made from socks

there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

The pair of sock. Made from my hands. There are some gaps where the gussets are. I don’t like that. And they are a teeny bit big. But otherwise…… SOX MUDDERFUKKER!


For @crossroadscastiel and her AMAZING series nights of silver (days of gold) featuring a young!Will and older!Hannibal (and if you haven’t read it yet, go read it right now!)

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I was completely amazed by the amount of ElfEver in last night episode. It made the episode even better than I had expected (and I have really high expectations)

Dedicated to raiijinshuu and eversama

another thought: warm clothes made from the fur of fire pokemon, shed off or shaved for the summer

BONUS: prank socks made from mareep wool that let you zap everyone at the cost of tingly feet


As this bashful critter is in it’s new home, I can now share it with you all! This little one (about 10″x6″x8″) is made from a handmade sock past it’s prime. That makes it sock taxidermy! Or cruelty to sock puppets- one or the other I suppose. This sock was felted over a hand sculpted base and mounted on dark stained wood to compliment it’s colors. I’m pleased as punch with this one, so I do hope to make more to sell starting out at $75 with a few more critter models to come including a more lama like creature and one much more giraffe in base.

Are you a knitter or crocheter yourself with old socks just lying around? Maybe you have too many sock from Aunt Grtrude or a friend who is just a little too into yarn bombing? Well then you are in luck as I am in need of socks! If you offer me your own single or pair of socks for your own critter, you get a small discount of $5. Offer me more than one pair and the discount can go up substantially to $10 a pair for adult socks- all the way down to a mere $5 if you offer me 7 pairs! I’ll even take your shipping cost off the shipping cost of your creature. The socks can be and are actually preferred to be well used and loved- just remember to wash them please! If you are interested in being a sock donor, please send me an ask or email me at clockways at gmail as I’m only looking for a few right now to get started on these elusive critters and open my shop.

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I wish I didn’t see people hating so much on clothes made from socks, or sourced from cheaper toys. Sure they aren’t “professional”-looking, and maybe the fit isn’t perfect, but not everyone has the money or sewing ability to have perfectly-tailored dolly outfits! And I have seen some frankly amazing things done with socks and cheapo ornaments and such, so it’s not like you can say it always looks “awful”!

Image by animagic4u

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