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motivational iphone lockscreens!

thank you everyone for helping me reach another thousand! 🙌🏻✨ since i haven’t posted in a while, i made these to remind you to stay positive and motivated that you can do anything! i believe in you gal pals!!!

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me: ah ok i’m getting a new phone soon so let’s look at some cases. i think this time i’ll go for something chill, very neutral, light, maybe some flowers or stars or a pastel eiffel tower or cute wallpaper pattern or something

me, ten minutes later: this furious dark bleeding edge iron man case with the word JUSTICE emblazoned on it is everything i was looking for


Dylan Sprayberry for DA MAN Magazine by Mitchell McCormack lockscreens with psd

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your art is my absolute fav! I get giddy any time I see new piece art from you!!!!!!! I was curious what kind background you have on your phone?!!!!' do you use own art? art from other artist you like?!?' or photos of life?' sorry if question too personal. many thanks¡

Hello Anon!

Here’s my homescreen background:

It’s a drawing of Sangwoo my friend @aveafaun made for me on her phone that really cheered me up when I was feeling a little pressured about drawing and posting - so I decided to make it my wallpaper ♥


This all started with me looking for a new wallpaper for my phone (a Markiplier wallpaper to be exact) and not being able to find one I liked (I’m kind of picky with my background/wallpaper styles) so I decided to make some of my own. I really like them so I hope some of you guys do too :) 

Plus! I made a bonus Jacksepticeye wallpaper!

(lalothemarshmallow took the picture of Mark from the side where he’s wearing white, I just cropped it to be phone sized)

(Please don’t repost. Thanks :3)

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Only One

Member(s): Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 893
21. “I’m not jealous.”
28. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

》 FAQ // Masterlist

A/N: We love you too, darling!

“Okay, French is a little bit tricky, so we’re going to start with simple things, such as introduction and everyday phrases.” you said, rubbing your hands together, “Are you fine with that?”

“Totally.” Chanyeol responded and copied your actions, “Let’s start!“

“Alright, then…” you opened your old notebook and turned to him, “Repeat after me: Je m'appelle Chanyeol.

J-Je m'appelle Chanyeol.

You held back your laughter as gentle giant stumbled a bit while trying to copy your pronunciation. He frowned and poked your sides.

Oh mon Dieu!” you squealed playfully, pushing his hand away.

"It’s not funny! You’ve said it yourself that French is a tricky language.”

“You’re right. Sorry.” you giggled, barely managing to switch back to Korean, “We’ll try something else. Let’s see…”

Je suis du Corée du Sud .” you read out loud, “That means ‘I’m from South Korea’. Now repeat: Je suis du Corée du Sud.

Je su- Je… What?”

Je suis du Corée du Sud.

J-Je…Je suis… du Corée du Sud. Je suis du Corée du Sud.”

“Correct!” you clapped your hands cheerfully, ”Très bien!“.

TRÈS BIEN!” Chanyeol raised his hands up and threw his head backward, ecstatic about the fact he finally understood something in French. You laughed at his dorkiness.

“You still have a lot to learn, though. You only understood two words, don’t let it get to your head.”

“Alright, alright…“ Chanyeol leaned onto his hand and looked at you as you flipped through the notebook, concentrated on finding a sentence that won’t be so hard for him. You were didn’t even notice when he carefully scooted closer to you, “Hey, jagi?“

“Hm?“ you looked up and flinched upon realizing the closeness between your faces.

“How do you say ‘I love you’ in French?“

You clutched on your notebook tightly, your hands hurting from the contact.

“Why do you want to know that one?“

Chanyeol shrugged.

“Why not?“

“No reason, I guess…” you gulped, mentally slapping yourself for being jumpy like a little school girl.

“So how do you say it?” asked Chanyeol.

Je t'aime.” you replied.

“Aw, I love you, too!” Chanyeol flashed his signature grin.

“Chanyeol!” you laughed out loud and punched him playfully.

“I do like the sound of it, though.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. Je t’aime…” repeated Chanyeol slowly, “Je t’aime.”

