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Let Me Help

Fandom: Moana
Words: 3360
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui
POV: Maui

Summary: Strong as she is, even Moana cannot forget the time her best friend looked her in the eyes and told her that she was not enough.

There are gonna be two parts to this: one from Maui’s point of view, and another from Moana’s. Just, y’know, for extra feels.

A quick headcanon that I’ve shoved into this fic: Mini-Moana’s linked to Moana, as a literal representation of her. Which comes in super handy when Moana’s having a nightmare, because Mini-Moana can just poke Maui until he wakes up like “hey, Moana’s having a Bad Time™, might wanna help her”

Also, cookies to anyone who gets the fandom reference in the title.

When Maui jolts awake, there are clouds blanketing the sky. Readjusting to the lack of light is a process of several minutes, of rubbing eyes and yawning and wondering what, exactly, woke him at such a late hour. There is no one around him, not in his fale, so Maui’s laying back down to go to sleep when his shoulder itches. Tentatively, too. Like the movement is unsure.

“What is it,” Maui slurs, shifting himself more comfortably on the ground. If it’s another kite malfunction he’s going right back to snoring.

Then the itch happens again, but this time not on his shoulder. Right over his heart.

It takes a couple seconds for Maui’s sleep-addled brain to process the movement, but when he does, he springs to his feet. There’s only one reason his little tattoos would be waking him so late at night. “Moana?” he asks the air in general.

On his chest, Mini-Moana nods, rubs her arms uncomfortably. Maui pauses only to grab his hook - it’s gotta be a nightmare, going by Mini-Moana’s expression, but he can never be too prepared - and pushes out from his fale. He kinda stumbles a bit as he goes, weariness still clogging his reflexes.

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All my favorite fanfictions20 Questions by  ShanghaiLily

Just after New Year’s day in 1980, Jackie Burkhart decides to disappear from the basement to save her sanity. When Xmas rolls around and the Formans beg Jackie to attend their party, she ends up involved in an elaborate game of 20 Questions with Hyde that could change both of their lives.

I am planning out an Iruka/Utakata canon AU fic right after I said no more WIPs. Someone needs to stop me. Lock my brain down. Shut it off. Take it away, someone, please

@definitelynotaminion this is all your fault because your comment on the chapter with them finally made me realize what’s always bugged me about Iruka in fics. And now that I know I have a burning need to write him differently and it’s not going away. D:

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i made a playlist for yuuri once and i couldn't think of any creative title for it so i just put his initials KY and posted it and my friend was like "the title lmaoo" and i didnt know what she was on about so i didnt think much of it and now seeing the comments on ur fic made me realize fuck


lololololol we r in the same boat now my pal

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By chance, do you know any Aburame Clan centric fics, or fics where they get some decent exposure? I just really love them (I'm not even a bug person and I think they're amazing!) and reading some of the recent chapters of reverse made me realize they don't really get much screen time in fics, or at least not in the stuff I've been reading. I'm suddenly thirsting for some good characterization and worldbuilding and all of the stuff I've seen doesn't really fit the bill.

Sorry, I don’t really? I honestly can’t remember the last time the Aburame even played a large part in a fic I read.

three little words

A super late birthday fic for the sweet and adorable @mrsashketchum​. She had sent this prompt in forever ago, and I finally wrote it for her bday!! You’re such a good hearted person whose art and tags make me smile so I hope this does the same ♥♥♥

Rain lightly tapped against the window pane. The lights of the city danced against the pale walls as they flooded the apartment in an assortment of colors with each passing advertisement. Muffled sounds from the TV mixed with the voices of his neighbors on either side of him; a strong scent of green apple body wash filled his nostrils. Soul nestled in closer to the girl his arms were lazily draped around, her freshly wet hair mingling with his own. It was pleasant and serene. A perfect rendition of all the things he loved the most in his life.  

These were the nights he lived for – craved them more than anything. The nights when Maka came back from a grueling day at work, took an hour long bath, and cuddled up with him to rest it off. Eventually their silence would  disperse into casual conversation. She’d tell him about the drama her co-workers bickered about; he’d tell her about the song at the forefront of his mind but refused to spill out on paper. Their routine for these particular nights were repetitive sometimes, but they were familiar.

They gave him a sense of comfort. A reason to get up in the morning.

She gave him a reason to get up in the morning.

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Best review you ever got

any review i have received that said “this is the fic that made me realize i am ace” 

like, what an accomplishment. i look back to those and smile. 

To celebrate the new chapters of my fanfic “Of Awkward Summers and Beached Dolphins”, I remade the cover art! Unfortunately, FanFiction’s image formatting was not kind to this one. Thankfully it’s not cropped here!

Remaking this made me realize how long I took between making the fic and posting the start of the new arc. Whoops.

