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The Tower - Chapter 11

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 11

Chapters: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Word Count: 2035

Warnings: Angst, mild violence, crazy people coming back from the past.

Synopsis: Elly gets kidnapped by someone from the past. What are the repercussions?

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston

Chapter 11 - Taken.

I’d noticed the two people following me when I stepped off the train at the 116th Station. A man and a woman.  She about my age and he maybe ten years older.  He was wearing a suit whereas the woman looked more like a tourist.  She had an I heart New York hoodie on over a pair of jeans.  I’d gotten up fairly last minute and let the crowd of students drag me off the train with them.  They’d almost panicked and jumped off just as the doors were closing.  At the time I had written it off as two people who hadn’t been paying enough attention to where they were going.

I saw them again while I was in my office.  I’d been typing away, writing up a paper and I got up to open the window to let some fresh air in.  They were out on the lawn at the front of the building talking to each other.  The guy was smoking a cigarette and they both looked really bored.

That time I was a little more concerned.  Not strongly but I took note.  It was strange they were out there when I’d noticed them on the train too, and on the train, they didn’t seem to know each other.  I put them at the back of my head and went back to work.  When I came out from lunch they were still out there, standing on opposite sides of the lawn out the front of the building.

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Joker Imagine - Griggs abuses you

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Your P.O.V.

Where am I? What the fuck was going on?

Questions were racing through my mind and they didn’t leave me alone. There was a big on my head and I was tied tightly onto a chair. My heart was beating hard because this situation scared me. The last thing I remembered was being with Joker. We were just driving around Gotham city until Batman started chasing us. We thought we got rid of him and then everything went black. Now I was here.

I heard a few footsteps coming closer. If I listened closely I could hear someone loading a gun. Then the bag was torn off my head and a bright light welcomed me. I narrowed my eyes and looked around. I was surrounded by at least 20 heavily armed people. Instead of letting them know how scared I was, I put on an act.

‘’Oh hi’’ I laughed and leaned against the back of the chair. They looked very grumpy and even scared. Was I so scary? Then I faced the guy who took the bag off. He had brown eyes, a brown beard that was still quite short and even brown hair. His skin was tanned but still a little on the paler side. He was smiling.

‘’Well if it isn’t Joker’s girlfriend’’ He broke the silence. He sounded awfully familiar. ‘’The one and only’’ I answered him as calmly as I could. I swear if my arms and legs were free I would have knocked them down one by one already.  I tried to yank my arms free but the man didn’t like that. ‘’Oh Y/N you’re not home anymore. We’re in Belle Reve. You’re going to play by our rules now’’ The man warned me and made me stop yanking myself.

Ok he could hurt me if he wanted to. I looked around once more and saw that this place looked like a prison. Everything was metallic. ‘’I play by no one’s rules sir’’ I cleared things up. His smile faded and he kneeled in front of me. ‘’It’s Griggs. Also I think you should be careful around here’’ He thought out loud. I just rolled my eyes. That wasn’t good for him.

Griggs slapped me so hard that I grunted in pain. My left cheek started stinging like fuck and it caused my eyes to water but I wasn’t crying. I just started laughing. My laugh echoed in this weird place and I knew it scared these people. Griggs slapped me again but I forced myself to laugh no matter how much it hurt.

Ha ha ha

‘’Get the special stuff boys’’ Griggs demanded some people. Then I saw how half of the group walked away swiftly. ‘’What stuff?’’ I asked him curiously. Yes I seemed okay now but if I was free I’d kill Griggs. Where was J? Was he free? Would he come for me?

‘’You don’t want to know hottie’’ He shrugged strangely. I cringed once he called me hottie but I didn’t show that. ‘’My J won’t be happy about this’’ I warned him. His men came back with black suitcases. One of them was holding a gag ball and other weird looking things.

‘’I don’t care about him’’ Griggs admitted without thinking. It made my blood boil. How could he just say that into my face? Griggs opened a suitcase and I saw bottles full of chemicals. Although they were sealed, a very toxic smell filled up my nostrils. Someone else strapped the gag ball around my head and put it in my mouth. Just as the man did that, I bit him. Griggs noticed and wrapped his arms around my neck. ‘’Don’t you dare to do that again’’ He growled as his man walked away.

I couldn’t answer him because of the damn ball. Griggs groaned and then took his hands off of me. His grip hurt. I’m sure only that would leave marks. I just watched as he grabbed a tube that had two branches. I tried to shake my head as he put it closer to my face. I wouldn’t let that shit near me!

I screamed once another guy held my head and someone strapped it against the chair. Then Griggs put the tube in my nose and attached the other end to one of the bottles. My heart started beating faster. This was kinda terrifying. Suddenly a stinging smell made my breathing harder.My vision got blurry and I couldn’t control my body well. I just focused on that disgusting smell.


A lot of days passed. I didn’t know exactly how many but it felt like weeks. I was all alone in this rotten place. There was this cage that they kept me in and sometimes I got shocked if I touched the poles. Griggs and his men had tortured me with the weirdest things and I felt weak. I hated this place. Although i wanted to rather die than be here, I didn’t show that to them. I was in some kind of a prison suit. I had torn the sleeves off to make it look prettier.

‘’Well well well’’ I heard Grigg’s disgusting voice as he walked inside to the big area where my cage was. I smiled and hurried to the end of the cage. ‘’Hi Griggsy’’ I purred and flashed him my teeth. He just shook his head and looked away. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked him with a fake pout.Damn the second I was out of here with my J again, I’d make sure Griggs would pay.

‘’You’re hot. If you weren’t so crazy I’d do something about it’’ He told me and it made me feel disgusting. The only one who could touch me like that was J. No one else. Just then something weird happened.

 A loud bang caused everyone to flinch. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. Griggs and his men started shooting but it was too late. Some people dressed in black suits were quicker and they started shooting Griggs men. I was astonished. I just stood in the corner of my cage and stared at the unbelievable situation. I didn’t want to get shot!

In the middle of the shooting and all the smoke I saw Griggs held down by two masked men. Grigg’s gun was gone and he was yelling ‘sorry!’ and stuff like that. Suddenly someone near me made me snap back to my own surroundings. The cage had been broken and one of the men dressed in the SWAT suits stood in front of me. As I looked closer I saw JKR on his chest. Hope lit inside of me.

