made my own mask and everything

Most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant; Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death.” - Vezon

Finally, my second Bionicle themed sculpture. Karzahni definetly was a fun experience, but I was seriously lacking in experience when making it. Thanks to that learning experience, I was able to improve and solve issues for this one.

I really felt challenged making a Rahshi sculpture because they are nothing more than slug mechs, and I’m completely inexperienced making mechanical looking sculptures. This forced me to solve structural and design problems that exist in 3D pieces, like stability, without resorting to chunks of flesh that glued everything together. I also had to organize a sculpting schedule to prevent over baking certain components and ensuring that I could continue sculpting other parts using epoxies. Overall, I feel really satisfied about what I learned through the various processes making this piece. 

For the Rahkshi itself, I couldn’t decide on a canon power, so I made my own. A Rahkshi of Corrosion. I really liked the Mask of Light interpretation of the kraata, and the opening head, but I felt that their bodies had really bulky limbs. Shrimp inspired the plating design, which I felt was needed to maintain some organic feel to it. I added external wires purely to create more fluidity to the design, I felt it was to ridged without them. 

The base was made using a variety of techniques, and I’m really glad with the corroded Ta-Matoran sinking into the earth, thanks to the people who gave me the idea for it. I also utilized my grasses much better here than in karzahni’s sculpture. 

Overall I’m very happy with this model, but I can always make improvements. 

On Kakuhous, scent, and sex

Spoilers ahead, be warned! 

So I was just reading Ikuma’s story from the first TG Novel and when he meets Kaneki he describes that he smells both like a human and a female ghoul. This makes sense because he has Rize’s kakuhou. But this gave me the realization that a ghoul can identify the sex of a kakuhou and it made me wonder about the Qs. During the surgery, was Chigyou specific in giving them kakuhous from ghouls of their respective sex? What would he have given Mutsuki?

This is just a train of thought I’m really interested in, I feel like there’s a lot of cool things to discuss on this topic. (As a disclaimer, everything below is just speculation and my own thoughts that I had just now with very little research associated). See, if Kaneki had both a human and a ghoul’s scent, wouldn’t the Qs also? Wouldn’t that make Operation Mask largely unsuccessful/not useful when ghouls with good senses of smell could immediately recognize that they weren’t “normal” ghouls? A ghoul might be able to shrug off having a human’s scent as having recently eaten, but what if their kakuhou’s scent didn’t match their perceived sex? A ghoul could identify a human-ghoul hybrid easily if they could get past the initial confusion.

But consider if Chigyou was careful to match similarly-sexed kakuhous to the Qs. Wouldn’t everyone notice that Mutsuki is biologically female by his smell? At the very least Saiko and Urie would because of their sensitive noses.

Which brings into question this little blurt that people tend to discuss. Saiko could have been expressing knowledge (Or just being Saiko, hard to tell). For those who don’t know, generally the -ko ending to Japanese names is for girls (there are exceptions, hence the debate).

And also, with Urie’s clear investigative intellect (he knew about Torso’s occupation long before Sassan had a lead), wouldn’t he have considered such a thing as well had Mutsuki smelled like a female’s kakuhou? He clearly hadn’t, shown in his surprise in this scene I’m sure you all recognize.

Which leads me to believe that Chigyou must have put a male’s kakuhou into Mutsuki. That leaves two options. First, that sex of the kakuhou was not taken into consideration, but this is a risky possible way to reveal the Qs identity to a ghoul with a good enough nose. Also - considering possible physiological and internal biological differences - perhaps not a very safe operation relative to that of the same sex, and Chigyou’s surgical work has recently been revealed by Kanou as nothing short of extraordinary. A skilled and intelligent surgeon like Chigyou probably wouldn’t do such an unnecessarily risky thing.

The other option is that Chigyou did opt for same-sexed kakuhous but he took Mutsuki’s gender identity into consideration during the surgery (he must’ve known his biological sex for medical reasons, or been able to see it during the operation). This is a nice thought, way to go Chigyou on being trans-friendly. He might have weighed the risks of Mutsuki appearing like the scent of his kakuhou against the possible surgical implications (which were probably negligible because of Chigyou’s skill) or he was sensitive to Mutsuki’s identity which I would like to believe is the case, or at least part of his influence.

I dunno just something to think about, I don’t think my case is quite bulletproof, but I do think it’s an interesting jumping-off point for discussion. If anyone has additions, rebuttals, or answers to this I would love to hear them.


Tumblr won’t let me answer asks right now so I’m addressing some of them like this…thanks, tumblr. Anyway.

The eyes are just LED book lights that I found at Walmart. I’ll upgrade it later, but I just don’t have the time before my cosplay deadline to make my own circuit. Yes, I do have to take the mask off to reposition them, and the normal pupils need to be a little cross-eyed looking for me to see properly at the moment. I also have to take the mask off if I want to turn on or off the blue light, but I can access the regular pupils with the mask still on.

As for the bones, those were made by drawing on tights with sharpie, but it smeared horribly and made everything gray. I’ll be painting those with fabric paint to remake them and if it turns out okay I’ll post some reference pics, alright? :)