made of epic win

So I finally obtained my own copy of Cards Against Humanity.  Epic Winning!

To christen the deck, we made our own version of a drinking game.  Here are the rules.

1) There is an invisible, imaginary player who always plays the top card of the white deck into each round.  His name is Rando Calrissian.

2) As normal, the judge picks the best card.  The person who played it is awarded the black card.  

3) The judge also picks the worst card for the round.  The player of that card must take a drink.

4) If Rando wins the round, everyone drinks.  Also, if Rando loses the round, everyone drinks.

Anyway, we all managed to get pretty drunk and I won.  I don’t think I’ve ever won CAH before, so clearly getting my own deck was a good move.

Somebody (live acoustic)
Somebody (live acoustic)

Recorded at the live acoustic session yesterday at the Music Store in Köln Kalk: Livingston - Somebody

The sound quality isn’t great cause it’s hopelessly overamplified. But it’s still a nice memento because the gig was fabulous and the chat we had with all the guys afterwards was even better.

Beukes and I talked about clinical trials and song lyric meanings, Jakob and I talked about German dubbing in movies and how annoying it is, Paolo talked about football (I just listened cause I know shit about football), Chris took a look at the back of my self-painted Livingston t-shirt again and Phil told the story of how he (accidentally) broke one of Sons of Midnight’s guitars with his lanyard and also talked about getting together with fellow musicians. And then I asked Jakob if he happened to have a plectrum on him (cause it’s always the girl in front of me that catches it at the concerts), and he miraculously fished one out of his pocket and gave it to me. Yay! I love these guys!