made me happy and reminded me of your work

mbti as ways they say “i love you”



  • “stay over”
  • “you might like this”
  • “i was just in the neighborhood”


  • “i want you to be happy”
  • “you look like you could use a hug”
  • “i’ll wait”


  • "you didn’t have to ask”
  • “i’ll meet you halfway”
  • “i’ll be here when you’re ready”


  • “i saw this and thought of you”
  • “i’m worried about you”
  • “i like your laugh”


  • “don’t worry about me”
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • “that’s okay, i bought two”


  • “you should take a break - you work too hard”
  • “take my jacket, it’s cold outside”
  • “you’re important too”


  • “i made this for you”
  • “we can share”
  • “i don’t mind”


  • “it reminded me of you”
  • “i made your favourite”
  • “i want you to have this”


  • “listen to this song - it reminded me of you”
  • “i’m happy you’re here”
  • “i saved you a piece”


  • “well what do you want to do?”
  • “i picked these for you”
  • “stay there, i’ll come get you”


  • “you dont have to say anything”
  • “i’ll help you study”
  • “i noticed”


  • “do you need any help with that?”
  • “call me if you need anything”
  • “it’s no bother”


  • “i’ll do it for you”
  • “i really want your opinion on something”
  • “wow”


  • “you can have the last slice”
  • “what do you want to watch?”
  • “do you want to come too?”


  • “is there anything i can do to help?”
  • “it’s okay, i couldn’t sleep anyways”
  • “take mine”


  • “i appreciate what you do for me”
  • “you just made my day”
  • “we’ll figure it out”

Diana out there cheering on her 5 lil monkeys.

She is screaming for Jason to keep going all the way and when he kicks the ball into the back of the net she is picking up zack and swinging him around “DID YOU SEE HIM GO!?”(i have a headcanon that jason played football to appease his dad but really he liked soccer)

She gets to the gym 40mins b4 game time to make sure she saves the perfect seats that wont block her or the kids when cheering Zack on during one of his basketball games. She records everyone of them and watches it with mama taylor while the kids are busy with ranger duties/school

She makes sure kimberly drinks plenty of water during her track and field comps. She braids her hair back so it isnt in her face and always places a good luck kiss against her temple whispering helpful reminders like “Dont forget to tuck your leg during hurdles”

She lets billy test his robots abilities against her and helps with any adjusting “my mom is happy im in a club even though it’s robot fighting but she never wants to help me with the dirty work….im glad you wanna help me” he made his robot a tiara for when it goes into battle.

She is right next to the coach on the court screaming and cheering on while trini is spiking ball after ball into the opponents side during volleyball games “She might be short but ya kids got a good jump ms prince!”

Diana Prince has a jersey for each kid she wears during every game all homemade.

Ive been reading the Diana Prince adopts Trini au and like the parts where she is just accepting the other 4 as her own had my ass in my feels and i had to share

Pretty. Odd.

Pretty odd reminds me of flowers and bright blue sky’s, it reminds me of meeting someone new, and having that one friend that’s just as weird as you are, it reminds me of going to the fair on a sunny day, and watching the sunset over the ocean as the sky turns from blue to golden to black, it reminds me of long road trips with your closest friends and having your car break down In some unknown town but you still get out and turn it into an adventure, it reminds me of re-reading your favourite books, and making daisy chains in middle school, it reminds me of inspiration and letting your imagination flow, sunflowers and sweet kisses, it reminds me of adventure and being happy with who you are, it reminds me of turntables and old records, and picking fresh flowers for your room, it reminds me of cute Polaroids and hanging them up just for the sake of memories, it reminds me of the sun and the moon and the day and the night, calm soothing weather when it’s not to hot or cold but Just about right, though it also reminds me of the pouring rain, sitting inside staring out the window watching it come down, just thinking, and running outside because you just don’t care if you get wet, and jumping in puddles with brightly coloured gumboots, it reminds me of change in yourself, of finally finding who you are and just being able to say “this is who I am and I’m proud” and just being content with that feeling, it reminds me of spring and floral cocktail dresses, and fancy cocktails, it reminds me of being alone at sea, not In any danger but rather content with the sounds of the waves, standing on a deserted beach watching the waves lap against your ankles, it reminds me of finding someone you really love and staying with them for the rest of your life doing all the craziest things together, it reminds me of telling stories around the campfire and singing songs, it reminds me of singing at the top of your lungs even if your voice isn’t up to par, I think of pretty lanterns and white dresses, umbrellas and raincoats, it reminds me of fairy lights and garden parties, the colours green, blue and yellow, but not bright colours, like pastel shades and soft subtle brush strokes on a fresh canvas, it reminds me of dancing with people you love, I think of un-painted nails and natural shades of hair, It reminds me of daydreaming and marching bands, I think of pocket watches and vests and giving flowers to your friends, toothy smiles and twinkling eyes, blue skies and white clouds, chirping birds and not caring about what people think about you or if you’re different and stand out a little bit because you enjoy being you, playing music with other people, it also reminds me of getting really high with your friends and just laughing at everything even if it’s not funny and living in the present and not worrying about the past or What’s to come in the future, ending unhealthy relationships and having that content feeling After it because you’re FREE,also thinking that nothing matters except for being with the person you love the most, growing as a person, talking to someone you like and forgetting how to speak in those moments, I think of crying so much that you just can’t anymore, I think of Ballet twirls and dancing through the streets singing, vintage shops and old Volkswagen busses, big sunglasses and flowy scarves, it reminds me of blowing bubbles a d freshly mown lawns, big maps hung up on walls with the places you want to visit all pinpointed down, it reminds me of mall alleyways and welcoming coffee shops early in the morning, I think of laying outside at night by yourself and just staring up into the sky and thinking about life, flower shops and fresh air, pianos and scented candles and saving up for something expensive in nothing but coins, it reminds me of green eyes and freckles, i think of innocence and kisses on the forehead, candid photos and taking that extra bit of time to smell the flowers and take in your surroundings and notice the little things in life before you miss them, holding hands and skipping, it reminds me of the song blue skies and the album let it be, it reminds me of just sitting around and having fun and it makes me forget about anything real and fills my head with imagery, it reminds me of standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, playing your music, doing what YOU love and the realisation that you made it and you’ve achieved that dream that you’ve always been working on, it reminds me of just being happy.

