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Camel Spiders:
Neither Camels, nor Spiders

CAMEL SPIDERS ARE SO. NEAT. Also somewhat terrifying. 

This is me ^ reacting to Dr. Cushing explaining their, uh… dramatic reproductive behaviors. Apparently my expression is so exaggerated that an anatomy instructor wants to use a gif of it in a class to demonstrate the function of a facial muscle 

and just look at this

I mean you can’t say camel spiders aren’t inspiring. 

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Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Mashing Up Three Versions Of "Lying"
Panic! At the Disco
Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Mashing Up Three Versions Of "Lying"

Three versions of Lying Is the Most Fun: studio from the bottom, live in Denver, and live in Chicago, left and right. Listen with headphones!


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i have been wanting to meet you since i was 12 years old i can’t even tell you  how i feel right now looking back at this moment because June 2nd 2013 i will never forget the moment where we hugged and you Dedicated a song to me on the RED TOUR I LOVE YOU BUNCHES Taylor💕

To Hell And Back [Kol Mikaelson x Reader ]

Requested: no

Summary: Elena sent her siblings, Jeremy and (Y/N) to Denver, where the latter met Kol. He explained to her everything about the supernatural that her sister had compelled her to forget. When Elena and Damon take her away from Kol, they compel her except she remembers everything because she was on vervain. (Y/N) makes it her duty to learn about everything that happened in Mystic Falls. She reunites with Kol and they date, until Jeremy kills him and she runs away from home. Later, Jeremy dies and (Y/N) blames Elena for every death. When the veil falls, (Y/N) reunites with her loved ones but, knows that they will leave her. Until, she learns that Kol and Jeremy managed to survive.

Warnings: swearing

Word count: 2892

A/N: I’m not very happy with this fic but maybe one of you will enjoy it.

Small reminder that my requests are open.

“(Y/N)!” Jeremy yelled from downstairs, “Dinner’s ready!”

You ran down the stairs, the waft of your family’s curry chicken hitting your nose bringing a smile to your face. You sat at the table and watched as your siblings conversed silently, probably talking about some supernatural event that they omitted from you, as per usual.

You weren’t supposed to know about vampires, werewolves, hybrids or whatever. They wanted to keep you ‘safe’ not realizing that the way to do that was to keep you in the loop. There was only one reason you knew this, Kol Mikaelson. You had met in an uncanny way, Elena had sent you away for Denver with Jeremy but, Klaus had sent Kol to keep an eye on the two of you as a threat.

Kol became friends with the two of you quickly. You brother made other friends but you had really clicked with the Mikaelson brother and bonded with him. This all changed when Damon and Elena came to protect the two of you from him. You watched as Kol bashed Damon’s head with a baseball bat yet, somehow, he still didn’t repulse you. You looked back at the brown-haired vampire as Elena grabbed your hand, making you run.

Once you were safe, Elena asked that Damon compel you to forget everything, Kol included. In vain, since he had already revealed everything to you, earning your trust, and he had made sure that you drank vervain frequently and wore the vervain bracelet that your sister had given you all the time. Before compelling you, Damon took of your bracelet then cupped your cheeks and asked you to forget everything, including the person who had made you feel included for the first in a long time. You acted as if nothing happened and went back to the same old (Y/N), the one before meeting Kol Mikaelson.

This brought you to now, Elena had just driven off the bridge where your parents died once again. You needed this, your siblings and their friends were still running around, protecting themselves and the town, keeping you in the dark, theoretically. You watched as your sister became a vampire, as the Council kidnapped Stefan and other vampires. You had made it your business to know every supernatural thing to happen in this town. Still, you hadn’t seen Kol, anywhere. And to be honest, you were disappointed, you were hoping that he would find you again.

“Hey, is (Y/N) with us?” a hand waved in front of your eyes.

You jumped in surprise and shook head, “Yeah, sorry. I’m a bit tired.”  you lied, looking for an excuse to head back to your room.

“Go to bed (Y/N),” Elena told you, “I’ll put your stuff away, just don’t watch your TV shows for too long.”

“Thanks.” You smiled softly and the two other Gilberts did the same, “’Night.” You ran up the stairs entering your bedroom. You grabbed your computer, not bothering to put your headphones on, and pressed play on the current episode of Teen Wolf that you were watching. The third episode had started when a something hit your window. Your heart started beating faster as you set the computer beside you on the bed and got up, heading to the window. It was dark out, you looked at the clock, 00:17. Your siblings were probably very drowsy and couldn’t hear anything, even with Elena’s vampire hearing. You slowly opened your window. Using your phone as a flashlight to see through the darkness. Suddenly, a face appeared in front of you and you slapped your hand on your mouth before you could scream. You looked at the face in front of you and smiled when your eyes met familiar dark brown orbs.

“Hello love, remember me?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Kol Mikaelson, about damn time.” You smiled softly, stepping to the side to let the Original in.

He looked up at you, smirking, “What?” you asked.

“I’m a vampire, darling, you have to invite me in.” he laughed softly.

You wacked yourself on the forehead, “Right! Sorry Kol, come on in.” you exaggerated the last part, grinning madly.

