made in kenya

Shitenhouji’s Cinnamon Rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could probably kill you: Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
: Ishida Gin

Salty, vinegar-flavoured cinnamon roll: Zaizen Hikaru

Fortune-cookie cinnamon roll (with meaningless philosophical advice inside): Chitose Senri

Eaten-too-fast cinnamon roll: Oshitari Kenya

Too sugared, covered in glitter glaze cinnamon roll
: Konjiki Koharu

Sinnamon roll: Hitouji Yuuji

Super Ultra Great Delicious Cinnamon Roll: Tooyama Kintarou

Forgotten on the shelf cinnamon roll: Koishikawa Kenjirou


Y'AKOTO - Diamonds

(The reason for the tiny belt. Yaaaaaaayy! I was in a music video! Tres excited hehehehe!)

I made it to Kenya!! Over 2 days of travel but I made it! I’m eating some rice at the hotel right now and then about to catch up on some sleep before I head to the orphanage for the day. And the wifi works, which is a miracle