I Need You Close (Cassian Andor x Reader)

Originally posted by forcewakens

He needed someone to love, and so did you. 

SPOILER FREE FIC (feat. brief angst but mostly fluffy fluff.)

“Well? Can you reprogram them?”

Cassian stood beside you, staring at a pile of Imperial droids. There were probably only three or four, but the way their gangly limbs tangled limply together made it seem like much more, and it was overwhelming. Cautiously, you approached them, and gave one a light tap with your foot for no reason at all.

“Possibly one. Maybe two. Not all of them. It’s going to take some trial and error to figure out how they tick.”

“Do you know how long it’ll take? This is a time sensitive matter.”

You turned to him and smiled. “It’s always a time sensitive matter, Captain. Give me a few hours to tinker around, and I’ll have a more definite answer by the end of the day.”

It was clear that your response wasn’t what he was looking for, but there was nothing that could be done to change it, and so, he gave you small nod. “I’ll come check up on you later.”

“Alright…and Captain,” you called out as he began to walk away. He stopped in his tracks and peered at you from over his shoulder. “Go to the medic and get that cut taken care of.”

Cassian furrowed his brow in confusion until you lightly tapped your temple. He brought his fingers up to the area on his own head and gingerly touched the wound, wincing slightly upon contact. It wasn’t anything too serious, but it was enough to require some sort of medical attention.

“Getting those droids wasn’t easy,” he replied hesitantly. It was the same tone of voice he used whenever someone was lost during a mission.

“Your efforts won’t go to waste.”

He looked as if he was going to reply, but strode out of the room, instead, leaving you alone with the droids and the guilt of not being upset over whoever it was that died, but rather, glad that it wasn’t him.

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“I don’t need E̔̾́g̶̍͊̅̽̓̚ĝ͋̉́͑m̵̈a̿ͣ̈́̍̑̚n̍̅̌ͯ̚ ! I don’t need my s҉̸̘̟͓q̘͓̰̗u̷̘̙̱͢a͏̫͚̥̠̰̤ͅd͇̞̙̠ ! I don’t need a̷̷̷̢̤̹͎̯̫̻̗͇̼̱̹͉͆͂̌̊̑ṉ̴̦̭̝̖͖̘̞̱ͩ͋ͭ̌͜͝y̶̴̢̜͔̤̭̦͔̗̺͎̤̥̙̻̘ͯͥ̐ͦ̉ͤ͆̍̂̕͜ͅo̸ͭ͂͂̌̌͂ͪ̅̽̊ͫͤ̓͊ͧ҉̫̭̹̣͙̬̥̺̯͕n̸̢͉̺̤̼͓̦̙͌ͧ̑ͮͧ̔́̿ͫ̑́͢è̸̵͓͕͔̈́̓̓̏̈̓̌̽̋͛͒̽̔̋̌̂͟͡ dragging me down!”

“Don’t you get what happened? Why we won and you lost? Because I had my friends fighting right there beside me the whole time! If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today!”

“At least we k̥̭̳n̴̘̻͕̥͈o͘w͚̟̗̦̤̕ ̣̮͇̯͘w͜h͍̤̼o̱̦͕ to b̹̳̺̯̣͖̲͟l̨͚̭͢a̷̛̱͍͉͙͓̤̹̼m̡̤̻̪͠é̢̖̭̜͔ͅ for your ḓ̴̶̷̢̱̙͖̙͝e̛̞̜̙̝̙̟̙͎̩̱͙͟͜ͅm̶̕͡҉̡̹̬̯̙͉͙̲͈̬̥̰̱i̷̧̗͖̠̗͇̩̹̻͚͎̱͎̖̭͖̝ṋ̵̷͕̩̟͚̯̺̮͚̤̭̹͇̬̗͢͢͡ͅͅs̴̷̛̜̰͓̭̜̞̝̝̭̯̗̭̩͟ͅȩ̶̣̥̟̤̞͈̺̩̬̤̳͔̪͇̺́͟͡ͅͅ 

I got waaaay too invested in this post I made a while back.
Also someone remind me never to attempt to draw Null Space again please thanks.

anonymous asked:

I was actually at the brink of tears (bc ya know life sucks) and scrolling through tumblr to distract myself and I just see that picture response of 2d saying not to be sad and it oddly made me feel a bit better and calmer. I have never heard of/seen your blog but that hit me in a place where I just couldn't look away and it made me feel a bit better (: Thanks for that 💕 (it's also very well drawn btw, keep up the great work)

I am happy to know that it helped you, here a happy 2D to remind you that you are not alone and that he wishes you the best!

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.


  • Permanency by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Sam) - Short and sweet! I loved reading this and it’s perfect for just a little sweetness on a bad day! This made me so happy; it was adorable.
  • Breakfast by @wayward-oneshots (Reader x Sam) - Sleepy Sammy!!! He’s such a weakness of mine, ugh. You’re so good at describing things and I could totally picture everything in my mind. I loved this!!
  • The Only Exception by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - This was amazing! I’m such a sucker for everything southern/ranch related when it comes to the boys, and I think that the whole concept of the reader’s mom not liking guys/love things made everything so much more exciting and detailed! This was so cute!!
  • Mouth of a Sailor by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) - I loved this one; it was short and Dean’s reactions were so funny! Plus, I could totally be this reader and that made it so relatable and fun to imagine what the boy’s reactions would be. I think you got them spot on!
  • Angel Wings by @mysaintasinner (Angel!Reader x Sam) - I feel like I’ve read this one before, but it’s great! There’s some Destiel in it, but since the main focus was on the reader and Sam I thought it just added to the plot and made everything so much more exciting and fun to watch unfold!
  • Rendezvous Revelations by @bringmesomepie56 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so cute! I loved getting to hear Dean’s thoughts as they slowly revealed more and more about their locations. I think having it from his perspective was a really great move!
  • Lily in Hand by @femmewinchester (Reader x Dean) - I was really worried how Dean would be portrayed as a florist because that’s something I’ve never really pictured him as, but you did such a great job! This was adorable. I’m always a sucker for fake dating tropes, lemme tell you. 
  • Makin Me Look Good Again by @ravengirl94 (Reader x Dean) - This was amazing! Dean needs more of this kind of love, in my opinion, and it was so cute to see him finally getting taken care of!
  • Mixup by @jpadjackles (Reader x Dean) - I loved this fic! It cracked me up to see poor Dean dealing with everything, but it was really sweet to see how the reader was taking care of him (and I hope that Dean learns not to be so whiny and take things for granted).
  • Daisy by @hunters-from-stark-tower (Reader x Dean) - This was so great! It was funny at parts, with just a dash of angst, and I love dogs, so that made it even better. The ending was definitely not what I expected, but I think that it was absolutely perfect and definitely true to character!
  • Preference: PDA by @supernatural-jackles (Reader x Dean, Sam, or Cas) - I love preferences because sometimes I just want all of TFW instead of just one of them, and this was absolutely perfect! I think you captured all of the boys’ essences so well! The Cas one definitely made me laugh!
  • Late Night Musings #1 by @lipstickandwhiskey (No Pair) - This isn’t really fanfiction, per se, but it’s adorable and I think that it’s something sweet everyone should read before bed. It made my stomach all fluttery and happy!


