and upset about it. Worrying if she will ever get to go. I feel like her and Lena could bond over it. Since she’s the one telling Callie to apply. Callie’s doesn’t seem to care for collage and that needs to be the reason.             

The reason Callie does anything, she doesn’t believe she deserves good things like her moms, like a nice boyfriend like AJ.

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My wife & I love your blog. The kitchen scene with Stef & Lena putting up groceries from the last epis, it would have been more organic for them to just kiss very briefly on the lips and go into that nice tight body hug.  We are not ones to really harp on the kissing, but this episode & that scene seemed so weird without a very brief kiss flowing into a comforting hug.  So much so that we beginning to wonder if there is a network mandate about the moms’ kisses.  Know showrunners may not admit it

There could be. There’s no denying that they gay nothing by throwing a network under the bus. That’s why I trust that they are doing everything they can on that front. I do believe that. The last hug was awkward. It’s definitely setting up conflict for Stef and Lena. Would I have liked a kiss? Of course. I just refuse to get worked up when this was an episode that had over 21 minutes of Stef and/or Lena. I just can’t. I definitely understand people’s frustrations. I still get a lot of joy out of an episode like that, character development and such. I could have used some more touching, but really the first few eps, I’ve had a hard time even giffing all the times they’ve touched. I’ve had to not gif some of them, that’s how many we have had. I don’t feel that kissing is the only way to show that these women are in love. We’ve gone through droughts of very little touching, hugging, never mind kissing.

Anonymous said:                                                                      You’ve said many times the show has earned your waiting on a kiss from Stef & Lena.  But we don’t understand why the fandom, which is a small fandom & very frustrated with this, has to wait on something that should be quite natural for a married couple who’s in love as they say Stef & Lena is.  We don’t want/expect full make out every episode, but when scenes naturally call for a kiss (peck on lips/brief kiss) it’s really very ridiculous to say the show is waiting for 1 big episode for kisses.

You’re preaching to the choir. I don’t think they’re doing this to frustrate us though or to seem unfair. I do think that this is story for them for the most part. I also do believe that they want to build up to big moments, for dramatic purpose. Stef and Lena have kissed so much by now that it is hard to build dramatically to big kisses. Other shows do this by breaking couples up or having them cheat (i.e. new relationship kisses). Stef and Lena aren’t breaking up, they’re not gonna cheat, so how do they build up to big moments, this is one way. I don’t have to like it. Someone earlier mentioned a sitcom and that might be the only kind of show where we could get casual kisses all the time. Comedies aren’t building towards big climatic moments so it would just be casual and funny. I’d like that show, I’d watch that show. However, I’d also miss the big dramatic moments. So, I feel like this show has given us both. And we still have a long ways to go. I trust that this isn’t being done maliciously, that’s all I am saying.

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 [1 of 2] “Bradley was clear on twitter, it’s not censorship or the 8pm hour. It’s a choice they’re making and that we aren’t patient enough.”   One of the most ridiculous things I’ve read about the Fosters.  They write & portray a couple very much in love, some of their scenes obviously & naturally called for a kiss, but the people who watch the show aren’t patient enough?  Really?!!! Not enough time or space to express how arrogant and unreasonably/irrationally ridiculous that is. [1 of 2]              

Anonymous said:                                                                     

[2 of 2] “Bradley was clear on twitter, it’s not censorship or the 8pm hour. It’s a choice they’re making and that we aren’t patient enough.”  The fandom has been very patient & loyal to the Fosters, in spite of many fan’s frustations (storylines, balance between drama/crisis vs triumphs, timeline, etc), we kept watching.  It’s one thing to say be patient to see how a storyline will play out, but to say we aren’t patient enough when a scene naturally calls for a kiss is unfair & unjustifiable.            

Put yourself in Bradley’s shoes. He has been hearing about the kisses this season from episode 1. Yeah, the fandom is impatient. I get it. We don’t have a lot of choices as lesbians. We crave it, it’s important to us. No show is perfect, show me a show where no fan complains? it’s not just us, Brad replied today to a frustrated Brallie fan. In reality the best thing he could do is just not answer any of us but he does. I appreciate it sometimes because while he refuses to reassure others, he reassures us. They are never breaking up, they’ll always be in love and he’s the biggest shipper.  I believe him.

I am telling you, fandom can get pretty mean-spirited. I am not speaking about you, I am talking about the things fans have said to showrunners that I have seen. If I like a show, I don’t really follow online fandom, unless I am shipping lesbians. I break my rule then because there are tons of things I can enjoy in fandom and try to ignore all the other things. However, shows without lesbians, I don’t want spoilers, I don’t want fanwars. I don’t want any of it.

Back to the question at hand, everyone knows, I am not afraid to call anyone out when i feel things are unfair or what have you. There have been times when the lack of kissing has led me to complain. And part of it for me is feeling like the show would be cancelled suddenly and we wouldn’t get their payoff. I am fairly confident at this point that they have the show plotted out through season 5. Whatever is going to happen will happen. I have accepted that. I’ve also been given many gifts, patience has paid off.

Again, I don’t know the reason why they are doing it (to divulge on their part would be to spoil) but I do know with confidence that it is not malicious. Period. No doubt. So, i am not going to angrily demand this and that. It’s not going to happen at this point because for the most part, the dry spells have been plot related. The dry spell right now has been countered with some kick ass affection and kick ass communication. They seem more like a healthy couple than ever. If there’s no payoff or it’s lame, I will complain. I do understand that they try to build towards these great Stef and Lena moments and there are limited ways in which they could do that. I’d love next season to see that plot line where they can’t enough of each other but keep getting interrupted. That would be an amazing build up full of moments all along the way. I would write that in their potential last season. Will they? Who knows.

That’s my opinion, considering where we are. I totally respect yours.


I want Neil to be sitting on the couch while talking to Matt and Andrew just silently enters the room. He sits down and drapes his legs over Neil or something and Neil doesn’t react and just lets Andrew play with his hair or his fingers. Matt gapes and Neil doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking about Exy strategies.


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Bad End Icons

I had these for awhile now I’ve been meaning to finish them. Its free to use!!