made my own challenge

Character Design/Inspiration Prompts

1. tall, windy

2. blue, Gold

3. food, yummy

4. food, disgusting 

5. Irritating, aesthetic

6. sunshine, horrible

7. darkness, soft

8. loud, eyes

9. together, contrast

10. helpful, curious

11. humanoid, words

12. deity, thematic 

13. seasons, full

14, black and white, exciting

15. pointy, baby

16. hairy, surprise

17. prince/princess, fancy 

18. laugh, bright

19. sad, pink

20. team

My Divination Box

I have not been on top of my shit nearly as much as I should be. I made my own October tarot challenge and oNLY DID LIKE 4 DAYS OF IT. Great job me. To make up for it, I’m going to do a post about my divination box! 

While I DO have an alter, my divination stuff all over it began to make it feel more like a work table than an alter table. SO I moved all my divination into this lovely box. Plus I wanted my stuff to be all in one, mobile place. Here it is!!!

BAM. Ain’t that nice? It use to be a regular wooden box but I painted it black, sealed it, and then added this piece of art that I cut out of a book (it was a very musty, moldy, water-damaged book that you couldn’t even look at let alone open up without feeling tiny mold spores literally fill up your lungs, so no huge loss, really), then I also sealed THAT. On the underside of the lid is this 

a piece depicting the Goddess Heresy, also from the same book. While I don’t follow any Gods/Goddesses, I really liked this piece because she seems pretty boss. Now let’s look inside!

Do you think I have enough pouches? 

In the star and moon one is where I keep my tarot deck. The bag sort of matches the back of the cards so that’s cool. In the bag with the cards I also keep a piece of amethyst, piece of quartz, a vial of salt, and a vial of sage leaves (that I grew myself!)

In the velvet bag is where I keep what I call my tarot stones. These are all crystals/stones that (I feel) aid in divination and its aftermath. I’ve got amazonite, sodalite, florite, red jasper, quartz, hematite, desert rose selenite, optical calcite (aka icelandic spar), blue calcite, blue sandstone, green calcite, and tiger’s eyes. I’ve also got a lovely wishing stone that has special meaning for me as well as this hella round rock I found. There’s nothing special about that one, I just like it. 

The white pouch was handmade by me! Don’t laugh at it, I tried, okay? It holds my lovely rose quartz runes. They were a birthday gift from a close friend and are pretty important to me even though my rune reading studies are going SO SLOW (I’m not good at runes, quite frankly). 

In the small red pouch are my witches runes! I made these myself! 

Next is my rune casting cloth! This was also made by me (I’m very DIY if you haven’t noticed). It’s literally just sharpie on a handkerchief but I like it. 

Then we have these. My pendulum and my journal. I just finished making the pendulum, it’s my very first one, and it might be my new favorite thing. It’s just a pentacle charm and a small amethyst stone but I already feel so connected to it. I think it’s because the stone use to be part of a bracelet that I wore CONSTANTLY until it broke the other day. So the stone is very connected to my energy. I can’t wait to start using it more. The journal is my divination journal. It’s different from my BOS in that in it I only record my daily tarot drawings and any divination that I do for myself or others. That’s literally its only purpose.  

And then finally we have my two charm bottles. The big one is for protection, the small one is for increased intuition! 

Well there you go! I might abandon this box if I find something a little larger, but for now I’m very happy with it. Do you have a special place for your witchy tools?

Dragon Repellent

Fandom: RWBY
Characters: Team RWBY
Words: 2159
Description: When heading out Blake always makes sure to take her dragon repellent. Today she remembers why. Based on This prompt from @writing-prompt-s​​. 

