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50 YEARS FROM NOW: “Why can’t we just use good old-fashioned computers? These new-fangled neural nanofibres are the worst thing ever.”

100 YEARS FROM NOW: “I remember when my wife could take appointments over neural nanofibre link, now it’s all quantum-tangled interstices.”

10,000 STELLAR MEGA-CYLES FROM NOW: “Wife-pod 0110 once took/received appointments on quantum-entangled neuronal technopathic linkage with habitat systems. Now being instructed/told to use multiphase ascended group overmind. Broken Space Britain, is what it is.”

Like Hell - Tommy Shelby

Request: Can I request a TommyxReader where they’re married but she’s crazy protective over Tommy. She can kick ass and she ain’t scared of anyone. So scenario is Tommy’s doing business and it seems fishy and sure enough, something goes wrong while wifey is there. The second Tommy’s safety is jeopardized, she goes ape shit on everyone? Please and thank you!

Like Hell - Tommy Shelby

Before you married Tommy Shelby you lived in London. More specifically you lived with your grandfather and uncle, both men were gangsters in their own right. They were top rank in a gang of men who were ruthless and unforgiving. You grew up in that world, as a child you used to take money back and forth. The older you got the more responsibility they rested upon you until you were able to hold your own. Then you met Thomas Shelby, purely by accident.  

He had a meeting with your uncle and you had sat in. You had gone your entire life not being the slightest bit bothered with men. All the ones you met were demeaning, they saw a young woman who could take care of herself and felt the immediate need to try in put you in your place. That never sat well with you and so you had never tried to find someone worthy of loving. Until you met Tommy.  

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Record number of women elected to British Parliament
By James Masters, CNN

It’s official – Britain will have more women members of Parliament than ever before.

On a dramatic night that shook the political establishment to its core and forced Prime Minister Theresa May to place her Conservative Party into a coalition with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, some 207 female lawmakers were elected to the House of Commons.

With one seat yet to be declared, that number already surpasses the 196 elected in the 2015 vote and subsequent by-elections.

One of the biggest surprises came in Canterbury, Kent, where Rosie Duffield clinched the seat for Labour for the first time since 1918.

There was also history made in the constituency of Birmingham Edgbaston, where Preet Kaur Gill became the first Sikh women to be elected to Parliament.

The Green Party’s Caroline Lucas retains her seat in Brighton Pavilion.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s only member of Parliament, retained her seat in Brighton Pavilion with a healthy majority.

Labour’s Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, and Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign minister, both enjoyed successful evenings Thursday.  


Mars Automatic Pistol M1905

Designed by sir Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax in the mid-1890′s and manufactured by the Mars Syndicate until 1905 when this example was made in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Serial number 57.
.360/9mm Mars, 7-rounds removable magazine with a lanyard ring, long recoil semi-automatic.

These handguns defy the word ‘handgun’ altogether.

Sauce : James D. Julia

Requested by Anon
Imagine Tommy saves Reader from Kimber and confesses his feelings for her.
Warnings: Swearing, Rape/Assault, Mentions of Rape, Fluff.

You found yourself nervously standing in a Great room with Billy Kimber. A slime of a man, whose aftershave made you gag every time he got too close. You never would have found yourself alone with him if it weren’t for Tommy.

Thomas lied to you, and put you in this situation because it benefited him. He needed you to distract Kimber, and to keep any suspicion at bay while he completed his tasks and business at hand. At first you agreed, as long as Tommy didn’t leave your side. A single dance or two with Kimber you could manage, but now you found yourself alone with him in his giant and ostentatious home.

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As always feel free to request anything, sorry if this is bad just had an idea and went with it really haha! But yeah, thank you! xx

You’d never really had a good relationship with your mum since she made you move away to Birmingham from London; your mum and dad were divorced and she wanted to start fresh. You both moved down there four years ago, and in this time you’d met the most incredible boy you’d ever laid eyes on, Brad. You and Brad had been together now for almost two years and he knew you inside out, all about your  family and how you and your mum never got along. You could always go to him for anything, and he’d always be there to hold you. However, lately things have been getting worse, you and your mum kept arguing on a daily basis, but you kept it from Brad this time as it was so frequent and you didn’t want to annoy him with all your problems.

Brad had asked you to go on tour with him and the guys as it was around America and you’d always wanted to go and he knew you’d love it; but you knew it was a risk asking your mum. You took the risk and asked her, but as usual and argument had erupted. “You’re so irresponsible all the time, no, no you are NOT going and that is final!” “I don’t actually know why I asked because i’m going and I don’t care what you say, i’m old enough to make my own decision!” You screamed back at your mum, you were fed up and just wanted to leave. “I’ve never done anything wrong, and all you do is put pressure on me for if everything and always hold me back!” “How dare you talk to me like that! You’ve been acting up lately and if your not careful I will make you move back to London to live with your dad!”. That was it you’d had enough, you were not really one to cry over arguments with your mum but you were exhausted over it all. You ran out the house crying and jumped in your car, you drove down the next road and pulled up to ring brad.

