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“I used to say that I lived my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that’s why we were brothers, because you did too.” | Furious Seven | One last ride

GUYS THE CUTEST THING HAPPENED TODAY AND I NEED TO SHARE IT WITH YA’LL OK sO, I have a baby brother who’s about 4 months old and earlier today in the car he was bAWLING his eyes out he was so cranky and ya know how babies get. Well my mom told me to play him some videos so I tried literally everything uNTIL I GOT TO A TOM HOLLAND INTERVIEW CLIP AND I PLAYED IT FOR HIM AND THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT IT THAT JUST MADE HIM CALM AND HE EVEN STARTED DOING THAT LITTLE TOOTHLESS SMILE AND IT’S LIKE OK MORAL OF THE STORY EVEN BABIES FUCKING LOVE TOM HOLLAND 

dad!Namjoon - expecting parents AU - fluff sooooooo much fluff

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: i got drunk and got too soft over Joon and wrote this 

“I hope she has your dimples,” you say quietly, absently running your hand through Namjoon’s hair, silently reminding yourself to deep condition his hair when you had the chance.

“I hope she has your height. She’ll be short and cute just like you!” Namjoon giggles, making you smile.

The two of you were laying together in bed. You had finally found that comfortable position to lay on your side where the baby growing inside of you did not suffocate any of your organs, and there was minimal discomfort to your back. Namjoon lay next to you, with his head pressed close against your engorged breasts, gently pressing his cheek against them as he ran his hand over your protruding stomach.

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↳ au meme: TaeKook | Absolute Boyfriend / Zettai Kareshi (insp. x)

“You have to understand. Toy figures are not meant to stay forever. It’s just a piece of merchandise. It has a time limit, like a person’s life.“ 

Puppy Love

Growing up, I always had everything I wanted. The prettiest clothes. The nicest dolls. The greatest toys. Servants who fulfilled my ever need. Every weekend I had a party where I was the princess, and danced in our great ballroom while sipping ‘champagne’, which was really just sparkling apple juice.

But I didn’t have one thing, and that was friends.

Papa says that albinism has run in the family for many generations, giving us fair skin, fine hair, and either icy blue or rose pink eyes. I have the rose pink. My hair has always been so thin that I began wearing wigs when I realized why people looked at me differently. I always had nice wigs, of course, but the other kids always stared and kept their distance. Papa said they were jealous of how pretty I was. After a while I learned that was a lie. They thought I was a freak.

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GlassPrism’s Favorite WTF Moments

  1. Jun “I’ve been struck by lightning” Sawaki
  2. Hugh “get these mosquitoes out of my lair” Panaro
  3. Uwe “go back to Elisabeth” Kroger
  4. Katie “having an orgasm” Knight Adams
  5. Anthony “bawling like a baby” Warlow
  6. Cooper “Imma flop onto the ground here” Grodin

Disclaimer: Besides serving as funny and/or cautionary tales, these do not reflect on my overall opinion of them as actors. Okay, some of them do, but others are my favorites. Nor do these reflect on the opinions of anybody who happens to like these actors.


The tree planting was a success, and the rain held off. Each child decorated a rock and placed it at the base of the tree. The blue pinwheel is one of four of different colors that they had outside the daycare entrance last year - and it’s the only one to have survived intact through the brutal winter. I’ve had similar ones on James’ grave over the past year. The director wrote James’ name and his dates of birth and death on the pages of the book the little angel is holding.

Ray was sleeping when I got there, but I basically said, “Sorry buddy, but I’m not doing this without you!” and picked him up.

The ceremony was very sweet. James’ girlfriend/future wife took it upon herself to be the first one to place her rock, which seemed so appropriate to me. Each class held a baby blue balloon and we all let them go at the same time. I gratefully took the opportunity to say a few words through my tears, mainly wanting to tell the staff that the work they do is so important and to thank them for loving our kids.

Three folks from my agency - including my case worker and home finder - came and they gave me the little mom and baby statue. It made me bawl - I had just been thinking about the last time I held James when he was alive, and it was in the rocking chair in his nursery and his head was on my shoulder, just like this.


So yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. I finally saw my childhood superhero and role model on the big screen. And after years of waiting you bet your sweet ass I bawled like a big baby. It was worth every damn minute of waiting. Wonder Woman means the world to me, she helped me through the hardest points in my life and shaped me into the person I am today and was also my gateway drug into becoming a massive mythology and comic book nerd annnd I’m rambling.

