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Who First Farmed Potatoes? Archaeologists in Andes Find New Evidence

Nobody knows precisely what the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving feast looked like. According to primary sources, there was fowl (likely including wild turkeys), venison and cornmeal for sure. Possible side dishes were cranberries, pumpkin and stuffing made with onions, nuts and herbs.

Many of these flavors are still Thanksgiving staples. There’s one modern favorite, though, that would not have been found at the inaugural Plymouth celebration: mashed potatoes. That’s because potatoes are native to South America and had not yet made their way to North America.

Where in South America potatoes first became domesticated, however, is still unknown. Recent genetic studies point to the Andean highlands in southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia as the crop’s birthplace, but a lack of direct plant evidence has made it difficult to confirm. Read more.

The New Captain America And Why It Is Disrespectful In So Many Ways

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this new Captain America series and I’m not happy. I’m bitter. Before you start reading, check out this link, where Marvel announced the new Captain America series.

Yes you read it right, they made Captain America part of Hydra, no brainwashing no mind wipe, nothing. Just Captain America being a Nazi. Changing everything our beloved superhero stands for.

So here are a few reasons why this new Captain America is so disrespectful 

  • It’s disrespectful towards the creators, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, who were two Jewish men. They created Captain America in WWII, for support, for hope, for guidance. A super soldier that holds so much meaning to WWII survivors, families of deceased soldier, veterans and many more. Joe and Jack have both worked hard. They took a risk by using Captain America as a statement in a time like that. They got death threats, but they did what was right, what was needed for the people back then. Even for them Captain America must’ve been very important. And it’s disrespectful and disgusting to dismiss what Captain America meant to them like it’s nothing.
  • It’s disrespectful towards the fans. To the fans that have invested their time and money on this character that they love so much. They shed tears because of him and this character might even have changed their lives And for the new writers to wipe away what Captain America stands for, what he means to the fans is again, very disrespectful. I am also 100% sure, they made this decision to sell more comic books. They wrote the new Cap like this for the ‘Wow’ factor and that is disgusting. 
  • It’s disrespectful towards the LGBT+ community, they have been fighting for a bisexual Steve Rogers for so long. Wanting representation, they’ve been vocal, hoping that the writers might listen. But they kept shoving it away saying ‘he’s not canonically bisexual in the comics’ and 'it will change the story’. Who the hell are you kidding? Making Steve bisexual is going to complicate things, but making him a Nazi is okay? It’s gross and not okay!
  • It’s disrespectful towards Chris Evans. He has portrayed Captain America perfectly since his story started in the MCU, he has put his time and effort in it to portray him as accurate as possible, like how we know him from the comics. He has grown to love him as well and erasing what Cap stands for and making him a Nazi is not thoughtful in any way.

These new series are disgusting. Think about that Cap fans that lost family members because of the Nazi’s and now they are making Cap a Nazi. Think about the makers that put their heart and soul in creating this character for support. Think about the LGBT+ community that feels played and think about Chris, who might be thinking that all his hard work was for nothing.

I’m disappointed in Marvel and I don’t want these series to succeed. Together we can keep Cap how he always has been. Be vocal, let them hear you. Don’t buy the comic and spread the word on twitter, tweeting with the hashtag: #SayNoToHydraCap.

Captain America is perfect as he is and don’t give Marvel the opportunity to fuck it up.

I’m bitter, they don’t deserve Cap.

you know what would make agent carter a hundred times better is if they acknowledged hayley atwell’s native american ancestry and made peggy half native, like that makes the whole captain-america-replacement concept so much better.