“Hey babe, you alrig-” before you let Brad finish you began sobbing down the phone “Brad, can I come to yours please I jus - just can’t be at home right now”. “Wait what’s happened, where are you?!” You could hear the panic and concern in his voice. “I’m in my car I had to get out of there, I’ve had an argument with her and I just couldn’t take it” You were still crying, trying to hold yourself back from screaming. “Ok calm down, it’s going to be alright, come round okay” You knew he was going to be there for you, “okay i’ll come now, thank you”. You hung up and drove straight to Brads, his front door was already open and he was waiting for you, you got out of your car and ran straight into his arms. He held you tight as you sobbed into his chest, wrapping his arms around so you felt safe “It’s alright, you okay” he said reassuring you, kissing the top of your head. He led you into the lounge and sat you on the sofa, cupping your face as you spoke to him.

“Babe what’s happened, you can tell me anything okay” Brad reassured you, “I’ve been arguing with my mum a lot lately, and I know I can tell you anything but if I came to you every time I had a problem with my mum i’d just be annoying”. “Listen to me okay, I love you and no matter what happens I want you to tell me everything, what was your arguing over today?”. “Over coming on your tour, she didn’t want me to go..” you sighed. “You don’t have to come it’s okay, i’m not going to be angry” Brad said holding your hands, “No i’m coming, I’ve told her i’m going and I am, she’s stopped me from doing so much before and I don’t want to miss out on this” You said looking into his eyes, so he knew you were serious.

“Why didn’t you tell me about you and your mum arguing earlier? You know i’m here for you” He said curiously, “I know you are and I love you for that, but it’s just difficult for me to talk about, I’m sorry”, “No, it’s okay you have nothing to apologize for”. Brad held you close, running his hand up and down you back, whilst kissing you lightly on your head. You started to feel a lot safer, and a lot less sad. You knew you could count on him, you sat there for awhile and he noticed you were getting tired, Brad lifted your head. “Shall we go upstairs, you can stay here tonight” Brad said with a smile, “Yeah okay, thank you” you responded. You went upstairs and you both lied on his bed, you had your head and hand on his chest and he had his arms firmly around you holding you tight yet again. You looked up to him “Thank you for everything, I mean it”, “hey, it’s alright, you know I love you”, “I love you too”. You lent up and kissed him, it was long and comforting, He cupped your face and kissed you again, pulling you as close as you could be.

The ending is so bad, i’m so sorry!

#OTD: Four Little Girls Killed in “Bombingham”

Photo: From left, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Cynthia Wesley. (AP)

On September 15th, 1963, a bomb planted by white supremacists ripped through Sixteenth Street Baptist Church killing four little girls – Addie Mae Collins (14 years-old), Cynthia Wesley (14 years-old), Carole Robertson (14 years-old) and Denise McNair (11 years-old) – and injuring several others. The tragedy marked the third bombing in eleven days in Birmingham, Alabama.

In the 1960’s, Birmingham was one of the most racially segregated cities in the country. State and local politics were dominated by the Ku Klux Klan, the city police commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor, who promoted violence against black communities and the Governor George Wallace, who was a staunch segregationist. These factors combined to heighten anti-black sentiment and create a particularly dangerous environment for African Americans. Racially motivated attacks on black homes and churches grew so common that the city was referred to as “Bombingham.”

Photo: The terrorist act against the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was a brutal reminder that the successes of the civil rights movement and the changes it represented would not go unchallenged. In the face of such violence, the determination to continue organizing intensified. These glass shards are from the church’s stained-glass window. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift from the Trumpauer-Mulholland Collection.

For these reasons, African American civil rights activists made Birmingham a focal point of their desegregation campaign. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was famously arrested in the city in the spring of 1963 while leading a nonviolent demonstration. The media coverage of the extreme police violence against protestors that day along with King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail garnered much-needed national support for desegregation, and more broadly, for African American civil rights. The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was at the center of this activism.  As a well-known gathering place for civil rights leaders and a pillar of the black community, it was a significant the target. The church had received several threats, but when a federal court order mandated the racial integration of Alabama schools, white supremacists turned hateful words into deadly action.

Photo: Cars were damaged by the blast from the 16th Street Church bombing. 

Ultimately, the bombing had the opposite effect that the attackers intended. The funeral for three of the girls drew 8,000 people and inspired continued protests for African American civil rights. Public outrage over the bombing also contributed to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church remains etched into our collective memory as Americans. The impact of the church bombing has been strongly felt by generations of activists, from the black power movement to Black Lives Matter. Today, this history challenges us to confront a difficult past and make lasting change in the same spirit of the summer of 1963.

NMAAHC recognizes the need to preserve and share this history. We have collected the stained-glass window shards from the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing as a generous gift from the Trumpauer-Mulholland Collection (pictured above). It is our charge not just to care for these precious materials, but to also contextualize and interpret their meaning for the public. We invite you to come and share in this important story upon our opening.  

