made it just 4 u


“Oh, b r o t h e r.” - for @danakatharine

hey so why doesnt yosuke have a cameo in p5????

any theories???????????? u guys?????

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what do you use to do your aesthetics?? tbh i use this crappy free online thing and im looking for a better one so i figured id ask the queen of aesthetics. have a lovely day. ❤❤

flsldkdk I use the adobe photoshop app and phonto ❤️❤️❤️

when ur planning ur next cross stitch and u a thing happens

@roguewolfiii made me put this here i hope ur happy babe

  • me: *buys a bunch of brand new games*
  • me: i think i'm gonna go play some skyrim for the 2034789032473rd time

cashton + cheesy coffee shop date

@callstheshxts​ okay but think about how tommy and kate having kids would be the only thing he’d give up being a hero for. first and foremost, he’d think it’d be unfair to keep running around as speed if it meant there wasn’t a hawk.eye trying to keep up with him on the field. where’s the fun in being a hero if you can’t tease your wife while punching skrulls in the face at lightspeed? secondly, there’s literally nothing more he’d want than to be there with his kids??? like damn, having a wife and kids would mean he really achieved his main goal in life: having a family. he’d LOVE being the doting father, the doting husband and do anything and everything to make them happy and take care of them. it’d be the first time in his life where he doesn’t see the point of being reckless to a fault because he finally has people to live for! people will actually need him for the first time in his life and he’s not gonna throw that away!

he’d full on jess.ica that shit! put on his superhero suit only when he’s desperately needed, but otherwise be content to dad it up! toss him your flower, kate, bc he’s gonna stay at home with the kids and feed them pizza and adopts dogs when you’re not looking and teach them how to call uncle pete slow and gross   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