The man took off his mask and then I saw him. Those blue eyes, red lips, green hair, everything was there. It was Joker! I wanted to cry but the first thing I did was different. I ran into his arms and I got as close to him as possible. His strong arms wrapped around my body and finally I felt like I was home.

‘’You came for me’’ I breathed out. I was in shock. But at the same time I was so happy. Joker ran his hand through my hair and then he sighed. ‘’Of course kitten. It took a while to find the way here’’ He explained with his raspy voice. Even his voice made me so happy. Tears rolled down my face now. I never wanted to let go of him. 

‘’We’re going to go home and get revenge. Then we can take a long warm bath and enjoy the fireplace with champagne. Okay?’’ he tried to make a plan with me. Oh god that sounded just perfect. I nodded and bit my lips together. We were going home.

On the Down Low

First one shot! I’m really nervous! If anyone has any constructive criticism, please give it to me, I really wanna do my best. I tried really hard and I feel like everyone is OOC, but I’m working on that. It was hard to write but I hope I did well and that the person who requested this really likes it! Here we go!

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request : can you write an imagine where peter and the reader are best friends, and both are secret superheroes?

Y/N = Your Name

Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Y/S/N = Your Superhero Name

Words : 1560



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Y/N Y/L/N was an ordinary teenage girl, although very much a huge nerd. She’s best friends with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, some of the biggest geeks she knows and loves them for it. Her life was just school, homework, sleep, and the occasional Star Wars movie here and there.

Oh, and she also squeezes in a bit of saving the world into her schedule.

Y/N is known as one of the ‘vigilantes’ seen around Queens, New York, with the ability to turn invisible, alongside the infamous Spider-Man; Y/S/N.

No one knew, and no one would ever know. Especially not her two best friends. It’s dangerous as hell, and they would not be able to handle it, especially not Peter.

“Hey nerds, close your mouths, you’ll catch flies,” Y/N said while she sat down at the lunch table across from Peter and Ned, “What did Liz get a new top?” Y/N joked.

“No, she’s just never worn it with that skirt.” Ned sighed dreamily.

“Yeah.” Peter smiled lazily.

“That was a joke, Ned, and the fact that you know and have the capability to tell by this point really concerns me.” Y/N shook her head both.

“You guys are losers.” We heard from the other side of the table. Our heads turned to see Michelle Jones with a book in her hand and an unimpressed look on her face.

“Then why do you sit with us?” Ned squinted his eyes.

“‘Cause I have no friends.” Then went back to reading her book.

“Nice talking to you too, MJ.” Y/N laughed bitterly, “Anyway, don’t forget about the decathlon meeting after school today. Nationals is coming up.”

Y/N got a, “Yeah,” and “Got it,” before both boys went back to gawking Liz Allan, before ultimately ending up choking on flies. You told them about the flies, but they didn’t listen now did they.

“A particle is moving along a parabola y2= 2x + 3 in such a way that its x-coordinate is increasing at the constant rate of 3 units per second. At what rate, in units per second, is its y-coordinate changing as it passes through the point (3, -3)?” Liz read a sample question.

“-1.” Michelle answered quickly.

“That’s right,” Liz smiled, “When plutonium -239 decays to-”

“I gotta go.” Both Peter and Y/N said while looking down at their phones. Both heads shot up and looked at each other, “Why do you have to go?” They said in unison once again.

“That’s a bit creepy, don’t you think?” Cindy said from across the table.

“Yeah, it’s like their programmed to say the same thing like robots.” Abe chimed in.

“Or twins,” Ned jumped in, “It happens a lot, it’s freaky.”

“Hah, yeah funny, but I’m going to go now. So, I’ll see you guys for the last practice tomorrow.” Y/N jumped up from her chair and started fast walking towards the door of the classroom.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go too.” Peter said wide eyed and proceeded to do the same.

“What, no! You guys can’t leave, we need to be prepared!” Liz’s exclaimed, but they only fell on deaf ears, “Ugh. What could they possibly be doing that’s so important?”

“They’re probably getting freaky on the down low. Nasty nerds.” Michelle shook her head.

Y/N Y/L/N was now her alter-ego; Y/S/N, jumping from building to building to get to the ATM robbery that was taking place in Queens.

Perched on top of a building, Y/N watched as the robbers stuffed money from the ATM’s into large black bags, planning on how to stop them.

Y/S/N found her way down and used her powers to go unseen. She made her way into the bank and stood behind the only robber who had a gun.

Leaning against the only ATM machine that hadn’t been broken into, at least not yet, she cleared her throat loudly.

“What was that?” The armed robber turned to Y/N’s direction, but wasn’t able to see her.

While the four guys’ attention was turned to her, Y/N saw the one and only, Spider-Man enter the bank.

“Oh hell no.” Y/N growled. It’s not like they were enemies or anything, there was just some sort of competition with the two being new heroes and having different styles and ways of saving the day.

“Hey guys,” Spider-Man said, as the armed robber aimed at him, and shot soon after, although it was easily dodged, “Woah, here, let me hold that for you, buddy.”

Spider-Man shot a web and pulled the gun from the robber’s grasp, only for one of the other men to take a swing at him, which he caught and was able to send him flying across the room.

Y/N became visible and began to help Spider-Man despite her discontent, but, however, didn’t fail to voice it.

“I was here first Spider-Boy!” She yelled over the punches and kicks being thrown, “I had this handled.”

Y/N blocked a kick from a particularly large man and socked him in the face, sending him to the ground painfully.

“Didn’t look like you were doing anything when I got here.” Spider-Man grunted, blocking a punch.

Webbing another guy in the face, he swung himself into the man’s body to have him slam against the bank’s wall.

“I was gonna get to it, did you not hear me clear my throats for suspense?” Y/S/N swooped down to knock the third man down with her leg and found him unconscious.

As the fourth and final robber tried to escape, Y/S/N grabbed onto Spider-Man’s hand to have him swing her around and tackle the man, but not without an accidental kick sent to his face, courtesy of yours truly.

“God damn it! Can’t you watch where you’re going?” Spider-Man clutched his eye, “Do you have toes made of titanium or something?”