Once he entered your bedroom, you tackled him in a hug, “I missed you so much, I thought I’d never see you again.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist, “I missed you too, love.” His lips forming a smile, “And, now that you’re here with me,” he pulled away from you, “I have got to do something I should’ve done in Denver.” He said, right before smashing his lips against yours.

You had to admit, you had never expected this but your body answered for you by pressing your lips back onto his. His lips were soft and passionate against yours, shifting constantly to make the perfect puzzle of your mouths fit together. His arms found themselves around your waist and yours wrapped around his neck. You pushed your mouth on to his a little deeper, earning a low growl from the back of his throat. He bit down on your lower lip, trying get you to open your mouth and let his tongue. Slowly, you opened your mouth and his tongue, slipped in to it. He didn’t remove his mouth from yours as his hands wandered around your body.

That was how you first night in Mystic Falls with the Original vampire Kol Mikaelson went. You made out and went no further than that, and you were both very happy with it, not wanting to ruin what you had by going too fast.

That night, your relationship with the youngest Mikaelson brother started. Every night, Kol would visit your room and you would do anything, watch TV shows together, sleep, talk… Every day you would look forward to the evening, to see Kol. The only problem was your siblings, they would never consent to your relationship, even though you loved each other more than anything in the world.

You were lying in your bed, your head propped up by a pillow, talking to Kol, “She’s my sister and I love her but she wreaks havoc and hurts people in the process. For example, she made me forget you in Denver when I begged her not to. She killed Jeremy’s girlfriend Vicki, Aunt Jenna and Ric, all this by asking people who didn’t ask for anything to help her. She is the cause for nearly everything bad in this godforsaken town and she won’t even let me in on it. Didn’t she learn her lesson when Jeremy discovered the truth?” you ranted to your boyfriend.

“Firstly, how do you know all this, you were compelled for the most part?” he asked

“I may or may not have gone snooping in her diary.” You replied.

“Okay… Secondly, she’s your sister, she’ll come through, whether it takes a day or a year. That’s how family works, trust me, I know.” He grinned.

“You’re right” you said.

“I know, love.” He pecked your lips softly.

Jeremy and Elena had gone off to your family’s lake house, allowing you to have the house to yourself. You took advantage of this to hang out with at another time than midnight and in another place than your room. You hadn’t been so happy since a long time, which was hard, since the people you loved had a tendency of dying out of the blue. But, as do all good things, it ended by Elena’s return. She didn’t talk to you much since she was off dealing with supernatural problems.

Still, afraid of the risk of being caught together, Kol snuck in and out of your room at night and you would sometime escape your protective sister’s sight to go on a date with him. These weren’t the best conditions but it was better than not seeing each other at all.

One night, Kol was walking down the streets, listening to music when Elena called him to ask him to come over and call a truce. Of course, Elena hadn’t told you anything about this so when the doorbell rang, you were genuinely surprised to find your brown-eyed boyfriend smiling down at you.

You were about to ruin your secret when Elena came in the and saw you staring at Kol. Hurrying to you, Elena turned you to face her and ‘compelled’ you, “You didn’t see Kol, the doorbell rang but I went to get it, you just stayed in your room. Go back there and don’t come back down.”

Reluctantly, you walked back up the stairs and shooting him one last look before entering your room. You left your door ajar, to be able to listen in to what was happening, knowing that nothing good was to come from this.

You were reading a book when you heard a loud crash and somebody yell your name, Kol. Immediately, you ran down the stairs and saw your boyfriend on fire.

“Kol!” you yelled rushing to him, throwing your coat over him to kill the flames. He was lying on the ground unmoving, you removed the coat, dreading the sight you would see. You saw your boyfriend, dead. You breathed sharply and looked up to your siblings, Jeremy held the white oak stake in his hand.

“(Y/N), we-” Elena started.

You raised your hand, signaling for her to shut up, “Don’t. Kol was my best friend in Denver he told me about every supernatural thing going on here and got me to drink vervain. I saw him again here and we started dating. And now,” you choked up, “you ruthlessly killed him.”

“(Y/N), just-” she started again, reaching towards you.

You dodged her, “You know what, Elena? Fuck off. I’m leaving, don’t come looking for me.”

You took one last look at the corpse of your boyfriend and ran up to your room to pack away. When you were done, your suitcase filled with everything you needed, you walked down the stairs and saw Elena and Jeremy with tear-stained faces.

You turned to Jeremy and hugged him, “I’m sorry she got you roped into this shit.” You whispered. You pulled away and opened the, “Goodbye.” You said before permanently leaving.

You walked to the only person who you trusted enough to not give you up and keep you updated on everything happening in Mystic Falls. You walked up to his door and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and your eyes met blue ones, “Hey Matty, can I crash here please?”

He gladly welcomed you in and you explained everything that had happened, and asking him to not reveal your whereabouts. Being a good friend, he promised that he wouldn’t reveal where you were. You watched as he came and went, telling you about everything related to the supernatural. Obviously, you still went out but avoided everyone in Elena’s entourage when you saw them. This went on until, one day, Matt insisted you go to your old home. Instantly, you knew something was wrong, you got up and he drove you to the Gilbert household. Once there, you saw everyone, Caroline, Stefan, Elena and everyone else. You entered the house, everyone watching you.

