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Archie Andrews Imagine:
Song:Northern Lights-Jaymes Young

-It kills her mother when she drinks too much, she can’t stay sober for a day-

The music boomed through the house, the smell of alcohol filled your nostrils and you made a promise to yourself that you weren’t going to drink this time, no matter how stressful things were.

“I really don’t know why we’re having a party Veronica, I have so many people to question"you chewed your pen lid as your eyes scanned the suspect list.

"You need a break y/n, it’s great that you and jughead are really invested in this, so are we but sometimes you just need to relax"Betty smiled as she grabbed the book out of your hands.

"Okay point taken, but why does it have to be at my house?"you asked.

"Your mom said it was okay"Jughead answered as he walked into the room.

"Oh well it’s great that you guys have actually spoken to her, I haven’t seen her since Monday, she’s been really busy at work"you said to your best friends as Archie walked into the room.

"Chill y/n, tonight’s going to be great"Archie leant on your fridge making it shake slightly.

"Nice of you to make it Archie, considering you’ve been M.I.A for the past two months?"you said bitterly.

"Archie hasn’t been MIA? I saw him yesterday we had a milkshake at the diner ?"Veronica spoke out, a confused look on her face. Betty smacked her arm quickly.

"Oh is that so?"you said angrily.

"Just have a drink y/n"Archie grabbed your arm gently.
You pushed him away.
"Thanks but no thanks, enjoy the party"you smiled as you left the room.

/2 hours later/
"I need a drink"you rolled your eyes as you watched Archie slip out through your back door. The party was still busy and more people turnt up every 5 minutes. You didn’t really care about the whole Archie Mystery(lie).You’d even forgotten about the whole Miss.Grundy situation(lie).

"No y/n, just have some juice or something it’s healthier"Jughead poured you a glass of orange juice.

"When have I ever cared about my health, but thanks juggy"you smiled as you took a sip of your drink.

"Y/n- Archie doesn’t mean to-

"Enough about Archie, please? I just don’t want to have to worry about what he’s getting up to"you pleaded.

"Hey it’s okay, I understand, how about a group picture?"Jughead offered.
You nodded happily, he grinned as he set off to find the others.

6minutes later you, Veronica, Betty and a very sweaty Jughead were stood around your kitchen once again.
The moon light shone in from your back door.

"Wait are we going to take the picture without Archie?"you finally asked.

"I guess so, I couldn’t find him"Betty frowned.

"You’re right y/n he’s been acting so weird lately, I think you were right about Grundy aswell, something’s just not adding up"Veronica agreed.

Jughead shuffled about nervously.
"Maybe we should just take the picture"He prompted.
Seconds later and the flash from the camera nearly blinded you.

You jumped about happily, ready to see your first group photo.
Betty snatched the picture from the camera.

She was smiling as she looked at the photo carefully, then suddenly a frown made its way onto her face.
Veronica’s matched hers.

"What’s wrong Betty?-
Veronica took the photo from Betty, she scanned the picture.

"Oh my"Veronica gasped.

"Guys seriously we don’t look that bad do we?"you asked confused as you took the photo from Veronica.

"No y/n!"Betty reached out to take it back but you were too quick.
Your eyes glanced over the photo, you all looked fine, you didn’t see a problem.

Then your eyes caught onto a certain red haired figure in the back of the picture. It looked like someone was in your garden.

You watched closer.
"Hey look guys, Archie is in the photo after all!"you smiled.

Your smile faltered when you realized that Archie wasn’t alone your heart sped up and everything made sense. All of your questions were answered.

"Archie and Miss.Grundy t-together?"you whispered as you dropped the photo onto the ground. The photo was great at first…Jughead was grinning, Veronica was being her sassy usual self, You and Betty were cuddling in the middle. It was ruined because Behind Archie and Miss.Grundy were kissing.

You felt the sick to your stomach, you found yourself sprinting out of your house, away from your party, away from Riverdale.

Stretch Marks

request ; How about a chris x reader fic where the reader has stretch marks on certain parts of her body answer is just really self conscious about her body? [@aham-threw-his-shot-away]

pairing ; chris x reader

words ; 807

warnings ; insecurity; stretch marks??

note ; first request i’m really excited!

You softly tugged on your husband’s arm, pulling it off your waist and placing it on the bed as you got up, in order to not wake him. Though, you did stir him just in the slightest by kissing his forehead, before padding away from the bed as quietly as possible.

Once you made it to the bathroom, you closed the door and looked at yourself in the long mirror just above the sinks. Lifting your shirt, you glared at the faded stretch marks on your stomach, wishing they weren’t existent, then down at the little bit of exposed skin of your thighs (also adorned in faded stretch marks), feeling your self-consciousness begin to peer through your thoughts.