“Oh, don’t be such a wussy, Spider-Boy,” Y/N sneered and walked to him, “Don’t you take on tons of bad guys a week?”

“Spider-Man. It’s Spider-Man. Not Spider-Boy or Spiderling, I’m Spider-Man.” He exclaimed desperately, eyes on his suit widening.

“Mhm,” Y/S/N hummed and adjusted her mask, “Well, I’ll see you around, preferably not when I’m fighting crime, on my own, where I’ve got everything handle-”

“I get it, don’t get in your way. Only as long you don’t get in mine.”

“Mhm,” Y/S/N shook her head and started mumbling, “Thank God I’m not friends with someone like you in my everyday life.”

He could be Flash Thompson for all she knew.

Spider-Man heard her mumbling and couldn’t help but agree with her for once.

“So, what was going on yesterday? Why’d you leave so suddenly?” Michelle questioned Y/N at her locker.

Y/N sighed and shoved her backpack into the locker, grabbing the books she needed for the next couple of classes, “Nothing, MJ. Family stuff, but don’t worry; I’ll be there for Nationals.”

“Uh huh, like I believe that,” Michelle took a step closer to Y/N once she’d closed her locker, “What are you hiding, Y/N?”

Y/N sighed for the second time, “I’m telling you, it was just family stuff. I promise you, now can we go to class?”

“Mhm.” Michelle turned on heel and started to walk ahead of Y/N.

“Great, I made the most annoyed and unimpressed girl in school even more annoyed and unimpressed.” Y/N mumbled to herself, jogging forward to catch up with her.

Their silent walk was interrupted when Y/N made an abrupt stop when she saw Peter at his locker with Ned. He had a huge bruise on his eye, right where Y/S/N had kicked Spider-Man yesterday.

‘There’s no way little Peter Parker is that annoying ass Spider-Boy. Not my best friend.’ Y/N thought, ‘He did leave at the same time as me though, and has been acting so weird lately. The Stark Internship may not even be a real thing at all!’

Oh, Y/N Y/L/N had been wrong about Peter Parker not being able to handle the danger and shock, but she won’t be wrong when she says that he won’t be able to handle her foot up his ass.

‘He didn’t even tell me! Well, I never told him… but still!’ Y/N shook her head of the thoughts and settled to talk to her best friend about it tonight.

“So, you and Peter,” Michelle started, “Something’s happening, huh?”

Y/N head shot over in her direction, eyes wide. There was no possible way Michelle would know about Spider-Man and Y/S/N.

“You nasty nerds have been getting freaky on the down low, right?” Michelle shrugged, “Not judging, there always has been sexual tension anyway.”

Y/N out a breath she didn’t know she was holding before she rolled her eyes, “We aren’t ‘getting freaky’ on the down low. Peter is my best friend, practically my brother.”

“That’s what they all say,” Michelle shook her head, “Until they start the nasty.”

“We did not ‘start the nasty’!” Y/N exclaimed and started walking away from her friend, only to hear her shout the words for everyone in the hall to hear,

“Is it kinky?!”

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Reaper finally showing his s/o his face and he starts crying because he thinks his s/o will want to leave him after seeing?

~I thought this would be nice as a drabble and then suddenly I was 1k+ deep into it. *Shrugs* What can you do? I hope you like it!!

Reaper had been acting strange for the last few days. He’d always had a flare for the dramatics, especially when you two fight, but this was different. When you fought, Reaper was petty. Leaving doors open instead of slamming them because he got more satisfaction out of knowing you had to get up and close them. Refusing to make your side of the bed until you apologize. Changing the wifi password to ‘I’mwrong’ and feeling satisfied when you had to put it in to connect. The pettiness knew no bounds with him. Somedays, when you weren’t ready to kill him over it, you had to applaud his creativity. 

That’s what you thought this was when it started. Most fights began with the cold shoulder and him disappearing for hours on end. You replayed the last few days trying to think of what you could have done to set him off but nothing came up. Just last week, you two were snuggled on the couch watching a telenovela. 

Now, every time you came into the room, he bolted. He’d make an excuse but none of them seemed right. He even said that he was meeting Jack somewhere at one point. He hated Jack. You knew something was wrong. 

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Awkward Moments, pt. 1

Shunk Week Day 1: Winter/Summer

read on ao3

“So, Shiro,” Allura said, turning towards him with a mischievous glint in her eyes and half a Twizzler hanging from her mouth. “How’s the neighbor boy?”

“Ugh,” Shiro groaned, only just stopping himself from rubbing his hand across his face in exasperation. He, Allura, and Keith were having their monthly junk food and movie night and had decided to do face masks tonight. Shiro’s was a bright green, while Allura and Keith were using a charcoal black mask. 

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Most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant; Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death.” - Vezon

Finally, my second Bionicle themed sculpture. Karzahni definetly was a fun experience, but I was seriously lacking in experience when making it. Thanks to that learning experience, I was able to improve and solve issues for this one.

I really felt challenged making a Rahshi sculpture because they are nothing more than slug mechs, and I’m completely inexperienced making mechanical looking sculptures. This forced me to solve structural and design problems that exist in 3D pieces, like stability, without resorting to chunks of flesh that glued everything together. I also had to organize a sculpting schedule to prevent over baking certain components and ensuring that I could continue sculpting other parts using epoxies. Overall, I feel really satisfied about what I learned through the various processes making this piece. 

For the Rahkshi itself, I couldn’t decide on a canon power, so I made my own. A Rahkshi of Corrosion. I really liked the Mask of Light interpretation of the kraata, and the opening head, but I felt that their bodies had really bulky limbs. Shrimp inspired the plating design, which I felt was needed to maintain some organic feel to it. I added external wires purely to create more fluidity to the design, I felt it was to ridged without them. 

The base was made using a variety of techniques, and I’m really glad with the corroded Ta-Matoran sinking into the earth, thanks to the people who gave me the idea for it. I also utilized my grasses much better here than in karzahni’s sculpture. 

Overall I’m very happy with this model, but I can always make improvements. 