  • Night Time Demons by @katymacsupernatural (Reader x Sam) - A little angst, a little fluff—this was perfect! I have a lot of feelings about Sam talking about his feelings, and who wouldn’t love Sam Winchester reassuring them they were great? Also, I really loved the part at the end where the reader was “shy from all the praise” because that’s totally how I feel when I’m complimented and it made it so relatable and realistic!
  • Club Soda and Whiskey by @nichelle-my-belle (Reader x Dean) - This has smut in it! I skipped over it, but this was fantastic nonetheless! I loved how the reader fooled him in the beginning and it was great to see Dean making some connections with people who don’t have perfect lives either. Plus, I really liked how the reader described him not being so cocky and everything because Dean’s a real sweetheart!
  • So Close by @whispersandwhiskerburn (Reader x Dean) - What a plot twist! The little bit of angst from Dean trying to figure out what was going on made this fic amazing, and I loved the way you incorporated the lyrics and the themes from the song!
  • The Estate by @just-another-busy-fangirl (No Pair) - I loved this! It was really unique and I hope you write more parts! I can’t wait to see if she ends up with somebody and what they’ll all do now that the houses are connected.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • Saving Lives by @purgatoan (Doctor!Reader x Doctor!Sam) - Ahh, I can’t wait to find out how Sam and Dean will work everything out! The dialogue between everyone was great, and it was so funny to see how Sam and Dean are so alike in what they say about the same situation.
  • Sensation by @littlegreenplasticsoldier (Reader x Sam) - This series can be tough to read at times, just because it’s so heartwrenching and Sam’s philosophical thoughts are way too intelligent for me at times, but I really cannot get enough of it and I can’t wait for more parts! The idea behind it is so unique and I’m in love!
  • Invisible by @just-another-busy-fangirl (Reader x Dean) - I’m obsessed with this series! I can’t wait to see how/if the reader ever gets to be seen again, and the exact reason why Sam can’t see her but Dean can! This is so intriguing and it’s been one of my favorite series lately.
  • It’s Always Been You by @sleepywinchester (Reader x Dean) - This series was so, so cute and I loved how you stayed true to the episode while still making it your own. I was literally so invested in this series and I’m a little sad it’s over, even though I loved the ending!
  • Finding Home by @willowing-love (Reader x Cas) - Wow! I am so in love with this series! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find a Cas series I adored, and I’m so glad that I took the time to read something I normally wouldn’t! The whole idea of this is incredible and I can’t wait to see what happens between the reader and Cas and, well, the reader and Cas!

Non-Reader Works

  • One More Day by @percywinchester27 (Sam and Dean) - My poor Dean Bean and my poor Sammy! This was heartwrenching to see poor Sammy getting yelled at in the heat of the moment, but the fluff at the end made it better. I loved how Dean knew just how to make Sam feel okay again.

Title: Secrets
Author: Em
Pairing: Harry Osborn x Reader
Rating: PG 
Word Count: 1, 918

It was a weird kind of thing, being in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Admittedly, it wasn’t the relationship you weren’t in, but it felt different when you couldn’t admit to being in it in the first place. The two of you had agreed it was for the best, but that didn’t stop that tinge of bitterness in your chest as Harry would pull away from you in the elevator, pretending like his tongue hadn’t just been in your mouth and his hand hadn’t been cupping your ass. It made you even bitterer to watch him pretend he didn’t know you at all.

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Rose - Part Five [End]

In which you begin a relationship with Bang Yongguk amidst and despite a difficult time. [TW: PANIC DISORDER/MENTAL ILLNESS]

B.A.P. Bang Yongguk - Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

981 Words

In early January, Yongguk walked through the doors of the café.

“Good afternoon, Yongguk. How are you today?”

Yongguk’s eyes sparkled, beautifully alive. His gummy smile was so contagious that you found yourself laughing.

“Can I steal you for a couple of minutes?”

You slipped away, ignoring how your manager shook her head, a smile on her face.

Yongguk lead you into the breakroom, pinning you against the door and kissing you senseless until you had to beg for air. He peppered your face with kisses. You understood what he was trying to tell you.

“When do you leave?”


“So soon?”

“I have a lot of work to do.”

Yongguk was not apologizing, neither were you asking for an apology.

“Send me an autographed copy of B.A.P.’s new album.”

Yongguk’s smile grew so wide you thought his face would tear in two. Then he was kissing you again, leaving you weak in the knees and feeling hot all over.

Without warning, he trailed a hand down your neck, pushing your hair back and out of the way. After a series of soft licks, Yongguk bit you in a way that nearly made you scream.

“It won’t leave a mark,” he grinned. “Try to remember that sensation until I come back.”

With that, he left you in the breakroom, a hand over your neck, your head and body amess.

Life without Bang Yongguk beside you made way for positive changes. You applied at an online university, returning to your original plan. You weren’t worried about starting late or picking up where you left off. You had a new goal in mind and you would not stop until you reached it.