Maybe if you used those dumb creams people always talked about, you criticized yourself for not having done so already. Most had said that it helped with their marks, but for you, it seemed pointless ─ if it only fades them, what’s the point? That’s what stage your stretch marks were already at, so would it even help at this point?

Furthermore, you knew it shouldn’t have mattered. Your husband didn’t think any less of you… right? Chris didn’t think you were ugly, right? He didn’t think your stretch marks were repulsive… right?

Sighing, you dropped your shirt, averting your gaze from your reflection and feeling as though you were just being dumb ─ of course Chris loved you. He swore everyday he loved you with everything he had and more, as well as the children the two of you had, so why were you questioning it now?

Maybe because people’s opinions change and that could’ve happened with Chris, a condescending thought screamed.

He still loves me, you swore to yourself, there’s no doubt that he does. He loves me, I love him. We’re happy. He doesn’t care about my stretch marks… they’re beauty marks… things that make me more unique… right?

You almost jumped when your husband opened the door, thick eyebrows furrowed and squinting slightly at the bathroom lights, smiling at you the best he could. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Nothin’,” you lied, smiling at him. His eyelids fell over his chocolate eyes, hiding them from view as he padded over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. His forehead leaned on your shoulder before he moved it and pressed sleepy kisses to your neck.

“What are you really doin’?” He asked, knowing you lied. He knew you like his own mind, so of course he knew you were lying.

“Doesn’t matter,” you whispered, dangling your arms off his shoulders.

Chris looked up from your neck, eyes open and aware, “Baby, don’t lie. What’s the matter?”

You hesitated, looking down and closing your eyes, “My stretch marks,” you mumbled.

“Speak up, sweetheart.”

“My stretch marks, Chris,” you said a little louder, looking up at him with wary eyes. You hated worrying your husband with your insecurities, not wanting him to be concerned about you ─ that was your job with him.

“Your beauty marks, you mean?” He corrected, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“No,” you whispered, shaking your head, “they’re not beautiful. They’re ugly. I don’t know why you stay with me ─ I’m not good enough for you.”

“Hey, hey,” he leaned back to make eye contact with you, withdrawing one arm from your waist and lifting your chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Don’t say that. You’re beautiful, baby.”

“I’m not,” you denied once more.

“What did I just say? Don’t say that. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen ─ never think otherwise,” he smiled at you, his thumb caressing your cheekbone, “you do realize that our kids’ definition of beautiful begins with the word ‘mom’? And that you made those beautiful, amazing children out there?”

You looked down, still doubting yourself.

“You’ve got to listen to me when I say that I love you more than anything, and that your stretch marks, they’re not just stretch marks. They’re memory lines ─ things left behind by the children. They’re battle scars ─ remnants of what you’ve been through in life; of the things you’ve endured. They’re beauty marks, baby. You’re even more beautiful with them in my eyes. Don’t you ever forget that.”

You were smiling softly at this point, your eyes just a little red with tears. “Thank you, Christopher,” you whispered, looking directly into his sparkling brown eyes.

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he whispered back. Leaning forward, the two of you met in a sleepy, loving kiss, just taking in the special moment.

Chris was right ─ they were beauty marks, battle scars, memory lines. Things left behind by the amazing moments in life, lines given to you as a gift to remind you everyday of what you’d been through. They were beautiful ─ you were beautiful.

asklittlebat replied to your post “boy I love finding people’s “original” cutie marks in the first five…”

This makes me think of when i first joined the fandom and I designed a cutie mark for my pony that was a pencil and a paintbrush creating a heart and i was so happy with it but now so many people have either stolen it or had the same idea that its not original at all.

You should see some of my first cutie marks omgggg

I think everyone’s first ocs have “unoriginal” cutie marks but nothing wrong with that! Coming up with cutie marks can be really hard, especially when you’re first starting out! I still have loads and loads of trouble

The issue I have is with people googling tattoo designs, stealing someone else’s work, then slapping it on a pony and calling it their own. 

Imagine: Cold

(Carl Grimes x Reader)

It was winter time in Alexandria and the icy breeze had found it’s way through every crack in the non-heated Grimes home which you had been staying in for almost three months now. Your small body shivered under the covers as it pulled you from the murky depths of sleep. You lightly cursed under your breath and attempted to curl up, but it was no use. Eventually you kicked off the sheets and wrapped your arms around yourself, huffing as you made your way down the hall. You quickly slipped into Carl’s room, the floorboards creaking. You lightly nudged his mattress with your knee and he jolted awake.
“Holy fu-,” he started, pulling up the blanket to cover himself but you shushed him. He seemed a bit surprised to see you standing there in a pair of panties and tee shirt that he was pretty sure was his.
“Scoot over,” you commanded
“Y/N, it’s the middle of the night,” he mumbled
“I didn’t say let’s have a party, I said scoot over,” you hissed quietly. He did as told and you climbed in beside him.
“Jesus christ, you feel like a popsicle,” he murmured as you buried yourself into his bare chest and he lightly rubbed your thigh as an attempt to warm you up before he realized exactly what he was doing.
“Sorry,” he apologized
“No biggie,” you closed your eyes and he smiled.
“Did you just put your cold feet on me?”
“I might have,”
“You’re gonna regret that in the morning. I’m just too tired to kick your butt.”
“Mmhm, whatever you say, Grimes.”