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If the entire Batfam got Kryptonian powers for a full week, how would they spend it? (P.S.- since Damian has already had a taste of the SuperJuice, what would he do differently this time around?) (P.S.S.- Love your work. Never Change \°☆°/ !!!)

I am soooooo sorry this took forever, life kinda slapped me in the face there (as did writers block). I’m really glad you like my work though!!! 

After years of working as a so-called superhero and even loner as a masked vigilante Bruce was under the impression that he had dealt with everything. Unfortunately for him, this was not true.

There was some new supervillain who thought to make a name for themselves by threatening Gotham City and taking on the feared “Bats and Birds” that reside there, as one does. As far as Bruce had ascertained that this villain had made a device, based heavily on designs by Lex Luthor, that temporarily stole the powers of metahumans for their own use. Needless to say, Bruce and his network of allies – ok, his kids – had been extremely unimpressed.

The fight had lasted only minutes on a rooftop of one of Gotham’s many warehouses, but it was the after effects that were giving Bruce the migraine of a lifetime. During the scuffle the device had been damaged, causing the rookie villain to lose their powers and through some cruel trick by the universe given those powers to himself and his kids.

Damian had been the first to start taking advantage of the newfound flight, super-strength, and various other abilities that they family now temporarily had. He relished in hovering just a few feet off the ground so that he might stare one in the eye, something he had mastered the last time he was left with temporary powers.

It took the others much longer to have the same level of control, resulting in many broken doorknobs and hinges and forcing Alfred to break out the disposable plastic dishware. Jason had relished in punching through stacks of cinderblocks, just working out his anger at first. When he asked Damian to teach him how to fly he never left the library, being seen floating up to the tallest of the shelves to pull books down and then lounge mid-air like something out of Alice in Wonderland or Mary Poppins.

When Dick realized that he had gotten superspeed he immediately called Wally to race and Bruce was forced to reinstate the “no running in the house” rule from when the boys had all been barely double digits. He also threatened to revoke the redhead’s League membership should any of the landscaping be damaged, even if the damage had been done by Dick.

Like Damian and Jason, the girls and Tim were taking full advantage of the ability to fly, aimlessly floating from one room to the other. Damian would even join them when Steph decided to loop a rope around each of their waists, like rafts floating down river, they started at the top floor and leisurely made their way through the manor.

Duke was enjoying sparring with Cass, setting his enhanced strength against her skill. The deal was that he could use any of their new-found powers while she could not, though Cass still won. Duke claimed that he at least learned a few things.

Bruce was glad that Harper decided to not use any of the more flamboyant of the abilities. Instead she was using X-ray vision to create detailed, hand-drawn diagrams of the various bat-gadgets. Claiming that Bruce isn’t going to let her look at the plans anyway so she might as well seize the opportunity. Damian could be found sitting next to her and helping with the sketches.

As for himself, Bruce saw no point in using the powers as they were only temporary and he wasn’t going to start relying on them. After about a week Bruce knew that the powers had worn off as he had heard a loud THWUMP and a myriad of curses from the library as well as a “Not again!” from Damian. As for the others the change was most noticeable on patrol, their reactions slightly slower and jumps across the rooftops a bit sloppier than the week before.

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how's emma???? she's so amazing

She’s doing really good! The day just started of course, but omg last night?

I did a face mask and Emma was not happy lol. She had the most concerned look and kept softly touching her own face to make sure everything was right for her. And she softly poked my cheek and just made little unhappy noises! She just didn’t know what was going on.

She adjusted pretty quickly but every so often she’d run over and get real real close and just stare at me, then run off to play some more

I’ll unbuild your walls, but
You cannot find me here.
Peel back my clothes, then skin
and crush my ribs: Nothing.

Your coldness is a mask, but
Everything I touch turns to ash and
My words are made of ice, meant to
melt in your hands.

I dig to my bones with my own teeth,
Trying to explain:
There is nothing here that needs saved.
Often, I think

There is nothing here at all.
Nothing but a mirror-image of
who I used to be, looking back at
who I have become.

You try to find my heart in my wrists, but
my pulse is steady only in its
absence. You cannot find me here,
Only in

The half-light of 8 pm, in the
sunsets. In the nightclub bathrooms and
Christmas eves: places where
Reality is a bit off-kilter.

I’ll be waiting.

-Empty Pockets, E. Oliver


This week I ‘updated’ my boyfriend his post apocalyptic gear.It is not done. Still a lot to work on. The last picture in this set is the “before”picture where you can see it is still clean and neat (ft. our friend Koen. I will be uploading more pics of my boyfriend soon) I am also going to make him a matching pair of pants.
I need to mention he made this gear, not me.He hasn’t got anytime to work on his things. He is busy to arrange everything so he can attend the Garbage run 2016 (google it if you want to know more)

(sorry for all the watermarks, but I noticed people download my pics, and upload them as their own without tagging or mention me in it. please re-blog it, don’t use it as your own. That does make me angry)

Make Love To Me

A/N: I was watching The Great Gatsby when I wrote this XD

I ran a hand through his hair, his body shaking against mine. It was the coldest night we had, had in a while, with our heater being broken you could see the problem that had developed, now I had to be the source of his warmth whilst he slept. I moved his head to my chest, making it more comfortable for him and I. His body as cold as ice; goose bumps arising on my skin.

He stirred but said nothing, my fingers ran up and down his spine soothing him. Dragging him deeper into his sleep, i loved this man and this man loved me. He was always there, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to keep me flying straight he was there. My heartbeat fastened as he said my name in his sleep, followed by the words I craved to hear every hour of every day; I love you.

When those words left his lips, I was taken to another planet. Like Mars or Venus.

“I love you”

I whispered it back, the grip he had on my waist tighenting bringing me closer; burrowing his face deeper. A smile came to play on his lips, as if he was aware of the whereabouts of his face. I wish I could say I felt happy to see that smile, but sadly that wasn’t true. For many things had caused that smile much damage, my mother the most. The things she had said to hurt and crack that once beautiful smile.

How could you fall in love with a drunk?!. And insolent child”

The exact words she had said about him, broke that smile in half. His heart was shattered, he became more of a heavy drinker. It took him months to get back on track, but he did it…for me.


I smiled nodding strokeing his golden hair between my fingers.