Your days were soon filled by a new routine. Work, school work, and studying. Sometimes, you would go out to a movie on your own. Every once in a while, you would go hang out with friends just for a change of pace.

On the days that you really missed him, you would make your way to the beach. Staring at the ocean for hours until you were too cold to stay out any longer. Those nights were the hardest, but not impossible to live through.

Yongguk and you kept steady conversations going through messages. If you had a rough day, it was enough to type out a long message complaining about the little things that upset you only to have him send you a cute selfie that cheered you right up.

Thrice a week, Yongguk would call you, always late at night and always when he knew you wouldn’t have the morning shift at the café.

On one of those said nights, you detected the strain in Yongguk’s voice, an attempt to sound cheerful. You sat up in bed, worried.

“Yongguk? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he gave a hollow laugh. “What did you do today?”

“Not much,” you said, “but I think I’m about to get in a cab and go to Seoul.”

Alarmed, Yongguk begged you to stay put. “I’m alright, I promise.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

Sighing, he caved. “We’ve been talking with the company and…”

Every muscle in your body tensed. You never liked what you heard about TS Entertainment. “And?”

“The members all think this is a good idea, so…we were thinking…”

You gripped the life-sized Shishimato Zelo and Daehyun had sent you a week after Yongguk returned to Seoul. You licked your lips nervously.

Yongguk exhaled. “We were thinking on having another tour.”

You laughed, relaxing. “Oh! That’s it?”

“That’s it? Sweetheart, I won’t be seeing you for the better part of the year.”

You shrugged, holding Shishimato closer. “But you’ll call me. And you’ll bring back some souvenirs. And then you’ll give me a whole day of your time when you come back.”

“Just one day?”

“I’m happy with just a day.”

There was a long pause before Yongguk said, “I’m not.”

Your heart melted in happiness at his words. “I’ll be cheering you on, Yongguk. Every step of the way.”

A couple of weeks later, there was a package waiting for you at home. You recognized Yongguk’s handwriting and grinned like an idiot.

Inside was a copy of every single B.A.P. album released to date. The members had taken their time in autographing each album, leaving silly and sweet messages in each; commenting about their hairstyles and how some eras were part of a “dark past.”

Smaller, more reasonable sized matoki resided inside, each holding a letter that promised you that they would take care of each other and Yongguk. You teared up at the sincerity in which the boys had accepted you and the tenderness in which their friendship loved you.

At the bottom of the box, wrapped in solid red, was a book-like package. Curious, you turned it over and found an envelope taped on the back. You opened it, reading the message left inside.

For all of those days in which you smiled only for me, for the countless moments filled with nothing but honest warmth and support. For the roses you kept gifting me with to remind me of the beauty that is life and teaching me a new aspect of the soft, fervent strength that is love—Thank you.  

Happy tears caressed your cheeks. You kissed the message with a smile, unwrapping Yongguk’s gift to you.

In your hands you held a thin, glimmering white booklet that was B.A.P.’s new single album. You were proud of Yongguk’s hard work, but it was the title written in caps laced in red on the cover that made your heart swell.

This copy had no signatures. Instead, it had a single message written on the cover page that merged with the title: All it took was a single ROSE.

Hugging the album to your chest, you cried happily, thanking the heavens for the beautiful existence that was Bang Yongguk.

-Admin Lockette

Visiting the Past Part 2

Finn Shelby x Reader (Requested by Anon)


“Well, where are you two off to, hm?” Tommy asked suspiciously.

“To dinner, I’ll see you guys later,” He tried to pull you away, but John caught your shoulder and leaned into your ear.

“He hasn’t smiled like that since you left, just so ya know,” He pulled back and nodded towards Finn and you followed him out of the inn.

Dinner went over smoothly and you were headed to the pub with Finn. It had started to lightly rain and he insisted that he treat you like a proper lady and tucked your arm into the crook of his elbow as he lead you through the streets with you wearing his coat. Your heart was racing and you realized just how much you had missed this feeling.

You had gone on a few dates in London over the past three years, but none of the men there were like Finn. They didn’t feel right. This, however, felt perfect and how it should be. The only thing that kept you from being really happy was the fact that you two weren’t actually together. Every time that thought came to your head, your smile would falter and Finn would ask if you were alright. Of course, you told him everything was fine, but you could tell he knew something was off.

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Happy Birthday !

I’m sorry I didn’t get a change to post this yesterday. But I hope you like it!!! I heart you Love @mrsrafaelbarba !!!

Warnings: unbeta’d, birthday NSFW, no accents on the Spanish words.

*Not Sonny, my first attempt at writing Rafael

You were finishing up at work, it was your birthday so you decided on getting home early to have a relaxing night with a glass of wine and a bath. You didn’t expect much from your husband as being the ADA kept him so busy he’s even forgotten his own birthday before!

You’re walk home was nice, a stroll through the park, looking at the street vendors and just taking in the sighs of the city. You didn’t get to do this much with the rush of life always happening.

You got home and you stopped dead in your tracks as you walk into chaos!

The smoke alarm was blaring and there he was, your husband Rafael at the window to your shared apartment trying clear the smoke out. His face has cake batter smeared on it and it was in his hair and tie! He looked at you from his spot and he had the look of defeat in his eyes! Your wonderful husband who was never afraid of a fight against the toughest prosecutors in the city. But in this moment he looked defeated. And the culprit? A birthday cake!

“Mi amor! You’re home early” he says as he shuffles to you.

“Rafi, what’s going on?” You ask you head to the fire alarm with a towel and begin to fan the smoke and the alarm stops.

“Carino, I wanted to surprise you! I had dinner and a cake in the oven!”

You raise a brow. “You cooked and baked babe?” You asked, surprised at his admission.

“Tried being the operative word here mi amor.” He sighed. “I began to look over a case and forgot it was there until I hear the alarm and the place went up in smoke.”

You looked at your dear, loving husband, and you were just happy at the gesture and attempt he made to surprise you.

“Baby, it’s ok, just thank you for trying to put this together for me, you left work early? I thought you had a big day in court?” You asked.

“Carmen reminded me what today was and I’m always missing being with you on the one day I should really be celebrating because it was the day you were brought into the world!”