“What’s going on?” you asked, seeing everyone crying. It was Caroline who pointed up the stairs.

You ran up the stairs and rushed into Jeremy’s room and gasped, your eyes welling up. The vision of your brother’s lifeless body blurring up with tears. You couldn’t take it, another dead person because of Elena. You fell to your knees, Matt wrapping his arms around you. You gripped on to him, sobbing. You knew that you needed to piece yourself together and got up. Wiping the tears that were still falling from your face. You walked down the stairs and heard Elena started talking but Matt stopping her.

You walked outside when Stefan Salvatore vamp-sped in front of you, “She needs you, (Y/N).” he said.

“You know who I need?” you asked spitefully, “I need my brother, my boyfriend, aunt Jenna, Ric. Tyler needs his mom back, Matt wants his sister back. But we can’t get them back, can we? You know why? Because they died, every last one of them because Elena needs to be protected, no matter what! They died for Elena to live. How many lives did we trade for one? Who is going to be the next one? You’re telling me that my sister needs me? Tell her she can go to hell because everyone here has gone through it for her to survive.” You said before storming off.

You still lived with Matt, somehow the atmosphere hadn’t changed. He still took care of you and kept you updated. Sometimes, people, especially Caroline and Stefan, would ask you to help get Elena to turn her humanity back on, you just told them that you didn’t care. You continued to live on your life, without her.

You stayed radio silent when you heard that Elena got her humanity back. You mostly went out to go to the cemetery, dark, right? But it brought you calm to talk to your loved ones, even if they couldn’t hear you. You ‘spoke’ a lot with Ric and Jeremy. Kol wasn’t buried in Mystic Falls but you felt that he was at your spot so you spoke to him there, at a small secluded place at the Grill.

You were ‘talking’ to him about how much you missed him and wanted to talk with him. When there was a power outage. You threw a look at Matt, raising an eyebrow but his expression showed that he was just as surprised as you. You walked over to him and Rebekah, and helped them prepare everything for an emergency power outage. It took quite some time to get ready but when all the candles were out and lit, you returned to your booth to get something from your bag. Matt and Rebekah had disappeared, probably to check outside. The weather had cleared up a second ago and you were all alone in the Grill.

It was weird but you didn’t think much of it, you went back into your bag, looking for your phone when a familiar voice spoke, “Hello, love.”

Your back straightened and you turned towards the place where the voice came from, “Kol.” You breathed before smashing your lips against his.

After a while you pulled away, “How?” you asked, “you died, I saw you.”

“Your little witch brought down the Other Side for a short time. And I intended to spend it with you, also to kill Elena.” He said, before vamp-speeding you off to the cemetery.

“Well, well, well. Gilbert, I was planning to kill your brother but he’s dead so I’ll have to do with you.” He grinned walking menacingly towards your sister.

You stepped in front of him, “Kol stop! Don’t kill her, she’s my sister.”

“I was there, I heard every word you said, how she killed everyone you loved.” He said, confused.

“Yes, but she doesn’t deserve to die for it.” You whispered, placing your hand on his chest.

His hands reached to get yours, “Fine, love, for you.”

“Thank you.” You said hugging him tightly.

Behind you heard Elena exhale, and another voice that you hadn’t heard in a long time spoke, “Thank you (Y/N).”

Jeremy. You pulled away from your boyfriend and tackled him in a hug, “You’re back.” For the second time today, your eyes were filled with tears of joy.

“I have something to show you guys,” he said, “especially you (Y/N).” you turned to look at Kol but he was gone. Disappointed, you walked with your brother, his arm hung loosely over your shoulder, just like old times.

You and the rest of the ‘Elena Gilbert protection team’ followed Jeremy to one of your favorite spots to be alone, a willow tree that Jeremy had shown you when you were younger. Standing underneath was everybody, Ric, Jenna, Kol, everyone you loved. You started tearing up again.

Jeremy started to talk, “We all heard you (Y/N) the night I died, we all missed you.” He smiled.

Everybody started reuniting with one another, you and Kol got away from the group, to be alone. The truth was that you both felt a bit like outsiders. Anyways, you enjoyed each other’s company.

You spent the whole day with Kol but you knew that the time was coming soon, he would leave you again.

“I don’t want to lose you again Kol.” You cried

“You won’t, love, I’ll find a way.” He smiled softly, caressing your face.

He kissed you softly when, suddenly, you couldn’t feel his lips against yours anymore. You opened your eyes and saw that Kol was gone. Your eyes fell to the ground in despair, you were heartbroken, again.

You trudged back to Matt’s and entered your room. You dove onto your bed and started sobbing. Then, you heard a small bang from your window. You opened it to see your boyfriend, back from the dead.

“Kol.” You breathed.

“Hello, love, I’m back. Permanently.” He grinned.

You let him in and he explained how he had used Bonnie’s spell to come back to the living, like Jeremy, you later learned. You couldn’t be happier.

When he was done, you pressed a chaste kiss on his lips and said, “I love you, Kol.”

“I love you too, darling.”


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