He smiled again, that broken heart wrenching smile. He sat up slightly, propping himself on his elbow, tucking a piece of loose hair behind my ear. I found it hard to believe he had anything, love or feelings left for me. His smile faded once he noticed my body language.

“Pet, darling what’s wrong?”

“Do you feel anything for me?” i replied meekly.

“Pet you know I do” his thumb caressed my cheek then down to my bottom lip. “What makes you think I dont?”

“Your smile, your body language. Everything. What have I done?”

Running his thumb across my bottom lip he smiled softly, “Nothing, you have done nothing pet. I love you, with every fibre, and I’m never going to stop”

The weight in my chest suddenly disappeared being replaced by a light, butterfly type feeling. This man brought me to tears on every kind word that left the soft rose pink lips. One question was running through my mind, the one that had a million answers. But never was I to utter a word.

“Pet, Pet. Look at me”

My head turned from the frost covered window to his face, he smiled the dimples showing, but yet no love was raidiating from it.

“Make love to me” i whispered.

In more if a rush then I would have pictured, he’s facial expressions were tied between shock and confusion. My face masking the same, yes we had, had sex. But never made love, I wanted to feel the love for me, the one he boasts about to me; yet I never see. When he smiles or laughs, I feel he is masking everything from me. The hurt, the pain, the sorrow. But why?, I was his wife, the woman that promised through thick or thin I would be there; so why not utter a word?. That is the mystery.

“Pet, i…-”

His words fumbled, to create an actual sentence. You see the boy I once saw in those crystal blue eyes, had left. Now on my own to work out whether he was feeling alone or courageous, excited or painful. I was given no clues, this marriage was built on lies and secrets. Not love or soul, ours was different.

“No, I just…I need you to show me. This love you speak of, I feel like its non existent. Why, why can’t you just love me?”

Yet again mumbles and audible noise fell from his mouth. Making no sense whatsoever.

“Petal, you know when I laid eyes on you I was swept up. I tell you this all the time, I don’t understand why it’s become such a problem” he hushed, wipeing a lost tear from my cold face.

“Because, it makes me sad. When I look at you, I see the darling Leo I fell in love with, not what you are now. You have changed.”

“I’ve changed?!” he raised his voice in the most horrible manner, I flinched away. His breaths slowly reaching back down to normal. “Pet, I’m sorry”

I shook my head, what happened to my Leo?, where is he now?. Why is he not consoling me, telling me of his travels.

“Please, just don’t. Not anymore”

His face softening. “No pet, please you must understand please!”

I stood to my feet ignoring his yelling, my body refusing to fall back into his arms. Reaching for the silk robe I had, I wrapped it around my body; not long after a hand gripped my forearm. Ripping me back into the sheets.

“Pet, please”

I looked at his pleading eyes, his voice shaking, as if he thought I was going to leave him then and there. I grabbed his face in my hands leaning my forehead against.

“I love you Leo”

He looked into my eyes taking every emotion that coursed through my irises. Pain in his, he laid me back climbing over me, adjusting his weight evenly. Leaning down ever so slowly, gazing between my lips and eyes.

“I love you more pet”

With that we shared a soft passionate kiss.

Better In Time 8

Better In Time 8

Last part

I just want to say before the story begins, that being able to write this story has been such a great part of my time here on tumblr. This story grew from just being a mini idea from my middle school days to being a full blown fanfiction that people request daily and love so much. I know I haven’t been writing that much like I did when I first started out, and I’m sorry that my blog was no longer looking like a writing blog but just a regular one with love for Calum. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m sure you guys all understand how tough it is. Plus personal issues and health problems flag me everyday. After this fanfiction, I’ll be writing a lot more and actually broadening my writing style. Thank you for the out pouring support from you guys daily. Now, here’s what y’all have been waiting for.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Black. The color black was all I remember before bright lights and a stiff body were what I woke up to. About 3 doctors were surrounding me, all on either clipboards or watching my monitors. I thought it was quiet strange how after the traumatic accident I was just in with Michael, that nobody was truly worried or rapidly trying to fix me. After one tall male doctor saw my eyes slowly flutter open, he alerted the two other nurses quietly, and they began standing beside my bed and checking my vitals. Before my eyes could reach where my head was trying to look, I was starting to get frantic after not immediately seeing Michael to either of my sides. Usually when things happen like this, both patients are in the same room, or at least that’s what I’ve seen in the movies. My heart beats on the monitor were speeding up, scaring the nurses a little bit thinking I was going into shock.

“Y/N sweetie you need to calm down. We’re helping you, you got to help us.” My mouth opened but nothing was strong enough to come out. Just a few squeaking sounds and teeth chattering.

“Breathe through it dear. We can’t let you knock out again or you won’t wake up. And you want to stay concious right?” The nurse continued talking to me as the other two people were working on the computer to the side of my bed. I began gripping the bed railings and taking in a deep breathe with the air mask on, and finally finding the strength to lift my shakey hand and take the mask off.

“W-where’s…the boy I…got in the c-crash with?” It was the hardest sentence I’ve ever physically said. I just said the first thing that was most important right then, knowing it could be the last few words I’ll say at all.

“Sweetie, you didn’t come in here with anyone else…” she sounded concerned and overall confused as to why I was asking about a supposed random guy I got in a car crash with.

“No no…there, was s-someone in the car with, me.” The nurse quickly shoved the mask back onto my mouth after seeing my heart rates slow down once again. She breathed heavily, like a sigh of relief, and looked me in my eyes.

“Y/N, do you know what happened?” She calmly asked me, searching my face for some kind of answer.

I shook my head, obviously confused, but I could feel myself growing to close my eyes once again. The male nurse on the opposite side of the bed of her began pumping my chest harshly, trying to keep me awake. It eventually worked after 5 pumps, and I sat up slightly, still waiting for the nurse to explain everything to me. She gave me a sad smile before leaning against my bedside, and shook her head.

“You’ve been in a coma for 2 days now. We’ve been trying everything, and we were so afraid of losing you, and also afraid of this right now, you forgetting what actually happened to you and making up false realities like some patients do after waking up.” I didn’t have the energy to react in a huge way, even though inside I was feeling the heavy realization of the dream state I was in for the past 2 days.