You smiled and you thought you were going to cry at his words.

“I got someone else to cover and rushed to get things prepared, because you do so much for me, I wanted to show you how I appreciate you and well ..” he gestured the room in an over exaggerated circle. Then he looked down at his feet.

You came up to him and cupped his face and brought it up to look at you as you kissed him, touching foreheads.

“I just appreciate the gesture love.” And you kissed him again.

“Come on, let’s get this place cleaned up and we’ll call for take out!” You say to him as you take the towel and wet it clean off his face.

You ordered Chinese and he ran down to the bodega down the street from your place and picked up a couple of small cupcakes and candles. You lit a fire in the fireplace. You ate on the floor in a pile of pillows and blankets. You both talked about anything and everything, sharing food, drinking wine and him laughing at you because after about your 3rd glass you couldn’t hold your sticks right to grab the food so you just stabbed into it with one stick and ate like that.

Once dinner was done, he grabbed the cupcakes and put a candle in one. With the lights turned out and only the fire lighting the room, you see his silhouette walk towards you. Singing. His voice makes you melt each time you hear him.

“Felicidades mi amor en tu día que lo pases con sana alegría muchos años de paz y armonía felicidad, felicidad, felicidad”

You close your eyes and blow out the candle.

He sits next to you, “what did you wish for mi querida?”

“That I never want this night to end!” You smile at him.

“Hmmm well it doesn’t have to end yet!” He says as he kisses you and pushes you into the pillows.

Cupcakes long forgotten.

His hands trace up and down your curves. He kisses you again. He pushes the hair that falls over your eyes, it seems to keep falling just the same as he keeps falling for you. He smiles at you, looking at you as if it’s the first time he sees you again.

“What?” You ask as your hands trace up and down his back.

“Nothing, it’s just I feel like I’m the luckiest man alive right now.”

You blush, biting your lip. He kisses you again, hands coming to your thighs, pushing your dress up. He lifts it up over your head, you begin to unbutton his shirt and push it off over his arms, then his undershirt is removed as you make your way to his belt. He grinds against your core, causing you to moan against his mouth. His belt comes out and you throw it across the room. He sits up to his knees removing his pants. He sits for moment taking in the sight of you waiting with lust and love your eyes.

“You’re so beautiful mi amor.” He says licking his lips.

Laying gentle kisses on your stomach. He works his way down hooking his thumbs into your panties as he removes them slowly. You sit up removing your bra and lay back down. He begins a trail of kisses down your leg and stops your thigh, picks up your other leg and begins trailing kisses and bites down this leg until he gets to where you want him most. He licks a stride up your core and takes your nub into his mouth sucking hard, taking your fold into his mouth suckling gently, you grab his hair in your hands as you moan. He inserts his tongue into your center, going in and out at a slow pace.

“Oh Rafi, so good” thrusting your hips up as his nose brushes against your swollen bud.

He licks back up to your pearl as he then inserts one, then two fingers. He begins a steady pace and you grip his hair harder and he moans, with that it sends vibrations up your spine and you can’t hold it any longer. He can feel you clenching him tight.

“Si venga por mi mami.” Continuing to suck harder and moving his fingers in a come hither motion and his words were your your release.

He removes his fingers sucking your essence off of himself and come up for a kiss. Your breathless and your in a high, he removes his boxers and settles in between your legs.

“You ready carino?” He asks as he kisses down your neck, sucking a bruise just low enough to cover but that can be seen if your shirt moves just right.

You nod at him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

He lines up with your entrance and inserts himself, slowly, he’s driving you crazy with the snail like pace. He lets you adjust to size once he’s completely seated.

There is no rush tonight, he starts moving, slowly, and it’s overwhelming your senses. You move your hips up to meet his, scratching down his back as you take his earlobe in your mouth, causing him to growl. He hitches your leg up against him so he can go deeper into and you moan loudly as he hits your spot over and over again.

“Right there, harder Rafi.” You say kissing him again, biting his bottom lip.

He picks up a faster, harder pace. The noises you are making cause him to smirk. He likes watching you squirm underneath him.

“Te gusta eso mi vida, hmmm?” He asks.

Oh how you love when talks to you in Spanish.

“Mmmm, si papi!” You growl in his ear.

He growls, making gentle but fast circles on your clit.

He feels you clenching around him.

“Aye mami, venga otra vez para mi.”

And again just like that you came undone, milking him through his orgasm.

He lays on top of you as you’re both catching your breathe. He looks into your eyes, then kisses you again. You smile against his lips.

“Mmmm, happy birthday to me!” You giggle.

He chuckles and begins to tickle you.

“S-stop! Rafi!” As you try to wiggle away from him, but he keeps you close pulling you to his side and pulling a blanket over both of you, wrapping his arms around you.

“Thank you for the best birthday ever Rafi!”

“Even if it was a disaster, mi vida?”

“I now have a wonderful memory and you made this birthday unforgettable. Just you attempting to make is special, did make it quite special to me.”

“Te amo mi amor!”

“I love you you Rafi.”

Cuddling against him, you drift off to sleep smiling and even more in love with your husband.

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17, JinJin, female reader, fluff, winter time - JinJin just getting home from rehearsal with the boys, their shared apartment. I hope I did it right, thank you!!

17: “I love coming home after a long, hard day at work and seeing you dancing around, singing terribly to Red Velvet. It reminds me that there is a reason to be happy, even when it’s rough.”

Originally posted by asterocky

“Talk To Me” played loudly throughout your apartment, as you stood in the middle of your apartment, your hips swaying to the music as you sang loudly, off key.  Jinwoo’s eyebrows furrowed, as he made his way down the hall and towards the door of your shared apartment, where the music was heard on the other side. He let out a soft chuckle, before he pushed his key in the lock and unlocked the door. His hand pushed the door opened, before he walked in and saw you dancing with your back facing him.

Closing the door behind him, he watched you as he kicked his shows off and hung his coat up on his hook. Sliding his slippers on, he stepped up into the living room and looked around. Dinner was being made on the stove with hot chocolate cooling off on the island. The song changed to “You better know”, making you fangirl and claim you love this song. You began singing louder, when you heard a voice join you along with clapping, making you jump and turn around. The moment you came face to face to your boyfriend, your blushed and pressed the pause button on the remote in your hand, stopping the music.

