made in italy jacket

isradirectioner  asked:

So 2P 🇮🇹 (italy ) you and Germany 😏😏😏 ? In love ? 2P south Italy: how you feel about this two ?? Not to cheese ?

2p Italy: I don’t love this idiot piece of muscles, he’s just a sexual energy release toy for me!

2p South Italy: You love him~

2p Italy: Did somebody asked you?

2p South Italy: Actually yes, so let big bro speak. They are such of a cute couple, but I think Luci could be a little nicer with Lutz! I mean, come on, he gets so grumpy when he misses Lutz, and even sleeps with his jacket o-



For Sale

Brand new with tags Eidos jacket. Made in Italy. Fall-winter 2015 collection. Great fall-winter cloth that resolves to a kind of dark slate gray in a Prince of Wales pattern, using dark and light blue plus dark and light brown threads. Tenero cut, size 52/42. Price: $300.


Shoulder: 18"
Pit-to-pit: 22"
Length from BOC: 29.825"
Sleeve from shoulder: 25.5″