“It was late at night. From what your boyfriend told us, you guys got in a fight and you left the house crying. So we made the assumption that your tears distracted you from the road, causing you to crash. You weren’t looking where you were going.” I looked down at the tubes connecting with my skin, the computer screen with my picture, and heard the slow beeps of the monitor fade, as I felt the slamming pain like I did in that accident with Michael, only this time it was in my heart.

“You didn’t come in with anyone else but yourself. You car was wrecked, and your boyfriend has been sitting outside these walls crying and hoping with everything he had that you would wake up. He hasn’t left. If you were gone for another couple of days, we were ready to pull the plug, but he didn’t give up hope. The doctor is talking to him right now about coming to see you.” She smiled more wholeheartedly this time, rubbing my shoulder before getting up to go type on the computer some more.

Breathing was s struggle for the next 15 minutes before Calum was to show up. I looked at the clock above my room door, and with each tick of the hand, I breathed in and then out. Faint noises outside were being heard outside my room about death, illness, complications, surgery, etc. I tried listening in on those horror stories so I wouldn’t have to think about mine. I was in a sleep state for 2 days, but I dreamt up a whole relationship with Calum again. Nothing I encountered was real. Nothing I knew, was true anymore. Nothing I felt, was anything close to the real thing. I had no more clean slate, no more new reality, no more do-over’s. I was back to the life of screw ups, mistakes, fights, and unhappiness. But hearing that Calum hadn’t left me here to rot, and actually stayed knowing fully well that he was asked to leave multiple times, settled my throbbing heart. His face was the only thing keeping me from falling back into dream land again.

The door slowly creaked open, letting in the brown boy wearing black sunglasses, a hoodie, sweatpants and his house slippers as his feet stroad and carried himself to my side. His cold hands met my now warmer ones, and his thumb instantly rubbed against the knuckles. Through hooded eyes I saw his own overflow with tears, and he kneeled down, placing his forehead on my hand. What felt like sobs coming from far away, were his cries and my head slowly turned to see him drenching my hand. We were alone, the room was dull, but with him, he made everything lighter.

“Calum…” I spoke up finally, after being so mesmerized by my boy. The air mask was removed from my face. I still had a hard time breathing, but I knew I could handle talking to Calum, he kept my heart going after all.

“No no baby put the mask back on or you’ll-“

“Cal I’m fine, really.” I said in a raspy voice, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “Help me scoot over so you have some room.” I felt his hands tuck underneath me just the slightest bit, and without much effort he glided my body over the squeeky hospital bed, making just enough room for him but still giving most of the room to me. He removed his slippers before slipping in next to me, making sure to not move any wiring or machines hooked up to me. He placed an arm over my waist, and I felt his abundance of black curls tickle my nose and chin. I still felt the wet tears on my chest soaking through my gown, but they were real, and they were Calum’s. I was in no mood to complain.

I chuckled softly before speaking, “Now who’s the big spoon.” He only hugged my tighter.

“I could’ve lost you, like really lost you this time.” He said through light sobs.

“I’m completely okay now. Just enjoy that I’m awake and even talking right now.” I decided to place the mask back on for the time being, enjoying the silence of the room with the one person that I wanted here. He sat up on an elbow and began looking at my face, stroking my cheek with his other hand, and I stared back at him. Not even a smile, not even a laugh, but a look he and I gave each other often. Calum isn’t one to express himself through words or phrases or actions or gifts. It’s the little things he does to show his appreciation. He’ll make me a cup of coffee in the morning before he leaves because he knows it’s the first thing I want after waking up since I am not a morning person. If it’s raining outside, he’ll pack me my purple umbrella in my bag before I leave because he knows I’m forgetful. When we’re driving down an open road, he’ll play a song from when we first met, and waits for me to realize that it’s on before we start singing to it with our hands outside the windows flowing through the air. If I’m feeling stressed, sad or really tired he’ll wash his bed sheets and fluff up the pillows so then after my relaxing shower, I can flop into a new feeling comfy bed with him. This look, was a look of admiration and strength. You couldn’t tell from his eyes, but whenever he was immensely proud of me, he looked at me this way.

“I know my words are never good enough for you. I know I never buy extravagant gifts to show you you’re valuable. I know my actions lately can not be taken back or even changed, but through everything you have been the one to keep hanging on. Even when I was completely unloving and unfaithful to you, you kept hanging onto me. You hoped and prayed that I would change because you saw in me what others couldn’t see. You saw me as Calum Thomas Hood the boy you met and fell in love with in high school, and you never saw me as anything less or anything more.” He pressed his nose against my cheek and closed his eyes shut, stopping anymore tears from coming out. But to no surprise, he lost that battle. “But I will make sure to never, ever put you in this kind of situation again. Where you have to find an escape to get away from our problems. I will do whatever it takes. I am not losing you, you hear me?” I nodded slowly, pulling off the mask once again.

“I know how to make this right Y/N, for not only us but for you in general.”

“I have a feeling I do too.”

He smirked and laid upon his hand that was holding himself up.

“So, doctor told me you had some pretty vivid dreams while you were in the coma. What happened in them?”

“Baby, you don’t even know the half of it.”

Yeah it was all a dream. LOL told you guys I had a good ending. It was short but I feel I left it off on a good note. Now I will finally be taking requests again but I need you guys opinion. I either want to do a whole color series for the boys so you’d send me a 5sos boy and a color, or I’ll take smut requests since I never write smut and I want to broaden my writing. Send it in guys! Love you lots and thank you for the understanding of why this took forever.

The Masks 2 - Go on Anon and Send My Muse a Mask, Each Mask Changes My Muse's Personality or Something about them while they wear it. My Muse can not take the Mask off themselves, and may only remove it with the help of Another Muse..

(Since you all begged me for more masks on My personal, I took the liberty of giving you what you wanted! Enjoy!) - TCMN Staff Member Alice Haze 

Mask of Poison: My Muse becomes Poisoned, the Mask pumping into the body a terrible toxin that causes unimaginable pain. 2 hours will be the limit as the body becomes weaker, organs start to shut down, breathing becomes harder and the skin turns pale as the pain gets worse. Only a Muse who was once saved by Mine, from a toxic lifestyle or Situation can remove the Mask and save My Muse’s Life..