Jinwoo pouted and stopped clapping, “hey, why’d you turn it off? I liked that song!”

“When…When did you come in?” you ask, out of breath from your activities.

He chuckles, “I just got home, near the end of Talk To Me.”

“Oh,” you say, blushing even more, “I’m sorry you had to see that.”

He smiles widely, “don’t apologize, I love coming home after a long, hard day at work and seeing you dancing around, singing terribly to Red Velvet. It reminds me that there is a reason to be happy, even when it’s rough.

“Did you have a rough practice?” you ask immediately, “you must be freezing, the weather was really cold today.” You quickly rushed and grabbed his favorite blanket, before you went back over and wrapped it around him, “here we go.”

“Thank you,” he says, before he leans forward and presses a kiss on your warm forehead.

“Ah!” you say, blushing, “you’re lips are cold!”

He smirks, “warm them up for me then.”

He leans down to kiss your lips but you cut him off, pressing your index finger on his lips, “I made hot chocolate to warm you up.”

“That works too,” he says, chuckling before walking with you over to the island. He sat down on the stool, before he grabbed the handle of one of the cups and took a drink. As he took a drink, his eyes followed you while you went to work on dinner, “but later, I expect kisses.”

You chuckle and use the remote to turn your music back on, “whatever you say Jinwoo.”

HEY TAYLOR!!!! My name is Molly and I just wanted to stop in and tell you I love you. You have the ability to make me the happiest girl in the world in the matter of seconds. Seeing how happy I was when you were singing fifteen at the #1989tourtampa actually made my mom cry right there in the middle of the concert. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I was never the happy girl excited about life but your music has helped me tremendously in my quest to become that. Words can’t express how much your debut album means to me. It reminds me that things get better and everything will work out in the end. Thank you so much T for 11 incredible years. Here’s to the new era and Reputation™. I love you lots!!💘✨

@taylorswift @taylornation

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God I just found out your art and I love it so much, holy shit. You just inspired me to keep drawing so I could keep Improving. I’ve been feeling kinda down on my art for a few weeks now and seriously, just looking at your art reminds me of how beautiful art is. I also used that transparent Pidge piece as my background because it reminds me of my best friend and I and we will be finally reunited again in a few years. I think you might’ve just became my favorite artist <3

Oh my gosh, your message absolutely made my day! You are so kind to take the time to send me this! I’m really happy if my work has in any way helped you feel less down about your work or inspired you! It’s natural as artists to go through dips, and sometimes taking a break can be helpful, looking at other artists or other media can refresh yourself and help with art block and similar things too!

I’m really happy you like my pidge! That’s so sweet, I am so excited for you and your friend! It’s hard to describe in words how wonderful it is to see friends again after so long! 

Thank you again for such a kind ask, I’m honored to be considered one of your favorites! I hope you have a lovely day!

Also, imagine Jo Grant-Jones consulting with U.N.I.T. for something while she’s in the U.K., and greeting Kate Stewart with the biggest back-breakingest hug possible, while squealing, “Kaaaaaaaatie darling! Oh look at you, you gorgeous thing, last time I saw you you were practically in diapers–” and Kate is just like “Auntie Jo, please, not in front of the soldiers.”

And meanwhile Osgood is about ready to faint because 1. It’s international activist Jo Grant-Jones! and more importantly, 2. It’s the Doctor’s former companion Jo Grant-Jones! 

(Pause for Kate to say, “Inhaler!”)

And of course Jo immediately takes a shine to Osgood, “Oh my goodness you’re brilliant, I didn’t know they made humans this brilliant, you are an absolute genius, Katie, have you noticed how brilliant this young lady is?”

(Pause for Kate to patiently say that yes, she knows she’s brilliant, that’s why she hired her.)

And Jo just keeps on going: “And your outfits are just darling, they are so lovely and brilliant and adorable, I especially like this velvet jacket–”

(Pause for Jo to discreetly wipe away a tear)

“It reminds me of all the happy times in the old days, well listen to me natter on and you just working away as busy as ever, oh you are a treasure, so brilliant and sexy in those glasses and that lab coat, Kate, do you see how sexy she is in those glasses?”

(Pause for Kate to choke on her tea and sputter that she cannot call her subordinates sexy, Auntie Jo, that is harassment)

“And it’s just so impressive how you dealt with those aliens, do you want me to put in a word with the Doctor–”


(Osgood has retired to the fainting couch)

When Jo leaves for the Amazon she hugs both of them and calls them both lovely and Osgood is pretty sure she has stepped into an alternate reality because her life is not allowed to be this awesome

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hey len! i just finished looking through your blog and youve read a LOT of really interesting stories! after looking them up it makes me want to read them. so i wanted to ask what are your favorite books youve read? (also im a big fan of your work! I art too and looking at yours reminds me to loosen up a bit and makes me think "just do what you want fuck the rules!!" so thanks!)

hi there!!! i’ve just been having a crap week and this message honestly made my day ;’))))) i’m literally so happy and kinda shocked that you think what i read is interesting and actually looked them up and want to read them?! as for my favorite books- obviously the secret history is number one. i also love the chaos walking series and a monster calls by patrick ness, harry potter, the raven cycle, and the song of achilles and also the some classics: the iliad, oliver twist, les mis, and sans famille! 

and thank you so much! as i’ve always said in every single post “just do what you want fuck the rules!” 

Breathe Again (Jumin x MC) - oneshot

A/N:  This is angst.  Or, at least my try in angst.  An Anon asked for Saeran angst, but he’s just so generally angsty so I need some time to collect my thoughts on that lol!

The lyrics in the story is from Sara Bareilles’s song, “Breathe Again”.

Written in MC’s POV, towards Jumin.


I opened my eyes as soon as I felt your deep, steady breathing.  For the months I have lived with you, it’s enough for me to tell that you are already in deep sleep.  I lifted my gaze a little and saw that the bedside clock read 2:57am.