“Y-Yes, that’s good.” your voice trembled from both nervousness and excitement. The way the words of language of love rolled off his tongue was sending chills up your spine and right into your heart, making it start beating overdrive, “W-Well done!”

“Do I get a reward for being a good boy?”

“Man.” you thought as he immediately leaned in, but you didn’t even consider moving away. His lips were mere inches away from yours when your phone rang loudly, causing Chanyeol to flinch and pull back.

“For heaven’s sake…” he murmured, crossing his arms over his chest. You checked the ID and sighed.

“Ah, it’s one of my colleagues. She probably got drunk again…” you quickly declined the call and let out another sigh, “I don’t have time for that right now…”

You put your phone away, but before the screen turned off by itself, Chanyeol managed to catch a glimpse of your new wallpaper. It made his jaw drop slightly before he scrunched his nose up and looked in your direction.


“What is it?”

“You have Jung Hoseok as your wallpaper.”


Chanyeol pouted and pointed to your phone, shortly replying, “J-Hope.”

Your gaze shifted to your phone before fixing itself on him again.

“Um, yes.”

“… Why?” he asked. You blinked slowly.

“Because he’s an excellent rapper, of course! And such a sunshine! I just started listening to BTS and I’m-”

“But he’s not better than me, right?”

Your expression went blank for a moment before a wicked grin slowly found its way to your lips, curving them upwards.

“Chanyeol… Are you jealous?”

Chanyeol’s eyebrows twitched and eyes went wide for a second before he managed to regain his composure.

“I’m not jealous.“ he said too fast, pushing you away from him in one swift motion, so you ended up landing on the floor with a loud squeal escaping your mouth.

“Yes, you are! You’re jealous! Park Chanyeol, you’re jealous!” you squirmed, standing up, and pointed at him, your other hand covering your mouth to prevent yourself from laughing. Chanyeol whined childishly.

“Stop repeating that, for God’s sake…” he mumbled under his breath, raising his arm to scratch the back of his neck in discomfort, “It’s annoying.”

“Why are you jealous?!”

“Because… When we got together, you were listening to my songs all day and now the only thing I hear is Baepsae.”


“No! Don’t you dare sing it while I’m here!”

You snorted and covered your face with your hands.

“Sorry!” you mumbled almost incoherently through your fingers.

Chanyeol huffed and approached you quickly, bringing his long arms around your waist so that he could pull you onto his chest.

“In the future,” he buried his face in your neck, “please don’t mention him, or any other boy when I’m around. I am the only rapper and the only sunshine in your life. Got it?”

“You’re an idiot, you know that?“

He gave your butt a firm squeeze, making you yelp.

“I may be an idiot,” he said, kissing your nose playfully, “but I’m your idiot.”

~ Admin Taeyeon

A Different Song by Quartetship
Tune in every other Saturday for a new chapter!
Starring: MY BABY as Jean Kirschtein, DORK MCDORK as Marco Bott, and MY TEARS

My new ‘phone wallpaper (which has probably been done many times before) worked out perfectly.

Watch me forget I did this in the morning.

No regrets.

EDIT: Oh wow, didn’t think I would get so many notes on this, hahahah.  If you want the wallpaper, it’s here: - I made it to fit my iPhone 5, not sure about resolutions for other devices :)

If You Wait

A/N: Yay! Still on time for Castle Fanfic Monday! I’ve missed writing so much this past month… Hope you like this one. Prompt at the end.
P.S: Send me more prompts to my inbox please

“And if you wait, if you wait
I will trust in time that we will meet again”
London Grammar – If You Wait


Set in season 4

Castle left the precinct as soon as Beckett had told him she would be doing paperwork for the rest of the evening. Being on call didn’t always mean there would be a body drop at any second, so sometimes she liked to stay in the empty, silent bullpen and catch up on her paperwork.

He, of course, fled the scene and politely bid his goodbye, leaving her in the almost empty bullpen.

After his departure, she proceeded with her ritual of getting coffee before starting on the pile of paperwork on her desk. Thank goodness for Castle’s espresso machine!

She could just go home and work from there, leave if she was called in…but it’s so quiet. It’s always so quiet…

If she had a say in it, she’d now be curled up with Castle on his couch with Martha and Alexis beside them, the four of them watching a movie.