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anonymous asked:

Would you please kindly delete this gif and not edit headliner anymore? ;; /post/157661624191/jungkook-had-a-lot-of-fun-at-todays-fansign Idk if you went by the fanmade list of editable fancams, but Headliner does NOT allow any form of editing. Its in her twitter description '2차가공'. she even tweeted in english warning people to please stop editing her videos. Giffing is also a form of editing! pls respect fansites rules, we dont want her to close. twitter*com/headliner_jk/status/833170244302577

Anonymous said: FYI instead of going or trusting a list made months ago, you should also check for yourself and see if the fansites changed their rules or something. Headliner does NOT allow editing at all. Always check for yourself instead of blindy trusting or assuming its ok to gif :)

I just sent a message to headliner on twitter, asking for clarification on her rules [here]. I also asked the maker of that fansite list, and she gave me a screenshot of her convo with headliner when she first asked her about giffing specifically (when headliner actually said that giffing is okay). I understand your concerns about this information being outdated, so I’ll provide a screenshot of headliner’s answer (when I receive one) to my message as proof. If she does say that her rules about giffing have changed, I promise to respect them ;

Dina: Thanks for rushing over, Nina. I don’t want to bother Michael at work if it’s just a stomach bug.

Nina: No problem. I’ve just come off a night shift so I hope you’ve made a strong pot of coffee.

D: Yes, I’ve made a fresh pot. But you’ll need to pour it yourself because I can barely handle the smell at the moment.

N: Because you’re pregnant!

D: Should I be this nauseous, though? I don’t want to get my hopes up. Michael did cook dinner last night, after all.

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Master of Anticipation (Don't You Keep It All To Yourself) - for the made-up fic title challenge

Has to be slowburn, doesn’t it? WinterShieldShock. Darcy torn between the two friends, them both trying to put each other first and let their buddy have a little luck in love. Meanwhile Darcy inherits the Soul Stone in the form of a lovely pendant from her grandmother and they end up in the middle of a serious struggle to save the universe. You think it’s a love triangle, actually polyamory.

Just to add onto that post:

Young people on tumblr need to know things aren’t always split black and white, right and wrong. There’s nothing that wholly good or wholly bad. If someone is screeching about how Wrong something is and how Bad everyone that supports it is, take a step back. Educate yourself on both sides of the issue. Form your own opinion

Nothing productive is made from only hearing one opinion. You have to educate yourself and form your own, not one that’s bullied into you

And if someone disagrees with that opinion you form, that’s not an invitation to dig up every dirty thing they’ve ever done or said. Discussions can be held in a polite manner. Speaking with someone who disagrees with you in a calm and polite way can do wonders. Maybe they’ll change your mind; maybe you’ll change theirs; maybe you’ll come to a mutual agreement. You don’t know if you don’t try

If they’re not going to be polite, that’s not an invitation for you to sink to their level. Be a bigger person.

I don’t know, this feels rather rambly, I just. I don’t want to grow up with a generation of kids who think every conflict is a polar decision and that there are no gray zones and no discussions to be had. A whole generation of kids who are unwilling to see another side - even if they don’t agree with it - and think that if someone disagrees, then they’re the scum of the earth

I want to be in a generation of love and compassion, not hate and call out posts

hey but 

shoutout to everyone who got up this morning and went to work or class, or got their kid up, or had to do the grocery shopping while everything was falling to pieces. 

you all did great. whatever you did to get through the day, even if you broke down, you did great. everyone who couldn’t is no less for it, but to every service worker with no sick days and every employee trying to pretend like customer service or routine meant a thing–you did great

you are very brave, and so strong, and you deserve whatever rest you can find. 

phone wallpaper types

Type 1: their phone background is of themselves

Type 2: their phone background is of their significant other

Type 3: their phone background is of themselves and their partner; a couple

Type 4: their phone background is of a couple, usually fanart of an otp or a show couple

Type 5: their phone background is of their favourite character

Type 6: their phone background is some really fancy art or quirky/minimalistic kind of thing

Type 7: their phone background is of their pet

Type 8: their phone background is of their family or friends

Type 9: their phone background is one of those stupid shitty backgrounds that are already part of the phone and they never bothered to change it