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My feeds for all of today and yesterday have been full of imagery of Holocaust victims - particularly those who were turned away on the St. Louis. And considering so many of the sources making those posts, I have to think:

“Yes, those luckless Jews had to go back to Europe to be murdered. But if any of them had instead made it to British Palestine and picked up a rifle, would you still feel sorry for them? Would you even still fault America for rejecting them?”

That goes for Anne Frank too. Bet your ass that if she’d been smuggled into the Haganah and lived, they’d hate her.

A lot of leftist goyim only like dead Jews, who they can compare to themselves, as part of comparing the Holocaust to other problems.

My sympathies go out to the desperate and pitiful refugees from the Middle East today, especially Syria. But it seems a bit sour to honorarily Judaize them, what with how Syria has been an explicitly antisemitic state basically forever and loved the Holocaust ever since they first heard of it. Why can’t their own lives be worth preserving just because their own lives are worth preserving? Why do they have to be Just Like The Jews?
No, Google Says, It Did Not Delete ‘Palestine’ From Its Maps
There is a social media storm of outrage about the removal of a “Palestine” label, but Google says the label was not there in the first place.
By Liam Stack

Google did not remove Palestine from Google Maps.  The Forum of Palestinian Journalists and other people and organizations (such as JVP, who have tweeted a clearly fake photo where Palestine is not even in the same font as the rest of the Google Maps countries) who have supported this are misleading people in having stated that Google is trying to erase Palestine and they are doing it intentionally.  In a petition, it was claimed:  

“The fact that Google’s two Jewish founders have close links with Israel and its leaders might have had some bearing on their willingness to acquiesce to Israel’s demands.”

Not only is this categorically false, but it is also incredibly antisemitic.  The people who made this petition have regurgitated two antisemitic conspiracy theories without a shred of evidence to support their claims; the first one being that all powerful Jewish people are in collusion with each other in our control over the world and global economy and the second that Jewish people - even in the diaspora - do not have any agency of our own because all we can do or think about is Israel.

Do not sign the petition.  Do not reblog the petition uncritically.  If you do either, you are promoting antisemitism.


this video is taken in Hebron ( al khalil ), at al Herbawi factory, showing the production of the Palestinian headdress - which is known as kuffiyeh or hatta.