I gently turned in bed and found you sleeping on your side.  You look so calm, so peaceful.  So impossibly beautiful.  Out of habit I gently brush your hair away from your face, and the way your skin glowed while bathed in moonlight is still so breathtaking to me.


Car is parked

Bags are packed

But what kind of heart doesn’t look back?


For the past few weeks I notice that you no longer watched me the way you used to…you can’t even tell if I was asleep anymore.  Somehow, I wished that you were merely tired from all the work that you do.

The way that the moon played with the shadows on the bridge of your nose and the curve of your lips remind me so much of the day when you took my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it, asking me, oh so romantically, if we could be together for the rest of our lives.

For the first time in my life, I was so happy, Jumin.

You made me the happiest girl in the world.


At the comfortable glow from the porch,

The one I will still call yours?


I couldn’t help but smile wistfully as I trace your features with my eyes.

Committing you to memory.

One last time.


All those words came undone and now I’m not the only one

Facing the ghosts that decide if the fire inside still burns


My eyes caught a glint on your left hand.  Our wedding ring.

It’s that same hand that held me when we kissed the first time.  The same hand that took mine and placed the ring on my finger.  That same hand that held me close night after night in passion.

The same hand that snaked around her waist as you held her close.

I bit my tears back. I cannot allow myself to be weak now. Not now.


All I have, all I need

He’s the air I would kill to breathe


I gently rolled over to my side of the bed, careful not to wake you up.  I want to look back to check on you, but I am so afraid that I might just come back into your arms.

There’s no point in me coming back into those arms that have held someone else.

But good God, I just want to pretend that I did not see you holding her close with your arm wrapped around her slim waist, our wedding ring glinting against the light as she gently lays a finger on your lips that promised me forever.


Hang my head, break my heart built from all I have torn apart

And my burden to bear is a love I can’t carry anymore


As quietly as possible I opened the closet that had everything you had given me since we were together.  I try desperately to fight back tears.  There will be time for tears later.

Rummaging through the darkness I finally found what I was looking for.  A small bag of the bare essentials I needed, and clothes that I actually own.  None of the things in this bag was given by you.

I dressed up in jeans and t-shirt.  Something I haven’t worn for a long time.  I looked at myself in the mirror and straight into my tired, swollen eyes.

Do it.  

I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned towards the bed.  I gingerly opened the bedside drawer and found the letter I have written a few nights ago, addressed to you.  I gently laid the letter right next to the bedside clock.

Then I wrapped my fingers around the wedding ring on my finger.

I made the mistake of taking a glimpse of you.  

It hurts to be here.

I only wanted love from you.

It hurts to be here.

I felt my tears roll down my cheeks as I closed my eyes and pulled the ring out of my finger, and laid it on top of the letter on the bedside table.


All I have, all I need

He’s the air I would kill to breathe

Holds my love in his hands, still I’m searching for something

Out of breath, I am left hoping someday

I’ll breathe again


“Goodbye, Jumin.”

I made one last glance at you and gently closed the door.


A/N: T__T I AM SO SORRY MC…I promise not to do something like this again.  T____T

I just felt really…sad today and the song just played in my head all of a sudden.


Originally posted by existentialsmokebreaks

(Gif not mine)

Sebastian x reader 

Word count:1675

A.N: I hope you enjoy the imagine, I don’t know how I feel about this. But I hope you enjoy it.

“And Y/n how do you feel being in the opposite side from Tony’s team, since you two did a film together and you were like one of his best friend.”Jimmy Fallon , the interviewer asked.

“I feel good actually, I liked how I’m on Caps team I feel like he was correct and that he followed his heart.” You told him.

“Yeah team Cap.” Sebastian threw his fist in the air.

“Y/n is a backstabber I hate her, I think that she should be fired.” Robert joked,which caused the crowd to laugh.

As of right now you are in a interview with Anthony, Robert,Chris and Sebastian.

Jimmy finally finished laughing “Alright I like your answer, Sebastian how do feel about the fans shipping Bucky and Nat?” He asked.

“I can actually say that I really liked them. In the comics, as you can see they were a thing for a short amount of time but I’m actually starting to gravitate towards Bucky and Y/c/n relationship.”

“So you want some Y/n action.” Anthony teased him.

“I mean who wouldn’t she’s gorgeous.” Sebastian smirked and the crowed when wild.

“Wow that’s strange I feel like Cap and my character have more in common.” You told him.

“Yeah I got to agree with that, plus I think I might be lucky enough to kiss her.” Chris added again making the crowd go wild.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and shook his head “You guys have no connection what so ever and plus you’ve already kissed her, I think I should be the one kissing her.” He crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair.

“Maybe we should do it right now if that’s all you want.” You looked over at Seb.

“Wait, wait, What is going on?” Anthony asked.

“He wants a kiss I’m going to do it.” You shrugged and leaned over to get closer to Seb.

“Wait are we really doing this?” Sebastian smiled really big.

“Yeah.” You told him but as you leaned over you just kissed his cheek.

The crowd laughed and Seb got all red.

“Wow, you can cut this tension with a knife.” Robert commented.

The interview continued like normal with no awkwardness between you and Sebastian you even played a game.


You were currently with Lizzie in her room facetiming Scarlett, you were all currently talking about how she was doing and how we all miss her in the premiere.

“I know I miss you guys as well, but hey once we starting again in October you’re going to wish you missed me.” Scarlett said, as she was talking about her new movie Rose came in.

“Aunties!” She screamed.

“Hi Rose.” You waved.

“Hey Rose.” Lizzie copied your action.

“God she’s so cute, I just want to steal her away from you.” You told Scar.

“Hey she’s all mine, maybe you and Stan should get to it.” Scar pointed her finger at the screen.

“What are you talking about?” You felt yourself get red.

“Aw come on you both obviously have a thing for eachother, I saw that interview last night, he was dying to kiss you.” She told you.

“Yeah I was texting her when when I seeing it as well and it’s so obvious.”Liz commented as well.

“Alright I might have a slight cr-” But you were interrupted by someone knocking at the door “Excuse me.” You got up from the bed and walked over to the door.

“Hey babe.” Robert leaned in to give you a friendly kiss on both cheeks.

“Hey Rob what are you doing here.” You asked.

