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From fabrics (coming from different countries such as Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal) to conception, we took the bet to engage in a 100% local African production creating an atelier in Dakar, Senegal. We came up with this idea paying attention to online retailers success such as Asos, offering global fashion at affordable prices. Willing to go in a different direction than already existing African fashion marketplaces, it was important for us to get involved in the process of designing our own collections, the long term goal being to give birth to creative collaborations with the strongest African designers.

Photographer Mehdi Sefrioui

Watching 'Static In Africa'
  • Virgil:(through communicator) Hey! Richie!
  • Richie:V-man! how's the trip?
  • Virgil:It's amazing! There are black people everywhere.
  • Richie:...Dude, you're in Africa.
  • Virgil:No, Richie. I mean, ever since I got here, I've...felt different. Connected.
  • Richie:Hey, you know, when my dad went to Ireland, he got all goofy, too.
  • Virgil:It's not like that...It's like I've been carrying this...weight around all my life without knowing it, and now it's gone.
  • Richie:What are you talkin' about, Vrg?
  • Virgil:In Africa, I'm not a black kid. I'm just a kid. Is this what it feels like for you all the time?
  • Richie:*hesitantly* Yeah, I guess.
  • Virgil:Feels good! Whoo-hoo! Ha ha ha ha! Yes!

WATCH: Stephen Marley - Made In Africa ft. Wale  



Scholars and scientists now conceive that Africa is the first place of mankind
Africans were the first builders of civilization
They discovered mathematics, invented writing, developed sciences
Engineering, medicine, religion, fine arts, and built the Great Pyramids
An architectural achievement which still baffles modern scientists’


We wonder how long it will take Christie Brown (Ghana) to sell out of this necklace since it graced Alicia’s bosom in Vibe Magazine…  

You can get one (and more) from MyAsho for £60 (Bosom not included) 

Brave enough to wear it without a t-shirt? 

Other African designers featured in the spread are Anita Quansah on jewellery (Ghana/Nigeria) and Tsemaye Binitie on jackets (Nigeria). 

Images courtesy of Vibe mag- please see for full creds. 


Stephen Marley ft. Wale, The Cast of Fela - Made In Africa (Nyabinghi Version)


#Video: Stephen Marley - “Made In Africa (feat. Wale & The Cast of Fela)”

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