Kate wanted that so bad, wanted to be whole again so she could be with him, give him everything he deserved. Give into his love. Because she remembered what he’d told her on that day, she’d been working that tiny bit harder to be ready for him.

If she wanted to be with him, she couldn’t be a broken shell of a person.

And Kate Beckett could barely wait to be ready, she was almost sure that one of these days this window would close on her and she’d regret it for the rest of her life.

She sighed. Went back to her reports.

Once she was halfway through her paperwork, she noticed the familiar iPhone sitting between two piles of paper.

And since when does she leave this much paperwork laying around?!

But back to the iPhone… Why would Castle leave his precious phone completely forgotten here at the precinct? She quickly made up her mind, she’d finish up at the precinct, go by his loft to drop the phone and then she’d go back to her own apartment where she’d take a bath, order some food and watch bad TV before going to bed. It’s what most of her nights consisted of anyway.


Some time later, she couldn’t really tell how much, Kate was ready to go home. Her paperwork was over, her shift as well and she couldn’t wait to get into that warm bath.

She turned off her computer, went into the break room to wash her mug and gathered her things back at her desk. Finally, picking up his phone, she pressed the button to light up the screen and check the time. It was late, but not too late that he’d be asleep 20 minutes from then. However, the fact that it was late didn’t seem to get to her as much as the wallpaper on the phone.

It was her. It was a photo of her. Oh God! How was she supposed to wait to be heal for him when he had her picture on his phone?

And one she didn’t even recognize but she knew when he’d taken it. Almost a year ago, on his birthday party, he’d invited some of his friends to the loft, including the boys, Lanie, Montgomery and Jenny.

At some point, all his other friends had gone home, Martha had gone out and Alexis had excused herself to go study Chemistry. Even the captain had gone home, leaving the six of them in his living room telling stories and laughing together. Kate remembered laughing so freely that night, Josh had been taking night shifts all week because of a stupid fight they’d had and Castle knew about that. She hadn’t known how – still didn’t, – but somehow he knew. When his birthday party started he made it his mission to keep her happy all night. He must have snapped that photo during the end of the evening, her eyes trained somewhere else rather than him and that dazzling smile of hers showing.

Castle. Her partner, her best friend, the man who hopefully was still in love with her. She smiled fondly at the idea of them being together in every sense of the word.

She had no idea what she would do if she lost him. She couldn’t lose him and that photo could mean he’s still waiting for her.


Kate made it to his loft in record time, lifting a hand to gently but firmly knock on the door. Less than a minute later she’s standing face to face with him in his doorway.

“Beckett, what are you doing here at…” he looked down at his watch, “10:30 in the evening? Not that I’m complaining…” He stepped aside to let her in and closed the door behind them.

“Well, I know it’s late but I thought…” Kate trailed off as she reached his couch and turned around to face him.

His face lightened up. “Oh, caught a case? I’m down for it, I’ve been writing ever since I left the precinct. I’m writing this scene now, trying to get Nikki and Rook to-”

Ever the fan girl, she had to put a stop to his rant. “Castle! No spoilers!”

He chuckled at that, gave her his trademark smirk before adding something that made her eyes roll, “I knew you were a fan.” He motioned for them to sit on the couch then. Once settled down on the comfortable leather, he asked again. “So, what are you doing here then?”

“You left your phone at the precinct.” She reached for the pocket of her coat and took out the phone. “I thought you might need it, but I just got out of the precinct and I couldn’t swing by earlier. Sorry.”

Castle collected the phone, unlocking it to check his notifications, mostly texts and emails, the new update for Angry Birds. Kate would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed the hint of a smile on his face when the phone came to life. “Oh, it’s okay. I didn’t even realize I had left it there. You, Kate Beckett, are a lifesaver!”

Kate can’t help but laugh at that, he was so goofy sometimes. Looking at him so carefree, so handsome, she gathered the courage to say the rest of what she had say. “I saw your wallpaper. I didn’t mean to, I was just checking the time, but it made me smile too like you did a minute ago.”

