made of spite


remember when i was writing typecast and ppl kept complaining that there was too much dean/lisa so i often held up my posting schedule to add more dean/lisa sex scenes into chapters, put off having dean and lisa break up for like seven chapters, made them super duper good friends after they broke up, then turned typecast into a series so i could write 20k words of dean/cas/lisa where dean and lisa both get pregnant with cas’ kids and they raise them together in a polyamorous relationship 

anyway nobody’s complained in the comments of my fics in a very long time


The reign of the two queens was said to be one of the greatest reigns seen within Westeros. They brought, peace and justice and even to this day are renowned as the greatest rulers seen within history.

The challenges they faced were great and extensive. Queen Sansa, first of her name was a prisoner of war for a great deal of her young life while Queen Daenerys was exiled from birth and constantly on the run. 

However, despite this, they were able to create a better Westeros . 

Thank you to @greengableslover @baelerion and @beyondmythought-s for helping me with this! 

That awkward moment......

When Hermione was supposed to end up with Fred according to Rowling and Rose wasn’t supposed to exist. She made Rose exist out of spite because she planned the ultimate queerbaiting of Scorbus. She wanted to build them up with gayness written all over as a means of reeling our fandom along only to force heteronormativity down everyone’s throats. It was intentional. She can’t stand the fact a gay ship (Drarry) was the most popular in her series and that’s exactly why she made their sons (Scorbus) head over heels for each other. They are the most in depth relationship ever built in the entire series. No other canon couple or ship has anything on them. She played a dirty game of dice.


for swung by serafim (this should surprise no-one) by @deadcatwithaflamethrower  spoilers for chapter 15, under a cut
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I wanted to tell him that I’d been in love with him since I was fifteen and that he made my heart stutter and stop and smile and that every memory we had still made me laugh in spite of all that had happened and I wanted to tell him that I had seen it ending this way and I wasn’t sorry for any of it or sad for the way it ended I was happy that it had happened at all but all I ended up telling him was “There’s something in your hair” and I brushed it off and I wanted to cry and I think he knew.

sometimes i think back to when i was taking “Creative Writing” as a magnet thing in high school and my junior year, the teacher called me out on not doing the writing assignment (or even pretending to do it, I think I was ripping paper into squares) all “I hope you can get a 2k writing project done before tomorrow despite how you’re wasting time now” and I, being made of pure spite, was like, (there’s no actual response to this statement from an adult), but I said something about how I’d have it.

And I went home from school that day and rage wrote 5x the required word amount wherein a soldier from the Civil War is walking along a path amid the Chaos of War and finds all these dead dogs and people and has basically a mental breakdown and ends up trying to bury them all but he can’t because he’s exhausted.  And she made me read it out loud (to prove I wrote it?  I guess?) and I had gruesomely described (in loving detail) the state of the dead bodies and dog remains, having been left outside to rot.

And two things happened: 1. everyone who was not my friend probably thought I had mental problems including the teacher, and 2. she let me use her massive chalkboards for the rest of the school year to plot out whatever book/story I was working on and never again asked me if I thought I could get a writing assignment done on time.

casual reminder that maven:

- dealt with the psychological trauma of watching someone die in front of him in war (the fact that he could’ve been saved / his death could’ve been prevented is even more emotionally scarring)

- has dealt with manipulation from his mother based upon his insecurities / shortcomings and his lack of birthright to the throne, which has made him spiteful beyond his years

- has obvious father issues, mostly in terms of being set aside in favor of cal (as he is heir apparent) and self-esteem issues over perceived shortcomings

- has a rather obvious cain complex, in respect to cal (there’s no doubt that he saw himself as having nothing but mare, and sees it as cal’s fault that she loves cal and not him)

NOT saying this to excuse maven’s actions. not in the slightest. just to cast a bit of a light onto his psyche as king’s cage is rolling around and i know i’ll see a lot of unabashed hatred for maven regardless of his mental health.


Whoniverse: Class - In Quill, we call this the First Fear. This is the one you always go back to and the one you can’t face, and everyone has it.  Everyone.  Even Quill.  A soldier without fear is useless, inefficient. They win battles, but they lose wars.