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Mornings~ Kim Namjoon

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Word count: 1,162

Paring: Reader x Namjoon (Rap Monster)

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One word the millions of people hated. They hated the idea of getting up and facing the world, the heart break, anger and confusion. But you,one of the few who love mornings. You believe it’s because you have somthing to look for when you do. You eyes always met his peaceful face, his mouth parted and loud snors. Sure at first the way he slept bugged you, the loudness of his snors, or how he held onto your body like it was some stuffed toy. But soon it became the best way to wake up.

You body felt heavy as your eyes slowly open, looking down your eyes caught his longe sleeves that are now scrunched up. Golden honey skin caught you eyes making a smile lift onto your lips. Turning around, his eyes were tightly shut and his lips parted. A loud noise leaving them once and a while. His purple hair was tossled and hanging over his eyes. Not being able to stop yourself you let your hand reach up and touch the side of his face. Your thumb rubbed up and down his cheek, and budged his plump, bright pink lower lip making a sugh leave his mouth. Arms tighten around you as his face moved to your neck making your hand fall to his hair, his eyes still shut but his movement proving his sleep has disappeared.

His breathing was slightly faster as he throws one of his legs over you. Trapping you as one hand moves to you side, the other still holding you tightly to him. Soon his fingers being to dig at your skin making you mouth fall open as you laugh echos in the room. His lips soon on the thin skin of your neck nubbling making your laughter grow louder as you trued to turn away from him.

“Call me Oppa.” He spoke in his morning voice, it was deep, raspy and slightly squeaky. Your hand tried to move his away from your body as you shook your head.

“N-never!” You spoke through your fit if giggles as he rinally rolled over on top of you, his thighs in ethier side of your hips. Both hands at you sides, stomach and you neck. You body was tossing the best it could as you felt tears fall. “I-Im going to p-pee!”

“Call me Oppa!” He demanded his eyes watching you with a large smile as he grabbed both your wrist and held them above your head.

“God fine. Good morning Oppa.” You said with a pout, “You are a butt you know that.” He couldn’t help but laugh as his fourehead fell to you shoulder, pulling your hand to his hair, his legs stretching out as his hands play with the end of the shirt he gave you the night before.

“But you love me.” He mumbled making you smile as you kiss the side of his head. He let out a sigh as he took a deep breath, you hand runnung through his hair.

“This may be true, but I don’t have to like you.” He lets out a chuckle as he pulls away and rolls back over, checking the time on his phone he let out a groan.

“It is seven in the morning Jagiay.” He complains, falling backwards his head falling onto your thigh as he lets out a wine.

“Welll…the sun is awake so I’m awake.” You spoke with a smile, as you reach over for your phone to see a few notifications, none important.

“You are a child.” He spoke rolling his head to the side, sitting up you lean down and press you lips to his cheek. He couldn’t help but smile as you pulled away and lifted his chine a bit and press your lips to his. His hand comes cup and wraps into your hair deepening the morning kiss. “I love you. ” he breathed out once you two parted.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” A smile on you lips as you watch his mouth fall open, a small flash of hurt made your smile drop as you kiss him again. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” You repeated pulling away to say thoese three words before kissing him again. Once you finish you small kissing apology, you push his hed off your lap and stand.

“Come back.” He wines making a guggle past you lips as you bent down and grab a pair of his sweat, knowing the boys were most likely asleep on the couch. Turning around you see him watching you with a large smile as you tried to tie the sweat as tight as you could get them, but his hight made the ankle cuffs wrap around your feet. “Cute.”

“It looks like your clothing is eating me, I’m not even that short.”

“What ever you says short stack.” Glaring at your boyfriends you begin to roll the pants to feel a but more safe walking around. “And if my clothing is eating you, it must’ve taken thay from me.” A laugh passes your lips as you grab a shoe and throw it at him, now sitting up in the bed. “That isn’t nice.”

“Who said I wanted to be nice.” Walking out of the room you hear him groan as you slid don the hall only to run into Jimin who caught you. But both trip and fell into the ground, the light brown haird boy lets out a chuckle as you roll over into the floor. “Well, morning.” You said turning you head to face him. He does the same and lets out a laugh as he sits up and helps you up. Rushing to the kitchen you see Jin and Hobi sitting in the counter with coffee mugs in their hands. “Morning!” You greet turning to the cabinets, pulling out stuff for french toast.

“What you making?” Jungkook asked when walking into the kitchen, you smile at the young boy.

“French Toast, go wake the others…and make sure my boy gets out of bed or he will complain about not getting food.”

“Their not going to be happy, it’s esrly.“Jin spoke making you smile, as you shake your head.

“But you four are up.”

“Because you are a very nice welcoming in the moring.” Hobi said making you blush as arms wrap around your waist, “I mean you actually got him out of bed.”

“Shut up.” Namjoon mumbled making you turn you head slightly his lips on your cheek the moment you do. Hearing groans, you see the others as You finish thenfirst batch of food.

“Come help yourselves, moring cartoons?” You asked making Tae smile as Suga rolled his eyes but smile on his face.

“Hobi say the truth, mornings with you are worth it.” Joons voice echos in your ears making heat rise on your cheels as you look at him.

“Love you.”

“Yeah…love you too.”

Abled people get all their accommodation needs met. Chairs are built at a certain hight. Light bulbs put out enough brightness. Shoes are made for their feet size. Stairs are made for their leg length. Cars are made for their body proportions. Books are printed for their eyesight. Counters and cabinets are made for their hight. Cloths are made for their body type and needs. Homes have enough space for them to walk around in.

The list goes on and on. They don’t think accommodations are an issue because the world was made for them.