“You saw the picture?” She nodded. “I-I didn’t-” He got up and started pacing back and forth in front of her, troubled.

She interrupted him with a wave of her hand. “Don’t. You don’t need to justify yourself…” Kate got to her feet as well and stopped him with a hand on his forearm. “But I do need you to answer one question.” She held his gaze then, his face scrunched up with a look of panic, looking so much like a little boy in trouble it was making him look almost a little too adorable for her to handle. So she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, beautiful hazel meeting nervous blue, she knew that was it. That was her chance to make things right. “Do you still love me?” Her voice was nothing more than a whisper and she’s not so sure he has heard her.

“Wh-what?” But his answer was more of a shocked one, he’d heard her.

“Do you still love me?” Kate repeated.

“How do y- I thought you didn’t remember what happened…” Castle looked into her eyes, anger flowing from his and then he glanced down at the hand she’d laid on his arm. He tried to free himself but as just held on tighter and moved her hand down to his wrist, tugging on it.

“Look at me, Castle.” He did. “I do. I didn’t then but I’ve been remembering lately. I didn’t lie to you, Rick.”

“How could you leave-” The look of disbelief he carried was enough to make her want to cease his worries with a hug. Or however she could.

But that wasn’t possible, not until she had some answers. “I’ve been seeing a therapist, Rick.”

“A therapist?”

“Yes. He’s been helping me accept everything that happened that day, helping me get better so I can be fully ready…”

“For what?” They’re standing so close to each other, her heels making her almost as tall as him. He could just lean in and kiss her. If only he knew where they stood…

“To be with you.” The moment the words come out of her mouth, they were frozen in time, the air gone from his lungs. “Will you tell me now?” When he kept staring at her, no answer coming from him, no reaction whatsoever, she asked again. “Do you still love me?”


This was his chance of finally coming clean about his feelings, about her, about them. He was going to tell her the truth and hope for the best. When he made up his mind, he realized she’d been waiting for an answer for far too long and was starting to look a bit panicked. Castle opened his mouth to tell her how he felt but no sound came out.

He heard her sigh, “It’s fine, you don’t.” She started towards the front door and he just stood there in the middle of his living room. “I guess it’s my fault,” he chased her then, there was still so much left unsaid – mostly on his side of the story – and he couldn’t let her blame herself, “I kept you waiting and now you don’t love me anymore.” When Beckett lifted a hand to open the door, he grabbed her wrist, turning her around and pressing her tightly against his chest. Secured by a large hand on the small of her back, Beckett looked up at him in disbelief, golden hazel meeting piercing blue once more. “Cas-“

Castle didn’t give her time to rethink their position, to protest. He just closed his eyes, leaned in and hoped she wouldn’t shoot him. Their lips met and, much like their first kiss, the touch of her lips was enough to make him melt completely. Kate opened her mouth to give him better access, moaning in the process and his tongue darted out to taste the coffee still engraved in hers. They took their time, kissing passionately while their tongues fought and endless battle.

When they pulled away, Kate forced herself to take a step back. She couldn’t risk ruining all her progress now. Or would it really be ruining anything? He looked like a lost puppy. “I do, Kate, I still love you. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.” Hearing him say those words again made her feel some sort of relief, as if his answer would make her decide between healing properly or simply coping with all that happen that day. “There’s no one I’d rather be with than you.” Castle dared to take a step forward, invade her personal space, take one of her hands in his.

She looked down at their linked hands and then up into his eyes once more. She wanted so bad to just give herself to him, all of her. Doctor Burke was right, she would have to face her fears eventually. “Rick, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here with you.” Her free hand landed on his cheek as his arms fell around her waist, hugging her against him. “And when I’m ready, you’ll be the first to know.” Her words were honest, she wanted him, wanted them.

His eyes were trained on hers, their breaths mingled and time was standing still. “Kate, I would wait a lifetime if that meant I’d have the chance to be with you.”

Castle would wait for her.

Beckett was almost ready.

Prompt: One day Castle mistakenly leaves his phone behind in the precinct. Kate finds out he has a picture of her as his wallpaper. (pre)