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I don’t know. A side quest where these three go undercover as young offenders in order to find an item/save someone. In which Percy and Leo are in their element as delinquents and Jason is struggling internally and cannot get into character to save his life.

Or maybe I just want a straight-up Holes AU.


mymisstina  asked:

Hi! Your scenarios are amazing, I really love them! could I request one when you and Jackson had a fight. You're on the bridge with open arms to take some fresh air, Jackson thinks you want to jump and tries to save you but falls into the waters?

“You know what ___, I’m sick and tired, it’s all about you, you, you, you and you! Why can’t you stop being such a selfish bitch?” He shouted on top of his lungs and then realized what he actually said.

“I’m done.” You said before you grabbed your purse take your shoes in your hand and leave the shared apartment.

You couldn’t even remember why the whole fight started but the fact that he called you a selfish bitch was enough, instead of making a scene you choose to leave the apartment.

‘If he’s so sick of me then I might as well leave him alone.’

What you didn’t know is that he wanted to say sorry but his ego didn’t let him so he stood there like a statue and when you slammed the door after he punched the wall and made a hole in it.

The hours were passing and Jackson grew more and more worried, never in your live you stayed this long out, alone. Suddenly a dark thought passed Jackson’s mind.

“What if she…” but he didn’t finish the sentence and left the apartment and start searching for you.

Much to his displeasure you left your phone in the apartment so he wasn’t able to track your phone or contact you.

“Think Jackson, think, where does ____ like to go when she’s angry?” He asked himself while tapping his foot.

Suddenly he saw a person with their arms spread open on top of a small bridge, taking a better look he saw that it was a girls and had a dress that was looking a lot like your but he couldn’t see the persons face so he got closer. The wind also helps because he could saw the persons’ face and when he saw that the person was you his whole world stopped, his had a knot in his stomach and started running towards you.

“____! Don’t jump!” He would shout on top of his lungs while running faster when he saw that you start swaying back and forth on your tippy toes.

You barely had time to turn around and saw Jackson running as fast as a bullet with a determinate expression. The moment you took a step back he came right in front of you wand he couldn’t stop himself and fall on the small river.

“Jackson are you ok?” You asked while trying to hold in your laugh.

“Ugh… yea…” he would say while swimming towards the edge of the bridge.

You slowly approached him while laughing and pointing at him, you stomach was hurting as well as your cheeks but every time you would open your eyes and look at him, you started laughing even harder.

“Yea, ha, ha laugh at me because I tried to save you.” He said while taking his thank top off to squeeze the water.

“Save me from what?” You asked finally calming yourself.

“To save you from jumping off the bridge.” He said while taking a step closer to you.

“Idiot, why would I jump off the bridge? I don’t even know how to swim; one and two the water is dirtier than a public toilet.” You said while handing him your cardigan that you had in your purse.

“Maybe because me and my stupid mouth couldn’t shut up.” He said while putting your cardigan on.

It was small for him but it was better than nothing.

“Yes your mouth is bit but I know that I also know that I overdid it, sorry.” You said before you softly pecked him on the lips.

He deepened the kiss showing you how sorry he is, in his own way.

A/N: haha Thank you! I hope that you like it, if not please let me know and I’ll rewrite it! I LOVE YOU TOO! <3 <3 <3