But hey, whothehelcares right? 🤷🏻‍♀️😉

But yeah here are the few selfies from yesterday that made the cut into smite selfie day!

so now that I think s7 is going to be new cast (with maybe a few original cast members but nevertheless not the same), I want to take a moment to thank the cast of once upon a time, and the crew:

  • to the core of the show, the original three (ginnifer goodwin, josh dallas, and jennifer morrison) - you’ve guys carried the show for the last six years. I can’t wait to see what projects you’ll take on next and I’ve never been happier to be able to watch the charming family dynamic. there is no once upon a time without them, so thank you for creating & making the show for us.
  • to lana parrilla - the original villain™, the best evil queen anyone could ask for, thank you for portraying regina mills and doing her justice. OUAT definitely would not be OUAT without you. 
  • to jared gilmore - the heart & soul of the show, the truest believer, where would everyone be without henry mills and his belief? nowhere. thank you <3 <3 
  • to robert carlyle - definitely one of, if not the most talented on this show, thank you for the birth of the dark ones, your layered character, and your incredible acting. I’m going to miss your “dearies” and deal making and incredible character.
  • to emilie de ravin - you are so under appreciated as an actress and as your character. I’m so glad you’ll be able to move on to bigger & better things, but thank you for portraying the amazing belle! you & belle deserve so much better and I hope you both find your happy ending <3
  • to colin o’donoghue - I knew the second you stepped onto the screen as captain hook this would be a hook like no other. thank you for adding layers and more character to the classic villain we all know & love. 
  • to rebecca mader - 3b will forever be my favourite arc, and you are definitely one of the reasons. thank you for playing the amazing wicked witch and for bringing so much to her character!
  • to a & e - obviously this show wouldn’t exist without you creating it. thank you for having a great writing team even when episodes weren’t up to par and bringing back magic to all of our lives.
  • and finally, to all fellow oncers, regardless of what you ship, who you stan, and where you’re from - I love you all and this journey would have not been the same without any of you. I’ve made so many friends from so many different sides of the fandom and I love you all so much. you know who you are. we’ve been through so much as a fandom and a lot of the time we’re literally the worst but this show wouldn’t exist without us and our support. from the casual viewers, to the hardcore stans, from the gif & graphic makers, to the fanfic writers, to the ones who run news blogs - you’re all essential to this fandom and we make the show. so thank all of you so, so much. specifically, I’d like to give a special shoutout to my lovely, lovely, ouat mutuals who definitely made this experience for me as a oncer more amazing than it could ever be - @phoebe-halliwell / @newton-scarmander / @argetnallison / @kevinmckidd / @noorasaetlre / @misscamthenorwegian / @jynserso / @odonoghues / @killians / @ceeyoutea / @emmakillian / @queenjmo / @ashokas / @katewinslets / @marymargaret / @faithandfearcollide / @lucifer-morningstar / @killianjones / @mikesmatthews / @baebastianstan / @jahcobperalta / @isabellekillian / @warriorswan / @swanshope / @storybrooke / @sarahspaulson / @rumplestiltskin

and now I’m going to bawl like a baby at the finale, but it’s okay, because I’ll have all of you. <3 


Writer: @theoutsidersstory

Paring: Johnny x reader, ponyboy x reader, Gang X Reader

warnings: Sadness.

You stepped into the house owned by the curtis brothers. All of them were howling and patching each other up but it all was a blur to you. Your arm was around ponyboy who was still beat and bloody. he shook under your touch, crying silently.

“Ponyboy?.” Darry got up, beginning to make his way to Pony to scold him for not going to the hospital like he should of.

You shook your head sadly before ponyboy had collapsed onto a chair around the boys.

“Y/n?” darry looked at you, confused.

“it took all you had not to start bawling like a baby, little tears fell down your face as you looked down.

“Y/n, Sugar..” Soda questioned, all the boys watching you, “Where’s Dally?’

you mumbled a quiet response which made Two bit sigh.

“What’s that?” 

“Johnny..Dally left us..Because, J-Johnny’s dead..” You chocked on your tears as they spilled from your eyes, pony cried too.

“what?” All the boys stood up, their faces stricken with pain.

“he told me he’s not coming back for me..Dally’s gone.” you cried, “And johnny, oh god.. he was fine, getting b-better. Now he’s just gone!” you cried out.