Mask of Fear: My Muse becomes Fear Incarnate, all who look upon My Muse see their worst fear and can not bare to look at them any longer. My Muse finds that will forever be alone so long as the Mask remains on. Only a Muse who learned to conquer a fear with the help of Mine can see through the terror and remove the Mask..

Mask of Thunder: My Muse becomes the Destroyer, anything they touch is destroyed, anyone they touch is sent flying and injured. The World trembles with every step. No One is safe around My Muse. Only a Muse who causes accidentally causes havoc or is very danger prone, can remove the Mask from My Muse..

Mask of Shadows: My Muse’s Body is slowly fading away, turning into shadows as they lose their will to live, soon they will fade into nothingness and sorrow. Only a Muse who was shown the Light of Joy by My Muse can remove the the Mask..

Mask of the Forgotten: My Muse completely forgets everything and everyone they know, they no longer know who they are, and will strive to look for answers. However they may lead them to leave all those who care for them or do something wrong. Only a Muse made any cherished moments with Mine can remove the Mask and bring back their Memories..

Mask of Fire: Everything my Muse touched starts on fire, even their own body is becoming incredibly hot as their skin slowly turns to ashes. In only 2 hours My Muse will burn away and die. Only a Muse who has shared the Heat of Passion with Mine in the past can remove the Mask..

Mask or Greed: My Muse becomes obsessed with a specific item, they no longer care for anyone or anything besides what their new obsession. And soon they start pushing away others with this Greed and become violent, accusing others of trying to steal from them. Only a Muse who My Muse loves more then their Own Life can remove the Mask..

Mask of Judgment: My Muse suddenly feels as if they are far superior to all others and start to pass Judgment on them. Everyone is guilty of something in the eyes of my Muse and My Muse brings harm to those they find guilty. Only a Muse who can get My Muse to see they too are guilty of at least something can remove the Mask..

Mask of Blindness: My Muse losses their sight, the Mask blinding them to everything and casting them into a world of Darkness. Lost in the void My Muse starts to lose hope. Only a Muse who can show My Muse hope in their grim situation can remove their Mask and restore their sight..

Mask of Pride: My Muse becomes very prideful, far more then they once were. This Pride causes them to become spiteful, selfish, hateful, even aggressive when challenged by others, Even worse they do things dangerous to their lives or the lives of others to keep their pride going. Only a Muse who is strong enough or skilled enough to knock My Muse off their Throne can remove the Mask and save them from themselves.

Mask of Hate: My Muse becomes resentful, the Mask bringing out the darkness and bitterness in their hearts, even reflecting onto them the hate seen in the hearts of others. Hate can lead to many terrible things. Only a Muse who use to hate Mine, but learned to love and care for them can get close enough to remove the Mask..

Mask of Frost: My Muse is now freezing, their body temperature is dropping fast and they slowly being covered in Ice, nothing will warm them and in 2 hours they will reach -0 degrees, and they will turn into nothing more then a Frozen statue. Only a Muse who’s cold heart was melted by Mine can remove the Mask and save them..

Mask of Nymph: (NSFW) My Muse is suddenly struck with an extreme desire for Lust and Sex, when they find they can’t get it, the need for lust becomes a obsession for Pain, they start to hurt themselves in terrible ways and if not stopped they may even kill themselves. Only through a Powerful Orgasm can the Mask be removed, and the Only Muse who can do this is My Muse’s Lover..

Mask of the Vampire: The Mask causes My Muse to crave Blood, they start to attack people to drink them, My Muse knows how horrible it is, they suffer inside as they attack people, yet they can’t stop. Only a Muse who would offer their Blood willingly can remove the Mask, and only while My Muse is drinking their blood..

Organization of a Room

Day 1:

Everything has a home

it’s all in its own place

that is where it shall stay

creating a semblance

of pristine perfection

masking the chaos underneath

hiding a piece of reality

Month 2:

Everything has a place

I know where it should go

a singular home is unnatural

this is organized calm

a bed made, but some clothes lying out

a desk organized, but pencils scattered about

a truer reflection

of the mental side

1 Year Later:

Organization or simple placement

everything residing

in a designated place

but there is no reasoning

for their randomness

it’s all just existing

floating in this world

in an area that feels about right

but there’s no way to tell

so it hurts to look

at the nonexistent mess

2 Weeks More:

It’s all a mess

My life matches my mind

there’s no more hiding

behind an organized room

the chaos is in the open

unkempt bed and laundry everywhere

I’m slowly dying

and the madness is finally showing

but nobody is noticing

and so I’m suffering

and the degradation

of a living space

continues to match

the downward spiral of my mind


I’ve been wanting to talk about the significance of laying down the demon killing knife in this scene. The knife is laid down amidst fundamental symbols of Dean’s life as a hunter - the life he was brain washed into, the life of saving people, of hunting things, of committing to a definition of “family” that leaves no room for choice or autonomy, that has stripped Dean of every opportunity to forge his own identity.

All of these symbols of Dean’s old life are direct representations of John Winchester. John’s dog tags - symbols of the militant life focused on duty and survival. The Colt - a symbol of the last resort, of sacrifice, of always making the choice to do whatever must be done to save his family. John’s journal - the object that has been a source of hope and faith for Dean since childhood. Dean couldn’t find his faith in God, in the Bible, in Fate, but he could find in scattered across the pages of his father’s journal. That journal gave Dean something to believe in, gave him purpose, gave him a direction when there was no one left to follow. It was his Gospel and it was his saving grace. That journal was Dean’s way of keeping John close to him - of holding on to every bit of responsibility, every bit of guilt, because it made Dean’s life mean something, it made him worthy. As long as he was saving people, as long as he served his purpose, as long as he stayed the path set before him, Dean could tell himself that maybe his father would be proud of the man he became - the kind of man that Dean never truly wanted to be.

