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[MUNLY MUN] Okokokok Let me get this straight. (I'm not. But that's beside the point.) You are a beautiful man. You are handsome af. Look at your manly jaw. Look at your GORGEOUS EYES. LIKE YEAH OWN THOSE BEAUTIFUL DARK ORBS BABY. Look at your nose. So nice. Look at your beard, it's on point (seriously it is). Your lips look so soft. YOUR. HAIR. IS. FLUFF. AND. CURLS. I CAN'T. Manly man shoulders. If anyone tell you otherwise, eat them. Love the shirt. (Is that a real tattoo?)

[ÇSLDKGSKSFA this ask made me blush so hard, in a good way kljsldjfdsoaifjsigjog kjsglsghsdakfsd ejfoaisjdfas Oh my god. Thank you. kjhkg This means so much to me, you have like no idea. And Yes, it is a real tattoo! Idk if you can see it , but it’s Metal Gear’s Foxhound symbol. ;3 Don’t mind the mess in my room in the background pls.]


Victory Is Assured. Keira, yes. 

X Hospital - The tragic story of an unrequited love

Bed-chan lived her life in the hospital, carrying patients around everyday, doing her job like everyone else. Until she met him, her idol, her bias, her favorite Johnny’s - Fujigaya Taisuke. She wouldn’t let him go anymore, she would follow him everywhere, do everything for him. If he ever will return her love…?


I know it’s no where near Valentine’s Day but I just made these and there’s no way I’m waiting till then to post them so enjoy happy extremely early Valentine’s Day

i am a lonely captain of this lonely ship but i won’t give up!!!

I was mid conversation with this really cute guy last night down at a local bar, just talking and flirting when he just randomly kisses me. I was still talking and was caught totally off guard. I felt my eyes bug out in sheer shock that he just kissed me. Out of no where. Then this super duper cute smile came onto his face like ‘I took a chance and now you need to respond’ so I just smiled shyly and said “you stole that” to which he responded “I couldn’t resist”.

I just had to share this moment with you all because it was just super cute and super cute things never happen to me!


He just looks like one amazing kisser, no big deal or anything….

I’m just gunna go….
over there.  

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When I was in high school I had a mad crush on my p.e teacher (he was only 24) so then once I left 2 years (I was 19 by then) later I bumped into him in a bar on my birthday. we talked for ages and he kept stroking the inside of my thigh. in the bar. he leaned in and whispered how attractive I had gotten which made me blush madly. I then went to the bathroom and took off my panties thinking it would be hot. So then when i went back he got a shock and fingered me there and then.We are now engaged