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Thank you all for showing such love for my last prompt fic! This one is for @ab-normality - “♥: Reacting to the other one crying about something.” This one is pretty much straight fluff. If anyone else has a prompt for me, my askbox is ready and waiting! xx. 

At first, Killian assumes it’s the booming thunder that woke him. It crashes again as he rolls over, his legs tangling in the sheets as he groggily gropes toward Emma’s side of the bed. It’s not uncommon for them to roll away from each other in sleep, despite always falling asleep in each others’ arms. But now that he’s semi-conscious, Killian reaches for Emma, intent on pulling her back where she belongs, tucked against his chest. But when his arms can’t seem to find his Swan, he wakes more fully, prying his eyes open to the dark of their bedroom. The first thing his gaze lands on is the digital clock, which reads 3:39am. As he comes to, there’s a lull in the thunder, and it’s then when he understands what actually woke him. Lightning flashes, illuminating his wife, who is perched on the window seat with a dreamcatcher in her hands. She’s peering into it with tears in her eyes, and he can hear her soft sniffling from his spot in bed. When he realizes she’s crying he feels panic well in his heart and he sits up, throwing back the covers so he can go to her.  He squints to try and discern what it is she’s watching, but he can’t really make out much of anything from so far away.

When he gets halfway across the room, however, he can tell.

“And happily ever after, is the way these stories go…”

“Used to think that’s what I wanted, but now I finally know….”

He feels himself calm a little. At least she’s watching a happy memory.

“Feeling a bit sentimental, are we love?” he says gently, sitting down on the opposite end of the window seat and pulling her feet into his lap.

She rubs at her eyes with the back of her hand, and chuckles a little. “Ugh, yeah. You could say that,” she stammers, handing him the dreamcatcher. He watches it affectionately for a second, appreciating the radiant smiles on both of their faces. But then he sets it down, in favour of taking her into his arms. She goes without hesitation, crawling across the seat and into his lap.

He settles her facing him, her legs wrapped around his waist. “Now, my darling,” he begins, pressing his forehead against hers. “What is it that has my wife awake in the wee hours of the morning, tears streaked down her face?”

“The thunder woke me up,” Emma explains, fidgeting her fingers in Killian’s hair. He nods, encouraging her to continue, rubbing her back in smooth circles.

“When I was a kid, I hated thunderstorms. Some asshat boy told me when I was like, 4, that people without parents were 10 times more likely to get hit by lightning cause god or whatever didn’t care about protecting us. So I was always scared, and when the noise woke me up in the middle of the night I’d usually cry, cause I didn’t have any hallway to run down that had a room with sleeping parents in it who could make me feel better,” she explains in a rush.

Killian’s heart breaks for her. He, like her, didn’t really have parents growing up, but at least he had his older brother to cuddle up to when the thunder got too loud. He frowns at her sadly, but she shakes her head, smiling up at him. “Fast forward to tonight,” she says, gesturing with her hand and changing her tone to one that makes him smile back at her, “the thunder was so loud. Louder than I’ve heard it in ages.”

As if to back her up, a loud crack erupts, and they both jump. Killian yanks on Emma’s arm so she doesn’t tumble off his lap and onto the floor, and they both start to laugh. Emma resettles herself, and tucks her hair behind her ears before she continues. “So anyway, it woke me up. And when I was a kid, the minute it’d wake me up I would get this awful feeling right in the centre of my chest, like this loneliness I can’t even describe. But this time, I didn’t get that,” she says, and he has to bite his lip to resist the urge to kiss her, because he wants to hear what more she has to say. (It’s very difficult.)

“All I had to do was roll over, and you were just…you were there. Right there, not even a foot away from me, sleeping like a baby. And it just…it made me feel so, so good. That I wasn’t alone. That you were right next to me, just like you are every night.”

“Oh, Swan,” Killian croons to her, right and truly swooning at how wonderful she’s making him feel. He leans down to kiss her, but she stops him, pushing on his chest.

“Wait, there’s more!” she explains, and he backs off, ready to listen to the rest.

“So then, I watched you sleep for a while. Your hair was all unruly like it gets, all fluffed out and splayed on your pillow, and I couldn’t resist putting my fingers in it, you know, how I like to do?”

Killian chuckles, nodding. “Aye, love. You have quite the fondness for my hair.” He can barely believe the way this conversation is progressing. His Emma is not often one with words, and yet here she is, chattering away about watching him sleep at four in the morning. Go figure.

“Yeah. And do you remember what happened next?” she asks him suddenly.

“Swan, I…as you said, I was sleeping, love. How could I remember?”

“I had my hand in your hair, and you reached up and you grabbed it. And you kinda turned closer to me and you said, clear as day, “you okay, luv?””  she mimics his accent for the last part, and he has to bite back a barking laugh cause she’s still not finished talking.