“No..Y/n.” Steve pulled you into a hug and soda rubbed your back.

“Me and Dallas were going to leave with Johnny tonight! Find him better care, W-we..” You couldn’t continue, it all hurt too much, tears wouldn’t stop and everything was falling apart around you.
the gang hugged you as Darry talked to Ponyboy. The room was full of heartbreak and your whole body ached. Soda held you tightly in his lap with Steve and two on your other sides. suddenly, the phone rang and the room only got tenser.

{Part two coming soon!}

George’s Legacy.

We all started out somewhere. 

Hetalia. Yes. The gay country anime. 

The show was average, it was what the fandom produced that made it worth while.

But there is one particular person that I hold very dear to my heart. No one knows their true identity, much less their real name. But the simple pseudonym ‘George Devalier’ will put most of anyone in the Hetalia fandom on their knees crying like a little girl within the second his name is mentioned. 


Well, there is something George did that some professional writers can not do… 

George put heart into it. Every sentence. Every chapter. Every story.

The deeper you dive into his writing, the more you realize small things. He   alluded to things very faintly that would play a bigger role in later chapters and incorporated certain aspects of the era: from the food, technology, and even celebrities. And to make it better, it stuck with you. If it weren’t for “We’ll Meet Again,” I couldn’t tell you who Lord Haw-Haw was.

As said by George, these stories belong to the Hetalia fandom. But they can also stand alone if one were ‘uneducated’ in the series. 

And to say that his writing made me cry would be an understatement. I bawled my eyes out. Every chapter would keep you on the edge of your seat. Reading this story for the first time is an experience unlike any other that can not be replicated. I can remember where I was when I read them, what month it was, and how embarrassed I was when my mother walked in on me crying like a baby to the sweet sound of Vera Lynn. 

It’s just that amazing. 

I feel as though George will never return, and i have come to terms with that. I hope he sleeps well knowing that he has bestowed upon thousands, the thoughts of his brain. Isn’t it odd to think that this was all the product of one person? 

Thank you George. I know you will never read this, but you have played a major roll in my life, as well as other. If it were not for you, I would not be the person I am today. Your works have influenced me to write, to use a more refined vocabulary, and to do what makes me happy. I hope you have touched others in the way your have me. 

Every time I see little Hamatamago, I think of you. <3

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teeny baby marius bawling his eyes out watching bambi for the first time

oh no this is sad enough on its own but just

Marius’ mother dies in canon

Baby Marius not understanding why his mama isn’t coming back. Why she doesn’t answer when he cries for her. He cries a lot, feeling suddenly a lot like Bambi, stood in the snow, alone, calling for his mother.

“Your mother can’t be with you anymore.”

(”Mama can’t be with us anymore, Marius.”)

A/N: I’m so sorry for my lack of updating! I’m hoping to be able to post tomorrow. I’ve just had a really busy week… I had a three hour work meeting this morning and I don’t even remember half of it because I was so damn tired. I haven’t even managed to sleep in for the past 2 weeks. Also, guys, please, please don’t send me requests when my ask box is closed and when I have posted numerous, numerous amounts of posts saying that it’s closed… I even have my description saying requests are closed… It kind of makes me a tad bit annoyed… I will ignore it and delete it if you do for now on… I’m not trying to sound like a massive bitch but it’s a little bit frustrating. Anyways, enjoy!

Being married to Dallas Winston (Head canon)

-Being used to his bad moods and being the only to be able to bring him out of them.
-Knowing that Dallas Winston’s hard exterior is nothing but a facade and getting to see the softest sides of him.
-The happiest day of his life was marrying you… and that night he didn’t fuck you, he made love to you. The night was filled with passionate kisses, hands clasped together and an infinite supply of “I love you” escaping his lips.
-Although Dally would never admit it, the day he found out you were pregnant he bawled like a baby, excitement getting the better of him. 
-Dally promising his unborn child, whilst thinking you were asleep, “I’m gonna treat you real good, I’m gonna be there the whole way. I’m never going to leave. I want let anyone break your heart. I promise you kid, I’m going to give you everything my parent’s didn’t give me.”
-You’re the only person Dally can love and dislike at the exact same time. 
-Fighting every other week because of your differences, but having the best make up sex afterwards.
-Dally falling in love with his little girl from the moment he lays eyes on her. 
-Dally being there for every single one of his kid’s milestones…
-Growing old with Dally…