Dean’s time as a demon was symbolic of his inner darkness, of his guilt and self-loathing. Demon!dean was the personification of the desolate man that Dean’s devotion to John Winchester and marriage to the torment inflicted upon him under Alastair’s blade twisted him down into. Demon!dean was a condition to which there was no true prescription - something that cannot be cured because the darkness has become part of what keeps Dean alive. But it can be altered, it can be transformed - it can be rebuilt and redefined under a new cause, a new purpose,a new path that Dean chooses for himself. And in laying down the demon alongside John Winchester, laying the knife amongst the symbols of his old life, Dean may forge a new one - a new life informed by the past, remembering but letting go of the chains that bound him within the cage of his own mind. A new life that is not defined by what he was, but who he wants to become.

Fan Fiction provided us with a vision of the road to redemption ahead of Dean, but also made it clear that in his rebirth as a human, it must be Dean’s choice which path to follow into his future. It must be Dean’s choice to let go of everything that once defined him - his demons and his father - in order to construct a new identity for himself.

Even though I’m haunted, must be the man Daddy wanted
Wish I could be as strong as Sam
Blaze my own trail, be my own man
But underneath this broken mask
It is my father with all his wrath

As it stands, Dean lacks an identity. He sees himself as the broken mask - a failure, a man who became something his father would have hunted, a man who never deserved to be saved a second time - and he’s scrambling to reconstruct his altar to his father, donning the mask of some man that John would have been proud of lest he cease to have purpose in this world. Dean is still haunted by his past, by John and by everything that he did in his time as a demon, and he’s struggling to string the tenuous pieces of himself back together again. The demon, John’s influence - the disease is all Dean knows, it’s all that he understands. So as he attempts to pick up the pieces, he reverts back to what has been instilled within him since the age of four. These are stepping stones and , as there is with every form of recovery, there will be relapse. The process of forging a new identity - of Dean becoming his own man, of becoming someone that he is proud of - is imperfect. Learning to let go, learning to live without the pieces of himself that comprised the very purpose of his existence for over thirty years could very well break him. But with love and support and new hope, Dean has a chance.

Dean may have said that he didn’t need a symbol to remind him of how he felt about his brother, but Dean was really just full of shit. The amulet was symbolic of the restoration of hope for Dean as he attempts to redefine everything that he holds dear in his life - family, brotherhood, love, friendship, self. The amulet isn’t just a reminder of his love for Sam, but also of the love reflected back at him through the bond of family. The amulet is the symbol of Dean’s new life, in which he recognizes the depth of his love for Sam and for Cas and for everyone that they have ever considered family. And perhaps a glance at the amulet every now and then - wrapped in the safety of the Impala, hanging under the banner of “family” and “home” -  will remind Dean that he is worthy of the immensity of that kind of love, as well.

This is Dean’s new beginning, and it starts with hope.

Désolé 2 - Miraculous Ladybug

Heeey guuuuuys! I’m here to feed you hungry fans! (throws this second part out to you)
YOU SHOULD STOP RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST PART. Then you can come back. Here’s a link: 

I’m really happy you guys like my story, it means a lot! 

Alright, back to the story. :)

“So you’re a model for your father’s company, aren’t you Adrien?” her mother asked, smiling sweetly at the poor boy who was trying really hard to not be a burden. Marinette had brought him home explaining that she had bumped into him while at the library studying, and had invited him over for dinner because no one was at his own house.

That had made him laugh a little to himself sadly. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways. He always ate alone.

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On Kakuhous, scent, and sex

Spoilers ahead, be warned! 

So I was just reading Ikuma’s story from the first TG Novel and when he meets Kaneki he describes that he smells both like a human and a female ghoul. This makes sense because he has Rize’s kakuhou. But this gave me the realization that a ghoul can identify the sex of a kakuhou and it made me wonder about the Qs. During the surgery, was Chigyou specific in giving them kakuhous from ghouls of their respective sex? What would he have given Mutsuki?

This is just a train of thought I’m really interested in, I feel like there’s a lot of cool things to discuss on this topic. (As a disclaimer, everything below is just speculation and my own thoughts that I had just now with very little research associated). See, if Kaneki had both a human and a ghoul’s scent, wouldn’t the Qs also? Wouldn’t that make Operation Mask largely unsuccessful/not useful when ghouls with good senses of smell could immediately recognize that they weren’t “normal” ghouls? A ghoul might be able to shrug off having a human’s scent as having recently eaten, but what if their kakuhou’s scent didn’t match their perceived sex? A ghoul could identify a human-ghoul hybrid easily if they could get past the initial confusion.

But consider if Chigyou was careful to match similarly-sexed kakuhous to the Qs. Wouldn’t everyone notice that Mutsuki is biologically female by his smell? At the very least Saiko and Urie would because of their sensitive noses.

Which brings into question this little blurt that people tend to discuss. Saiko could have been expressing knowledge (Or just being Saiko, hard to tell). For those who don’t know, generally the -ko ending to Japanese names is for girls (there are exceptions, hence the debate).

And also, with Urie’s clear investigative intellect (he knew about Torso’s occupation long before Sassan had a lead), wouldn’t he have considered such a thing as well had Mutsuki smelled like a female’s kakuhou? He clearly hadn’t, shown in his surprise in this scene I’m sure you all recognize.

Which leads me to believe that Chigyou must have put a male’s kakuhou into Mutsuki. That leaves two options. First, that sex of the kakuhou was not taken into consideration, but this is a risky possible way to reveal the Qs identity to a ghoul with a good enough nose. Also - considering possible physiological and internal biological differences - perhaps not a very safe operation relative to that of the same sex, and Chigyou’s surgical work has recently been revealed by Kanou as nothing short of extraordinary. A skilled and intelligent surgeon like Chigyou probably wouldn’t do such an unnecessarily risky thing.

The other option is that Chigyou did opt for same-sexed kakuhous but he took Mutsuki’s gender identity into consideration during the surgery (he must’ve known his biological sex for medical reasons, or been able to see it during the operation). This is a nice thought, way to go Chigyou on being trans-friendly. He might have weighed the risks of Mutsuki appearing like the scent of his kakuhou against the possible surgical implications (which were probably negligible because of Chigyou’s skill) or he was sensitive to Mutsuki’s identity which I would like to believe is the case, or at least part of his influence.

I dunno just something to think about, I don’t think my case is quite bulletproof, but I do think it’s an interesting jumping-off point for discussion. If anyone has additions, rebuttals, or answers to this I would love to hear them.