“And I just…you were sleeping, Killian. Even in your fucking sleep all you care about is if I’m okay. I went from 28 straight years of having no one give a single rat’s ass about me at all, to having you caring about me and my feelings and my wellbeing 24 hours of the goddamn day. And I…I would give anything to tell my six-year old self about that. And my fifteen year-old self. And the version of me that was in that wish realm, or the version of me in Isaac’s book. If I had a time machine, or a realm-hopping machine, I’d tell them all that eventually, even though they’re all scared and they’re all lonely, that one day, they’ll make it to right here. In this bed, during a thunderstorm, next to a man who is their true love and who they will spin for and sing to on their wedding day. Like right there,” she says, gesturing to the dreamcatcher, where her wedding-day self is spinning and spinning for a radiantly happy, newly-wed pirate. “See how happy I am right there? I’m still that happy, Killian. Even on days where we argue, or on days you won’t let me eat a bologna sandwich because you’re an hour deep into steaming the disgusting fish you make us eat. And I think I’ll always be that happy, really. As long as I have you. And I just…it made me cry, okay? Happy tears. And I didn’t wanna wake you up cause you looked so peaceful, so I settled for watching our wedding in the dreamcatcher so I wouldn’t—“

“Emma, are you quite through?” he asks her, interrupting her adorable rambling, and before she can answer he’s kissing her. She giggles against his mouth and responds in kind, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing his shoulders. After resettling his grip on her he stands up without breaking the kiss, and walks them over to their bed.

“Not that I don’t love this tale, my love,” he murmurs when she pulls away to nuzzle against his cheek, “Truly, I do. I’m so, incredibly glad that you feel safe and loved. And that I’m the person who makes you feel that way. And, just so you know, you make me feel the same. You’re everything to me, Emma. As I’m sure the memory of our nuptials reminded you.”

“Mmm, I love you. But you already knew that,” she says confidently.

He kisses her once more, soft and sweet. “Aye, Swan. And I you. Even in my sleep, apparently, though that fact fails to surprise me.”

“Honestly, Killian? It didn’t surprise me either.”

“I just wanted a better goodbye than a letter,”

Okay, this line right here made me tear up a little. The way Taiyang says it is so casual and off-the-cuff, but I imagine it must have really hurt just coming into Ruby’s room one day and finding a letter saying she’s leaving, after her school got attacked and so many people died, and she could have been one of those casualties.

Just…pray for Taiyang. Dad Xiao Long is such a good man but he’s dealing with so much right now.


“…would you still give me a chance?”

J-Drama Favorite Pairing (1/?)Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge » Ranmaru/Tamao

jessicaadavid  asked:

you are one of the nicest, most caring and loving people i have ever seen. you mean so freaking much to me and you saying that i'm good at art made me tear up. i just wanted to ask, is it okay that i consider you a cyber friend of mine? ❤️

Awe thanks hun and of course you can buddy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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The vibes I get from you are: leather jacket with a cute skirt and combat boots. Curled up in a blanket watching a storm with a cup of tea and a dash of whiskey. The eye of the storm, calm until you aren't. Learning how to not put up with the shit other people put on your shoulders. Lots of walls you're in the process of dismantling even though it's scary. Learning how to stand on your own two feet and then how to lean on someone when they offer. And that above all else, you're going to be okay

Dude, this made me tear up.

I recently watched the tangled special queen for a day and—Varian made me cry okay?!! He made me cry!! I legit started tearing up, like dang this was sad and his voice—oh my gosh his VOICE, it was lovely and heart breaking all at the same time Gosh, I was not exspecting that

Also is it just me or are ppl a little too sceptical?? I mean come on you do realize the princess has super long magical hair with healing properties right?? Her hair grew back from magic rocks. Let me repeat that: magic freaking rocks and you’re telling me that you don’t believe in a magical machine that can control the weather?? Um okay…

And gee, rapunzel running a kingdom is hard???who woulda thunk??? I mean it’s not like you’ve actually been preparing to become a monarch or anything right?? Right?? That’s not what being a princess is about!! It’s about dressing up and looking pretty and posing for portraits!!!

Alright alright I’m done, just some food for thought XD

But in all seriousness I did enjoy this special :) it was cute and wholesome. I’m not gonna take this seriously bc it’s a kids show, it’s not really meant to make sense or have some firm state of logic. It’s meant to be fun and dramatic and cute ^^ after all this is Disney and they did well hyping up the drama and intrigue of what’s to come, im definitely sticking around for Saturday I wanna what the deal is with those magic rocks!

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Hey and I also wanted to tell you (sorry I’m so annoying with all this messages lol) that you are so beautiful, awesome, inspiring, sweet and... every positive word. I can’t even tell you how amazing you are 🦋You make everyone feel good about themselves everyday and help me keep on going when I feel like giving up. Thank you for being such a sweet, kind hearted and loving person. I love you so much B and you will always have a place in my heart bc you’ve helped me get through the darkest times✨

Okay, wow. This literally made me tear up. Thank you so so much. This means so much to me. Love you!!!!!!!!! x

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Okay 1. Your tour pictures made me tear up, ya'll are so cute 😭 2. You are adorable?!?! (Never doubted this tho) 😍 3. That mustard sweater, yeeeeeessssss 😍 4. You kinda look like rhett and link's love child??? 😭😍 all in all 100/10 ❤

Ha! Oh my goodness thank you!

And 😂 the lovechild comment made my frickin day

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Is it weird of me to say that your face actually reminds me of Knight-Commander Meredith? In a good way, I promise!!


You don’t become the weaker one because you love more. You become the weaker one because you’re not free at heart. Not worrying about the need to get back as much as you give but knowing that being able to love is enough to be okay and happy

- Jang Jae Yeol (It’s Okay, It’s Love)

This really made me tear up and got overwhelmed with happiness because of how true it is. However, it also struck a bitter chord in my life because I know that I’m still one of those few that haven’t met the person that would love and cherish them as such. Despite that, it’s not my end goal and not a hindrance for me to enjoy my life to the fullest though. :)

Also, I really do appreciate the drama’s writer and her narrative because it doesn’t only show the cliche love notations but the things that are mostly overlooked and ignored.