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Neon Island Tropical Dream 2014 Lookbook

Film Photography by Denise San Jose

Modelled by Anna & Rach

Shop the swimwear and sweaters at!

I don’t get to shoot much these days because my new-ish position in luxury retail & PR is keeping my hands quite full. But when Neon Island asked me to get creative behind the lens for their first collection featuring bikinis and maillots (and, of course, their signature sweaters), I just had to get on board! Guess what I’m packing in my bag on my next surf trip… ;-)

[Review] RHOB Designs

Mei features @rhobdesigns for her X-mas review update!!!

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Hello everyone! As Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I’d share to you guys some of my last minute Christmas shopping madness. I really need to establish an X-mas fund starting January next year… sigh. Anyway, I know you guys are well-aware that this year, the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (fondly known by Pinoys as Yaya Dub) made headlines and even now,…

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I live in the Philippines, and one time my dad came back from a business trip in Australia, and he gave me a kangaroo cellphone holder which he bought as a souvenir. I loved it. It was cute, fluffy, and it even had the genuine “Grab a jumbuck” tag inside.

But on the back of the tag,

on the back of the fucking tag



favorite finds at the #kabuhayan2015 trade fair.

There’s a lot that has happened, but today, I think it’s best that I just get right to it!

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending Kabuhayan 2015, the annual trade fair of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc., which I have been a part of since 2010.

I told friends that Kabuhayan 2015 is easily my favorite local bazaar. The best products of our country under one roof, at the best prices too. Essentially, you didn’t need to click and book that seat sale fare to get your favorite local goods.

Because I recently moved back to Manila and into a new home, it was the perfect timing to lose all my money at the trade fair.

My favorite finds (in no particular order):

1. Fossilized flowers from Quirino province

I’ve had weird/sad empty vases scattered around my house and didn’t have the consistency (or the funding!) to keep buying fresh flowers to brighten up my living space. Because the fossilized flowers from Quirino province are made of old, dead leaves that were preserved (yay #upcycling!), I can now enjoy some color without worrying about their impending deaths. 

These flowers were friendly to my pocket: PhP 100 for 1 dozen little ones and PhP 20 per piece for bigger varieties.

2. Acacia flatware from Benguet province + Table settings from Ilocos Sur

I’ve been on the hunt for some nice serving ware, for big slabs of meat and dainty cheese plates. I was able to find lots of wood plates in the sizes I needed. But, I couldn’t resist this fun serving platter in the shape of a pineapple. I snagged the one below for PhP 140.

I also went to Kabuhayan with a mission… I was tired of seeing my dining table bare! I wanted to get a nice table runner that wasn’t out of my price range. For reference, I went to a couple of malls that sold similar table runners from Ilocos priced above PhP 800. Why I prefer Kabuhayan? This 2 meter table runner is was Php 250!

3. Upcycled rugs from La Union

Admittedly, a lot of our local livelihoods tend to follow a certain pattern when it comes to upcycle weaving: bags, mats, water lily boxes, tetrapak creations… I am not really into the upcycled personal items/accessories, but I could go for rugs! What I appreciated from these rugs was that they really selected colors and materials to make a cohesive pattern.  I was sold and got 5 rugs of varying sizes for my kitchen at PhP 200 total! The biggest user of these little rugs is my dog, Leeto. As you can see from above, he immediately plopped down and cracked a funny smile as he settled into his new denim-patterned nap area.

4. Snacks from Palawan

As a certified foodie and snack connoisseur, I can never resist a good snack. Spicy dilis will be in my lunch bag this whole week at work! I just made a fried rice mix with dilis as my added crunch!

I also had jewelry from our own Metro Manila, placemats and frozen food from Ilocos and fresh vegetables from Benguet in my haul. Needless to say, the rainy day trip was worth it!

Proudly Filipino

FIFTEEN30SEVEN is proudly made in the Philippines. It’s extremely important to us to support the local fashion and manufacturing industries. Each item is designed, sourced and produced here. When you buy from us, you support our local industries and our small business. :)

We hope we can make our stamp on Philippine fashion soon by providing closet staples and a few statement pieces here and there. Give us a follow (@fifteen30seven) if you want to accompany us on all our endeavours :D

This gif isn’t related to any of the styles we currently have but it’s pretty cool. :) We were surprised to find this on Tumblr! 

If you want to know more about the history of Philippine fashion, please let us know! We’d love to do a post on that for you! :)

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