Fun fact: Characters from Heroes of Olympus are slated to appear, but you didn’t hear it from me uwo

A friend is making a quilt for me (!) and as a last-minute addition asked for some favorite quotes and books and TV shows to add some details. You’d think that’d be a simple request, but it sent me into a tailspin of self doubt and embarrassment (do I want fandom all over a quilt?) and a whopping dollop of ohmygodiloveeverythingtoomuchwhydidileave. Anyway. She’s been sending me machine embroidery patterns for stuff like SPN and Merlin to make sure the images match the shows and my sense of the aesthetic and that + having now been away from fannish worlds (i.e., canon, tumblr, writing and reading fic) made me realize just how many of my ideas and memories of these things I love passionately and relied on for solace and happiness and friendship and beauty exist ONLY IN MY HEAD. Like, fandom participation basically overwrote canon in my memory. It’s not just that the shippiest bits stick our more than they actually exist, although they do. I was also confusing quotes from the show with titles from awesome fanfics. And there’s a buttload of stuff from SPN, for example, that just doesn’t resonate with me (an apocalypse mytharc fan and deancas shipper) the way the it would for an early-seasons or Wincest fan. Like, even though hunting is obviously badass and totally integral to the show, I had to stop and think about it (”Hunting people, saving things. The family business.”) as what represents the show, because my first thought was, like, idk, this: 

And, god, I had to pretty much stay away from Trek and X-Men entirely because I can hardly see canon through the forest of on-screen eyefucking. Like, do I really even love X-Men or just Erik/Charles? I mean, sure I love it. Grew up with the cartoon. Think it’s an important exploration of the value of people and how to practice tolerance, embrace difference, and move forward despite cultural and personal challenges. But I mean. 

There’s also this:

And this:

And this:

So. You see the problem. 

Oh wait, more problematic? This is Star Trek to me: 

Emphasis on CPine’s crotch. 

(Side note: What the hell happened to the 900,000 gifs that used to exist of Jim plastered against a broken console, heaving breath back into his lungs post-emotionally compromised Spock? And why did I never save one? Huge oversight, fandom. NEVER FORGET.)

What was I saying?

Right. So, mega universes that mean a lot of things to a lot people, and I am not AT ALL intending to trivialize or overlook their multiple layers of importance to anyone or even myself. I’m just saying that images (and quotes) that make me ~feel~ things about these stories are not easily captured or particularly shareable ones. 

Point is, that’s what got me thinking more seriously about reconnecting with fandom recently. I don’t like that it’s not part of my life right now, but somehow I haven’t found a way to fit it in between or with the new community and new people and new jobs and new house. (Never thought I’d miss being a gov’t desk jockey … ) And it feels particularly hard to come back to these universes when what I love about them seems so distant now, so very and overly specific to me and the ways in which I learned to love them. I feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of catching up and bias-shedding to do. What are the new interpretations to love? Where are the other people who love them? Not to mention I’m empty-handed.

(Is it weird to have anxiety about the thing where lots of people go to escape anxiety? Well, here we are.)

Anyway. There’s a smart meditation on trappings of fandom memory and actual canon and broader fandom content that could/should be done, but my brain’s not there yet. 

Mostly I’m just saying, hey fandom, ’sup?

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And Then a Bit was the first fic I ever read. It made me realize I was missing out, and I haven't looked back. Most fics I read are better than anything I was reading before fics anyway! Last year, I got the nerve to post my first fic on ao3, and I've been writing and posting ever since. The other day as I looked at my ao3 email of kudos, there was your name. You read two of mine and left kudos, and I can't even tell you what that means to me. It really made my day/week/month. lol. Thank you! xx

This message….. wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow. I’m sorry it took me a couple of days to reply, I had to treasure it a bit and, like, digest, I suppose. Ah, really, wow, this is like the nicest message ever, I feel so honoured. And like I contributed something to society, haha. I’m so glad I kudos’ed you, you clearly deserve it (I take my kudos-ing very seriously!). I can’t for the life of me remember which fic you must have written, though, I’m so sorry! I do remember that I read two by the same author that I really enjoyed, but my head’s a bit of a (huge) mess these days, so I can’t figure out which one. Please tell me? Now I kinda wanna reread! Anyway, it means a lot to me that my kudos meant a lot to you (wow, talk about meta!). Thank you! xx

Made Me Realize

*gaps for breath* Hey guys! Wow, writing this is a ton harder than I had originally thought. But! Heyyo! We had a retreat today so no homework! whoop! I’m going to be writing this story like no tomorrow.

I’m already y3/4 of the way done, all I have to do is finish and polish it off.

I hope to have it posted by Saturday night. AND I MEAN THIS SATURDAY WETHER IT IS FINSIHED OR NOT.I kept you guys waiting long enough.

Anyway, I really hope the fans of the original will like my writing and I really hope you guys like it just as much as Whethervane’s.

In the mean time, I know I’m not in any position to ask you guys for favors, but… Can you spread the word around to people who maybe don’t know that I adopted the story? I know, I’m ridiculous to ask you guys for this when I’ve pushed my deadline back sooooo far.

I really hope you guys will enjoy it as much as you loved Whethervane’s c:

Love and sore fingers,