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Good morning, my fellows and friends on the Tumble. ☀😊

Tonight at work I saw an inspirational poster which read: “When life closes a door… Push it open again, that’s how doors work.” 😂

Now, while I’m not sure it is always the best option to just headbutt your way through situations, it is true that when difficulties present themselves, that isn’t necessarily a sign you should give up.

There are times you need to push again. Get creative, be persistant. Live.

In any case, the poster made me laugh. XD

😌🌙 And to you who are just tumbling off to bed, you probably saw some doors close today. Some of those will have been especially rough, things you can’t go back and do again. Every night and every day, we’re presented with new openings and opportunities. Every single time.

One of those doors is labeled “rest” and sometimes it’s a difficult lock to undo. Get creative, be persistent. Rest.


theidealheight  asked:

Yo! 13: A game you were the most excited for when it wasn't released yet?

Twilight Princess hands down. Man I can still remember sneaking Nintendo power into French class and my friends and I reading about it. A dark world where Link turns into a flipping WOLF and there is this strange girl who rides his back and helps him out with her dark magic. I remember making collages of the promotional art and screen shots. 

I was also super hyped about Okami. Play as a wolf god in feudal Japan and the world looks like a Japanese style painting. You get to draw out your magic! The music is awesome. YOU PLAY AS A WOLF!! ( they are my fav animal) It felt like it was made for me XD. Like sword wolf

I feel like I could talk forever about this game. It is amazing

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


If anyone was curious, this is the video I couldn’t get through even the first clip not laughing and then literally spit my drink everywhere while watching.

Caution: Don’t drink liquids while watching this video. At least, not around friends in a public place.