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Hey guys! So I’m going to attempt something I’ve never done before on this blog–upload something to tumblr everyday for the next 30 days starting tomorrow! Since tomorrow is the first day of summer, I made my own 30 day challenge list for the occasion… So here it is! This will be a good way to practice uploading things in a timely manner (especially since I’m so disorganized OTL) Everyone else is welcome to use this list too if they want. Just tag me or something so I can see all of your wonderful drawings too! :>

One Month Drawing Challenge: Witch Craft Style

So I really really wanted to start drawing again and decided the best way to practice the skills would be through drawing everyday. So I made my own little one month drawing challenge which I will start tomorrow. I probably won’t be posting my results unless otherwise requested but yeah, feel free to join in~

Day 1: Cats

Day 2: Dragon

Day 3: Witch hat

Day 4: Witch Brooms

Day 5: Cauldron

Day 6: Your alter / dream alter

Day 7: Pentagram zentangle

Day 8: Crystal of your choice

Day 9: Your spirit guide (if you don’t have one, just draw an animal that you feel resonates with you)

Day 10: An interpretation of your astrological sign as a human

Day 11: Night sky

Day 12: Space

Day 13: Planet your zodiac sign is ruled by

Day 14: Forest

Day 15: Flowers

Day 16: Potions

Day 17: Your favorite herb

Day 18: Candles

Day 19: Your deities (if you worship any—if not, use this day to draw yourself as a god/goddess!)

Day 20: Books

Day 21: Sea Shells

Day 22: Any object that resonates with your craft

Day 23: A chalice

Day 24: Peacock Feather

Day 25: A Tarot Card of Your Choice

Day 26: A succulent

Day 27: A hybrid of two animals of choice

Day 28: Half of Your Face // Half of Your Spirit Guide’s Face

Day 29: Crystal Ball

Day 30: A Design for Your BOS Cover

Day 31: (Optional Day) First Thing That Comes to Mind

edo!minerza 50 sentence challenge

I made my own list using a random word generator, and fortunately, most of the words really suited this pairing or Knightwalker really well. Still took all night for write up. A little gift for @everybodys-chains


Moments were not timeless, although they seemed that way, and she wasn’t ready to let this one go just yet, arms tightening as if to ward off the universe itself.


Minnie knew she saw something the citizens of Edolas did not when she looked at Erza’s profile, heroic and strong in defense of the people and the crown.


“Erza, there are days when you are a bigmouth,” she sighed as she pulled out thread and a needle, which was unfortunately not going to be used to mend fabric, “And this time you paid for it.”


Destructive did not begin to describe what happened when Erza and Kara met, but Minnie had to admit they made things much more lively with their antics.


Fingers twined together, she tentatively tilted her head down until it rested on Erza’s shoulder, exhausted and reassured by the everlasting warmth that seemed to come from the other woman.

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hey so you know all of those pokemon challenges like nuzlocke and stuff

i’m a baby and they’re too hard for me so i made my own

The Cute Challenge!

“but lafontaine!” you, an intrepid fellow pokemon baby, say. “what is the cute challenge?”

just hold on and let me tell you about it you silly fuck

Basic Rules:

1. you can’t use or catch any Pokemon that you think isn’t adorable

UNLESS they will evolve into something adorable later

2. you have to keep the cutest Pokemon on your team

even if you have a less cute Pokemon that is stronger

even if that makes the types in your team imbalanced

3. you can’t evolve them past the point of them being adorable

if you do and you don’t press B in time, they go straight to the box

4. if the version you’re playing has Pokemon Amie/Refresh, you have to play it as much as possible

if you’re playing Pokemon Sun/Moon, you must play it every single time you get the chance to right after a battle

5. you have to nickname every single Pokemon you catch.

Extra Rules (Hard Mode)

5. you have to faint every not-cute Pokemon you encounter if it will not eventually become cute

6. if you catch a not-cute Pokemon for its cute potential, you have to evolve it before the next badge/trial.

7. you cannot give your Pokemon rainbow beans (SuMo) / do the pet-Pokepuff-game cycle (XY)

Rule Exceptions & Notes

you can catch any non-cute Pokemon if the story requires it, but you cannot use them or nickname them

like any other challenge, if you don’t think any of the starters are cute, you can use that starter and only that starter until you find a cute Pokemon.

what you consider cute might not be what other people consider cute. fuck ‘em. if you think slowpoke is cute then it is. nobody else’s cuteness opinions matter in this challenge.

ok have fun i love you and i love Pokemon bye

So I found this challenge, and made my own :). Please tag me if you also do this challenge (+ yeah the white strokes are part of the album cover it’s called art get over yourself ;)