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Okay but for real I don’t think I would even like Solas if it wasn’t for the fans? Like yes, I like watching his lip animation when he talks and his voice is v. nice, but other than that he was just kinda…there.

But like…since reading stuff by @katalyna-rose, @thema-sal-shiral, @galadrieljones, @gaelathebane, @empresstress13, and in huge part to @apostatehobolife through which I found empresstress13 which lead to the other Solas writers I read…I get it. I get the appeal.

So just like…a huge thanks to fan creators because this is just like, one of many instances of y'all enriching my experience of stuff I already love.

And I will fight to the death for each and every one of your Solases (Solasai? Solasses?). Or at least to the extreme discomfort. ♡♡♡

The soundtrack of your life tag!

Find 12 songs that would describe you in the soundtrack of your life then tag 10 people you want to get to know better who should try this out.

A song where the lyrics summarises:
1. your childhood - Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
2. your love life - Elastic Heart - Sia
3. your high school years - The In Crowd - Mitchel Musso
4. your sexuality - Pokerface by Lady Gaga
5. your personality -  Power by Little Mix 
6. your opinion on a hot topic - Divided State of America by The Script
7. your best friend/s - Mad Love by Neon Trees
8. your thoughts on growing up - Barbie by P!nk
9. you on a night out - Wasted by Tiësto ft. Matthew Koma
10. your flaws - Freak by Molly Sandén 
11. your perfections - Believe in Me by Demi Lovato
12. your year - Brand New Eyes by Bea Miller 

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i wish their were like sensory sensitive scary houses. like ones without flashing lights or loud noises. just like. cool designs and stuff you can touch thats all haunted house themed without the lights/noises/etc. even actors in costume that are spooky but dont rely on jump scares? and you could ask them about what its like to be the creature they are (ghost/demon/etc). the only time ive ever been in a haunted house was for a report for my journalism class in highschool and when i went i had to go before they opened, asked them to turn on the lights and the sounds off and no actors and i had to walk through it with my father. it was nice but i only got to experience the decorations and not a cool immersive experience. i wanna experience the spookiness without having a meltdown. idk i just feel jealous that all my friends get to go haunted homes/haunted corn mazes. it makes me feel like a stupid little kid and i hate it


Phil checking Dan out.

Some (possible) references to the “old Taylor” I found in the “Look What You Made Me Do” lyric video:

Dear John:

I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules everyday

Long Live:

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you/We are the kings and queens, you traded your baseball cap for a crown

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

You called me up again tonight

All Too Well:

I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it


The birds in the video vs the birds on Taylor’s shirt

Blank Space:

As well as the whole list of names concept


Out of the Woods:

The monsters turned out to be just trees


female awesome meme // (1/10) lead characters - buffy summers

“i’m beyond tired. i’m beyond scared. i’m standing on the mouth of hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. and it’ll choke on me.”