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and people say summer isn’t jerry’s daughter

strong, delicate, beautiful.
i wanted to be like that as well.
though i couldn’t tell anyone that…

“What made you like this?” – The Sherlock fics that have influenced my writing the most

Electric Pink Hand Grenade by beautifulfiction was the first Sherlock fic I fell in love with. It is medical H&C in perfectly refined form and I doubt I there is a single author in this fandom frequenting such a genre who hasn’t on some level been influenced by this early classic. It also taught me about the power of a brilliant title. The Road of Bones probably owes quite a bit to this, as does The Desperate And The Shirtless. Hell, probably all my fics are its disciples in some way.

Raison d'être by AmphigoricSymphony & DemonicSymphony was probably the second Sherlock fic I fell in love with. Nail-bitingly suspenseful, medically accurate and somehow, so desperately romantic. It set the bar very high in many respects and I remember thinking: ‘this is what you have to aim at, if you’re going to do this properly’.

Master And Hound by 2bee has long been my gold standard for the beauty of fathomless pining.

Mind the Gap by sweetcupncakes has (hopefully) stayed with me with its razor-sharp Sherlock characterisation. 

White Tulip by withoutawish is sort of my bible for depicting Sherlock’s hard drug habit in relation to the events of S3 in particular. From Here No Lines Are Drawn is my attempt at that. This story is also a shining example of how to formulate a brilliant story summary.

Seeds by thesardine is a poignant, subtle and quirky depiction of depression that was a big influence on Paying The Piper.

In terms of dealing with ASD, I can’t really name any single stories but I must mention two prolific authors who have given me wonderful insight into the subject matter: whitchry9 and 7-PercentSolution.

and… last but most certainly not least:

Shadow Child by Kourion. Do not mention this fic to me unless you want a detailed lecture on its brilliance. Devastating, unflinching, shocking, frighteningly insightful, complex and yet relentlessly hopeful even at its bleakest hours, this defies both genre classification and explanation. In terms of how great an impact a story has had on me, this one is miles above others. There are countless lines and scenes in this that haunt my steps as a writer.

Today my English Professor just said something that really hit me. 

One of the students was complaining about about our upcoming essay. He kept saying things like “why does it have to be times new roman?” “why does it have to be 12 point font?” and “why do I have to turn in an outline?” 

My Professor, instead of brushing every question off by saying “because I said so” or “that’s how it is”, gave clear and concise reasons for everything. 

Finally the kid asked, “Why can’t we use past tense in this essay? Everything in this book was in the past.” 

My Professor responded, 

“You’re wrong. The story of Odysseus isn’t something of the past. The moment you open a book and read it again, the characters, the story, the world, exists again. When you watch a Marvel movie, do don’t say Captain America punched him, you say, Captain America IS punching him. Stories, whether as books, movies, shows, comics, or such, are like living creatures, living and dying. When you put the book down again, the story has ended. When you pick it back up and read it again, the story is happening right then. Stories are immortal. They will continue to happen again and again, as long as someone continues to pick it back up. Over and over, from generation to generation. Your book, your story, will continue to happen, over and over again, even after your great grandchildren have forgotten your name.”

Just, wow. 

Gryffindor: Why on earth would you get Ravenclaw octopi?

Ravenclaw: Octopuses…

Hufflepuff: It was that or a jellyfish…

Gryffindor: Okay, why?

Hufflepuff: Ravenclaw, you should tell him…

Ravenclaw: I hate fish! So, I read how an octopus can go physically hunt it’s food. I “accidentally” may have shown him where Slytherin’s fish are.

Gryffindor: …

Hufflepuff: …

(A week later)

Slytherin: I think my fish went cannibal…

Gryffindor: …

Hufflepuff: …

Ravenclaw: Why do you say that?

Slytherin: Because, they keep disappearing.

Hufflepuff: … I don’t think I can live in the house anymore…

Gryffindor: Give me one good reason you’re going to leave me with these two!

Hufflepuff: Ravenclaw is eight of them…

anonymous asked:

The more I read about your Decay Sans, the more he sounds less like a fleshed out character and more like someone who wants to Godmode everything and bends over backwards to explain why it's plausible (despite being impossible within the realities of ALL the AU's and Canon)

*LE gaps*

Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

Is that an insult ? Is that some form of hate that I see before my eyes ? Is it the beginning of my precious kingdom ?

I’m going to be clear here. Because I’m pretty sure you’re talking about Paper Crane, rather then Decans.

Paper Crane as is fair share of flaw and is COMPLEX, and I’m not going to start apologising especially since I HIDE information to those that read the story. It is MEANT to be confusing. It is MEANT to think more then go through it at first glance as I hide hint here and there through the pages.

People asks questions that I am more then happy to answer because they are actually INTERESTED about the character more then confused by it.

Dear ‘hater’ I will take those questions as a wonderful compliment as I can see how you attempt to make me feel like trash. Thank you~<3