Tsione Wolde-Michael is the Writer/Editor for the Office of Curatorial Affairs, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. She is also a Doctoral Candidate in History at Harvard University.

Always You

Part 1

“Hey” A familiar chirp came in from the door. “Hey, Mikey.. why so happy?” He jumped onto the sofa where you sat, and handed over a box. “Im always happy.” he giggled.

That was true, it was rare you saw him upset or angry and you were with the boys quite a lot. Mikey was you’re best friend, you always had.. something. That something was great, but for a while you had wanted more. You loved seeing him early in the mornings with his messy hair and i-dont-care attitude, or late at night when he just craved sleep. Either way, he was happy, and every time he smiled you fell a little harder. It might have been because you knew nothing could happen, and it was some twisted love game that made you fall even harder even when you knew it couldn’t work. The late nights were the worst though, laying awake, thinking it could work. Thinking he might feel the same. But the morning after, you were just left heartbroken. It was a vicous cycle.

“So what’s this? It it for me?” You asked, questioning the large box in your hands. “Yes open it!” You laughed at how impatient he was, and slowly opened the box, just to tease him. You immediately laughed at what was inside the box. A grey jumper that was large, of course, as he knows you love oversized jumpers because you always stole his, which said “but ur not Michael Clifford”. “Very funny.” you laughed. “Maybe you can stop stealing my shirts and jumpers now” He smiled and winked. God you loved it when he did that. “That’s not gonna happen, we both know that Mikey, lets be real now.” His only reply was a small grin. You felt yourself staring for too long so you immediately said something. “So whats this for anyway?” “Just something to say thanks for coming tonight, we kinda made you. Plus i have on of my jumpers back now, which means you’re lacking.” He giggled.

The boys had invited you to a party tonight, which was going to be full of celebrities. That sounds great and yeah, girls would jump at the chance. But the only thing is, the last time you went you really didn’t fit in. The boys were all chatting up girls, including Mikey which broke your heart. Not only that but the girls there would look down on you, commenting how they had no idea who you were, deliberately loud enough for you to hear. Commenting on how you looked, dressed, everything. It hurt. A lot. So the whole night you sat on your own, the boys didn’t say anything until you got back to their place. It was often that after you had been out you would stay at theirs, it was much easier, and they really didn’t mind. You didn’t want to cause a fuss, the boys had such a good time after all. They were raving the whole way back about how good it was but you kept silent, until Mikey finally broke you. It hurt even more though, being comforted by him when he had just broken your heart. It wasn’t his fault of course, he didn’t know. But it just hurt, you couldn’t hide that or lie to yourself that it probably hurt more than the girls’ comments. It was then you realised you had to get over him.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” You lied and got up. “I gotta go get ready. See you later Mikey.” Yuou tried to smile, but your sadness was evident. Micheal looked hurt, but you just had to get out.

On the way in the cramped car, you sat next to Ash, one of Michael’s band mates. You were really close to Ash, he looked out for you a lot. “You okay Y/N?” He asked, clearly knowing you’re not looking forward to tonight. “Yeah i’m good Ash.” You lied. Truthfully, you were a nervous wreck as you didn’t want to face another night of feeling like nothing. Listening to bitchy comments, seeing the boy who you had a massive crush on flirt with another girl, who was wearing a short dress and was nothing like you. But guys like him went for girls like her? Didn’t they? He was out of your league and you knew it. You were you’re own enemy. Ash merely put an arm around you, pulling you into a hug. You smiled into his neck. Ash’s hugs were the best.

Once you arrived at the party, the boys stayed with you for a while, but slowly then left you. Alone. Again. So yet again you were on you’re own, watching everyone have fun. Seeing Michael smile and be happy. That made you happy. You just wanted to be the one who made him like that.

The next song was slow. One of you’re favourites, “My Love is Like A Star” by Demi Lovato. Everyone grabbed their partners and began dancing. For a moment, it was like you weren’t there, you were watching a movie. With beautiful people, beautiful couples, beautiful everything. But you were interrupted with someone standing right in front of you, a boy with curly brown hair and big button eyes that instantly made you smile.

“Would you like to dance?”

You agree, your heart pounding on your sleeve as everyone watched you walk to the floor with the boy.He was nice and sweet, and made you laugh. His thick Birmingham accent was hard to understand, but it was endearing. Surprisingly, you ended up having a really nice few minutes with him, and towards the end of the dance you looked for Mikey, but he was no longer with the girl. No, instead he was surrounded by many girls.

But his eyes were hungry, angry, maybe furious. And they were only on you.

A/N: Sorry this is long and sucks. But i hope you really like it, don’t know if i will continue, we shall see how it goes :)

Liam soon:

I’m just a 22 year old boy I promise (Harry are you listening) I promise I did not kiss Louis I love green beans. I am in fact straight. There are a lot of jealous fucks in this world and the sun is the same in a relative way but hey angel lilo is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard…..