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Helloooo, would you be so kind as to recommend good bughead fanfics, like non-au or at least of the same genre (sleuthing etc) that are finished? thank you so much ❤️

Okay so I’m probably not the best person to answer this because most of the fanfic that I read are bughead aus - I love the characters rather than the place/time they are set and in my opinion there are only so many stories that you can set in Riverdale. Anyway I thought I would post some of my favourite writers instead and you can check out their work.

@lazydaizies - her writing is absolutely amazing, I’m obsessed and I freak out slightly every time I get a notification about a new chapter. He latest completed work is called Falling Into You and its a super fluffy and adorable au.

@adorebughead - I don’t usually reblog fics onto my blog but I made an exception for For Better or Worse because it was so perfect! The mixture of angst and fluff had me routing for a happy ending from the first chapter.

@sylwrites - This fic isn’t finished yet but it’s only got two chapters to go I think. Take Me Home has me hooked. The story had just taken an adorable turn that I didn’t expect and I am so here for it!!

Other writers I like include @allskynostars @bughead-fic-request @cooperbettycooper @jugheadszombie

Crying is something that lots of people, including me, prevent themselves from doing because they think it will make you seem weaker or it’s unnecessary.

There is nothing weak that I know of about letting yourself cry. Crying is a way of expressing emotions that are too complicated or scary to put into words. It allows you to just be sad for a little bit and that’s not a bad thing most of the time.

I don’t let myself cry because I feel like I would have to explain myself to the people around me. Crying feels like misbehaving and having to find an excuse for it. It’s natural to be worried for someone you care about if they’re crying but in trying to make the problem better, sometimes it can be made worse.

Now I don’t want to say you should stop comforting people that are really sad, just don’t quiz them about it. If I could cry without having to explain why then I would be much happier ironically. When I cry, I’d love to just be hugged by someone and let myself be sad so I can be happy again eventually.

This would only be occasionally though.

If there is one positive thing I can say about the life I’ve had, it’s that it made me a better person. As much as I wish I’d had the happy carefree life everyone else seems to have had, I have to admit that it’s made me who I am – for the better, not just the worse. Every time I’ve been knocked down I’ve gotten back up and it’s a strength I gained from never having anyone to help me. So now when I see someone else who’s down and out, I offer them a compassionate hand because I know how it feels and I believe that in their darkest moments nobody should ever be alone. Empathy is a gift and I share it with others, but it’s a gift that comes with a terrible price that only those who possess it know… Because to empathize with someone’s pain, you need to have experienced it yourself and that is the hidden price that compassionate people have paid to be who they are. So as much as I wouldn’t want to go back and relive them all again, I wouldn’t undo my life’s painful experiences either because I know that ultimately I wouldn’t be the same person without them.
Lockers - Peter Parker

request -  hey, welcome to tumblr ! great username XD i was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader was in the elevator then as spiderman pulls her up, she recognizes his voice then the next day, she confronts peter in at school, in an empty classroom and says she knows who he is and then hugs him out of nowhere and so much fluff ugh. thank you and i wish you the best with the blog !

a/n - i went through many different plots/settings with this fic so it took a while but, writing this was really fun. it sort of become rly super duper long so i apologize for that LOL and hopefully the fluff isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The elevator began to shake even more, dropping one more time before I felt as if our fate was waiting for us down at the bottom floor. The broken glass made it hard to stand up, but what was even worse was that I was the only one left in the doomed elevator.

“Grab onto my hand!” The officer shouted at me, extending his arm to be the best way he could. I tried to desperately to reach it, but I couldn’t. The mix of adrenaline and fear had struck my body to the max.

“Sir, I-I can’t.” I cried, my heart breaking even more. Just then, the elevator went down another foot, and I felt my back press up against the tarnished wall. All I could hear was the harsh beat of my heart and the yells for help from the people up top.

“(Y/N) please! Try again!” I heard Liz yell from above. The situation had become to surreal to me that I almost became numb to it, with what could happen in a matter of seconds not scaring me as much as it should be.

Before I could register anything else, the sound of glass breaking snapped me back into reality. But surprisingly, it wasn’t from the elevator.

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off limits | 02 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words: 7,520
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 ::

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i feel sorry for you. i feel sorry that you lost someone who loved you so much, someone who would have burned themselves alive just to show you how bright they could shine for you - you will never find someone else who loves you that much. you can search the seven seas but there will never be anybody who will love you more than me.

you just realized it too late, that i was something worth keeping. you let your insecurities eat at you, thought you didn’t deserve someone as kind and loving as me. and if you were right about one thing, it would be that - you were never enough for me. you never made me feel completely fulfilled. you always destroyed me, never made me better, always made me worse.

and i will find someone who loves me more than you did. i will find someone who would go to the ends of the earth for me, the way i would have done for you. i will find someone who puts me first the way i put you first. i will find someone who treats me the way i treated you.

but you’ll never find someone who loves you more than me. and you lost me and that’s devastating.

—  i hope this breaks your heart

I bet Rocket Raccoon didn’t even know that a new Groot would sprout from that stick, I bet he just put that stick in a pot because it made him feel better and worse at the same time and then he carried it around because what else could he do with his grief

A scary thought about Death Stranding is that it’s going to be the first game out of Kojima Productions, and not tied at all with Konami or any other outside company, besides Sony, who I think will try to be as hands off as possible.

That kind of means that unless he has someone in his own company to pull him back and make sure he doesn’t do the Kojima thing and think that doing something UTTERLY ridiculous and un-game-like is perfectly okay to do, we’re going to have the most Kojima ass video game ever made to date, for better or worse. 

“Long Distance” ( Suga Smut)

Originally posted by nnochu

Title: Long Distance

Featuring: Suga (BTS) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17 super smut, lots of dirty talk

Summary: Yoongi misses the sound of your voice.

Requested by anon!

“Are you sure you can stay on the phone? You won’t fall asleep?”

Yoongi being so far away was always like slow torture, and you weren’t sure if your nightly phone calls made it better or worse. Tonight he sounded extra lazy after a long day, but insisted on calling you anyhow.

“I’m sure; I just really wanted to hear your voice.”

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