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Can you imagine how Kim-I-<3-babies-Taehyung would react to his wife getting pregnant? He'd be in disbelief, get really happy, hyper, and excited. He'd pick you up and start kissing you, then the waterworks would start. He'd crouch down to your stomach, holding your waist with his hands, and mumble sweet things to his future child. He wouldn't bawl, but he'd hiccup and sniff, kissing your stomach and looking up at you with thankful eyes. I wanna make babies with KTH.

this made me smile!! honestly he would be the most excited, attentive, caring father ever. he’d always be touching your stomach and talking to the developing baby. I swear he’d be friends with it before it was ever born. and he’d take care of you at all times, making sure you’re as comfortable as humanly possible 

and when that kid was born he’d love it like nothing else in the world. just imagine getting to see him like this, with the child you made with him

truly father material 


“I am in awe of the remarkable man that you are becoming… all the things you’ve achieved, and not just as The Flash, but you, Barry. Your honesty. Your heart. You were always a hero. And your mom would be just as proud.“

Fear? Fear is easy. Flash a razor in someone’s face, boom, you’ll see fear. And killing is even easier. I mean, come on, it’s humanity’s oldest problem. “Man, I wanna fuck that guy up. How do I fuck that guy up?” Fists, sticks, stones, knives, spears, bows, swords, guns, cannons, bigger guns, bigger cannons, big fucking nuclear bombs, germs, chemicals…every few generations we find a new way to solve that ancient riddle, it’s really nothing new.

But making someone happy? Now that’s playing on hard mode.

You ever make a mobster cry? I have. The guy was a low-level thug. Often a bodyguard, sometimes an arm-breaker, occasionally a gravedigger. Scars all over his face and arms, nose squashed, tough as an iron stereotype. You’ve seen his kind before in a dozen movies and TV shows.

Well Mr. Tough Guy had a young daughter. More specifically, he had a young daughter who’d been in a car accident a few years back and hadn’t walked since. So I fixed her, and it was not a fucking easy task. Do you know how hard it was to get all of the right people in touch with each other? This nurse talks to that administrator who talks to that aid organization who talks to that other nurse who talks to those specialists who…you get the idea. But do you know how much harder it is to pull all of those strings to make all of those conversations happen without anybody figuring out that you’re the puppeteer behind it all? Yeah I didn’t think so.

I was an orderly in the hospital at the time, and I made sure I was on-shift when that girl took her first step in years. Her thug-scum daddy started bawling like a baby, thanking God for this miracle, swearing that he’d go straight…and last I heard, he’s kept that promise. Works security in an office building, pulls an honest paycheck, has gotten a little bit chubby from his easy life, but I won’t judge him for that. It took me two years of planning and string-pulling to break him. Any of the other freaks could have killed and mutilated what, two dozen hookers in that time?

Who cares. I go for quality over quantity.

Like with Sherri. Sherri was a twenty-something forgettable woman with full-blown depression and suicidal tendencies. In fact, she was on her way to tendency herself right off of the tallest bridge in town when she comes across a stray dog with a broken leg, whimpering and dragging itself along the sidewalk while everyone else takes a wide berth around it. She brings the dog to the nearest vet, and runs into an old friend in the waiting room with a sick cat. The old friend mentions how she’s just started therapy and how much better she’s been feeling…and when Sherri gets back to see the vet, he’s the cutest, nicest guy she’s ever met… You know where this is going.

Six months later, with some regular therapy (recommended by a friend, who knew), Sherri’s dark thoughts have started melting away. A year and a half later, she’s getting married to the cute vet, and her rediscovered friend is the maid of honor. Now she’s pregnant with her second, and she can’t remember what it was like to feel so low that she wanted to take her own life.

Who do you think put an advertisement for that vet on her doorstep that morning? Who do you think broke that dog’s leg? Who do you think poisoned her friend’s cat? It wasn’t Jeffrey fucking Dahmer, I’ll tell you that much.

Fear is easy. Death is easy. Happiness is hard, and I’m the best at making it. All of those humanitarians and charity workers that you see are bullshit artists and that’s it. They do nothing but prolong a series of miserable lives that aren’t worth living. I take misery and turn it into something that others might call beautiful.

Ha. I don’t believe in beauty. But I do believe in doing the hardest work that you are capable of.

And baby, I do the hardest work that there is.


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