“Well I’m offended can’t I just vist my friend and after we’ve done six movies togeth-”

“Alright, alright I get it. What can I help you with?” You smiled at him

“Well I just wanted to talk but you were in you room so I checked with Stan but you weren’t there so I came he-”

You cut him off once again “Wait, why would you check in his room?”

“You know I don’t want to stand in the hallway anymore let’s go to your room.” And he walked away.

You walked back into the room and grabbed your keys.

“Hey your back, what were you doing?” Liz asked.

“Probably making out with Sebastian.” Scar joked.

“Ha-ha-ha very funny.” You rolled your eyes and shook your head ”Robert want’s to talk, I’ll be back in a few. Bye Rose.” You waved.

“Bye bye.” She waved back.

You walked down the down the hall and around the corner and saw that Robert was leaning against your door.

“Took you long enough.” He stood up straight and waited for you to open up the door.

You finally opened the door and he walked in behind you.

‘Want anything to drink?’ You asked.

“Some sparkling water please.” He made himself comfortable on the couch.

You walked over to the mini fridge and got him his drink and you got something for yourself.

“Here you go, now what do you want to talk about?” You took a seat next to him.

“When are you and Stan going to become a thing?” He asked as he took a sip of his water.

“Really that’s what you want to talk about.” You told him.

“Yeah I think you should make him jealous.” He shrugged his shoulders like it was nothing.

“That’s mean, plus that would never work he’s too smart.” You told him.

“So you’re willing to do it?” He chuckled.

“I mean I don’t-” But you got cut off.

“You do.” He clapped his hands “Alright, first you have to flirt with someone, preferably Chris since he’s the only single one then he will get jealous and tada he will admit his feeling for you.”

“That’s a dumb plan, what if he actually thinks I like Chris and he doesn’t say anything and ends up dating someone else, I’ll just end up feeling dumb and heart broken.”

“Never know till you try it.”


As of right now you were all out for dinner, Anthony,Jeremy,Chris,Sebastian, Lizzie,Robert and his wife Susan and your self.

You were sitting next to Chris on your left and Robert on your right, with Seb sitting in front of you.

You had were still iffy on flirting with Chris, you had told him what Rob said and he said he was willing to do it.

“Just go for it.”Downey leaned over and whispered to you.

You nodded and turned to Chris.

“How about we go for drinks after this?” You gave him a flirty smiled.

You heard Seb laugh but you didn’t even bother turning to over to him.

Chris gave you a surprised look but quickly catched on “I’d love to maybe we could go out for a dance as well.” He gave you one of his perfect smiles.

“Deal.” You smiled at him and turned to look at the menu. You all order and now you were currently waiting for the food.

“Hey Y/n would you like to hang out after this?’ Seb asked very nervously may you add.

“Umm sorry Seb I already made plans with Chris, maybe next time.” You told him. His smile immediately fell, you almost turned over at Chris to tell him that you weren’t be able to make it.

“O-oh alright, it’s okay maybe next time.” He turned to his right and talked to Anthony.

“I feel bad.” You turned to Chris.

“It’s going to work trust me.” He placed his hand on top of yours, which to your luck Sebastian saw but you didn’t know he saw. He only saw that Chris placed a hand on top of yours and that you were smiling and looking profoundly into each other eyes.

“I’m going to get a drink.” You told him as you were going to walk away he grabbed your hand.

“Kiss my cheek.” He lowered his voice, you gave him a questioning look but did it anyway “Bring me a rum and coke please,babe.” He spoke in his normal voice once again.

You noded and walked away to the bar “Hi, can I get a rum and coke and a dirty martini.” You smiled at the bar tender, he nodded and walked away.

You looked back at the table and saw that Rob, Chris and Sebastian were arguing all the sudden Seb got up and walked straight to the bar.

“Hey Seb ar-” But you got cut off by his lips.

The kiss made you weak, it was passionate everything you imagined it would be like. Filled with butterflies and love,like if you were in middle school and you just heard that your crush likes you back. You were about to pull him closer but he pulled away and stepped back.

“Downey and Chris told me you were just trying to make me jealous.” He smirked.

“Did it work?”You asked and started to play with his tie.

“Fuck yeah.” He assured you.

“Good.” And you pulled him by his tie for another kiss.

“That’s my boy.” Chris yelled which caused you both away from the kiss and laugh.

“Let’s go back.” He pulled you hand, you were about to go but you pulled back “What? What’s wrong?” He questioned.

“I forgot my drink, if I want to get through this teasing I need lots or drinks.” And grabbed both your drinks.

“Remember when you made me jealous by flirting with Chris.” Seb got into bed.

“Oh god.” You covered your face “Don’t remind me again, but hey at least it worked.”

Sebastian laughed and placed his hand on top of your belly.

“Now we’re married and expecting our first baby.” He leaned over to kiss you “Goodnight babe.” And he turned off the light.

“Night babe.” You told him back, that night you laid awake thinking of the happy life you were about to have and how lucky you are to have all your friends in your life along with you amazing husband.

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Hi,,, that jaehwan scenario is rlly good and making me all soft inside wow ok Anyways it really calmed me down !! Today has been really tiring and amazing writings always cheer me up so thank you very much for writing these scenarios ! I enjoy reading them very much and i hope you keep up the good work !! 😊😊 enjoy the rest of your day and good luck !

i don’t think you know how happy this message made me; ; i’ve been feeling very insecure about keeping this blog going and hearing that my writing influenced other people’s moods for the better always reminds me of why i’m still doing this lmao i’m soft

aNYWays thank you so much for your sweet words, i am so, so glad you enjoyed the one shot and i hope your next days will be less stressful ♡

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My mom bought me "Van Gogh's Van Goghs" and I was looking through the paintings and actually started crying when I saw The Sea at Les Saintes-Marie's-de-la-Mer. I've read your fics so many times this painting is like ingrained in my soul 💕

!!!! - aw anon this made me happy! (it always makes me so so pleased when people say paintings remind them of that fic!) - i just moved to a new flat three weeks ago and i currently have a postcard of that painting on my fridge. i picked it so randomly and it worked out so well. i hope you enjoy looking through the rest of the beautiful things that must be in that book <3